im still mad about the whole thing

*wakes up in the middle of the night, grabs phone*

But another thing that really bothers me about this whole situation so fact that Melanie had the gall to make an album that so many rape and abuse victims really connected with. She made them feel like, made all of us feel like, she was somebody who understood and who we could connect to. Yeah she’s a little quirky, we thought, but she gets it. Turns out, heck yes she gets it because she is not playing the role of the victim here but instead the perpetrator. How freaking dare she. Who does she think she is? To do something like that and have the gall to face the world and pretend that she was better than the antagonist of her songs. She is the antagonist of her songs. She is the villain in the story line.

And she wanted us to think she was Crybaby when all along she was taunting her victim by calling her a crybaby.

one week since u looked at me

James and LIly fight and it’s 100% the other person’s fault, and everyone is just a little bit unhinged. 

3371 Words

For @expressopatronum​, who requested a jily fic based on the Barenaked Ladies song. :D


James Potter to M8S B4 D8S: well. Fuck.

James Potter: im broken up

James Potter: literally

James Potter: and metaphorically

James Potter: and every other kind of shitty ally tbh

James Potter: hello?????

James Potter: im in Crisis here

Peter Pettigrew: we know, mate. You ok?

James Potter: how??

Peter Pettigrew: well…

James Potter: she texted u???

Remus Lupin: she texted me

Peter Pettigrew: then he told us

Remus Lupin: wtf, Prongs

James Potter: u believe her???

Remus Lupin: didn’t say that, mate. Just a weird situation, yeah??

James Potter: Weird = shitty, then yea. her fault tho for being so dramatic!! And do u arseholes have a group chat w/out me???

Sirius Black: nah. y would we do smth like that to u prongs. go chill @ mine. AND i for one am being a good mate and withholding judgment. (except on evans cos shes clearly at fault here)

James Potter: damn straight she is. 100%!!! and im already @ urs, actually. where r u tho?

Sirius Black: alcohol

James Potter: Good Man

Remus Lupin: I’m getting pizza

James Potter: don’t bother?? never eating again

James Potter: PS no more talking to evans unless its for espionage

Peter Pettigrew: this should be fun

 - - -

 James Potter to Not Lovely Lily: ready for ur apology, like, whenever, babe

James Potter: no?

James Potter: sirius’s sofa is super fucking cosy, btw

James Potter: PS whatever the current differences between us, pls dont stoop so low as to eat Mums biscuits

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Lol me and my friends spammed the hell out of a plat//onicotayuriw//eek fanfic (shitty Hogwarts au) and got it deleted from tumblr. I have never been more proud of myself tbh. The official blog just made a post about it and im cackling

i. wow anon. i

listen. i get that you’re salty bc of platonic.ota.yuri.week like theyre 100% in the wrong bc theyre barring ota.yuri shippers from participating and if they’re gonna be like that they have no right to mod a week. i get that but. im sorry but this is taking it too far.

i only lightly skimmed the fic and for the most part it seemed innocent?? it’s just,, a hogwarts au. they’re playing quidditch. and from looking at the blog you apparently marked the fic as inappropriate?? why? because it depicted otabek and yuri as platonic?

Like… think of how the author must have felt when they found out their platonic fic was marked inappropriate for no reason. If any of my fics were marked inappropriate and deleted? I’d be crushed. That was something I would’ve worked on for hours and writing is my passion. If it got deleted for no reason other than the fact that this shippers vs antis thing still existed? You wouldn’t know how hurt I would feel.

Listen, I get that antis are annoying and sometimes you want to retaliate but this isn’t the right way of going about it. The only thing they’re doing wrong is being antagonistic towards people who do ship ota.yuri. Otherwise? There’s nothing wrong with liking them platonically, and if they want a week dedicated for that then let them. Block them, and it’s like they don’t even exist! This whole shippers vs antis is out of control as it is.

also ihfsdkjhsdka im sorry if i sound rude or like im mad at u its just… you really went too far there friend im sorry

Just Mine PT. 1

REQUEST: You have been good friends with a lost boy and he decided to try and do things to you only Pan is allowed. You don’t tell Pan because you know he will get mad but he finds out anyways. Angry jealous smut at end ;) — Anonymous, Tumblr
A/N: sorry sweetie, i forgot about the whole “you know he will get mad” part while writing and changing it would’ve thrown off the course of the imagine, i hope you still like it!
man you guys are dirty asf im reading these requests like … huuuh! but, i think im dirtier so prepare yourself
also, gonna post this in a few parts
PAIRING: Peter x Reader
RATING: non-E, smut, jealousy, ownership, tinsy bit of degrading
TITLE: Just Mine

You and James had been friends since he had arrived. It wasn’t long ago, but you had grown close. You’d expected it, so it didn’t frighten you or come as a surprise when he kissed you the other night. He was so different from Peter. He was dark—unlike Peter, with his golden hair and fair skin—and kind and sweet—unlike Peter as well, who was only nice when he wanted something and even then, rarely. 

You two had been sitting down at night, talking. He suddenly had gently touched your knee, and you’d looked up at his deep brown eyes gazing into yours. The second your eyes locked he leaned in toward you. You hadn’t hesitated kissing him back for even a millisecond—you and Peter hadn’t been exclusive, so you thought, what was the harm? Nothing, right? You thought wrong. 

Sooner than later Peter found out, and he wasn’t happy about it. Although you had been with him—well, not with him—for quite a long time now, he had never said you were his girlfriend, so you were as confused as anyone when he confronted you. 

“I hear you’ve been fooling around with James,” he said, with a smile that didn’t send happy vibes. 

You hesitated. “No, I’ve been fooling around with you, James and I kissed once,” you corrected him. 

Peter chuckled, furrowing his brows. “I don’t think you’ve understood. Let’s go and talk about this in private, okay?”

Without listening to your response, he began walking away. You followed him back to your little cottage a little off the camp. He’d given you your own space to just be and relax in. Away from the fuss, with even running water so you could bathe in private. 

“What do we have to talk about?” you asked, closing the door behind yourself. He turned around to look at you, with an expression of surprise. 

“How about the fact you kissed someone else?” he suggested. 

“What’s to talk about?” you asked. “So we kissed, once, it’s really none of your business.”

He raised an eyebrow half in amusement and half in boiling anger. He stepped closer to you, looking at you up and down like men would a woman a hundred years ago, with despise. 

“Like I said, I don’t think you’ve understood,” he repeated. “You don’t kiss other boys.”

“I’m not your girlfriend,” you said, feeling your heart beating faster at the point of saying that. 

“Girlfriend?” he said, almost mockingly. “I never said that.”

You shook your head in confusion, about open your mouth, but he answered before you could ask what he had meant by that. He said: “You’re not my girlfriend, you’re… just mine. It’s not only dirty talk, love, I mean it.”


“I don’t do girlfriend and boyfriend,” he interrupted you. “Take it or leave it.”

Your heart skipped a beat. Like mentioned, you two had been ‘together’ for a while—you didn’t know exactly how long, but it felt like a long, long while—and you had never reevaluated your feelings for him. Did you like him? Were you infatuated? In love?

“Do you need time to think?” he asked, interrupting your thoughts this time. He took a slow step toward the door, you caught your breath. 

“No,” you said, shaking your head. Peter stopped, and smiled. “Well?” he asked with his eyes.

“I’ll take it,” you said, cautiously looking up at him. He looked back at you, you could tell he had a plan as to what to do with and to you. 

“Good. Then why don’t you get down on your knees and say you’re sorry,” he said. You swallowed hard, noticing you were barely breathing, your lungs were frozen. You looked into his eyes, he was waiting for you to do as you were told. “Go on.”

You hesitantly bent your knees and sat on your heels, slowly raising your eyes to look at his. This wasn’t your first time, so you knew to put your hands neatly on your thighs. This was a practice meant to keep you in line, to remember your place. 

You were small, and helpless, not just because of the strength comparison, but because of your mindset. You felt like prey, at the end of the hunt, just, waiting for the kill.

“I’m sorry,” you said, softly. “I won’t do it again.”

“Good,” he said. He looked at you for a few seconds, until he crouched down to your level. He looked at you with a kind smile, swiping some hair from your face, running his fingers through the ends. “Get up,” he said quietly. His expression and tone of voice weren’t angry, but he had a way with manipulating the outside appearance of his true mood, it wasn’t to be believed.

some days i forget that like……………………….i talk about taylor on my blog…because i love taylor and have no other way of expressing that in person? the fandom has given me so many beautiful friends and that has really been the only plus of it? otherwise, i have no obligation to like….post what people tell me and when to they tell me and how much. every time i give my input on something….literally ANYTHING! there is always a chunk of messages or replies that i get that are like ‘well youve met taylor so shut up’ like????? im trying to say that i could care less about how expensive vip tickets are because i cant afford them anyway and cant feel any pain for people who had the means to see them as an option and are mad about how much they are considering they are literally VIP PACKAGES. THEM SHITS ARE EXPENSIVE ALL THE DAMN TIME. now on the other hand, i dont think it’s fair that there are such a scarce amount of international dates and i wont even get started on the whole south america situation because that’s still ugly. THESE are things that i actually feel for. when it comes to situations like this, my first instinct is always to put things into perspective. no, i cant afford VIP tickets but i can afford tickets to be in the actual stadium. being in the building is all i care about. and no, that’s not because ive already met her. i have the same mentality for EVERY show and any artist i see live because i have never had the privilege of getting an actual choice in seating that wasnt on a strict and low budget (i actually saved a HUGE chunk of my money for taylor tickets this time around). so when i hear people like ‘well this sucks because i want good seats!!!! i want her sweat to drip on my face! you shut the fuck up because you’ve already met her!” i dont understand how yall dont see that there are people who wont be able to go to the shows at all? if people were coming to me with complaints about how they cant afford to attend (which some people have!) then i get it completely. and these people on anonymous are the reason i cant even look at other people who are like “NOW IM NOT GONNA GET FLOOR TICKETS WTF” like bro. 

anyway that’s why ive decided not to say anything about anything ever again that doesnt have to do with taylor herself and her music because people are exhausting and privileged and im tired.

afriendtosell  asked:

What novels/writers do you think influenced how you approached your writing?

Three fantasy quartets by Tamora Pierce— Song of the Lioness, The Immortals, and Protector of the Small—  are going to rank really high up here for a few reasons. As a kid I finally could read about protagonists who felt like real people. They were girls who fought and cried and had their period and hated their bodies and the changes that were forced on them against their will. They were problematic. They made mistakes and did stupid shit and didn’t use their head sometimes. They were imperfect. They had sex. They really liked it, and sought it out. They kicked ass with unusual talents, or forged their way through with determination. They dealt with the stupid bullshit men continuously spew out and didn’t mince words about it. It was just really refreshing, baby’s first angry feminist book. Girls aren’t allowed to be mad. At least, I wasn’t.

Alanna crossdressing successfully despite being short was also soothing. I’m sure if I had less vigilant parents I would have started shopping in the boys section from then on.

Harry Potter is a cornerstone of most people my age. I refused to read it for a while because it was all anybody ever talked about in elementary. Finally I got the first book and fell in love. It really made me appreciate the details of a book that merited a re-read. I wanted to make things re-readable. I’m pretty sure the first thing I ever wrote was Harry Potter self insert fanfiction, lost to a journal somewhere in between my many moves.

Sabriel was the first book that made me just go like whooaaaaaaaaaa. Everything about it just broke the rules. It wasn’t sparkly magic. It was dark magic, but Dark Is Not Evil. It dealt with death in a mature, spiritual way, not as something to be feared, but accepted. (Unless we’re talking about zombies. You should be afraid of zombies and other fell creatures.). I’ve bought like 10 copies of Sabriel because I tend to give them to friends. It’s that important to me.

And also the cover art of Sabriel made her look very androgynous, and I always yearn for tall slender androgynous female characters. Sabriel herself was fun because she was less “brash and badass” than Alanna, but was still super compelling and interesting. 

Growing up and realizing I would never be taller than 5′2″ was really traumatic.

Somewhere in my tweens I got exposed to anime and became a weaboo, anime tended to blend genres in ways I adored. My first big anime was Trigun, a mix of western and scifi, and I think that really influenced the things I like and the things I want to write about. I know it’s not a book but it deserves honorable mention because it got me started on reading fanfiction, which was its own rabbit hole.

I read Interview With A Vampire much younger than I probably should have, but I was hungry for erotic material and the movie had stirred all sorts of powerfully gay feelings in me. Although I gotta admit, when Lestat had sex with that nun and described her vagina like “flower petals opening up to him” I wondered what the hell was going on. Did most women have like… flaps??? 

Originally posted by dharmarainbow

Were they naturally tightened up and supposed to open up like…. that???? Mine didn’t…. DID I HAVE A BROKEN VAGINA?! Maybe I should reconsider being gay… I’m not sure I can handle any part of the human body behaving like that!!!!

Gotta love the American education system.

I’m still shocked my mom let me read that book? I think she was just so Painfully Straight that she didn’t realize I was chasing those books for a glimmer of homoerotic tension. BUT EVEN THEN IM SHOCKED SHE DIDN’T BAN THEM. Mom was good about not banning books, though. The only book she ever got mad at me for reading was, surprise surprise, a book about gay men.

I still really like vampires which is why I then started reading The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike. He always had female protagonists in his novels. I was hungry for vampire stuff and his teenagers got drunk and did drugs and had sex. My kinda shit. There was tons of gross stuff alongside romantic stuff.

Animorphs has got to be reigning king for most influence on my writing style, dialogue, character interactions, the whole thing. The mix of the traumatic and the bizarre and the blood and the “Marco complaining about going on recon because there’s a powerpuff girls marathon I could be watching instead”. And then people DIED. Shit got real. I’m not being coherent but Animorphs still reigns supreme, more than anything I’d love to write a series of young adult novels that fills that same niche. Like Pike’s books, it tended to blend nasty+cool shit together, on the same page, or even the same paragraph.

And last but not least, Crossroads has everything you could expect from a Xekstrin story. It’s got drama. It’s got age gaps. It’s got tears, SO MANY TEARS. Abandonment issues. Seeeeex. IT’S GOT SAD LESBIANS. It’s got codependent relationships. It’s got found family and shitty mothers. The main character falls in love with her stepbrother. It’s absolutely trashy. You gotta read it.

Man Felicity is such a jerk. I liked her when she first showed up but the writers have managed to make her into a selfish and emotionally abusive person who turns everything into things about her. The fact that she STILL is mad about Oliver not telling her about William despite the fact that the original deal about his ONLY WAY TO SEE HIS SON was to not tell anyone cause of how crazy his life is. Like yeah, sure Felicity, make that whole issue about how “he doesn’t trust you” not about how it was a thing between Oliver and the mother of his kid.

Im so tired of a character I used to like and enjoy, but now she goes and works with a criminal group to break a cyberterrorist out of federal captivity and somehow makes Oliver’s disapproval all about “you don’t trust me”. It’s gotten to the point where I now have put Felicity Smoak alongside Ross Gellar in the emotionally abusive “all about me” relationship category.

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idk about you dude but im still not over the whole mads and ben getting drunk together on a couch somewhere in iceland and ben acting very shy and embarrassed (on purpose or nah?) about the whole thing. like what´s SO ˝unusual˝ about two dudes getting drunk together ben? lol im def not one of those fans who make things up but i still cant stop thinking about bens body language in that interview. we also know that ben called mads beautiful in front of an audience so its hard not to think abt dis

DUDE I am not in the slightest bit over it!!! I’ve never stopped thinking about that interview for the past 7 months I’m not even joking

did you notice that after the couch thing Ben goes on for like, 30 seconds about the singing and dancing culture in Iceland in an attempt to change the topic? I’ve watched a shit ton of Ben interviews, he’s often shy and/or awkward but I’d never seen him that flustered so I was just?? what was going on???

also a reminder that Mads said Ben is “the funniest guy I’ve ever met”, “very hard not to love”, “a tremendous singer” (shdfhshdf), singled Ben out as “most likely to brighten his day on set” and his hypothetical desert-island companion, plus straight up said “I love him. There was never a dull moment on set with him. He’s just fucking mad - in the absolutely best meaning of the word. Talented, professional … and the opposite as well. He’s wonderful.”

I mean how often does Mads gush that much about a guy, I’m still in awe??? as you know I’m against “serious” real-life shipping but dude, would you be at all surprised if someone had drunk-kissed someone on that Icelandic couch??

and seriously, what the fuck was this and what did they expect us to think when this was among the only RO cast photoshoots we got

P.S. if anyone’s going to LFCC to see Mads, I’m sure we’ll all be eternally thankful if you can get some info concerning him and Ben’s Rogue One shenanigans

my name is site

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you try to paste

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they go to waste.

and what is more

if you should think

“I’d really like

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well shame, you can’t:

for gone as well’s

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(Actually links are okay it turns out but I’m still really annoyed about the paste limit so the whole thing can stay)

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the shipping drama is crazy! people think cegan is gross since carl as a character is an underage child :/ plus they were shipping it even when chandler was a minor still.

idk why you came to me specifically or why you feel the need to justify yourself to me, but lets make things perfectly clear right now!!

you may think c/egan is gross (i personally do bc as a comics fan mainly i always think of carl meeting negan at 12 years old and not 17 like in the show) but that isnt grounds to attack the shippers yknow? thats the main thing here. you can say whatever you want abt it as long as its on YOUR blog and not in the ship tag/posts, you can say whatever you want as long as youre not actually going out and doxing the shippers or calling for attacks against them!

a lot of people think regan is gross bc its two dudes who have tried to kill each other… regan shippers are only so lucky that anti-regans have the prudence not to call us sick fucks (at least not publicly or in a way that jeopardizes our livelihoods or our personal information)…

so uhhh tl;dr lets all take a second to calm down and realize… this isnt about whether the ship is gross or not… you shouldnt attack the shippers either way… the end

@beastdance i keep geting pissed bc hes calling fnaf 4 the bite of 87 when its actually 83. also he?? keeps glossing over details that actually matter and throw his whole thing off and it makes me angry hes SO dumb 
like the current one we’re watching is, could the bite really crush someones skull and the answer is of fucking course because, even if the spring locks were locked for robot mode, their moutsh STILL move so they can sing. and idk about you b ut robots and stuff that move if u stick ur finger in their mouth or something itll keep trying to shut and make really cracky sounds and those have GOTTA be heavy suits, so ti wouldnt stop until it could lock again, it would be realy slow but still it’d happen????

OK OK BUT IMAGINE DOMESTIC!RANDL like in any context you want it could be the usual rhink, it could be friendshipping them,, roommates, both, or maybe even my fave QPR!rhink. but they live together in a house/apartment/whatever. and just…..OMgG….

  • give me the legs on the couch thing from did you get me anything? where rhett comes in to sit down but links asleep on the couch and has to move his legs
  • give me link fell asleep on rhetts shoulder during a movie or a show or something and rhett has to decide whether to leave, stay, or wake him up
  • give me throwing things at each other to get the other one out of bed in the morning.
  • give me rhett walking in on link taking a head shower and saying dude thats weird and teasing him while he brushes his teeth
  • give me rhett is the one who cooks more but link really wants to give him a break and try and it doesn’t generally turn out so well but rhett doesn’t care bc its cute that link tries and he thinks its good anyway
  • give me “JUST PLAY SOMETHING bc im not gonna start eating til you play something!!” from link to rhett at dinner in front of the tv
  • give me link cut himself on something and he RLY TRIES to not bother rhett bc he feels like he shouldn’t be so bothered by it and he does really good until he realizes theres like a splinter in there and he has to pull it out and he just CANT and he ends up resting his head on the counter taking deep breaths trying not to faint but then rhett comes in and he’s like !! LINK !! and he rubs his back and takes him over to a chair like are you ok whats wrong omg and then he sees the wound and he takes care of it and links like “dude thanks you didn’t have to do that i had it” and rhetts like “of course you did link” and link doesn’t know how it happened but all of a sudden he’s wrapped in a hug
  • give me rhett being the one who remembers to lock the door at night
  • give me link immediately gives important things like files or keys or whatever to rhett bc he knows rhett won’t lose them (even while he grumbles about how ‘unorganized’ rhett is lol)
  • give me rhett begging and begging to get a dog and FINALLY link says yes ok i’ll share our space with a dog and then rhett brings home….two of them…
  • give me link throwing a blanket on rhett when he falls asleep on the couch
  • give me one of them is sick and the other staying home to take care of them (against many protests and amid secret appreciation and gratitude that isn’t actually that secret to the other)
  • give me link not allowing rhett to wash the dishes bc “you don’t clean them to my standards of hygiene”
  • give me rhett having back trouble and link flying around the house to bring him anything he needs and make him comfortable and distract him and rhett is like no i shouldn’t let this affect me i should take it !! i should absorb the pain //tries to stand and link is just like rhett no….relax…i don’t like to see you in pain man
  • give me rock paper scissors to see who gets to drive this time
  • give me shopping and link wants to stick to the list but rhetts just like an excited puppy running around the store like LINK LOOK AT THIS look at THAT can we buy this i think we should try tHIS and link’s like rhett i think maybe we shouldn’t- but then rhett’s already off to a new thing behind him
  • give me one of them can’t sleep/is lonely so they go into the other’s room to just lay in there and sleep
  • give me link forgets to pay the electric one time andhe calls and gets it worked out but its still off for a day and hes afraid rhett will be mad but rhetts just like hey it happens and in THE MEAN TIME CAMPING IN THE LIVING ROOM
  • NOT TO MENTION all the totally domestic things they ALREADY do IN REAL LIFE like the argument about which handed link is ?? or the whole sharing a car who fills it up etc argument ?? or the CUDDLING WHEN THEY HAVE TO SHARE A BED….

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when ppl act like queer is the worst slur and im just sitting here thinking about how at my highschool they had like a whole thing about discouraging the use of the word gay as an insult or w negative connotation, like it was a legit week long thing where they discouraged it but the word queer was never even on the radar. this wa slike 4-5 years ago, not even that long. gay is still used as an insult and derogatorily & the anti-queer brigade doesnt talk abt that. ever.

They never get mad at those who reclaim the f and d slurs either, but they’ll scream at you for daring to reclaim queer. Its almost as if….all their reasons are actually bullshit and they just don’t like the lack of definition to queer bc they can’t gatekeep it hmmmmm


That body language all anxious and fidgety while reading his heartfelt letter.. he was truly speaking without filters, as sincere as he can get, an honest arrow dripping concern and affection shot right from his core and straight to Jaebum’s one..♥

the new ep was really good imo i really liked pacificas development and dippers line “why are you so afraid of your parents?” broke my heart

im super mad how mabel got portrayed though, the whole boy-crazy thing is getting stale and im really disappointed she didnt get included in the main plot at all, mabel deserves better than that…

also this ep wasnt even that bad ship-wise, if anything i really feel dipper and paz as a brotp

but overall i liked paz’s development in this one, still sour about mabel being reduced to boy-crazy thirsty pre-teen 24/7