im still laughing someone stop me

Brendon: *hits blunt*

Sarah: how high are you right now?

Brendon: I don’t know, like, 5′7″

dear markiplier

@dogiplier (it’s kinda long rip)

dear mr. markiplier

i first started watching your videos because 1) while watching a dnp gaming vid, dan mentioned your name in relation to fnaf, and 2) my friend had sent me links to your Meow and Woof videos that had me giggling like an idiot.  that was… about a year and a half ago i think? around december 2015-january 2016 is when i started watching you regularly i think. so i haven’t been around too long! but!! you’ve had a big impact on my life

within the first few months of subscribing to you, i binge watched so many of your series. the first ones were fnaf and alien isolation, and it was alien isolation that made me think “yeah, i love this guy’s stuff, im going to keep watching” and im so so happy i did

when i first subscribed, i was in my senior year of high school, 17/18 years old. now im 19 and in my first year of college and still procrastinating my work by watching your stuff.  during senior year, i was having a really tough time.  my anxiety spiked (due to school, the college app/fin aid process, trouble with friends at my school who basically stopped talking to me out of the blue, and finding out im transgender and facing backlash from that at home :/ ) but thankfully i had you to go back to every day!! every! day! that was wild! i had never watched someone before who uploaded daily

you made me, and still make me, smile and laugh and cry and jump for joy whenever i watch your videos. even recently my mental health has been steadily getting worse, it seems (more college stress with transferring, finding out my asexual and going through a breakup bc of it, and realizing that my first relationship was abusive) but you’re always there to help me feel better. you, jack, dan, phil, all y’all make me happy as a clam, and i am so so grateful for it

and even now as im getting into the community more (this blog is only about a month or 2 old lol) im seeing all these people interacting and seeing all the cool stuff people make and making my own stuff and it’s so fun!! it’s something to look forward to every day and helps me get out of bed to grab the day by the horns, do my best in school, get through work, just so i can come home and be able to have fun with everyone in this community

so thanks!! i owe you one, dude

Dear Charlie,

no matter how hard i try i cant stop thinking about him. people know about my feelings and one person who knows is his bestfriend.. yay. i wouldnt be suprised if he found out.

things have been different lately, i got so used to talking to him everynight and the cute nicknames he would call me, and now hes stopped we still talk but not as much and while he still says goodnight it just feels…. empty like he doesnt care anymore. im tired of falling for the same type of guys ovr and over, the nice guys with the pretty blue eyes and a sense of humor that can make you laugh in seconds.

he became a constant in my life someone i could go to and now its shifted. When i saw him for the first time in a month i was so excited i was going crazyand was in such a good mood.. and then i saw him we were at work he walked in and that was that, no hey i missed you no massive hug no kiss. perhaps im just stupid for thinking up the scenario in my head but the night before i dreamed about him and he walked in and we were talking and he took me in his arms and he kissed me like i was air and he was drowning… and then reality struck. i wish he ddnt have this power over me. but that night i went home and cried myself to sleep safe to say my wrists got 3 more cuts.

a boy doesnt define who i am but no matter how hard i try i still wish i was his.

love, a fucked up girl xxx

imagine. early ah ot6. instead of everyone deciding to just have a big ol 6 way orgy 24/7, the relationships happen only a few at a time. at first they keep track in their heads who is dating who, but after a while it gets confusing as all shit.

“fuck wait are ryan and ray dating yet or are they still angsting??”

“what do u mean ur not dating michael i thought yall officially touched tips like a week ago?? dude hurry up and jump on that dick, i wanna to take yall rollerblading”

“bro help im on a date with jack and i dont know if this is a friend date or not? i cant remember whether we’re dating yet?? stop laughing”

someone ends up hanging a whiteboard in the office and makes a dicking chart

i hide behind “im fine” like if i say it enough, somehow a lifeboat will come and pull me out of this ocean im stuck drowning in. i heard a poem one time and this guy said once you repeat something enough time it loses its meaning. im fine. im fine. im fine. maybe if i say it enough times it’ll lose its meaning too, maybe it’ll fade away into the wind and the breeze will blow away my tears and maybe i won’t have to hide behind these words like they are walls, like they are the only thing that can protect me. i don’t fucking know why i use “im fine” as a barrier, maybe because if i say what was on my mind, id get that look, you know the one where people are like “oh shit she’s losing it.” or maybe its because id rather be the one doing the saving. im fine. im fine. im fine. sometimes i wonder why people believe me, sometimes i wonder if they do at all and other times i think they’re just too scared to actually hear what im thinking, im afraid if i opened my mouth all they would hear is screaming. see, i have swallowed down the words i really should have said. like, i love you, please come back, don’t leave, i care about you so fucking much, can you stay for a while? i have also suppressed screams, sometimes they catch up to me and i find myself screaming at the sun, and yelling at even the brightest days. i hate this because i love the way the sun feels on my skin and i am afraid i have scared it away some days. wouldn’t that explain all the rain? wouldn’t that explain the way that for weeks on end sometimes i just can’t stop crying. i think my mothers worried, she’s starting calling me “baby” and “sweetheart” again, i think she’s scared her yelling has been stuck on replay in my head and im afraid to say that they are, along with every other voice of the people i love. if i try hard enough i can still hear the sound of your smile, or your laugh. - i understand now how you were feeling that night. i think when you’re surrounded by darkness you give up the hope of someone saving you, or maybe you hold onto it so tight that when someone throws you a rope and you go to grab onto it, it burns a hole straight through your hand and you fall once more because your palms are already warn out from all of the knocking. you see, when you’re in the dark, you see doors and you run to them but most of the time all they ever are, are vacant houses filled with ghosts and you enter and the silence is even more deafening and you’re even more alone and there’s more darkness and i know all the metaphors in the world couldn’t describe how shitty it feels when you hit bottom, but god damn i have tried to take away the pain with poetry and sometimes it works but this is an ache i just cannot write out, i cannot scream out, i can only feel it and let it take me down. but the thing about this is the loneliness is haunting me like the ghosts in the vacant houses and i know i am not alone but when nighttime comes and i lay my head down i can see the ghosts peering in my windows, they’re saying, “you’re alone now.” and they do not stop and trust me, i have tried to sleep the pain away but all that leaves me with is headaches and its like every remedy turns into a failed coping mechanism and i have realized that there’s really no proper way to survive. you just do it, and you do the best you can with what you’ve got and often times it hurts you. but i have realized one thing, and it’s that i am good at loving because for some i just have not run out of love for the people around me and maybe that’s what gets me off bottom, maybe the love coursing through my veins reminds me that i am still alive, so when you see me bleeding on the kitchen floor do not be alarmed, i promise i am alright, i have just let another person bleed me dry but do not worry, i will fill with love again tomorrow and day after day i will continue to drag myself off the floor and i will continue to smile at the goddamn sun even when it is raining, just don’t mind my yelling and teary eyes somedays, i try to hide it but somedays i cannot help but to spill all over because when you reach a certain point of sadness you can’t hold it in anymore but when i finally make it out of this i will say, “fuck you.” to the darkness because the thing about light is that in order to shine, you have to be surrounded by darkness. i mean after all, the sun is surrounded by darkness too but it doesn’t let it consume it, it simply shines among it. and i will not let the ghosts haunt me anymore, i will not let the darkness consume me, i will shine, and i will shine the best that i fucking can and i will show every single vacant house that didn’t feel like home, that i, myself, am home and i am going to make it out of this alive.

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That Post™ has made it on to my dash from someone else i follow not even sh related im laughing

can you believe i had to delete and redownload my tumblr app two times in the last two hours because That Post™ was messing up with it ???? and i still cant see my mentions and it drives me insane! it wasn’t even supposed to be funny or something ????? it almost has 10k notes like seriously omg stop reblogging That Post™ do it for my tumblr app

Fixed It

Prompt: T'Challa claims he fixed Bucky, but when they try triggering him, something happens, and he acts like buzz lightyear in toy story 3 where they reprogrammed him and he spoke spanish and salsa danced.

pairing: Bucky x The Reader??

Words: 614

Warnings: Some Stucky??

You and Cap were standing im front of Bucky’s cyro, with t'challa by your side. Cap had gotten a call from T'challa, saying that he thinks he might have fixed Bucky, and Cap wanted to bring you along just in case things didn’t work out as they thought, since they thought you’d be able to stop him.

T'Challa had unfroze Bucky, and you guys were waiting for him to say the words that trigged Bucky. Cap eyed T'Challa before nodding, and T'Challa began reading the words Cap wrote down for him.

“Longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak, furnance, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car.” We saw Bucky’s eyes close, then open, before he took a step towards us, towards you, actually.

Bucky looked you dead in the eyes before he started to speak, “hola preciosa , que debe ser? (hello beautiful, who might you be)” You looked over his shoulder at Cap and T'Challa, who had amused looks on their face.

“You alright pal?” You put an arm on his shoulder, not sure what to do, when suddenly he grabbed the hand that was on his shoulder and laced it with yours.

He took a couple steps and you followed him, not having a clue of what was going on. “¿alguna vez antes tangoed? (have you ever tangoed before)” Bucky asked you, but you just looked at Cap and T'Challa, who were trying to hold in their laughter.

When Bucky said tangoed, you figured he asked you about tangoing, which made you giggle a little, before shaking your head. He said something else in which we were guessing was spanish, and tried to get you to tango with him.

“Nice job on the new arm, T'Challa.” You commented, as Bucky spun you around.

T'Challa never answered, since he was too busy laughing at the sight in front of him. Bucky soon let go of you, and pulled Cap in to dance with him instead. You couldn’t control your laughter as you saw Cap try to get away from Bucky, but Bucky insisted on dancing with him.

“señor, señor! Ven a bailar conmigo ! (sir, sir! come dance with me!)” Bucky yelled at Cap, as he chased him around the room, trying to get him to dance with him.

“Do you understand anything he’s saying?” You leaned over to T'Challa, but he just snickered as Cap and Bucky ran past the two of you.

Cap soon hide behind T'Challa, and Bucky had pulled him out to dance instead. You laughed and pulled out your phone, and played some music for them to dance to. You and Cap couldn’t help, but laugh even harder as T'Challa tried to dance with Bucky.

“Bucky, i cant dance, can you let me go?” T'Challa tried to argue, but Bucky wasnt having any of it.

“i os enseñará a continuación ! (i shall teach you then)” T'Challa continued to argue about not dancing with him, but did it anyways.

“Ok, someone help me get him back in the cyro.” T'Challa called out, as Bucky tried to spin him around, then dip him.

“No,no, we’d rather not, its kinda amusing!” Cap called out from beside you, making you uncontrollably laugh.

“Im serious, Captain.”

“Alright, alright.” Cap finally stopped laughing and pulled Bucky apart from T'Challa, and helped put him back in the cyro, where they froze him again.

“As much as i liked that Bucky more than the one that goes around killing people, i think we need to fix him.” Captain commented, an amused smile still on his face.

“I’d have to disagree with you Cap, i think he’s already fixed.” You retorted, making him shake his head at you.

im still laughing though Bring Me to Life was playing when I went up to meet Dan and Phil and I was like “Dan when will you stop playing this song” and he was like “*laughs* never probably” someone stop him

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Jimin + yoongi


do hear that? that’s me wailing like a dying animal bc this just-  i can’t 

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look at chimz checking to see if yoongi is actually asleep like “oh i hope he doesn’t catch me staring at him” wow i just- 


even during their fetus days yoongles would always keep a special eye out for chimz and in general just always wants to be near him but shows it in these quiet subtle ways that makes me scream in not so quiet subtle ways 

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the cutest phineas and ferb sweetie apple pie baby nuggets als;kfjaslfj

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highkey bangtan aegyo kings yes that includes you min yoongles

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okay but this is seriously one of my ultimate favorite gifs of them just look how pleasantly surprised yoongi is and how jimin just naturally PEEKABOOS into the frame like it’s nbd THEY’RE JUST SO HAPPY AROUND ONE ANOTHER UGH

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seriously call an ambulance im not okay. jimin hanging onto the back of yoongi’s shirt as they safely “cross the street” together has me in shambles omg im laughing and crying and my heart is overflowing with an ocean of feels

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okay so sometimes this perfect pair may not show their affection in the most feelsy and conventional way but

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we all know deep down inside yoongi just loves messing with jimin the most bc jimins reactions are so cute and he will still love yoongles no matter what and vice versa

im gonna stop now before i seriously implode GOODBYE I LOVE YOONMIN

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  • me when im gay for ben c: i need to express the extent of how gay i am for ben c right now because. it’s like. getting ridiculous. i have run out of ways to express this feeling so im gonna write something very detailed. this is by every mean very poor writing lol ok but when i see him in pics and there are literal exclamation points going off in my head and i feel like i need to screech or something it’s like a physical reaction taking place inside me you know when you’re just EXCITED and you’re about to jump out of your own skin and like i get tears behind my eyes a lot. like when i say im about to cry im NOT FUCKING KIDDING but it doesnt actually get to the point where im actually crying. well maybe it happened once. THE POINT IS i have a huge physiological reaction to images of ben c, and it gets worse when he is moving and speaking, exaggerated and cute facial expressions which for him are all of them, uhh, and im like, hyperaware of how much his eyes are sparkling or how excited his voice sounds and i kind of reflect off of it, so if u combine all these things it’s a hUGE FUCKING OVERLOAD OF EXCITEMENT
  • and uh also when i see pics of him i can like smell him most of the time so, that’s really primal and gay, and i also am constantly aware of how his skin probably feels which is really primal and gay, so like u can imagine that i knda wanna fck him all the time, bc like, im getting these imaginary sensory stimuli that are enhanced by images of him u know, it was RLY huge when he was growing out his beard like that stuff became more significant somehow, um
  • also just sexuality dictating my attraction to his aesthetically aka his shape and his muscles and sexuality is sO WEIRD, WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT COMING FROM like… u cant describe sexuality when it comes to the person’s physique and features and that’s so frustrating and we are all there, we all know that feel and it’s pretty uniform for everyone who is attractive except ill look at ben c more and zoom in on everything and find everything beautiful and want to look longer
  • and then like emotionally you know like im aware he’s extremely sweet and thoughtful and i care so much about him like, he has a very easy-to-follow thought process that is very similar to my own, that is at the same time very fascinating, and he gets extremely engaged in whatever he’s talking about and it’s so exciting to see him get excited and run like a motor but mostly he is just so SWEET, he tries soooooooooo hard to fully understand and acknowledge everyone he tries so fuckgin hard and he literally never takes anything for granted (he tries not to) and only says things that bring people up and he’s just such a GOOD person and so that shines through everything phsyical i luv and also intertwines w it and that makes everything super mega gay he’s like an assembly of physicality and personality and it WORKS and all i ever want all the time is for him 2 be happy and healthy and im extremely affected by how he is feeling oh my GOD This is so embarrassing but tru
  • and then.. uh, when u guys send ben c asks like, bc my imagination is so vivid and im like sooper mega in luv my stomach twinges almost EVERY FUCKIGN TIME i read anything, it flips/drops/swells/swoops every fucking time, and my back too, it’s like the same feeling in my back except a little more electric OK THIS IS GETTING RLY FUCKING GAY but it’s really pleasant as well as overwhelming and it’s not like me getting turned on but i imagine it’s a feeling u get along with getting turned on and it’s a very rare feeling for me actually until about a month ago as time goes on my physical reactions are getting WORSE LIKE IM OBSERVABLY GETTING WORSE
  • and uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i see bits of ben c in other ppl and when i do i feel like im lookin @ ben c momentarily and then im like “am i attracted to this person?” and it’s like no, actually, it’s just bc they made a ben c face or laughed like ben c, uh
  • it’s like really seriously what i imagine how u feel when ACTUALLY in love with someone you are in a relationship with, except i feel no possessiveness or any actual illusion of connection w him, like im able to be, in certain ways, objective about him that you couldn’t be about a s/o usually, um, but still, im rly gay, stop me,

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Ppl who call us delulu just won't stop -_- an anon told the OP who posted the truth abt media to stop feeding the "shipper's delusion" OP answered professionally there's new info i think everyone should read. Im on mobile I can't link url is klm-12

Hey anon,

I’ve read it (link). I can’t believe someone still refused to open their mind and actually thought about it. 

I pity them somehow because they’ve closed their mind completely without leaving a small opening. It’s their lost tbh. They refrain their brain from projecting its utmost capability, at the same time reduce their chances in life.

And this statement made me laughed:

you’re saying Kaixxstal is “probably” fake but you have absolutely nothing to back up your claim apart from that “insider” post (btw millions of things never happened in that post but you’re conveniently ignoring that fact) 

OP quoted this from the original post. there’s a high probability that the couples are fake. There’s also a possibility that they’re real and SM just took advantage of it, but it’s less likely. BUT, we will never know if they actually felt something for each other or not. Maybe they did fell in love w/ each other, or they actually have other romantic relationships that the public doesn’t know. Or they’re actually single. Who knows. There are many possibilities but they only know the truth themselves, of course.

OP stated there’s also a possibility that they’re real, they actually felt something for each other or not, maybe they did fell in love with each other. 

3 opinions sided kaixxstal against 1 opinion sided kaisoo. 3 against 1???

And regarding the insider post, did this person actually saw my analysis about the insider post yet? She/he is got to be kidding me. 13 ‘coincidences’ out of 18 actually happened. That’s 72% accurate. 13 ‘concidences. Not 1. Not 2. Not 5. 13 coincidences!

YOU ARE conveniently ignoring that fact!

I can’t believe how ignorant one can be.

Then this….

also why are the conspiracy theories only made by ifans lol, don’t you think Korean fans would know way more than you about their own entertainment industry and yet K-EXO-l don’t doubt Kaixxstal at all and some of them even knew beforehand. That’s so arrogant of you to pretend knowing everything when you’re so clueless

I have to disagree with that statement. It’s not about how kfans know better than ifans. It’s about kfans trust and believe their own people. Like how you believe everything your country’s news stations and the newspapers said. Like how you believe your country politicians’ manifesto. You believe them. Why? Because they are your primary sources. They are the leaders of your country. You depend on them. If you don’t trust their news, who could you trust? A news about your country reported by another country? A foreigner that wanted to run your country?

Kfans know only what they need to know about their own entertainment. If they know better, they’ll start questioning things. But if they don’t question things, they only know what they’ve been told. They are kFANS, not the people who work in the entertainment industry. Would you own a successful company and share your secrets with everyone? Would SM become the most successful entertainment company in SK if he spilled everything to the public? Think.

OP quoted this from that ask which basically support my above judgment.

Now, let me ask you this question: do you know very well how your own country’s entertainment industry works? Do they tell the public how they actually function? The public will only know half the truth about how this business operates, the public will never know the most important parts of this field. Whichever country it is, the public will never know how the entertainment industry actually works. In your country, when media reports something about a celebrity, or about the government, would you question it immediately? Only very few people will question that, only those who have an idea about the strategies media have.

And the part that this anon said that some kfans knew about kaixxstal beforehand are very questionable. Why now? Why they only voice it out after the couple has been confirmed? Why there’re no pictures? Why? And the only answer I’ll probably get is, I just know. Yeah like I just know that kaisoo is real. Duh!

I definitely agree with @klm-12’s statement: That’s so arrogant of you as well to pretend knowing everything when you’re so clueless about me and this industry.

People. Wake up! This is the reality. We’ve been living in this world for so long, long enough to be fool easily.

(omg sorry for the long rant)