im still laughing at myself ha

it took me like three years but i finally got a commission from @johannathemad !!! she was sweet enough to do some Yorkalina fanart for me and I absolutely have not stopped screaming since I saw it, holy shit

Catching Up to You

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Summary: Charlie and Negan come face to face

Pairings: Daryl xOC / Negan x OC

Warnings: None

Author’s note: I like this chapter cuz I like Daryl :)

Chapter Three


Favorite Girl

“Ho-holy shit!”

Negan laughed loudly, a wide, joyous smile on his face. I backed against the wall, holding Judith close to my chest. He crept into the room, slowly like a predator stalking its prey, holding his bat at the end of it’s handle, letting it trail on the floor.

“Am I seein’ things or is it a goddamn dream come true?” He let out a crackle of laughter. “Is that my girl? My favorite girl?”

I shut my eyes, my entire body shaking.

“Mm,” he got closer, “baby, you have changed. But so have I.”

I swallowed, opening my eyes slowly, “Go away, please.”

Negan smiled, his tongue captured between his teeth, “Oh, baby, I’m not goin’ anywhere. Do you know how goddamn happy I am to see you?”

He stepped forward, invading my space, and set his bat down on the baby changing table beside us. He brought both his hands up and took Judith from my embrace; I tried to tug her back, but he tsked at me, his breath danced across my chin, “Who’s this little angel, huh? She yours?” He held her in his arms and then looked at me, his eyes growing dark, “One of these fucks knock you up?”

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Commitment has always been scary for me. The thought of devoting myself to one person seemed impossible. I get bored too easily for that. But with you it was different. I could spend eternity listening to your voice, your laugh, and all your stupid little jokes.

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I don't have a best-friend, and I'm afraid that I never will because it seems like everyone else already has one of their own. Do you think that's unrealistic? Aside from that, I think that you're lovely. I hope that you had an amazing day, and I hope that you have a blessed night. ✨ Thank you for being someone that I admire.

First realize most people who say they have a “bestfriend” forces it and that aint no damn bestfriend. Most of these people only call them their bestfriends because they are always in eachothers proximity or they have known eachother for a long time yet dont check up on eachother everyday and barley know their parents names. Most people in relationships say that their partner is their “bestfriend” but usually they only say that because they drifted from all their friends and their bf/gf is the only person they talk to lmao. There are people who say that they have a bestfriend yet they dont know that person inside and out, they dont hit them up everyday to find out how their day was and if they ate, they have no idea whats going on in their personal life or at home, they dont know their true naked soul. I AM BLESSED to have a real bestfriend a one of a kind a soulmate! WE ARE IN TWO DIFFERENT STATES NOW and She still facetimes me everyday, she asks me if i ate, she buys me gifts I forgot i told her i wanted but she paid attention hard enough to listen and surprise me, she knows me better than i know myself, she makes me laugh when im down, she has been through HELL(i mean HELL) and back with me. That is a bestfriend i would honestly die for her if it came down to it. She came out of the blue and if you told me that we would be bestfriends when i first met her… I would have a hard time believing you. 4 years strong and i know for a fact she will be here till the day i die. Thats a soulmate they come when you least expect it. Dont look for it. Universe will guide you to it. I love you baby have an amazing night ❤️

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Top 5 ways Chris has ruined your life

i legit say chris has ruined my life all the time, because he’s inactive, because i’ll never be able to meet him, because he’s a lil shit who just posts pictures of his motorcycle when all we want is a selfie

but in all honestly chris has actually made my life a lot better, (i don’t particularly love my life if im honest) and becoming a fan of chris has genuinely made me happy, i am so proud to be a fan of this man, he’s literally just a great fucking guy, not to mention how talented he is!! and yes of course i find him attractive (imo if you don’t you need to go to specsavers) but even if he wasn’t as good looking as he is, even if i didn’t think he looked like a fucking god, i would still love him just as much as i do now because he is such an amazing man and hdjsjdndk now im getting emotional

also being on here has allowed me to make loads of friends who i genuinely love speaking to and can have such a laugh with and be myself with so im thankful for that aswell

the only thing that has sort of ruined my life (sooo dramatic) is the fact that i feel like I have to defend chris on a daily basis for no reason whatsoever because he has never, ever stepped a foot out of line, but i have to defend him from people who make up lies about him and mock him 24/7 (and yes i do feel like he needs defending because he has never done anything to merit the hate he gets and that needs to be said over and over)

so yeah that got really deep lmao and im sorry and i bet y'all thought i was gonna go down the jokey and sarcastic route but nahhh just me being emotional over chris again

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Im glad that u also like archer. Ive been rewatching it (im on s2) and i feel guilty as a feminist for liking it so much :( i know a lot of the jokes are supposed to be ironic but i still feel bad for laughing, and my bf has made comments abt "how can u laugh at that as a feminist" (he isnt one, hes using it as a gotcha). How do u feel about this? Any advice for separating myself from toxic fandom to just be able to enjoy something problematic? Love ur blog btw happy friday 💋💋

Thanks, and don’t worry, anon: You’re not a bad feminist. 

It’s funny you ask this, but I used to have an entire essay series on this exact topic, and on Archer, particularly!

My philosophy is: don’t ignore the problematic, examine it. Use it as a springboard for analysis so you can learn more about the issue conveyed. Use your problematic responsibly! Because, let’s be honest, there ARE no unproblematic pieces of media. So just use it to educate yourself instead. For instance: my love of West Side Story (starring Natalie Wood as the Puerto Rican Maria) got me to learn more about the issues of white-washing.

Being a feminist is not about being perfect, it’s about learning and being open to examination and learning. Use your fandom for good!

Laughter is the balm for the soul. And listening to your boyfriend telling you how to be a feminist… less so. Kind of the opposite. 

My old articles are lost, for the most part, but under the cut, I’ve pasted them for reference and included a great video on satire that also very easily applies to this discussion (just substitute feminism with the Holocaust)

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List 5 things you like about yourself and your 10 favorite blogs

1: Well.. there isn’t many things I actually like about myself, but one of them I guess is I like my humor? I tend to make people laugh with my jokes and such in Discord chats, and people like me because I can be funny? I suppose that’s something.

2: I like how my writing has improved I suppose? I still don’t like it much, since Im an insecure piece of s h i t. But, on my fanfics lately I do tend to read a lot of positive comments and smile about it?

3: My singing. I can actually confidently say I like my singing voice for the most part? I sing a lot in voice chats and calls, and I swear to god if reincarnation is a thing I was a songbird at some point in my life with how much I sing wow.

4: I guess Im outgoing? Wanna go camping? Hiking? Golfing? Fishing? Wanna kill a man and hide a body? Hit me up fam.

5: Thinking of positive things is so foreign to me wow.. but Im good at making friends and helping them out? That’s two things in one but you gET WHAT I MEAN

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dont gotta do it if you dont wanna!

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chocolate chip cookie

how has your life changed over the past year?

hmmm not really for the better.its been kinda awful? i used to be a little bit more hopeful before..i might have lost a big part of myself this time too…cuz this past year alot of things changed drastically which left me in an even darker place…it has been not kind to me but..yeahhh anyways..even though im still waking up with a de*thwish almost everyday…i also have/got to know alot of lovely souls who have been making some of these tough days bearable and in the end im grateful to god for still giving me a chance at life up until now. im still able to laugh and im still able to love despite all the things hurting me terribly.

im so fucking glad this website has helped me stop comparing black girls to white girls, like white girls are some damn unit of measurement that every other race should use to determine their beauty

im so glad this website has helped me realize that black girls are so damn powerful and so damn beautiful and so damn funny, and intelligent, and don’t have to be the stereotypical “black girl”, but are still so gorgeous and arent creatures to laugh at if they eat fried chicken and love shakin their big black booties 

god, black girls are so fucking gorgeous, so underestimated, and im so glad this website has helped me love myself more, and my sisters who fought and are still fighting for recognition 

you go, queens. and thank you, black tumblr 

Staying in the Closet

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 Both my parents believe that its only natural to date the oppisite gender. Anything else and they rather not hear it. My mother says she supports everyone no matter their sexuality but i could see the pain in her smile when she over heard a conversation between me and my friend who happened to come out as bisexual. Afterwards, she asked if all my friends were like that or normal? I was surprised and a bit offended because no matter what everyone is normal, we’re all human. Unfortunately, my mother and father always like to joke of poeple who are gay, lesbian, bi, or anyone who is not attracted to the opposite gender alone, in other words, if you’re not straight they will not take you seriously. My sister on the other hand believes everyone deserves to love and be loved. Sadly her words never seem to match her actions. My brother however, is a supporter who knows that love is love no matter the gender. My sister is straight, her past relationships prove it and my parents know it. My brother has began an interest in girls since he was little, which my parents love. He always shows the “normal behavior” a boy should have, well according to my parents. They tell me that its the human instict to reproduce. I however, have never showed any bit of interest in a boyfriend. My mother think that im just not mature enough to handle it and thinks im just a kid. My father is affraid that i might be a lesbian because he has only met my friends who happen to be female. My sisters keeps arguing that i just don’t have the time since i have school. While my brother just has no clue if i like boys or girls. Since he has met a few of my friends who he describes as eccentric, he’s curious, i can see it in his eye but never asks me anything. But i know im asexual (Pan-romantic Asexual) still ace though. But i dont want to tell them or anyone. I still have friends, im happy so i feel like not telling anyone is the best way to keep my family from asking a lot of questions i rather not answer. Sure, if they ever ask i wont deny my sexuality but because they continue to assume all the time without asking, i dont feel that telling them will make them stop. Some of my friends are open and very understanding of all the sexualities but still seem not to care if it doesnt concern them. They dont seem to want to find out anything at all if has nothing to do with them. They sometimes joke around about how sex is one of the reasons to be in a relationship, they laugh it off as nothing but i never laugh. I always say that love can happen without sex but in the end they just laugh and assume im joking. I dont see myself telling them or my parents beacuse they all have their mind set on the way a “perfect relationship” should be.