im still kinda upset but whatever

Im kinda really stressed about not getting commissioned rn like I did it to get out of an already bad financial situation. I used to never do commissions because of my crushing depression and HJ would always assure me that things would be fine and that I could get back on my feet at whatever pace i needed to. But like HJ kept doing so much work and we kept still falling into financial trouble cause they would have to work constantly to keep up and that was too tiring.

Now HJ’s in a real big rut and doing their best to get out of it, but they’re so burnt out and I knew I had to step in as well bc we would otherwise have a complete lack of income while already in debt.

But like man, I’m so stressed bc it’s not doing shit to help at all. I dont want to keep acting like oh if i wait it out i’ll eventually get some commissions and that’ll be all great. It won’t be. We need to pay for internet and electricity soon. We have NO money. We’ll probably put it on card but then what?? How are we gonna pay off the card?

Walli’s been helping us out a bunch, but even they’re having trouble getting commissions. Man they’ve even been getting just people complaining about prices and crap and it’s like. We need to live. IDC if the market is saturated and crap, not everybody’s doing this for a little extra cash or a hobby.

i was initially kinda upset when i read the final chapter, but now that i’ve thought about it for a bit im actually pretty satisfied with how it turned out

the ending felt very in character, and, as much as i wanted a legitimate confession/wedding/kids or whatever, that would’ve felt very….out of place??

idk it wasnt EXACTLY what i wanted but im still happy nonetheless

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Random thing, but: Sometimes I see you be kinda rude or whatever, and it makes me upset, but I remember you're human too, and so you're gonna be upset sometimes, and sometimes I forget you're autistic too, and that can also tamper with the way you deal with things. But you're still a nice person, even though you get upset and stuff. You're a nice, kind person, and I'm sure you deal with a lot of shit. Stay you.

i was about to just delete this message but now im crying thank you ,, i get told by people irl that i cant “play the autistic card” so its so refreshing to see someone acknowledge that it affects me so thank you so much ;__; 10 for u anon