im still in the learning process

Daily #1,604! Yesterday the people I met were all about Twitter, and today they were all LinkedIn…the one I rarely use LOL.

But I got their names anyway. XD I’m trying!

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i spent over an hour looking at your blog and art. i'm so in love. do you have any tips on anatomy, poses, and expressions? what have you used for references? keep up the good work!!!

thank you anon ;;w;;!!!!!

im not an expert at these sorts of things…. im still learning myself lol!!! although its really just a matter of trial and error and years worth of practice for anatomy… i posted a tutorial about anatomy and proportions a little bit here. but to elaborate, something that will REALLY help with anatomy is familiarizing yourself with muscles and their form, that way its easier to portion limbs etc. 


this can help with things like shading and cloth folds, trying to imagine them as 3d shapes rather than something flat.

also, its crucial to not focus on one thing while your drawing when youre in the sketching process. its good to step back from your artwork and look at it as a whole to see how things are unified etc. if you concentrate too hard (i.g. the face) you end up tunnel vision-ing yourself and as a result skew your proportions to some degree (although some artists can sketch a face and nail their proportions still lol). i like starting off with basic shapes like squares and cylinders to sketch limbs and the like, and then fill in details as i go. now you can draw all the poses you want lol!!! (there is a bit of perspective play here, but thats another subject all on its own)

as for expressions, i have another tutorial here lol. 

the key things here is details to portray a strong expression. its really hard to portray an expressions strongly without body language, so thats a crucial thing to pay attention to also. kind of like tense shoulders for emotions like anger or sadness, maybe a slump for more intense expressions like grief. make use of things like eyebrows too!!! for angered and sad expressions, furrow the eyebrows more than you usually would. and eyebrows sitting higher to represent surprise or happiness. adding wrinkles really makes it convincing, dont be afraid that the expressions will look ‘ugly’ because of wrinkles NO YOURE DOING IT RIGHT!!! here are a few emotions (there are so many emotions and varying degrees lol)

for references, i like looking at other artists that i follow to see their style and method to go about expressions and proportions lol, and practice multiple times to draw it correctly. in the end, it really boils down to practicing for countless hours and times drawing what people think are naked people lol to really refine drawing anatomy, expressions, and proportions lol… hope that helps!!!

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Hello! i admire you so much it hurts. im an aspiring webcomic-artist, and id love to hear your opinions and advice on the matter. anything to say to a newbie?

Heck, you’re in for a ride good buddy. I guess the main thing is not to wait ‘until you’re ready’ and never start, because I know for a fact I still don’t think I’m ready to start a web comic, and I’ve been making one for like five years now, so. Best of luck, and just enjoy the process and the learning!

few colour studies from photos i found on here


Hey~ I was your Secret Satan! :D

I don’t draw too much, so this was a learning process (still have a lot to learn tho) but I feel I did give my best! I hope you like it! :3

For better res:

Characters belong to @thisiskindagross


here’s some half-pages from a zine that I’ve been working on for a school project (which is due next week Yikes. pray that i can churn out all my pages by then)

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How long did it take you to learn anotomy? I'm recently learning anotomy and I'm getting discouraged. I look up to your art and I was wondering how long did it take you to get to the level of perfection you are now?

Ive been drawing for over a decade so I guess thats how long Ive been learning ? And Im always learning ! Im always working to improve ! I definitely dont know everything about anatomy, not even close, theres still a lot I struggle with.

I get discouraged a lot too, I have a lot of days where nothing comes out right or I feel like Im getting worse, I think thats something that just happens with everyone. 

getting your art to where you want it to be can be a long process, at least it has been for me

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Hey city! Can I ask how you learned to paint digitally? I'm trying to teach myself how and I'm having a hard time figuring things out. All my knowledge is just odd information cobbled together with trial and error and whatever I can glean from like, speedpainting videos and I was curious as to your process? Gah I hope this question makes sense I just woke up from a nap and my brain is still a lil foggy

yeah basically trial and error. let me be clear, when i started, my digital painting wasn’t like. good.

this is the oldest attempt at digital painting i could find, from when i was 15? there’s elements that are bad (values, very unconfident touch in the clouds lol…), but there’s also good, how you can see a bit of blue in the balloon. the more you paint the more you can figure out what you like and don’t like, and kinda go from there

also i like to look at photography, or old school painting masters. i dont find it helpful to look at digital painters for some reason. there’s a slippery slope there of becoming too derivative

this is all w the caveat of “i still have no idea what im doing” btw


Alright, so.

With baggage full of shame and self loathing I signed up for Weight Watchers at the beginning of April. I wanted something to change and my girlfriend offered to help, so I went.

It’s been a month and I’ve: gained an entirely new perspective on eating and how I eat, relearned self care and positive self talk, found balance between work and home and myself.

…. oh and I’ve lost 8.8 pounds.

I’m not a WW poster child. I don’t buy low fat stuff or processed garbage. I eat a lot less of the high fat cheeses, etc I was eating before. And I’ve learned how and when to have a treat. Because news flash: you can’t treat yourself 3x a day and still call it a treat haha.

Im eating fruit, preparing meals and I have more energy and willingness to do things than in the past two years. I’ve been hiking 2km a day, minimum. More if I don’t have Nathan. Im gardening, doing yard work that exhausted me last year. I like myself a lot more. Geoffrey has noticed the change in my mood and overall wellbeing (and dat ass lol).

I just wanted to say I’m good y'all. Things are really really good. And I’m blogging (lazily lol. I’m going to try harder) over at @betteradventure.

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I hope after this episode everyone will finally realize what a shitty boyfriend Alec is and how much this relationship hurts Magnus. Alec must die, too bad, they are not gonna kill him. Magnus deserves better

fuck u bitch when will u alec hating assholes realise that alec still has a lot of learning to do like he cant fucking go from being raised to believe the clave is always right to mr right in a day its a learning process and he will do mistakes along the way but hes trying and thats what matters the most and im so sick of seeing cunts like u trying to villainize him after every single fuck up he makes and the fact that u want him dead just proves how fucked up u ppl are and dont even like magnus to start with bc even if magnus is hurt and mad right now he would never let anything happen to alec get fucked

Drawing of @tttae because I find her oh so pretty,, I hope you like it !!
I’m still trying to learn digital art but slowly getting there,, also please support my crap instgram art account @/depressingdrawer where I have a little process video of me drawing a part of the shirt

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Just wanna pop by and say that I love you and you're work. You're super duper talented. I was just wondering if you would ever draw an MC that is plus size? Maybe curvier? I'd really love to see that if not that's okay too haha thanks love you bye (/.\)

Thank you so much for your support :3 However, I dont do request. And secondly, im still in process of learning how to draw human body. Its easier to draw slim than chubby since I have hard time sketching and figuring out the line, its really hard. Then again, have a nice day.

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hey duder! im so sorry, i feel like i ask soooooo many questions and i bet its really annoying of me. I was wondering if you did video time lapses or video tutorials some where on tumblr or a different social media platform? I look to your art still for inspiration, and i want to learn and practice so that i can make myself the best i can be! Thanks so much!

It’s not annoying at all, don’t worry! 🤗 Well no, I haven’t made any videos like that. My process is p boring and lengthy at times (I can take days to do a simple sketchy pic because i take a lot of breaks and do a lot of things outside of art) so I don’t feel like it would work well for that medium. If I have a really good picture in mind, I might try it out sometime!

MUTUALS. anyone wanna plot some things for our muses ? writing random starters hasn’t been very successful and i realize i am still learning to write diana and actually enjoy more going thru the input and idea throwing when plotting so if you wanna chat, hit the ❤ ! i will im you asap !! please keep in mind, i am mostly dceu as i am still in the process of reading as much ww comic history as possible. thank you !!

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What is speckled sky?

speckled sky is a starlight fanfic i wrote!

its a super long nalafe-goes-purple au and while i think calling it an “Eliem/Solash fic” is kind of an oversimplification theres a lot of Eliem/Solash content (if ur not familiar with starlight nalafe is an alien princess who gets sent to amenta to live as one of us so she can learn about ~life~, part of doing that is that she has to pick a caste, in the season 1 finale she picks green EVEN THOUGH SHE INITIALLY LANDS IN A PURPLE NEIGHBORHOOD AND GETS ADOPTED BY A PURPLE FAMILY WHO BARELY GET ANY SCREEN TIME BECAUSE THE WRITERS CARE MORE ABOUT GREEN UNIVERSITY STUDENT DRAMA can u tell im still bitter about this).  and i tried to go into more detail than the show/most fics about what life on amenta is like when we’re in the process of colonizing other planets and how that affects marginalized communities and stuff

also there was a lot of fandom drama about it

basically what happened was some green wrote a fanfic with a similar premise that was way less popular so she got a bunch of her friends to harass me and talk shit about my fic on their blogs (i mean they claimed they didnt like it bc they thought the characters were ooc and the writing was show-offy but like.  its pretty obvious that wasn’t the real reason)

then i called them out for being caste supremacist (they were doing gross shit like going through the fic and taking screenshots of typos and grammar errors and posting them on their blogs and stuff) and they were like “no we’re not discriminating against purples!  we don’t do this to other purples who write fanfic!  yours is just bad!” (a lot of them did that weird “to prove I am a Good Ally here’s a rec list of fanfic written by purples! :)” thing).  and then i pointed out that apparently they were only ok with purple writers as long as those writers werent more popular than they were and they started accusing me of ~discriminating against greens~ and claiming that Eliem/Solash was abusive and it was a huge shitshow.

but despite all that im still really proud of this fanfic bc i spent a lot of time on it and i still get nice comments from time to time esp from purples saying how much my characterization of nalafe’s adopted family meant to them.  so yeah

oh my god im suffering

I work four days a week at my new funeral home as the owner’s apprentice, which is a hellacious story on its own, and one day a week at my old home under my old funeral director and here’s the bullshit

he left an ENTIRE WEEK’S WORTH OF SHIT for me to do when I got back today, and I can only imagine its going to be like this every week

this is on top of the fact that the owner is calling and emailing me projects and work to do since we’re closed on the fourth

I have death certifcates for 14 people to process and release and 17 files to consolidate and file and sign, and there’s more but this is “just for right now”

at the new home I am learning how to run my own funeral business by literally being thrown into hot water and im djhfskdshl overwhelmed, to say the least, and still expected to pick up slack around the office while people are being hired/fired for the overhaul

my hands shake, they do that everyday regardless of stress levels because i have a benign essential tremor in my hands but with all of this its traveling up my arms and making it hard to type, to hold things, to fill out and sign the mountain of paperwork i have, which is only causing more  stress and making that worse

anyways theres my bitchfest for the day i guess