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Intertwined-Chapter 3

I Honestly don’t know what the hell this is. But i went there. 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: ANGST. Depression, Violence, Smut, Mutant Reader (ALWAYS) powers include immortality, healing and telekinesis. Currently can’t think of anything else. NSFW MINORS AVERT YOUR EYES

Summary: 5 years after the events of CACW, you are the live-in therapist for the newly reconciled Avengers, Steve’s Fiancé. The first words your soulmate speaks appears on your body, but only after your first conversation has taken place, making it impossible to know who your soulmate is, what will happen when Steve brings Bucky too live at the compound?  

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Bucky’s Pov:

He runs his hands up your waist cupping your breast as he makes his ascent, Flicking your hardened nipple as you grind your hips down on his “that’s it baby girl, Just like that” Grabbing your hips he rolls his harder into yours,  listening to you moan “Please” you beg he takes the hardened nub into his mouth as you gasp arching yourself into his touch “Bucky” you whine, He chuckles darkly “Patience doll” he whispers, rubbing small circles onto your clit “I wanna fuckin ruin ya Baby” he kisses you fiercely as you moan lewdly, your thighs are clenching, hips circling his in short sharp digs “ya gonna come doll?” “Bucky please!” Is all you manage to get out, your eyes are cloudy, lip caught between your teeth trying to stifle the moans “ na ah Prinstessa I wanna hear ya” he says as he rips off your panties, Flipping you onto your back, he bites the inside of your thighs, marking a trail up to your throbbing sex, he licks a long, languid stripe from your opening up to your clit sucking the throbbing bundle of nerves into his mouth, moaning as your hands find their way into his hair tugging sharply “ oh god James” you cry as one finger finds its way inside you, rubbing rhythmically against your g-spot “Yes! James! Right there!” you scream, voice cracking, His hips are gyrating against the bed desperately trying to relieve his own need, fuck he needs you right fucking now or he’s going to blow his load all over the fucking sheets, he removes his finger from your opening, kissing his way up your stomach, he feels you reach for his cock, swirling the pre-cum that has gathered around his tip down his length, he lets out a sinful growl as he swats your hand away “Nah baby, this is about ya” he murmurs “ lay on your stomach darling” you comply almost immediately, scrambling to obey as quickly as you can, he lets out an affectionate chuckle as he lines himself and enters you in one swift move, giving you no time to adjust he pulls you back by the hair. You’re a gasping moaning mess beneath him, you fit him so well, like a piece he didn’t know was missing, he kisses up your neck, sucking you earlobe into his mouth, “so good Prinstessa” he says, ramming his length into you, the force of his thrusts moving you up the bed “so Beautiful” he groans as he feels your walls flutter around him “James! James im gonna Co-“

He sits bolt upright in bed, sweat pouring off him, he stares down at his crotch, he’s hard as rock and you aren’t anywhere in sight Just a dream he thinks But what a dream he can still feel your fingers on his skin, tracing patterns into the scar tissue on his shoulder, he shivers at the thought, he’s a twitching hormonal mess and your constant presence in his day to day life isn’t helping. You’ve taken to spending most of your free time with him, and its driving him absolutely insane having you so close but not being able to touch you, hold you, feel you. It’s not just his body revolting, His heart is wholly yours, imagining lazy Sundays in bed, Date nights, a family. The thought of Betraying Steve sends a wave of revulsion through him Get a grip Barnes he chastises himself, He can never cross that line, and he has to be satisfied with the tentative friendship you’ve developed. His Heart breaks as he reaches for his neglected dick, This is as close as he’s ever going to get to you.

 Your POV

Your standing in the shower, head against the wall, the scolding hot water releasing the tension in your shoulders, your (H/C) plastered to your face, your mind a mess with thoughts of Bucky, you’ve been distancing yourself from Steve as you spend more and more time with Bucky, you can feel the distance between you like a palpable thing, bridging farther and farther the longer you skirt around the obvious elephant in the room, Steve refuses to talk about it, changing the subject as soon as you try and start a tentative conversation, The sex has dwindled down to nothing, tender moments non- existent,  you’re like two parallel lines, always adjacent to each other but never touching, he leaves you feeling frozen, cut off from the once affectionate, loving relationship you had, the intimacy you once shared destroyed completely, no semblance of companionship left, you stuff a clenched fist into your mouth willing the tears to stay where they are, you’re touched starved and broken, trying to latch onto any normalcy you still have, the pain blooms in your chest threatening to overwhelm the fragile balance you’re trying to create in your mind.

Choking back emotion, you try to keep on hoping for a way, a reason for both of you to come in close, you long for Bucky to hold you like Steve used too. Sliding down the wall, you cradle your knees to your chest laying your head on your knees you try to pin point the exact moment where things went completely sideways and you replaced the man you love with another, you don’t know how it went this far, You and Bucky had done nothing wrong, but you wanted him, you needed him, every moment you spend away from him feels like your dying. The shame you feel claws its way up your throat chocking you with the weight of it, it shouldn’t have to be this hard, you’re supposed to be planning a wedding, to the love of your life, and here you are, sitting naked in the shower, hoping against hope that Steve calls it off.

A new emotion makes itself known, your angry, no you’re livid.

And Steve And Bucky are going to find our just how angry you really are. 

Steve’s POV:

He’s avoiding it, Avoiding you and he knows it, he can’t bear to see the looks you and his best friend share when no one is looking, he doesn’t want to address it, he deflects when you try and bring it up, he can’t touch you because he knows it’s not him you’re thinking about when he does, and he can see the hurt he is causing you, he knows he should let you go, but he can’t get the words out, he can’t  muster up the will to tell you, he’s breaking inside, heart shattering with every look you give him, every night you climb into the same bed as far away from each other as you possibly can be, the weight of your silence a suffocating layer of guilt and loneliness he can’t seem to get out from, he aches to reach out and tell you he’s here, that you’re not alone, but the words catch in his throat and he keeps pushing you further into Bucky’s arms and he can’t figure out why he isn’t doing more to salvage what’s left of his failing relationship, he knows it’s not your fault, that you didn’t ask for any of this, that it was an accident of fate, he’s never felt so lonely, you’ve been a constant in his life, his anchor to reality, he gets up making his way to your shared bedroom, he’s going too hash this out with you, he’s going to fix it, make it right, apologize for blaming you for the colossal fuck up that’s currently your lives, he’s going to fight for what’s left of you, he doesn’t care that he won’t have all your love, he’ll be content with anything you give him. Opening the door to the bedroom, he sees you fresh from the shower, eyes puffy and swollen from what he assumes is crying, he gulps down the lump in his throat “Hey Doll” he says tentatively, “Hi Cap” you reply voice emotionless. He sighs, it’s worse than he thought.

“Baby doll, I think ya an I need ta talk” he tries.

“Yeah Cap, I think that’s a stellar fucking idea” you spit angrily

He was not expecting that.  


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the ac doesn't reach youngjae and jb's room, so they've started sleeping in different beds. youngjae seems fine with the change, but to jb, it's like his son had gone off to college. he misses sleeping in the same room.

Warnings: There are three occasions in which Jaebum swears.

Author: Miranda

Words: 1.3k

hey im a newbie temp writer~

im so glad to be a part of this awesome blog and i hope you guys enjoy my stuff! please tell me what you think :)

and here we go~ my first fic for this blog! 

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First Follow Forever

I actually had to ask my mum for a permission to use this picture.

I’ve only been on tumblr for 17 months. There was a time where I was following over eightthousand blogs, but then I decided to… uhm, get rid of a few of them and right now I’m following 2.884 blogs, which is still more than my brother could count.

I want to specifically name a few blogs here, aka my fave mutuals: ❤️‍

buhasnoclue Bu, ur my rl bae and I only ever got a tumblr because of you. Do you remember those times when we both had Sherlock/Marvel blogs? Those were wild days man.

kitkataddicted 🍌 Schveapopea, I forced you to get tumblr because I was tired of always telling you all that Larry stuff. Real life sucks. Also, we’re Bananas.

blue-eyed-charlie  I love stalking your blog and it’s mutual, we’ve discussed it.❤️‍ I honestly don’t know what I’d do on tumblr, if not messaging you or stalking your blog. It sounds kinda pathetic, but it’s true. 

liloandcharlie  I absolutely love you and your blog and I really want to go to London. 

thedryads Time zones suck, but we still kinda get to talk to each other. Your blog is amazing!!

supernachtkuchen You’re blog is so good and I’d never think of unfollowing you, seriously.

bucky-barnes-left-arm I don’t reblog that much Marvel anymore, but you’re blog is always great to look at and you’re the nicest person ever as well.

one-of-americas-suitehearts Carly, your blog isn’t trashy, it’s amazing. I feel like I have used the word ‘amazing’ way too often by now, but it’s true. 

pandaofmanyfandoms Your blog is one of the few multifandom blogs on my dash and I’d never unfollow you. Also, it’s your birthday today (happy birthday!!!)

shadyzourry Your blog is insanely good, you’re hilarious and we’re friends now.

phantasticfob  Your blog is cool and you like elephants, which automatically menas that I like you. 🐘

hardcoreshipperheart I like talking to you and your blog is pretty damn faaaab.

stucky-til-the-end-of-the-line  Again, your blog is one of the few Marvel blogs on my dash and such a good one as well. 

moose-shampoo You’re a freaking genius. And your blog is goooood.

teamhlznl  I love talking to you and I love your blog a lot. I’m running out of alternatives for the word ‘amazing’, so I’m just gonna say that your blog is amazing.

baemlili  You didn’t want to follow me and tbh I never look at your blog, you’re so emo srsly get a job, oh wait you have one and that’s why you don’t have any holidays anymore lol ur such a loser

A - H  👏

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I - Q 👏

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This made me realise that I have way too much free time and also that I am very good at procrastinating. Feel free to talk to me at any time.

Love y’all