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Heathers the Musical: A Summary
  • Beautiful: i fuckin hate this place jk now I’m hot and popular
  • Candy Store: the Schuyler Sisters + evil
  • Fight For Me: dAAAAAAaaaaamn
  • Freeze Your Brain: tragic backstory™
  • Big Fun: my first week of college in a nutshell
  • Dead Girl Walking: sexytimes
  • The Me Inside of Me: wait now she’s somehow MORE popular
  • Blue: fuckboys perpetrate rape culture
  • Our Love is God: “i worship you” awwww “i worship you” cool bUT IT’S STILL MURDER J.D.
  • Prom or Hell: my bf is a triple murderer but he’s hot as fuck soooo
  • My Dead, Gay Son: our sons were gay and whoops so are we
  • Seventeen: murder is probably a no no
  • Shine a Light: oversharing teacher + snappy choreo = still uncomfortable
  • Lifeboat: bitchy cheerleader revealed to be cinnamon roll
  • Shine a Light Reprise: “what the fuck heather” -Heather D. “what the FUCK heather?!!?!” -audience
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: we’re supposed to feel bad for her but also she kept a scab in a locket?? + more suicide
  • Yo Girl: scariest song in the show tbh
  • Meant to be Yours: VERONICA openthe opentheDOOR plEAse
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: surprise bitch, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me
  • I Am Damaged: i would die for you and now im gonna*BOOm*
  • Seventeen Reprise: fuck you all and lets go watch The Princess Bride

listen i got a rabbit when i was the ripe age of eight years old. originally named him button bc that was my old rabbits name and i was convinced if i just gave him that name the spirit of button would live on in him (rip in peace tiny friend) but after a while he chewed threw the fuckin lawn mower wire so my eight year old self called that sucker chompy. now i dont kno if you kno but rabbits are supposed to live like six to eight years as a pet, and before that button had kicked the proverbial fuckin bucket after a few months so we weren’t expecting the situation we’re currently in. chompy, as it turns out, gives absolutely 0 fucks what any rabbit website says. i am nearly twenty years old and this little dude just wont quit. you bet ur bottom dollar i go out every single mornin rain or shine to let his sorry ass out of the hutch so he can eat the grass, chase the birds and make my mum gnash her teeth and cry bc we cant plant shit bc he’ll straight up just devour any plant he finds. eleven years. this fucker is eleven years old. im pretty sure he’s just running on straight up spite at this point bc everyone i speak to in my family is like ‘is that rabbit still going?????’ you better FUCKIN believe that rabbit is tearin shit up in my back garden to this day. but now im in this situation where i tell ppl i have a rabbit and theyre like ‘ooo whats his name??’ and i, a nineteen year old, have to look them dead in the eye and say chompy. the ridiculous fuckin name i gave him eleven years ago. what a world 

What your favorite 3D console Zelda game says about you:
  • Ocarina of Time: You were born in the late 80s or early 90s and spent your childhood reading fantasy novels. You played this game when it was relatively new and it Changed Your Life™. You're a hardcore fan of the series but you bitch about every new game that comes out.
  • Majora's Mask: You love art games and stan for indie developers. You can't take anything at face value and love grimdark introspective AUs of innocuous stories. You almost definitely had a Hot Topic phase in middle school. Halloween is your favorite holiday.
  • Wind Waker: You're either a bright and innocent soul who loves adventure or a dead-eyed jaded motherfucker. Whenever anyone says the words "kiddie shit" you go ballistic.
  • Twilight Princess: Ocarina of Time fan born eight years later. You're not nearly as elitist as they are which makes them see you as their sworn ememy.
  • Skyward Sword: You're very soft and have a pastel tumblr theme with tiny text. You still love Disney movies. Hardcore Zelink shipper.
  • Breath of the Wild: You have Breath of the Wild and I hate you.

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boyfriend jungkook??? i hope i'm not rude :)

oh good lord he’s too cute 

Originally posted by apgujeon

  • the boy isn’t super experienced so he probably asks you a lot about how relationships work 
  • he really likes you and doesn’t wanna mess up over something stupid so he’ll be like “do couples do this? what about this?”
  • gah so cute.
  • “i’m the golden maknae and you’re my golden gf/bf” 
  • looks up lame pick-up lines and memorizes a bunch so he can tell them to you randomly 
  • like one day y’all are on the couch making out and he suddenly pulls away and is like “if you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber” 
  • is smiling super big and you’re just like :| boy if you don’t 
  • he would give the bestest cuddliest warm hugs 
  • him constantly singing songs whether it be bts songs or just ones stuck in his head the boy is always singing 
  • never sounds bad of course 
  • his voice might break but he just keeps goin 
  • he likes going on adventures with you because he started training at such a young age and then debuted as well 
  • so if hes got free time yall are exploring something
  • wearing matching masks when you two go out so fans don’t recognize you 
  • not supe r clingy but loves attention 
  • taking couple selfies with semi-matching outfits
  • taking dumb pictures of him to post on twitter 
  • going to anime shops 
  • just to malls in general because he likes shopping with you 
  • the type to be like “i’m the golden maknae i can do anything” to “am i really good enough” in half a second :-(
  • but you reassure him that he’s amazing and that so many people across the world love him, including you 
  • and he’s good to go 
  • will always worry because bts are popular and he doesn’t always have time for you 
  • like what if you arent feeling well or get upset while he’s gone 
  • “can you rub my back pretty please~~~~~~~~~”
  • takes u to the studio and teaches you couple dances omg imagine dancing to now with him 
  • is super ridiculous but y’all still learn the dance somehow 
  • youd be the one cooking all the time and jungkook would LOVE it 
  • would tease you like “are u sure u can get that???” 
  • grabs what you need but still holds it out of your reach 
  • can’t cook on his own but he likes helping you do smaller things
  • probably tries to fuck you in the kitchen but youre like “boy im trying to cook us FOOD go use ur hand” 
  • “but my hand isn’t you” 
  • LOL BYE 
  • sharing memes with other while hes on tour 
  • if u send him an old meme he won’t let u forget 
  • shows the boys “LOOK LOL (y/n) sent me a dead meme”
  • likes taking videos of y’all (sexual or not idrk) 
  • watches them on tour when he misses you
  • which results in pouty kook cuz “they’re so faaaaaar” 
  • “so faaaaaar away” 
  • “yoongi stfu” 
  • you wear his pikachu onsie while he’s gone and take a selfie to send him
  • boy literally dies. responds with; headlines: bts’ very own golden maknae passes away due to cuteness 
  • wearing whatever clothing of his at your place while he’s on tour becomes tradition and he’s always like “baaaaaaabe where’s my selfie” 
  • jk the type to freak the fuck out when you post a selfie
  • spams you oh lord 
  • you’ve probably blocked him a couple times or 20
  • ur #1 fan in whatever you do 
The Tale of How JungKook did not end up dead for calling Jin old so many times.

Jin: *dragging JungKook out of this house cause he is evil as fuck.*

Taehyung: *not gonna let this shit happen.* 

Taehyung: You can’t do this, he is ohana!

Jin: *sighs and closes the door.*

JungKook: *confused as fuck.*

Taehyung: Ohana is family and family means nobody gets left behind-

Jin: or forgotten. yeah yeah i know.

JungKook: *still trying to understand what the fuck is going on.*

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that driving/walking to school when its freezing prompt w evan/connor! evan's the driver and connor is super stubborn and refuses to get in the car but evan finally bribes him to. when connor gets in, evan starts driving and he's literally the slowest, most careful driver ever and connors like jfc dude stop driving 25 in a 30. at least fucking go 40! (bc connor drives like double the speed limit at all times). feel free to pick and choose what you want from this idea!

Full prompt: “I drive to school and you walk and I drive past you everyday and it’s below freezing and you’re still walking please just get in the damn car I’ll drive you” AU

Hmmm should we call this fic “the time that evan drives just like em”? Nah haha

Thank you so much for this prompt!! im assuming that you read the tags on the prompt au, which makes me really happy cause wow!!! someone actually read that stuff!!! thank you!!! i hope you enjoy!! And!! Im posting another version of this with connor driving and you can read it here !!

And i changed the prompt slightly, they are going home from school :)))))))))))

(side note i have a thing for connor cursing all of the time like every thought has a curse in it and im so sorry for this)


It was fucking cold. Connor pulled his hoodie around himself tighter. It wasn’t providing much warmth. Walking the two miles home from school was usually a treacherous walk, but in the dead of winter it felt nearly impossible. It wasn’t snowing at the moment, but there was still grey slush that was currently seeping into Connor’s shoes. Fuck. It was cold. Connor could practically imagine Zoe driving in her car, warm and having fun. Fuck her. No, not really, but Connor would hold this grudge for hopefully the rest of his life.

Zoe deemed it more necessary to drive her girlfriend around and make out with her in some parking lot than to drive her own brother home. In the snow. Family was real important in the Murphy family.

A car that was way too close to the curb drove by, making even more slush spray all over Connor. How fucking perfect.

In short, this has not been a good day.

A car honked next to him, startling Connor out of his thoughts. A old Mazda sedan, the ugliest shade of green he had ever seen was pulling over. Connor gripped the sleeves of his hoodie tighter. Is this some rapist coming to kill me? Is this it?

The window rolled down, revealing the driver. Connor let out a sigh of relief- he wasn’t going to get raped and killed. It was Evan Hansen.

Evan leaned across his seat.

“You need a ride?” That was a dumb question. Here Connor was, soaked with slush, and freezing his ass off, and Evan comes and asks him if he needs a ride?

“Hell no.” Evan frowned, obviously not expecting that answer. Connor almost laughed at the comical look on Evan’s face.

“Why not? You look miserable out there.” Evan finally said, his voice sounding uncertain.

“That is very true, my friend.” Connor was angry at the world, and he was taking it out on Evan. The boy didn’t seem to have realized this yet.

“So-” Evan made the word much longer than it needed to be. “Why don’t you just get into the car? It’s much warmer in here.”

“Cause I don’t want too. Plus, you probably have crap music in there.” Connor did in fact want to get into the car, but he was stubborn. Part of him wanted Evan to force him into the car, because then Evan would have to get out of the car, and Evan had a cute butt.

So what? Connor thought that Evan was cute. Really cute.

Evan squinted his eyes at the taller boy, and it was then that Connor realized that he was inching closer and closer to the car, and he was standing right outside of the door at this point.

“What type of music do you like?” Connor had lost track of the conversation when he was thinking about Evan’s butt.

“What?” He responded stupidly.

“What type of music do you like? I might have some CD or something in here.” Evan leaned across the center console and opened up the compartment in front of the passenger seat. Connor wasn’t that surprised when nothing fell out- everything about the car was neat and tidy. Evan pulled out a CD carrier and held it out. “If you see something you like in there, get in the car.” Connor thought about it for a few moments. Evan’s arm shook from holding the heavy case with one hand. After a few painful seconds, Connor took the case.

Connor flipped through it, surprised by what he found. Alanis Morissette, Weezer, Nirvana, pretty much a bunch of 90s rock music. Exactly what he didn’t expect from Evan. Connor located one of his favorite Green Day albums and got in the car.  Evan smiled at Connor while Connor put his seatbelt on, and grabbed the CD carrier back.

“Who did you choose?”

“Green Day. Dookie.”

Evan silently put in the CD and started the car up again. They sat in silence while Evan pulled out of the side of the road. It took approximately ten seconds for Connor to get annoyed again.

“You drive like a old man.” He commented. Evan quickly looked at Connor, but then back at the road.

“What do you mean?”

“Evan, the speed limit is 30. You are going 15. Please, for the love of god, go faster.” Connor said, starting to bop his head to the music.

“How fast would you go in a situation like this?”

“Probably 45.” Connor responded confidently, enjoying the look of shock on Evan’s face.

“That is triple what I am going!” Evan cried out, slowing down even more. Thank god no one was behind them.

“You are right, my grandfather drives faster than you.” Evan glared at him.

“I am giving you a ride, but I am not afraid to shove you to the curve again.”

“That wouldn’t be necessary, Evan.” Connor said, grinning. “This is my house.” Evan stopped suddenly, jerking the car. Connor unbuckled his seat belt, leaned across the center console, and gave Evan a kiss on the cheek. “See you tomorrow at the end of school! Keep the CD in there!”

Connor jumped out of the car, laughing to himself as he saw Evan blush and fluster. As he walked towards his house, he heard Evan start to drive away at what seemed to be the slowest speed possible. Connor turned around and waved one last time before going into his house.

kevin: *jokingly asks karen if they still have a final 2 deal*

karen: oh shut up.  over my dead body. i’d never make a fucking final 2… i didn’t make a final 2 with anybody in this fucking house. don’t fucking try and create more fucking paranoia you arrogant fucking prick today. you’ve done enough. the only one that’s made five final 2s is YOU. you have made five final 2s. so go fuck yourself. even your fucking mother said she knows how hard you’re playing. don’t think i didn’t pick up on that as well. she knows how hard you’re playing. good. kudos. i told you, well played. what else do you want? BLOOD? good job. you made a move that even as a fan i appreciate. okay? let’s see how your five final 2s work out. 

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what even IS nico and will's relationship in your head?????

um lmfao get ready

- “hey nico can u cook 2night im really tired and i have a long shift” “ok sure” [proceeds to cook really really well, the best tortellini or smth] “nico what the fuck ive been making burnt ramen for the last six months.” “i thought it was cute idrc”

-“nico wake up” “i’ll wake up when im dead” “nico ple as e”

- “do these pants make my ass look good” “will youre not wearing pants” “exactly ;3” “how are you making that face what the fuck”

-“sometimes i think that if that werewolf bit u and u became a werewolf i would still like u but that would make me a furry” “will what the fuck”

-“im so sad obama’s leaving his presidency” “um lmfao who’s obama”

-“what are you eating will?” “my feelings” “christ”

-“god dammit” [gets decked] “do not take the lord’s name in vain” “nico what the fuck”

-“nico im sorry please speak to me in english again the italian is really intimidating and chiara wont translate”

-“wait you mean… benito mussolini is dead?” “yes” “thank fuck fascism sucked”

-“do u ever think about how cool going to space would be” “will ive been to hell i dont need to go anywhere that isnt the fucking surface of the earth”

-“will ur eyes are pretty” “[flustered] so is ur… freckle… right there…” “ok”

-“im gonna tickle you-!” “if u lay a hand anywhere near me i will break all the fingers from ur hand i promise”

-“i wish i was a tree” “why” “then i wouldnt have to listen to u talk about the femur bone so much” “wow okay i just thought it was interesting”

-“nico im gonna buy these light up sketchers” “dont” “nico im doing it” “please dont”

-“hey nico do you still like me” “ye” “no i mean do you like like me” “we’ve been dating for three years”

-“nico i baked u smth!! :D” “[crying] i… love it… its so [chokes] good…”

-“nico where have u been” “i saw a dratini on my radar and ive been trying to catch it” “youve been missing for three days”

*wakes up in the middle of the night* nathan drake and elena fisher have gone such a long way since the first uncharted they were so young and full of innocent yet wondering what the world was made of and discovering themselves a bit more after every adventure and its what they went through together that made them realize how much alike they were but also what are their limits do you remember U1 elena? idgaf if you go, im still gonna find el dorado alone if i have to elena? dying is a morning excercise elena? or U3 nate? im blinded by my obsession nate? i almost died again for a goddamn tresure nate? and in both those situation, either elena or nate was trying to reason the other and make them realize how dangerous that was and without each other theyd be DEAD but they arent because they support each other so perfectly and in the end they found a way to do what they love with just as much adventure without risking their lives and they lived happily ever after

idk im just really emotional about these two
ri reacts to the deh soundtrack for the first time without watching the musical irl (TW; SPOILERS)
  • Anybody Have A Map?: i lov this !!!! im connor tbfh love this so much ALSO THAT LIL BIT AT THE END WAS FUCKIN LIT I AM ALSO MAKING THIS UP AS I GO IM HYPED
  • Waving Through A Window: here comes the ugly ass 11 year olds thinkin they can sing ,,,, also,,,, gna be blasting this forever
  • Requiem: FUCK WHAT IS EVAN DEAD OR SOMETHING wait is connor dead????? what ????? im so lost ?????? also,,, girl singing needs to chill but IIIIIIIIIIIIII CANNOT PLAY THE GRIEVING GIRL AND LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE also I WILL SING NO REQUIEM TONight
  • If I Could Tell Her: haha the old classic "i wanna tell you what i feel about you but i'm scared so i'll say he said it instead" i feel ya evan ,,,, also hEEEE THOUGHT THAT YOU LOOKED REALLY- UH IT WAS REALLY PRETTY LMAOOOOO SAME ALSO I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU fuck that note ended me bYE
  • Disappear: "no one seems to care or seem to notice that we're there so we get lost" fuck same ???? i think im gonna cry ??? nobody deserves to be forgotten ??? could you not hit me the fuc k hard thanx ???!!! YOU STILL MATTER FUCK AH SHIT THAT WAVING THROUGH A WINDOW REPRISE IM GONE ??? THE CONNOR PROJECT OKAY SOO CONNORS DEAD AND IM SOBBING OKAY BYE
  • You Will Be Found: piano ??? will this be sad??? "have you ever felt forgotten" um yeah, "like you could fall and nobody could hear" "when you don't feel strong enough to stand...." oh why is there a tear in my eye ? "when you're broken on the ground, you will be found.....lift your head and look around" i really cant go on typin cause im sobbing cause ben platt's voice is a fucking blessing and this musical is heaven-sent and 200% of the time i really have this overwhelming desire to just end it all cause nobody cares abt me and im literally bein told i matter so yeah im fucki n in tears don't touch me bye
  • To Break In A Glove: "this glove's really cool wow" ben im in the middle of cryin and youre such a fuckin nerd i snorted,,,, are they talkin about how to break in a FUCKING BASEBALL GLOVE WHAT THE - oh now i get it,,, evan's still a nerd tho love ya ben,,, oh shit hes talkin about connor.... well okay now i know how to break in a baseball glove and feel sad @ the same time
  • Only Us: oh this is EVAN AND ZOE ,,,, zoe is connor's younger sister ,,,, are they in a relationship ??? nice + this is such a lovely love song AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FALLS AWAAAAAY WHADDYA SAY this is so Cute im here for evan/zoe ,,, laura dreyfuss' voice is givin me fuckn chills
  • Good For You: please let this be a cover of daveed & leslie's cover of good for you OH FUCK ITS NOT ALSO,, THIS IS REMINISCENT OF GIVES YOU HELL???? oh fuck she's pisseddddd that vibrato is giving me life sis !!!! YEEEEEAH I HOPE ITS ALL THAT YOU WANT AND MORE !!!! @ evan look at what you've done to your mom this isnt cool GOOD FOR YOUUU GOOD FOR YOU YOU YOU YOU!!!!! these layers fuck STOP IT STOP IT JUST LET ME OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF BEN I LOVE YOU
  • Words Fail: im not even going to attempt because im crying so hard i can barely see the screen but this hit me H A R D
  • So Big / So Small: im emotional this is so sad whY omg evan's mum deserves better ???? i love her i love this motherly bonding the breaks in her voice are really killin me the development from complete obliviousness to evan in Anybody Have A Map? to this is killi ng me
Blossom ~ An Avenger’s Story (1/15)

Originally posted by midnightinparis

AU Summary: After the events on Bosnia-Herzegovina, Y/N escapes the explosion and meets an unlikely ally and hides away with him. But it’s only a matter of time before the child with her grows up. Will she go back to being an Avenger?

Notes: I’m really excited for this okay. and im sorry if i suck at book summaries lmao. anyway, here’s the next series. i hope you guys like it. 

Previous book | Part 1 | Part 2


An old couple found them in the woods. She was passed out, almost dead with the child still clutched tightly to her chest. Her bloody skin almost purple from the cold. Had it not been for the baby’s cries, they would have died in the middle of a forest in Serbia. When she woke up, Y/N was wrapped in a thick wool blanket, all her wounds cleaned and dressed, with the old lady holding onto the child, humming it to sleep with a foreign lullabye. The old couple didn’t speak any English but they seem like they understand Y/N’s situation. They fed them, cared for them and let them stay in their small house near the woods until Y/N was strong enough to travel again. The old hunter who found them in the woods took the both of them into town where Y/N continued on her journey. She thanked the old couple for their help and went on her way again. She made sure not to use any of her abilities in fear that it might draw attention to her and the child.

Y/N and the child reached Belgrade, capital of Serbia, carrying a small amount of money, clothes and supplies given to them by the old couple. There, Y/N found a job on a small pub ran by Englishmen, which also offered her lodging. Throughout their stay in Belgrade, Y/N introduced the child as her own. And when the child is reaching it’s first year, Y/N packed their things and traveled east to Romania.

When they reached Craiova, Y/N struggled with hiding their true identities. They lacked papers and documents. There was no way they could identify themselves. So she kept going east. Hopefully, she’ll find something in the capital.

She was wrong.

Keep reading

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"people are fragile things, you should know by now. be careful what you put them through" it can go both ways! bc victor can be as fragile as our dear yuuri.

Yuuri has been called “the figure skater with the world’s biggest glass heart” for as long as he remembers himself being in the competitive world of skating. The nickname stuck far too easily, clung onto his name like cyanoacrylate to skin, and led him into believing that he was weak, never good enough, vulnerable.

And he was, he is. He may not be weak in the same way that he thought he was before Viktor came into his life, but he knows that he’s vulnerable. His heart is still made of glass, for all that it is flesh and blood in his chest, and it continues to beat its staccato rhythm whenever he cries and struggles to breathe through hiccupping inhales.

He is vulnerable, and he accepts that.

But, perhaps, he is not as fragile as he thought he was. Looking at Viktor now, with dismay in his eyes and tremors running through his graceful hands, Yuuri has to wonder:

Who is more fragile, really? The one whose heart is open to vulnerability, or the one whose heart has been closed for so long that any attempts at prying it open have only lead to an outpouring of tears?

“I’m sorry,” he says, struggling to meet Viktor’s gaze as tears start to brim in those beautiful, ocean-blue eyes. “Viktor, I thought- I didn’t think you were serious.”

“You always think that,” Viktor retorts, voice surprisingly steady despite the tears already running down his cheeks. Unfair, Yuuri thinks, that he can still be so beautiful even when he cries. Unfair, unfair, unfair, that he can still look composed even in his moments of weakness.

“You always misconstrue my intentions, over and over,” Viktor says, lips trembling for the slightest of moments as he glares at Yuuri through wet, curling lashes. “Am I so untrustworthy that you wouldn’t believe my promise of marriage after you won gold?”

“You always make outlandish promises that you forget to keep,” Yuuri argues, remembering Yurio, remembering Viktor in his family’s onsen saying “I’ll make you win the Grand Prix Final!”, remembering his promise to stay on as Yuuri’s coach despite going back into competitive skating himself. “And you talked about it so casually that I didn’t know what to believe!”

“What else is there to believe other than my love for you?” Viktor asks, and Yuuri feels his face heat at his unabashed honesty. To be so sure of a feeling, something intangible and fleeting in ephemeral words- Yuuri doesn’t understand how Viktor does it. He doesn’t understand how Viktor feels himself free enough, confident enough, sure enough to say such things to Yuuri’s face without feeling the doubt and nervousness constantly niggling at the back of his mind. Viktor even goes so far as to add, already wiping (gently) at the tears in his eyes, “What else is there to believe other than my promise to stay by your side for as long you want me, Yuuri? What more must I say?”

“I’m sorry,” he repeats, and Viktor (somehow) glares a little harder.

“That’s not what I want to hear,” Viktor grumbles, sounding a little less angry as he does sound petulant.

Yuuri breathes, feeling something in his chest loosen at the wrinkle on the bridge of Viktor’s nose and the pout playing on his lips. “What, then?” he asks. “What do you want me to say?”

Viktor says, sure and firm in the tone of his voice, “Take it back.”

Yuuri wrinkles his own nose in confusion at the determined gleam in Viktor’s eyes. “Take what back?”

“You, saying that you thought our engagement was a joke. Tell me that you still want to marry me, lyubov moya,” Viktor says, and to anyone else who doesn’t know him, to anyone else who still genuinely believes that Viktor is a playboy merely because of his media persona, he would look calm and certain and a perfect picture of poise.

But Yuuri can see the tremble in his lips, the minute twitch of his clenched fists, and the way he swallows and looks up at Yuuri like he has all that Viktor has ever wanted from the universe. Yuuri sees all of this, and he knows:

Viktor is shaky, unsure, and all because Yuuri has made him to be.

“Of course I want to marry you,” he says, failing to hide a smile when Viktor’s shoulders visibly slump in relief at his confirmation. “Viktor, I’ve loved you for probably longer than I can count. Watching you made me fall in love with skating and, I think,” he pauses to swallow through his dry throat, hand reaching out to cover Viktor’s own as it rests on his lap, “it was what got me this far. You’ve always been an inspiration to me, and so much more.”

“You inspire me too, solnishko, more than you know,” Viktor says, smile returning bright and warm on his face as he turns his hand to raise Yuuri’s own, all just to press a kiss to his ring-adorned finger. “And it would give me the greatest joy if you were to marry me.”

Yuuri laughs, because the formality present in Viktor’s words is so unusual that he can’t help himself. “I already said that I wanted to marry you, didn’t I?” he teases, before bursting into laughter when Viktor jumps up to tickle him down into the couch. “V-Viktor, no!” he squeaks, struggling but not quite under Viktor’s weight as he wiggles fingers into the soft flesh of Yuuri’s sides.

Dorogoi,” Viktor says once he’s stopped, propping himself up by the elbows while lying over Yuuri as though he were a human blanket (and what an effective one he was, being able to soothe away Russia’s cold). His smile is so sweet, so affectionate, that Yuuri can’t help from smiling fondly back despite the heaving breath of his lungs. “Yuuri, I don’t think any man or human being could ever feel as happy as I do now, being able to have you like this.”

“Oh, I doubt that,” Yuuri says, smile curling at the corners of his lips as he cocks an eyebrow up at Viktor. Viktor almost looks concerned, probably confused as to what Yuuri means, until he says, “You still have me to compete with, after all.”

Viktor’s smile softens at that, ocean-blue eyes going warm as he leans in to press their foreheads together. With eyes falling shut, he says,

“That I do, my Yuuri. That I do.”


To die by your side would be nothing short of an honor; but it’s an honor you don’t wish me to have. And if I don’t have a miracle up my sleeve, if can’t save you, my love, if I can’t give you anything else, I can give you this.

spn hiatus creations | week twelve
↳ “i could go with you.”

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omf, RFA + V and Saeran reactions to MC wearing nothing but thigh highs and their shirts. •0•

im Not Dead™ here u go y'all super sorry for the inactivity bUT my (boy)friend(?) almost died but he’s okay
anyway here’s all the sin that i owe you im gonna go on a spam today

-hey,, that’s pretty good,,
-instant boner
-then you climb onto his lap and its Instant Nut
-hell nut in his pants if you ride him still wearing both
-but wait there’s More
-wear his blue hoodie an ur dead, kid
-fucking annihilated
-rek dat poosy 2k17

-hah tbh ur gonna have to buy him a t-shirt first he probably only owns casual button ups
-forget that one pic of him with rika and v exists okay he has no t-shirts
-ride him? i think the fuck not u trick add hoe
-bUT he’ll let u do it only if ur blushing
-bc he loves when ur blushing and sitting on his dicc
-i was gonna write lap but oh well

-here come the hair pulling
-hed love to keep both on while Fuccin™ but lesbi real
-he’ll fucking rip the socks
-and wrinkle the shirt

-she’ll need cpr
-(u can set my broken bones and i know cpr,,,)
-anyway she srsly loves it
-she’s so gentle and nice and im fucking wEAK
-i,, i might be,,, g Ay,

-bye bye mc
-fucked into oblivion
-annihilated by dicc
-he’s super turned on
-him dicc wett1
-he loves the look on you
-esp if u wear his jacket over it
-hed go fucking crazy if the thigh highs have like cat designs
-wow im weak

-hey that’s pretty good
-hes silently begging you to ride him
-do it and he’s melting
-completely unrelated but what if he wears thongs around the house instead of just socks or regular shoes
-or worse what about socks AND thongs
-anyway he’ll probably tease you while you ride him
-he hates how much the socks turn him on so he ruins them by cumming on them lol

-what if dicks could like
-lubricate themselves
-why am i like this
-anyway he only owns like one shirt probably he’s terrible
-fuckin emo piece of shit