im still calling that he fell

sleep on the floor

a/n: for @sobforsirius, @mermaeid, and all the other starbucks fans out there

James Potter to Sirius Black: did u get the calc notes
Sirius Black: do i ever get the calc notes
James Potter: good point

James Potter to peter schnapps is pronounced like schnawps not schnaps: evans and i were playing footsies under the table
Sirius Black: that wasnt evans

Peter Pettigrew to theyr playing cat stevens in the supermarket there is no god: if you had to marry anyone in the group who would it be
Sirius Black: james
Remus Lupin: james
James Potter: sirius

Sirius Black to James Potter: let s get married
James Potter: ok
Sirius Black: im not joking
James Potter: neither am i

Sirius Black to TRUTH OR DAREEEEEE BITCHES: remus i cant believe alice griffiths was your first kiss
Remus Lupin: who was yours
Sirius Black: james
Remus Lupin: what
James Potter: mine was melanie perkins in kindergarten
Sirius Black: wHAT

Sirius Black to James Potter: i am shocked and offended
Sirius Black: i thought we had something special
James Potter: i was five
Sirius Black: stop denying it
James Potter: i’m not
Sirius Black: were over
Sirius Black: im never speaking to you again
James Potter: don’t be like that babe
Sirius Black: HOW COULD YOU

James Potter to Sirius Black: u know it was good for me to right
Sirius Black: doesnt make it any better
James Potter: how about if i throw in a curly wurly
Sirius Black: two curly wurlys
James Potter: deal

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: stop making heart eyes at james
Sirius Black: cant help it
Sirius Black: its a perpetual state of being
Sirius Black: like how ur a in a perpetual state of being a twat
Remus Lupin has removed Sirius Black from the chat.

Sirius Black to James Potter: jaems
Sirius Black: james
Sirius Black: im d runk
Sirius Black: come over
Sirius Black: i need yoy
James Potter: crikey
Sirius Black: on second thoughts im completely sober and i dont need you anymore
James Potter: was it because i said crikey
Sirius Black: not it was because of some completely unrelated stupid thing u said
James Potter: fine
Sirius Black: fine
James Potter:
James Potter: im still coming over
Sirius Black: i know

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: whats that on your shirt
Sirius Black: toothpaste
Remus Lupin: are you sure
Sirius Black: i hate you

Remus Lupin to James Potter: mary macdonald just asked me if you and sirius were fucking
James Potter: what did u tell her
Remus Lupin: i told her you and sirius were fucking
James Potter: excellent

James Potter to Sirius Black: why werent u in detention this afternoon
Sirius Black: didnt have detention
James Potter: wHAT???1??11???? SIRIS??!?!? BLACK/!!!/2/2/2/??? DIDNT!??!?!? HAVE////???? DETENTION??!?!???1!@!!! what is the world coming to
Sirius Black: i hate you

Sirius Black to James Potter: can i say at urs over break
James Potter: obviously
James Potter: is that even a question
James Potter: also mum wants to know if you want her to set up a bed in my room for you
Sirius Black: is THAT even a question
James Potter: tru

James Potter to fuckwits galore: sirs mum just rocked up at school
Remus Lupin: where are you
James Potter: front gates
James Potter: jesus christ his dads here too
Remus Lupin: on our way

Remus Lupin to black eyes look hardcore but they hurt like hell: james do you really think the best way of distracting his parents was by having pete moon them from the top of the school
James Potter: in hindsight?? yes

Sirius Black to materoonies: so if i were a respectable and trustworthy citizen
Remus Lupin: which ur not
Sirius Black: and i had a group of highly respectable and trustworthy mates
Peter Pettigrew: which u don’t
Sirius Black: how would i go about hiding a body
James Potter: …..what did u do
Sirius Black: nOTHING

Sirius Black to whats the answers to number 3: remus why do u like cat stevens
Remus Lupin: why do u like james
Sirius Black: good point
James Potter: i am shocked and offended
Remus Lupin: is it because of how shockingly bad your haircut is

Sirius Black to LADSLADSLADS: smooth peanut butter is better than crunchy
Remus Lupin: no it isnt
Sirius Black: james tell him
James Potter: smooth peanut butter is better than crunchy
Remus Lupin: i hate u

Sirius Black to SMOOTH IS BETTER REMUS AND U KNO IT: i love you bro
James Potter: i love you too bro
Sirius Black: i love you more bro
James Potter: thats not possible bro
Remus Lupin: can u guys stop doing this in the groupchat its 3am

Remus Lupin to settle down children: where are you
Sirius Black: in the car
Sirius Black: im playing a game called put the gearshift in neutral when james isnt looking
Remus Lupin: is gearstick a euphemism for something else
Sirius Black has removed Remus Lupin from the chat.

Remus Lupin to how would you even put a dick into neutral: how did you get those hickeys
Sirius Black: i fell over
James Potter: i was with him when it happened
Sirius Black: utterly tragic
James Potter: im suprised he made out it mostly unscathed
Peter Pettigrew: get a room

Remus Lupin to were in the enemies to lvoers trope except were all still enemies i hate all of u: did you guys see what kim k posted on twitter
James Potter: fuck me sideways
Sirius Black: say please
Peter Pettigrew: stop it

James Potter to Sirius Black: please
Sirius Black: ;))))))))))

Rose’s Playlist (on Spotify: @erika.pulido169)

I saw someone post songs that remind them of Romitri. So I got inspired and made a playlist of songs that remind me of Rose, Romitri, the books, etc.

1. Heavy In Your Arms-  Florence and The Machine

2. Alive-  Sia

3. Spark the Fire-  Gwen Stefani

4. Castle-  Halsey

5. Song 5- Haim 

6. I’m So Sorry-  Imagine Dragons

7. Power-  Little Mix

8. Bad Reputation-  Joan Jett & Black Sheep- Gin Wigmore

9. In the Night- The Weekend

10. Island in The Sun- Weezer

11. Breath of Life & Seven Devils- Florence and The Machine

12. This Is How You Remind Me- Avril Lavigne (cover)

13. Unconditionally-  Katy Perry

14. A Little Taste-  Skylar Stonestreet

15. Secret Love Song- Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

16.Can’t Pretend-  Tom Odell

17. All Too Well- Taylor Swift

(Bonus Tracks: Love Me or Leave me- Little Mix & It’s You- Zayn Malik)



1. {Heavy In Your Arms} When Rose realizes Dimitri has been turned. Devastated, she decides to hunt him down in Blood Promise. Only to realize he has become the exact opposite of the man she fell in love with.

2. {Alive} This is how I picture Rose must be feeling after Mason’s death and she is getting the marks ( im blanking on what they are called lol) on her neck. Everyone is congratulating her, and she realizes being a guardian is not all it’s cracked up to be. (But post Last Sacrifice, despite all that happened to her, she is still here living and breathing.)

3. {Spark the Fire} A sort of up beat tune I can picture Rose kicking ass too. At the Equinox dance, and Dimitri sees her in the dress, and when she and Christian rescue Lissa.

4. {Castle} When Rose and Lissa return to the acadmey. Both Rose and Lissa  are highly criticized and judged for leaving, especially Rose. The rumors and the backstabbing that occurs between these two in the first book.

5. {Song 5} Frostbite is my favorite book, but I’m just gonna say it: Rose was very irritable and fedup with everyone and everything in this book lol. I feel her frustration in this book when people assume she is hooking up with Adrian, getting ‘beat up by her Mom/her return, and Dimitri getting cozy with Tasha.

6. {Im So Sorry} The song when Rose has her ‘fuck it I’ll do whatever I want” moments. “I tend too punch first and find out who I actually hit later.”

7. {Power} Another song I can picture Rose kicking ass too or working out too. Rose is overly confident and self aware of her beauty that boys admire her and other girls envy her.

8. {Bad Reputation/Black Sheep} When Rose and Lissa escape from the academy, and are eventually caught by Dimitri (And when Rose is broken out of jail by the whole gang).

9. {In the Night} My poor cinnamon roll Rose is always being criticized by evryone! :( everyone expects the worse from her. Especially in Frostbite, Shadow kissed, and Spirit Bound. When people think she is a whore, when she isn’t. When her mom thinks she irresponsible, but she just wants her mother’s approval.

10.{Island in the Sun} I think in Frostbite when she sees Christian and Lissa dancing at a royal party, or in Shadowkissed when she has to guard Christian and sees them Kissing all the time, this song comes to mind. Rose realizes she may never get that because the man she loves does not wanna risk either of them getting in trouble for their forbidden romance. Rose is on the outside looking in. (Which is pretty funny considering this is supposed to be happy song lol).

11.{Seven Devils & Breath of Life} Breath of life, when the strigoi attack the school and Dimitri gets kidnapped and she hunts him down. Seven devils, when Rose is being haunted by Mason and decides to go to Dimitri’s home town to tell his family he is ‘dead.’

12. {This is How You Remind Me} When Rose’s Mom tells her Dimitri may become Tasha’s guardian. And she begins dating Mason and realizes she will always love Dimitri. Poor Mason :( (Also a tune when Rose is dealing with the aftermath of his death.)

13. {Unconditionally} Rose and Lissa’s friendship summed up. Especially when Lissa is crowned queen, and Rose is her guardian. Rose is beaming with pride :)

14. {A Little Taste} Literally, blood lol. Anything related to the bad things moroi vampires got themselves into. That, and Rose’s attraction to Dimitri in the first book.

15. {Secret Love Song} Rose wishing her Dimitri could go public as a couple. Their love story summed up lol.

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16. {Can’t Pretend} This song can literally fit in with any of the books. Rose realizing she will have to put Lissa first through everything, no matter how frustrating it is. Rose realizing being a guardian is not what it is cracked up to be. Dimitri trying to hide his feelings for Rose. Rose trying to accept her fate with being shadowkissed, and awaiting sentencing in Last Sacrifice.

17. {All Too Well} Saw an edit of the Taylor Swift lyrics having to do with Romtri. I realized this song fit when Rose has flashbacks or looks back on her journey with how her and Dimitri came to be.

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{Bonus tracks:

 Love me or love me- Little Mix 

It’s You- Zayn }:

 I had just discovered Little Mix a while ago, (amazing band highly recommend) and I listened to it and I thought of Rose’s frustration that she and Dimitri will never be. And she dates Adrian even though she longs for Dimitri. Love me or Leave me and It’s You, can also be seen from Adrian’s POV :/ Adrian chooses not acknowledge the fact that Rose still loves Dimitri. His heartbreak and Rose’s guilt for hurting him, is inspiration for these tracks.Poor Adrian..

****UPDATE: All Too Well, A Little Taste, and Bad Reputation are NOT on Spotify*****


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That One Word (Arkham Knight x Reader)

,for the song thing: You’re my sunshine - Johnny Cash … OMG! I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG

Side notes - (S/H/N) is your superhero name

You stared at yourself in the mirror “Jason…Come back please..” You could not stress enough that your boyfriend was gone but all you wanted was him. Back in your arms. Your little sunshine

“It feels like it was just the other night.I layed sleeping and he was in my arms…”  You looked down as you saw your barbara roll into the room in the mirror you were gazing into.

“(Y/N) Bowing your head down and crying won’t do anything. Your a mess hun.” She came up behind you placing her hands onto your shoulders “You’re going to be alright. I’m here and so is everyone else. Dick is and the rest of the family. We miss jason more than you know..”

You acknowledged her as you put your hand on her hand leaning back “He will never know how much I loved him” You leaned over getting up running your hands through your hair “He made me happy when skies were gray ya know?”

Barbara began to nod her head  “Every mission we went on? Never stopped talking about you. You were beautiful in his eyes. You were his sunshine.”

You heard the word Sunshine and you whimpered tears forming in your eyes “It’s been almost 5 years since he died Today is such a hard night barbara don’t you understand..” You smiled at her as you hear a barge in the door

“Oracle! We need to get down to the batcave. Arkham Knight somebody’s name. They might find a lead.” You looked at bruce and babs “Let me help you bruce. Maybe I can convince this “Arkham Knight” to reveal himself?”

“That gas could kill you . You are not going.” You scoffed at him “Are you kidding?! Bruce you know what I can do. Let me come.” Bruce sighed pinching the bridge of his nose touching his cowl “Stay low. Let me know if you find anything. No unneeded risks to the city. No blowing up things.” You confirmed his statement

“Now let’s go. Oracle everything is setup for you in the cave. Suit up (Y/N)” Once everyone was out of the room you began to undress and put your leather jacket jason gave you a while back along with some other pieces. You attached a gun to the side of your hip and looked at yourself in the mirror putting your mask on the eyes lighting up “Don’t fuck this up. Your (S/H/N)”

You strolled down into the batcave as you clicked your earpiece on grappling out into the city right beside batman “Oracle found a trace at ace chemicals. We know where he is. She hacked into the intercoms and can figure out his location.” You nodded assuring him that you understood as you grappled your way towards ace chemicals bruce underneath you with the batmobile

You prefered the skies for they were beautiful and calming. It reminded you of jason. You grappled building to building until you got above ace chemicals but a name caught you off guard into your ear as you fell right into a window rolling onto the floor your grapple hook hanging off the side of the building “shit.” You rolled over groaning seeing about 6 or 8 milita

“Fuck.” You kicked one of them on the knee but someone grabbed your hands behind your back as you growled biting down on his arm hard “Asshole.” You dropped a smoke pellet running out the same way you came in “Shit shit sh-”

You squealed as you felt someone’s arm wrap around your waist hitting the guy with your gun on his head but the helmet just broke and he set you down in a area with militia surrounding him. You attempted to punch him but he caught your hand “Don’t do this. I don’t want to fight you.”

You looked up as he touched your leather jacket “You still wear this huh?” You could tell the boy was smiling under his broken mask. The blue and red lights flickered on the reflection in your eyes which he found stunning “Beautiful. Just like I remembered.” You smacked his hand away

“I hope the fuck you know. I called back up and yes I wear it. It’s part of my uniform now if you would kindly fuck off” You started to walk off but a militia commander stopped you but you heard this arkham knight speak up through his shattered helmet and a cracky voice “Leave it. She’s safe with me. You 6 go find batman. Notice me when he is here.”

You looked at them about to click your earpiece but his hand grabbed your wrist “Sunshine..” You looked up “Don’t call me that.” You barked back at him pushing him off. “(Y/N) Just list-” Your eyes went wide “How do you know my name?” You looked down as he clicked his helmet “Because I still fucking love you.”

Your hand dropped along with his “J-jaybird?” You heard everything in your earpiece go silent as you fell into his arms hugging him tight your legs around his waist and all you could hear was that one word that made your heart melt. “Sunshine…”

Hope you enjoyed it! I threw arkham knight jason im sorry if you want i will rewrite it but i hope you liked it sweetheart <3 

DAY6 Imagine: Once is a coincidence. Twice is not.

  You let your heart melt as he smiled sheepishly after singing. He blew his hair away from his eyes and smiled widely for a bit before he let his tongue out. You rolled your eyes as you feel your heartbeat doubled–or even tripled–as the crowd let out deafening screams. ‘Such a tease’ you mumbled to yourself as you let your heart sink in jealousy, if it hadn’t completely melted earlier. You sighed and walked away from everyone, reminiscing how your heart was captured when you first saw him play & sing with his band when you were a freshman.

    It’s been a year now. You unconsciously pouted when you thought about it’s a new school year. New students; another bunch of girls will start dreaming and trying to get ‘his’ attention. It’s not like you’re trying to get it, too. Ever since, you’ve been just contented with every glance you steal from him; sometimes–you’d even stare. You always look away, though. Afraid that he’ll catch you staring. Why would you even dream in the first place when you know he’s out of your league? Right, because it’s just a dream. Dreams are just dreams. But truth to be told, he’s out of anyone’s league. He’s always been the top of his class, he’s popular, talented and he’s even in a band. But you? Oh, a simple sophomore who doesn’t even fix her hair or even wear makeups. You always let your hair down, sometimes tie it in a messy bun.

    In a café, where you’re always at, you’re seated beside your friend who’s busy stalking Jae, Brian’s (your crush) best friend and bandmate. You glanced at her and put your attention back to your notes when you heard her contain her squeals and the next second, she grasped your arm and started shaking it. She pursed her lips when you threw a death glare at her, she’s pointing at something–someone. You let out a sharp breath and rolled your eyes away from her to what she’s trying to point. You felt your heartbeat raised and stopped at the same time, if that’s even possible. Brian and his friends are now seated on a table beside the glass window. You looked away and stared blankly at your notes. Your friend hissed at you for doing so. “Could you please stop looking away every time?” she asked before staring back at Jae. “Hey” she nudged you “go stare at Brian and count to three”. You didn’t wanted to but she’s so persistent so you gave up. You tried to calm yourself–somehow–and did what your friend told you. One. Two. Three. Your eyes widened when it met his. You felt like the world stopped together with your heart and you didn’t realize you were holding your breath until you ran out of it. You winced at your friend’s squeals. She told you to do it again and you don’t really wanna dare to do so. But she always wins. So again, you fixed your eyes at him and started counting. One. Two. Three. You just want to disappear at that very moment when again, your eyes met. He even has this playful smile plastered on his face. At your surprise, your friend shrieked and you just want to curse using 50 languages.  You shoved a doughnut in her mouth. She grabbed the glass of water to stop herself from choking. She tried to compose herself, so do you. 'I am never gonna do this 'count to three’ game again’, you thought to yourself as you stared blankly at your friend who closed the space between you. “Once is a coincidence, twice is not”, she teasingly said as she wiggled her eyebrows. You let out a breath & rolled your eyes. 'It’s not like it’s really not’ you tried to contradict her in your mind but you know deep inside, you’re hoping that it’s really not. But we’re talking about Kang Younghyun here. He winks and throw hearts to random girls. He’s popular, duhh! Of course, that meeting of the eyes meant nothing.

   Months passed and you forgot about it. Tried to. But your friend always reminds you of it and tries to open that little ray of hope you’ve been trying to shut. It’s never meant to be opened. “Oh! He’s a pandora! His love is a box of pandora!” Your friend sang along with Brian’s band, changing she to he and her to his. Of course, she’s implying something. You ignored her and fixed your ears to Brian’s voice and the rest of the members’. You closed your eyes and appreciate their music, their voices, their talent. You flipped your eyes open from sensing someone’s eyes are on you but as you scanned the crowd, all eyes are on the band. You sighed and shook your head. You, once again, directed your gaze back to him. He’s playing freely, dancing to the beat, swaying his hips, you smiled. 'He really loves what he’s doing’ you thought. He scrunched his nose and let out his tongue for a second. Moments after, he winked. You felt a pang in your chest. 'Yeah, that’s Kang Younghyun. That’s Brian’. You let out a surrendering sigh. 'He’s the type of guy who unconsciously lead girls on.' You ran a hand through your hair as you thought about how kind and sweet he is to everyone. Always wave at people, smile at them as he scrunches his nose. You bit your lower lip as you dragged your friend. “Let’s grab something to eat and check the other booths” you excused. It’s the school festival anyway.

    Couple of hours after, you walked back to the bench where you left your friend a little while ago, with cotton candies in both hands. You slowed down half way as you got a glimpse of a familiar figure with his bass guitar strapped around his right shoulder. He was smiling as he was talking to his friend. Your throat dried and your feet seemed to forgot how to take a step when he turned his head and his gaze instantly locked on you as if he knew you were there, and he wanted to take a glimpse of you. His smile turned into a grin. You blinked once. Twice. You looked away and at last, your feet remembered how to walk. “Once is a coincidence. Twice is not”, your friend’s voice echoed in your head. You carefully turned to look at him again and his eyes are still fixed on you. His head was tilted as he simper.  Amusement was evident on his eyes. You brushed it off and continued to walk toward your friend. 'That was nothing. That’s normal to him’. But does that “normal” means seeing his name in your messages on twitter? You dropped your phone as your knees dropped on the floor. You’re home now. The message was sent 4 hours ago. Your eyes widened in realization, that was the time when he was looking at you, wasn’t it?

“Gotcha ;)”

If your heart didn’t flip, then maybe it was dropped on the floor, too. But what’s surprising is how did he know your account? Does he even know your name? You didn’t follow him on twitter, and vice versa. So how in the world? You tried to shrug it off as your received another message.

“Why u turned away tho?”

If you hadn’t dropped your heart earlier, now you’re sure you just did. Your throat is dry. Your knees are week. Are you still even breathing?

“Oh.. Are u shy bcos I caught u looking?”

Your jaw dropped and you’re wondering how many hearts do you even have because you dropped your heart again. With fingers shaking you mustered up the courage to click the see-no-evil-monkey emoji. You didn’t know what to say, and still don’t. Part of you hopes he won’t reply, another part hopes he’ll do. And you felt a race in your chest, which started for quite awhile now, as another message from him was sent. You bit your lower lip as you thought how fast he replies.

“First time seeing me staring at u?”

You took a gulp as you tried to process 'staring’. He called it 'staring’ and not just merely 'looking’.

“Uhm…I guess?”

Why was he asking, though? No, why is he even dm-ing you?

“Actually, no. :)”

It caused you to arch your eyebrows in confusion


It was all you could say. Not to blame yourself, though. You just really don’t know what to say or how to even react.

“That’s just the first time u caught me staring at u”.

You swear you just felt your heart did a back-flip with what he said. You remembered what happened in the cafe as your friend’s voice echoed in your mind again. “Once is a coincidence. Twice is not” That means…? It was not? 

“Come to think of it… It’s the second time u caught me”.

You raised a brow and asked what he was talking about

“At the café where you’re always at”.

Your hands are still shaking as he answered the question in your head. But wait… 'You’re always at’. You took a gulp and asked if he knew that you’re a regular there.

“I’m a regular too”.

You arched your eyebrows again

“But I don’t usually see you. Just sometimes with your friends”

“Because u always face ur notes”

Your mouth made an 'o’ shape as you felt your cheeks heat up. These are too much to handle. The 'stare’ was already too much. And this dm is another thing. Now he’s talking about all of these?

“Am I…creeping u out?”

“Im sorry”

“U still there?”

He asked because you didn’t respond.

“No. It’s just… Too much to handle?? I guess?”

“May I call you?”

   To say you were shocked is an understatement. You clenched your phone on your chest. You shrieked and started kicking in the air as you started rolling over back and forth on your bed, too.

   You’ve never typed your own phone number so fast not until he asked for it. You mentally slapped yourself. ‘You seemed so interested! Get a grip!’ 

   You tried to breathe calmly but your heartbeat is so wild. You once again rolled over your bed, shrieking, and fell off when your phone rang. An unregistered number showed up on your screen but you’re sure who was on the other line. You cleared your throat and practice saying ‘Hello’ before picking up the call but no word, even one, came out. It also took him a little while before mumbling “Hi”. You tried to keep it cool but your voice betrayed you when you responded.

   You always hear his voice but hearing it like this, knowing the words from his mouth right now are just for you and only you can hear, is just so overwhelming. Or maybe it’s even still an understatement. You’re still in a panic but somehow your heart finds comfort in his voice. He apologized for the things he’s been doing, like staying at the café because you’re always there. Little did he know, you kept on coming there with a glimpse of hope of seeing him, too and ended up loving to stay there. You both finally got comfortable and talked for quite awhile. Even laughed with each other like it isn’t your first phone call. He was like doing an indirect confession that he likes you, but you just don’t want to keep your hopes up. As you said to yourself, he’s the type of guy to lead girls on without knowing it himself. Oblivious. But he just told you about him always looking at you and you wondered why all this time you haven’t seen him look at you even once. Not until that “count to three” game. You shut your eyes and curbed yourself from squealing.

“You looked peaceful earlier” you raised a brow and chortled with what he said, asking what does he mean “While everyone was so hype, singing with us, you’re just standing there, closing your eyes, smiling like you’re–” your eyes widened and cut him off “W-what?!” You heard him chuckle while you remembered the feeling of having someone’s eyes on you. That was him? But he wasn’t looking when you flipped your eyes open.

“You’re gonna come listen tomorrow?” He asked after some random chit chats.

“You guys are playing again?”

“Yup. We’ll play Eyeless” You whispered to yourself 'favorite’ when you heard the title “I–I actually wrote that at thé cafe while you’re busy with your notes.” You heard him clearing his throat carefully as if he’s trying for you to not hear. When you said yes, you pictured him smiling brightly from ear to ear, all white teeth are showing and his nose scrunching. You were just about to mutter how he is an epitome of the sun or even perfection itself. Good thing your mouth didn’t betray you. You talked for a little more before finally calling it a day.

“Goodnight, Brian”

   A thousand of butterflies flew in your tummy, all your blood rushed up to your cheeks and fireworks blew in your heart when you heard him say your name (he knows) after he said goodnight. And you thought that was all for today but a text came 

“Next time u catch me looking, dont look away. Even if u’ll do, I’d still be looking at u when u try to look back. Goodnight ♥”

You beamed and mumbled to yourself “Once is a coincidence, but twice is not, huh?”. You bit your lower lip hard before you heaved a sigh as you carefully close your eyes hoping these are all not a dream.

Sequel: Once is enough. Twice is too much


Cesaro x Reader

Requested by @helluvawriter

#5: Now you know

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You were happy when Cesaro had come home from the Europe tour today. To celebrate you decided to cook him dinner: Spaghetti with his favourite pesto, the recipe from one of his friends from Italy. As you tried to wiggle the spaghetti out of their packaging some of them fell onto the stove. When you tried to maneuver them back into the pot one of them fell to the ground.

“Damn it.” you groaned.

“Everything alright?” Cesaro asked when he entered the kitchen.

“Yeah, a spaghetti just fell down. Nothing major.” you waved im off.


“What?” you asked confused.

“If it was only one it’s called spaghetto and not spaghetti. It’s plural.” he explained.

“You’re kidding me right now, are you?” you raised an eyebrow, “You’re lecturing me on the proper term for our food?”

“I know, crazy, right?” he grinned hugging you from behind “And did you know that you’re always ordering our coffee wrong as well.”

“Oh no, but we still get what we ordered every time.” you chuckled.

“That’s just luck.” he teased. You playfully nudged your elbow against his ribs softly.

“And how do I have to order them properly?”

“It’s the same concept. Espresso is singular but we order two, so it would be espressi.”

“No way!” you chuckled stirring the spaghettis in the pot, faking surprise even though you were really invested and interested in this topic. You loved to be teached about new cultures and languages by Cesaro, even seemingly unnecessary lessons about proper expressions. But you also loved to be sarcastic and tease him.

“Really. I swear.” he nestled his face into the crook of your neck, tightening his arms around your waist.

“You can’t be serious. That changes my whole deception of life!” you joked.

“Like I said … but don’t be concerned, most of the people don’t know this.”

“I don’t know what to make with my life now that I know this. How could I live without this knowledge so long?” you mocked.

Now you know.” he lightly tickled your sides making you snicker.

“I’m a lucky girl that I have such a gentleman to teach me the essential informations of live.” you turned around and put your arms around his neck, gazing into his beautifully browns eyes.

“And I’m lucky that you havn’t kicked me out yet after all my annoying and boring lectures.” he chuckled and pecked your lips.

As “demanded” by @mintsugakookies. Enjoy! 💕

“I can’t believe it’s raining in the middle of July,” Jimin sighed, annoyed.

“This is Seoul, hyung. What else do you expect?” Jungkook chuckled. “Let’s just get going before we get soaking wet.”

He grabbed Jimin’s arm and pulled him up, using his other hand as a shield against the rain. The couple had been on a date before the rain promptly ruined the mood. Jimin had set up a pretty little picnic at the most luxurious park in town and the two were enjoying themselves, feeding each other and having mini tickle fights. They were forced to quickly close their lunch baskets and pack up though, when the sudden sound of thunder startled the both of them.

Feeling a little irritated with the weather, Jimin stood up and helped Jungkook in cleaning up their picnic area, which was very cluttered, but nothing less than expected. He stole a glance at Jungkook, who was busy piling up the trash into a garbage bag under the safety of a tree. Suddenly, he remembered the conversation that they had had as they were watching ‘The Notebook’. Feeling giddy with an idea, he ran to Jungkook and dragged him out from underneath the oak tree.

“Jimin hyung, what are you doing? We’re going to get wet!” Jungkook screeched. “Hyung, oh my god, you’re going to get us sick!”

Before he could utter another word, Jimin stood up on his toes and placed a  kiss on Jungkook’s lips in an effort to shut him up, beaming with joy at his flushed face as he pulled away.

“Hyung!” Jungkook whined. “We’re in public!”

“I’m just keeping my promise, Jungkook-ah. Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring at me all through the picnic,” Jimin teased.

Blushing even redder, Jungkook muttered,”I can’t help it. You’re a good looking man, hyung.”

Smiling, Jimin asked,”Tell me Jungkookie, do you want this good looking man to kiss you in this pouring rain?”

“Y-yeah,” Jungkook replied shyly.

“Yeah what?”

“I want you to kiss me.”

“What?” Jimin teased. “I can’t hear you. Speak louder, Kook-ah.”

“Kiss me, hyung.”

“All you had to do was ask, baby,” Jimin whispered before his arms encircled Jungkook’s waist, tugging him closer. Jungkook’s hand clutched the front of Jimin’s shirt as he felt himself being pulled closer towards his boyfriend. They gazed at each other, cheeks flushed from the coldness of the rain, as well as their close proximity. Slowly, they began to lean in towards each other, rain drops falling from their lashes as they closed their eyes. Lovingly and gently, their lips met in a beautiful motion as Jimin’s hand came up to cradle Jungkook’s soft cheek. It was magical. Jungkook let out a small sigh as Jimin’s soft and pillowy lips wrapped perfectly around his own. Ignoring the irrelevance of time, they kissed as if it was the last kiss they would be sharing with each other. When they pulled apart, they took a moment to stare at each other, each in awe of the other’s ethereal beauty.

“You’re so beautiful,” they both whispered spontaneously, foreheads resting against one another. Giggling, Jimin planted a small kiss on Jungkook’s button nose before placing another soft one against his lips.

“I love you, Jiminnie hyung,” Jungkook confessed.

“Me you more, baby,” Jimin replied.

They walked back to the picnic area hand in hand, wearing big smiles on their faces. The smile quickly fell off though, after seeing the state of their food and blankets.

“Crap, everything is wet!” Jimin cursed. 

“Oh well, whatever. It was worth it,” he shrugged, throwing a wink in Jungkook’s direction.

“Hyung!” Jungkook whined, covering his face in embarrassment.

“You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed,” Jimin cooed. “C’mon, let’s go home, baby.”

“I love it when you call me baby.”



Prompt: hi i found you tumblr a few days ago and i just fell in love with it. i like how you are writing!:) can i get a request please? with Sebastian on a really bad day like storm arguing but it would be happy end.. sorry for my english im still learning..:( i a reading you from hungary xoxo(:

Word Count: 545

Warnings: Cursing?

Author’s Note: Guys! I finally listened to the Hamilton soundtrack. WHERE HAS THAT BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!?!?!

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Error x Ink fanfic

(part 6)

~Ink’s Pov~

Wow…I …..I never though…I’ll be felling like this…..
Im in love…with error….
Does he love me back?……probably not….
When I has still lost in my mind error walk in and sit next to me on the bed without me noticing

~Error’s Pov~

Does he really don’t notice that Im here?!
For fucks sake!
He’s going to pay >:)

I start tickling him like crazy and he laughs REALLY hard to the point he has crying and fell of the bed

Ink: haha…ha……Did you really have to do that!? You know that Im ticklish!

Error: yup thats the point

Ink: you idiot

Error: hehe I guess you ca call me that!

I help him to get back up and we start laughing like two idiots
Then I look at his eyes

~Ink’s Pov~

His eyes….were so ….beautiful. They were sparkling and looking at mine as his face got closer to mine
Then he puts one hand on my cheek and I put mine on his shoulders
I could’t control my body, he has just going forward
This has really happening!?

And we kissed
He gently pressed his lips (fuck logic of skeletons) on mine, then we put both of his hands on my hips and we kissed more deeply

~Error’s Pov~

*internal screaming*

BVB Andy Imagine - Smut (He's your stepbrother)

It was your favorite holiday - Christmas. And this year you and your mom, stepdad and stepbrother were going to Austria. You were really excited and looking forward to learn how to snowboard. Of course your mother and Andy already knew how to. Now you and your stepdad still had to learn.

“Are you ready, (Y/N)?” (Y/M/N) asked you. You nodded your head and smiled at her while she helped you put your snowboarding shoes on. “Oh God I look ridiculous.” You said as you stood up and looked at yourself in the mirror. “You look fine, honey. Now come one we gotta go before it gets too busy.” Your mom rushed you. You shuffled out of the changing rooms and Andy was waiting for you guys.

“Where’s my husband?” Your mom questioned and Andy laughed, pointing behind him to his dad. “He wants to try and do the children slope, he wants to impress you.” You chuckled as your mom cursed softly. “Hes going to break his freaking neck.” She complained and started to shuffle towards him. “Mom?” You called, suddenly, as if remembering you’re her freaking daughter and can’t snowboard she turned and smiled at you.

“Andy, dear. You won’t mind helping (Y/N), would you?” You blushed as Andy looked at you and smirked. “I’ll help her but I’m not responsible for any injuries.” Your mom just nodded her head, mumbled an “Okay.” And turned to go help her newly wedded husband. You laughed nervously and looked up at Andy.

“You ready?” He asked and you just nodded. To be honest you were secretly crushing on Andy. You know he’s your stepbrother but you just can’t help it, he’s just so dahm good looking. You were still nervous around him because he’s barley home and you two haven’t had time to bond.

He held out his arm for you to take and showed you how to move with the board. You grabbed his arm and started to shuffle forward. You slipped a bit but he caught you, straightening you up. “Do it like this.” He helped you and while he was explaining you couldn’t help yourself for staring at his lips. They were perfect.

“Are you listening?” Andy asked and you slipped out of your trance. You nodded and tried doing what he was doing, but slipped again and this time you fell, dragging Andy along with you.

He landed ontop of you and you let out a heavy breath, and then yous started laughing. He joined in and rolled off of you, after almost five minutes he managed to get you up without you slipping and falling on your ass. “HEY KIDS LOOK!” You heard someone call, you looked in the direction of the voices and saw your mom and stepdad, he was already doing in without your mother’s help and here you were still trying to stand. “Im doing it!” He yelled and you heard Andy chuckle.

“God he’s like thirty years older than me and I can’t even stand up.” Andy chuckled again and took you hand in his big one. He smiled down at you, “Don’t stress sweetheart. I’ll help you.” You flushed when he called you that and tried to move so he wouldn’t see you, that only led to you falling again. “I’m so fucking clumsy.” You muttered as you stood up again and you finally started your lesson.

“I’m doing it!” You yelled as you went down the small slope. Andy laughed and clapped his hands. It’s been two hours and he finally got you to do it without falling. To be honest you were extremely tired and your body was aching and you just wanted to go back to the hotel. Your mom and dad already left almost 45 minutes ago.

“I’m so exhausted.” You complained and Andy agreed. “Want to go back to the hotel?” He asked and you nodded. “Thank you for helping me.” You said as you shuffled your way over to him. He chuckled. “No problem, I actually enjoyed it.” When you got closer to him you slipped and fell for the hundredth time, but this time you fell on Andy.

You were shocked and so was he. You froze for a moment staring into his incredible blue eyes and your own glazed over. Andy chuckled and grabbed a hand full of snow and smashed it into the side of your head. You were shocked again as he rolled you over and he was ontop. “Get off you big boob.” You said and tried to push him off, he laughed and raised an eyebrow at you. “What did you call me?” He asked and you laughed still trying to push him off. “You heard me!” You yelled and he laughed finally getting off.

You sat up and reached down and unhooked your boots from your board, you jumped up and grabbed a hand full of snow and chucked it at Andy, it hit the side of his face and his expression was priceless. “Did you just really?” He asked and you nodded. “Oh yes I did-” you were cut off by a snowball hitting your right shoulder. You laughed bending down and grabbing another hand full. “You missed!” You yelled at Andy.

You were just about to throw the next snowball at him when he tackled you. Your eyes went wide as you felt him land ontop of you. He was laughing when he looked down at you and then pressed his hand to your face, covering you in snow. You smiled and shook your head, letting the snow fall off. “Andy, I think you broke me.” You said softly as you felt a slight pain in your left shoulder.

“Oh shit.” He mumbled and stood up, helping you. You both grabbed your boards and went to the changing rooms. You changed your clothes and when you walked out Andy was waiting for you. He smiled when he saw you.

“Are you okay?” He asked when you reached him. You frowned and pulled you shirt away exposing your left shoulder. “It’s fine, I think.” You mumbled and stared at your shoulder, secretly it was throbbing like crazy and all you wanted to do was take a long relaxing bath.

Andy stepped closer and examined your shoulder, your eyes landed on his face as he reached up. Cold fingers touching your upper arm slightly. You froze. “Relax, I’m not gonna bite you.” He said softly. I wish you would. You though to yourself. “I’m sorry for hurting you.” He mumbled and you just nodded, he was so close to your face you could feel his warm breath.

You froze again as he leaned down and kissed your shoulder softly, his hand moved from your upper arm down to your hand and he held your small ones in his big ones. He pressed another kiss to your collarbone and without realising it your eyes fluttered shut. Another kiss, this one on your neck. His lips were cold but it was burning your skin.

The next kiss was on your cheek, you prepared yourself for the next kiss but it never came. You opened you eyes slightly and Andy was staring down at you. His stare made you blush and instantly look away. You removed your hand from his awkwardly and took a small step back.

When you looked back at him he was smiling, you realised for the hundredth time how extremely sexy he was even without the makeup. He stepped forward. “Is it better now?” He asked and you frowned. “What?” You stupidly asked. Andy laughed. “Your shoulder.” He said and poked your shoulder softly, the touch sent shivers down your spine.

You honestly forgot about the shoulder, all you could think about was the kisses. You stared at his lips and nodded slightly. “Forgotten.” You admitted still staring at his lips and then broke it to look at his eyes. Now he was staring at your lips. You don’t know what came over you but your hands moved up his torso and rested on his shoulders. You went on your tiptoes and just before you kissed him you waited to see if he would pull away, he didn’t and he was the one who closed the distance and kissed you.

Every thing inside of you lighted up and your hands moved into his hair. His arms snaked around your waist and the kiss got more heated, his tongue moved over your bottom lip demanding entrance and you gave in.

Before you knew it you pulled away and stared up at him panting. Trying to catch your breath. He was also panting, arms still around your waist. You instantly felt bad because he was your stepbrother and you’re not supposed to kiss your stepbrother like that. You’re not supposed to kiss him at all!

“I think we should head back to the hotel.” You mumbled and Andy pulled away, he scratched his head awkwardly and looked away. “Yeah, sure.” He said and you both headed in the way of the hotel. Walking in silence. How the hell could you let that happen?

“Kids we’re going to eat, come on.” Your mom yelled and you grunted, you spent the rest of the day in your room ignoring Andy. You didn’t want to make things awkward. You walked out of your room and towards the kitchen. “Why aren’t you dressed?” Your mom asked. You frowned. “You said dinner was ready? I thought you made something.” You replied. She shook her head. “Nope I was talking about the buffet, but you can stay and make yourself something?” Your mom suggested. You nodded, anything to not see Andy.

“I’ll stay with her.” Someone behind you said. You instantly froze. “That would be kind, Andy.” Your mom said and a few minutes later you were alone in the house. You awkwardly looked at him and he had a naughty grin on his face.

“Uhm I think I’m gonna make spaghetti, you want some?” You asked Andy and he nodded. “Sure, I’ll help you?” He suggested and you shook your head. “Nah, I can make it myself.” He shook his head. “Nonsense. Let me help.” You gave in and headed to the small kitchen. You searched for pans and pots and found them in the highest cupboard. “Really?” You questioned and tried to reach for one of the pots, but you couldn’t.

Suddenly you were pressed against the counter and a hand reached up and grabbed a meduim size pot. Your breath got stuck inside your throat as Andy placed the pot on the counter in front of you and stayed where he was.

You could feel his entire body against yours and it drove you slightly mad. He leaned into you even more and muzzled his head in your neck. You couldn’t stop yourself from closing your eyes and reaching up to put your hands into his hair.

“You smell nice.” Andy commented and you smiled. His hands rested on your hips and you turned around to face him. “So do you.” You whispered back. He smiled and leaned down, pressing his lips to your jaw. He left butterfly kisses on your shoulder and your arms once again slipped around his neck.

He instantly kissed you and lifted you up and placed you on the counter. The pot cluttered to the floor and your legs wrapped around his waist. He pressed his body to yours even more. He bit your bottom lip softly, waiting for you to grant him access but you played hard to get.

He smiled into the kiss and he placed his hand on your thigh, making circular motions with his thumbs. You moaned and he took that opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. You bit down on his tongue lightly and your nails dug into his shoulders. Now he moaned.

The sound was magical. He pulled away and you grunted, wanting more. “Eager aren’t we?” He said softly and you blushed, smacking his arm. His eyes were extremely dark as he grabbed your hand and dragged you to the room. He didn’t give you time to think before he pulled his shirt off and kissed you roughly.

His hands finding your hips again and moving up your shirt. You broke the kiss for just a second to pull you shirt off. You fell onto the bed and be landed ontop of you, hands moving to your breasts. He teased your nipple through the bra and you moaned. You reached to undo your bra and you pulled it off, freeing your aching & sensitive nipples.

His mouth moved from yours to your breast and he took one nipple between his teeth and played with the other one. “Fuck.” You moaned and wove your fingers into his hair. He kissed down your stomach towards your pants and he hooked it with his index fingers and pulled them down.

He teasingly grabbed your boy shorts with his teeth and you blushed. Just wanting them gone. He pulled them down your legs slowly and sat up, staring at your naked and exposed body. You suddenly felt self conscious underneath his gaze and covered your parts with your hands.

Andy groaned and took your hands away. “Don’t cover yourself… I think you’re beautiful babygirl.” He whispered and grinded into you as he kissed you. You gasped as you felt his erection press into your leg and you reached for his jeans. You tapped his belt twice before he broke the kiss and pulled his pants and jeans off in one go.

He was on top of you again and you stared up into his beautiful eyes. “You want to do this?” He asked softly and you nodded. He smiled and spread your legs, one cold finger sliding over your clit. You closed your eyes and tried your best not to moan out loud, that failed when the finger slipped inside of you.

You gasped, not expecting it. His cold finger feeling great in your heat. Now he moaned and the sound wanted to make you explode. “God (Y/N) you’re so wet already.” You didn’t respond. You stayed quiet and tried your best not to cum all over his finger. He saw your expression and it turned him on ten times more.

“Come sweetheart… Cum for me.” He whispered and kissed the side of your ear. You shook yoyr head. “Come babygirl…” he encouraged you. With out warning he bit your ear and at the same time he entered 2more fingers. You squeezed your eyes shut and came all over his fingers, not saying a single word.

“That’s it.” He whispered and removed his fingers. His voice was husky and he placed his fingers in his mouth. Sucking them clean. He opened your legs and ran the tip of his dick across your clit, slowly sinking into you.

Your breathing was heavy and so was his. As he slowly trusted in and out of you lefr kisses all over your face, neck and breasts. The thrusting became more urgent and faster until he moaned your name, pulled out and came all over you tummy.

He was out of breath as he fell down next to you with a semi hard on. You felt the need to return the favour and sat up. Reaching over you grabbed his member and started sucking the tip clean.

“Holy shit (Y/N) stahp! Do you want me to get a boner again?” You didn’t answer, you just kept sucking him off until he came in your mouth. “(Y/N).” He whispered and grabbed you, holding you close. “I thought you would be much crazier and rougher during sex.” You mumbled as you traced his tattoos.

He turned and smiled at you, suddenly he was ontop of you. “If its crazier and rougher you want. Its crazier and rougher you’ll get.” He said with a wicked smile and moved down, tongue sliding between your folds…

You were in extreme pain as you walked into the kitchen the next morning. When Andy saw you he smirked and patted the space next to him. You blushed but sat there anyways.

“Sore from yesterday’s activities with Andy?” Your mom asked and your head snapped towards her. “What?” You questioned, tensing up. “From snowboarding?” She added and you blushed, relaxing again. “Yeah, he was rough in the snow.” You said without thinking and blushed again.

Andy laughed and you felt his hand rest on your thigh. He was extremely close to your entrance as he massaged the leg a bit. “Hey, I said I won’t be held responsible for any injuries.” He smiled down at you and winked as his pinky finger rubbed against your clit.

You just wish your mom would leave so Andy could take away the aching between your thighs.

Bite (Part 10)

Jungkook x Taehyung x Reader
Vampire Smut AU
Word Count: 2,389
Warnings: Abuse, Swearing, Blood, Death,

“Focus on my hands, (Y/N). Just Relax….”


I was floating in nothingness, black space all around me, comfortable and quiet. Serene. I was floating in the blank space Jin had created in my mind. I was vaguely aware of his hands on my knees, the only sensation tethering me to the physical world.

“Listen to my voice, (Y/N). Let me guide you through your memories.”

His voice was distorted and echo-y, as if we were on opposite ends of a long, spacious hallway. I could only acknowledge him with a feeble hum deep in my throat.

“Go back to the day of your kidnapping. What were you doing? Who was around you? Try and remember every little detail that you can, if you see it, I will too.”

I descended slowly, limbs and hair floating around me as if I were suspended in liquid, until my feet touched down softly onto the playground that was forming around me. The brightly painted jungle gym, swing sets, monkey bars, the yellow plastic slide, it was all slowly fading into place. I could even smell the earthy and floral scent of the freshly planted hyacinth flowers along the entrance and hear the squeals of the many younger children around me. I was back at my childhood playground, the one where I had been abducted.

“Where are you, (Y/N)? Go find yourself.”

Where was I? I walked towards the swings immediately, knowing they were always my favorite part of the playground. And there I was, 7 years old and completely unaware of all the bad things in the world. My hair was long and a mess from the wind flowing through it as I soared higher and higher in the swing. I wore a pink jacket with darker pink hearts printed on it, jeans, and black converse shoes that were worn and dirty, and my face was bitten with the cool spring wind. 

“Good, now who’s around you? Do you see your kidnapper?”

My eyes searched the faces around me but the scene went blurry as if a thick fog settled in front of me.

“What’s happening? There something blocking her memory.” Said Jin from the other side.

“It’s a memory lock spell, I think. Let me try something.” added Wendy.

Hands grasped the sides of my temple and a pressure filled my head along with a tingling sensation that made my eyebrows knit together in discomfort. Wendy muttered an incantation under her breath and the tingle increased into an uncomfortable, somewhat painful feeling that made me groan.

“The spell is strong but i can dismantle it. It won’t hurt much longer (Y/N).”

The pain increased until I almost screamed but it broke as soon as I drew in a gasp, and the fog dissipated and cleared away.

“There we go. Sorry about that.”

“Thanks Wendy. Okay, what can you see now (Y/N)?”

I saw children and their mothers and fathers, my own talking to another couple by the side, their eyes flicking to 7-year-old me every so often. I didn’t see anyone out of place at first until I looked to myself again, noticing that I had stopped swinging. My heart began to race, choking off the breath in my throat, as I saw a tall man in a long black coat, face mask, and sunglasses with his hand gripping the swing, bringing younger me to a stop. I took a step back, panicking as if it were happening again, afraid that he would see me even though this was just a memory.  The edges of the scene began to fade and everything flickered like a TV with bad reception as terror and bile rose in my throat.

“(Y/N), calm down, he can’t hurt you now. Just breathe and stay focused.”

I tried to breathe but I could only huff in air that didn’t seem to fill my lungs enough, as if there was a weight crushing my chest. In the midst of gulping in air, I felt warm skin brush against my hands as fingers curled together with mine. Long, slim digits in my left hand and slightly thicker, shorter ones in my right; Taehyung and Jungkook were there to comfort me.

“It’s alright (Y/N), were here to keep you safe, no matter what.”

“I’m right here, Love.”

Surprisingly, my lungs opened up a bit more, and I slowly began to calm down as my memory fell back into place, no longer disturbed by my tumultuous emotions. My muscles twitched in the real world as I closed my hands over theirs in tight fists and took deep breaths of their scent through my nose.

“Follow him (Y/N).” ordered Jin.

With Tehyung and Jungkook beside me, I focused on the cloaked figure again as he held out his hand toward me, silver rings stacked on his fingers and a brightly wrapped piece of candy sitting in the middle of his palm with the promise of more, whatever I wanted, if I just followed him. I knew in the back of my head that I should not do what he said but it was as if I could not resist him. I knew now that it was his compulsion that he used on me, there was no way for me to disobey him, a Vampyre, when I was just a child. My cold, little hand landed on his and I stepped from my swing in a daze, unaware of his crushing strength around my fingers. The jewel colored candy fell to the ground, forgotten, the only trace of me resting amongst the dark dirt. My memory fast forwarded until I sat in the back of a van, tears falling from my eyes as I hugged my knees and tried to keep quiet, lest I upset the bad man again and cause him to yell at me again.

“Stop your crying, you pathetic child!”  

His head whipped around from the driver’s seat, words spitting from his mouth, displaying all his pointy teeth that terrified me immensely. So I buried my head in the black darkness of my arms and knees, hoping that when I looked up again, I would see my mother’s face. I sat there like that for some time, the van jostling me as it hopped over bumps and fell into potholes, before we came to a stop. As soon as my captor stepped out of the driver’s side, he was opening the back doors to the van and pulling me out by the neck of my jacket with no regard to my safety. My feet slipped on the edge of the van and I tumbled down to the ground, palms hitting the jagged ground as tiny pebbles and gravel stuck painfully into my skin. Tears pricked at my eyes and threatened to fall but I held them in as much as I could, afraid that the bad man would get angry again.

“Get up!”

He bent down and gripped my wrist in his large hand, nearly crushing it in his hand, and I scrambled to my feet.

“Don’t make any noise or try and escape, or ill hurt you.”

I followed his orders even though I didn’t want to but I had no control over myself when he spoke, I had no will.

He led us into a dark abandoned building that was dark and damp and smelled of mildew and animal droppings. There were open part of the ceiling and the torn plastic tarp hanging from the holes blew in the wind and made soft flapping noises that added to the eerie feel. My captor dragged me into a room that had chairs and a stained mattress in the corner. The strong stench of alcohol and cigarettes permeated the air and the pile of clothes at the end of the bed made it seem as if this person had been living here for a few days. I tried to ignore the blood stains on the white shirt crumbled up and tossed on the edge of the mattress as he pushed me hard enough so I fell onto the bed.

“Don’t move”

My body stilled and I laid there in the uncomfortable position I fell in and stared at the Rorschach blood stain patterns in front of me. I could only hear him as I stared at the still damp red stains, confused and scared and alone, tears slipping silently past my eyelashes.

“I’ve got her… yeah im sure, she’s the one.”

At some point he pulled out a cellphone and called someone to confirm my capture but his words confused me.

“She has the mark, that’s how! …. Were at the abandoned building on the corner of Salem and Olive Boulevard. Don’t be late, I want to get this over with.” He growled agitatedly.

Fear simmered in me as I lay motionless. The minutes ticked past and the sound of a lighter sparked in the air, followed by the choking stench of smoke filling my nose and throat. One after another, he lit cigarette after cigarette until my eyes watered and tears fell from the stinging sensation that the smoke brought. Time seemed to fast forward until finally another person entered the room and addressed the chain-smoker.

“I assume this is her.”


The new stranger bent down and I felt his presence beside me, eyes burning holes into my skin and breath heavy on my ears.

“It’s hard to believe that this is supposed to be the witch that is our downfall.” Said the new stranger.

“She may just be a child now, but she won’t be forever. And the prophecy is clear. Born in a ‘Circle of Summer’, the 9th reincarnation. We’ve kept track of all of her lives and this is the last one.”

The silence that followed was thick with thought as the stranger weighed his options.

“Where is it?…” he asked.

“Left shoulder blade.”

The stranger’s voice turned back toward me and spoke.

“Sit up child. Take off your jacket and show me your shoulder so I can see your birthmark. Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you just yet.” he assured me in a fake sweet voice.

I obeyed, and sat up, back sighing in relief as I straightened my spine and sat up. The zipper sounded through the room as I dragged it down my coat and shrugged off the pink material, shivering as the wet wind hit me. I hesitated when it came time to pull my shirt from my shoulder, not wanting to expose myself any more in front of two strange men. I kept my eyes down and avoided the eyes of the new man but he grabbed me and pulled me up from the bed and spinned me so my back was to him, tearing the shirt down my left shoulder. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for it to be over. He released me and I crumpled to the floor and sat against the bed, hugging my knees to my chest and rocking back and forth.

“Are you satisfied now?” asked my captor.

I finally looked up, my eyes peeking beyond my knees and gazed at the dangerous men standing tall above me. My captor had bland features, simple black eyes and black hair, unattractive and tainted by his many vices that probably included more than just cigarettes and whiskey. However, the second man was the complete opposite. Tall and attractive with bright white hair, dark eyes, a long, sharp face and a cut in his right eyebrow. He was unlike anyone I had ever seen before.

“Yes. Kill her.”

He looked at me one last time and I saw the evil deep in his eyes before he turned away and left me alone in the room with my foul captor who stood up from his seat and smiled freakishly at me, all his many pointy teeth on display. He growled as he dropped to me and a scream tore through my throat as I shut my eyes against the terrifying scene and struggled against his unbreakable grip on my face. Teeth grazed against my neck deep enough to break skin and leave a stinging trail. Suddenly, a force knocked him off of me and into the wall which broke with the strength of the blow.

“Get away from her!”

My head whipped in the direction of the female voice and I saw a woman standing with her arms out towards the man now crouching defensively on the ground like an animal. She had hair the same color and texture as mine, and a beautiful face still unmarked by age and time held dark, thick eyelashes that framed eyes similar to mine. Those eyes turned to me and warmth filled them as she rushed to my side, but my captor dove at her and knocked her from her feet. She lay on her back with him on top of her, teeth snapping at her face like a rabid dog, arms struggling to keep him from tearing into her flesh.

“Get OFF me!” she screamed, pushing him off with a strength unmatching to her stature, knocking him into the chairs.

“Don’t look, (Y/N).” she said, turning to me and making sure I hid my eyes.

My fingers split slightly and I watched though them as she brought up her hand and his body seemed to rise slightly into the air by invisible strings.

“This is going to hurt you very much.”

Her fingers slowly closed and her eyes flashed as the air sparked with electricity that clung to her hair and crackled around us. My captors face strained as his eyes widened and he opened his mouth, releasing a deep roar. Blood welled up in his eyes, nose, ears, any available orifice, and leaked out in streams that pooled on the ground beneath him. That’s when I hid my face in horror and didn’t open them again. Not even when his screaming stopped and he thudded to the ground, dead. I didn’t open them again even when my savoir soothingly told me everything was okay and I was safe now, or when she picked me up and carried me from the building into the cold dusk and drove me home. I didn’t open them again until I heard the voice of my mother and father.

tangled ribbons, ch12: grand allegro

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first off, thank you so so so SO much for the response to the last chapter! it was….incredible. honestly. i was just blown away. thank you for being patient and being understanding, and thank you for putting up with all my teasing 

 i have more (so much more) i’ll say next time, but i don’t know when that’ll be. i’m working on a lot of college stuff and original things for my portfolio, as well as a big bang for another fandom and a collab fic. but i promise i’m always slowly working on this stuff. 

 also??? brick walls is on page 3 of the ml tag when sorted by kudos???? thank you so much omg 

this chapter isn’t necessarily the most interesting and it’s less than half the length of ch11, but i still hope you enjoy!

Marinette has her arms around Adrien’s waist when he wakes up. She’s already awake, her head resting on his chest and vacant eyes staring at the wall.

“Morning,” he murmurs, brushing her bangs away from her eyes.

She gives him a small smile, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. “Hi.”

“What time is it?” He regrets asking when she pulls away to check her phone.

She frowns at her phone.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing,” she says quickly. “It’s only five, but we fell asleep early.” She swings her feet over the bed, motioning to the bathroom. “I’m going to—” She lifts her phone.

Adrien nods and reaches for his glasses. “I’ll be here.”

It takes him a few minutes to get up once she leaves. He can hear her muffled voice through the walls. He doesn’t know who or what she’s talking about, but he hopes it’s Alya.

He slides on his glasses and scrolls through the notifications on his phone. He shoots a quick update to Nathalie, usually he would’ve done it last night but he was asleep and she’s probably been lowkey panicking since then, before tackling the texts.

Nino only sent a few, but Alya didn’t hold back. At all.

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pigonhannah  asked:

Please tell me more about ur mint eye ot3! Headcanons on the relationship maybe???

I would totally do it but it’s gonna be so long and sorry my grammar
Mc ass is working with unknown as his assistant but her job actually baby sitter him since unknown doesn’t taking care himself(like prepare his bath,di laundry,cooking and cleaning his work place)
Unknown pay mcass every each month but sometimes he doesn’t pay her since no money (mc ass always begging for raised a payment )
Mc ass mostly job is tracking Luciel
Mc ass always nag about her boss to V ,and she taking care of him due his bad eye sight (ofcs If unknown find out he totally cut her payment 50%)
V always confront mcass when she crying because unknown ,even though always end up failed :p (like he Patting the tree
Unknown and mcass like each other but they doesnt know how express they felling
V are mostly thirtdweel (im so sorry )
Unknown and mcass often fight and had argument but after 5 min they will get along again
Mc ass calling unknown with “boss”
There’s still many, it will be a long journey but thanks for the asking !! Sorry my English not good !!

mall worker!s.coups

• first off, he works at like ? h&m and has a really good fashion sense like….really good.
• sometimes customers come in JUST to see what he’s wearing
• u go because you’re trying to find a shirt that u saw online right
• the S E C O N D that he sees you, he kinda just . stops.
• this sucker believes in love at first sight and BOY are u a sight
• he ends up stealing an outfit from a mannequin to make sure he looks absolutely on point even tho his outfit is already flawless
• you’re there, sipping at a smoothie, checkin yr phone, minding yr own business right
• when this GUY comes straight at your direction NOT EVEN DISCREETLY
• “hey. …… …..”
• u, in yr head: “is this guy gonna say anything or”
• “…… u like…..hah….need help…finding. something. anything?”
• “uh actually can u help me find this ?”
• when u give him a friendly smile he MELTS
• he looks at ur phone to see what u mean and IMMEDIATELY he’s like “OH THAT!! yes !! we have that over here come follow me !!”
• he brings u to the section and the thing u want is hanging up right
• he tried to find the stick thing but he CANT so u know what he does ???
• he jumps
• the other employees are like ?? tf is he doing now
• he just like. goes with it tho i mean he brings the whole rack down and youre just there …with a LOT of second-hand embarrassment so u just laugh bc what else can u do really
• “ah ! here it is! come with me let’s go ring it up!”
• “but what about all the clothes that jus-”
• he’d be a big blushing mess at this point
• then as he gave u yr bag he was like “oh wait. um theres this promotional gift card u should probably take !!” and ATTEMPTED winking at u
• key word: attempt
• u said thank u and rushed out before your face could get any redder
• “remember the way those racks fell? thats how my heart felt when i saw u walk in:) call me~ seungcheol”
• ok ok ill stop but like .. on your way out you walk past the store again and look over at him and hes STILL SMILING AND BLUSHIGN

anonymous asked:

The late night calls/texts/face time thing with JB and Jackson from Got7? Please and thank you <3

- Jackson:

  • Text -

Jackson: Babeeee ;)

Jackson: Babyyyyy

Jackson: Helloooo?

Jackson: HEY!

You: WHAT?!

Jackson: Oh, I woke you up huh?

You: Yes you did.

Jackson: Okay, good. I’m glad I woke you. Because I’m really bored and I miss youuuuu.

You: Go to sleep, Jackson.

Jackson: But I can’ttttttt.

You: Well I can, so goodnight.

Jackson: T.T Pay attention to your boyfriend!

You: Hmmm…nahhhh. Goodnight.

Jackson: But I miss youuu.

Jackson: And I need you.

Jackson: And I want you.

Jackon: Pleaseeeeeeee?

You: Uh…no.

Jackson: But don’t you wanna come over and snuggle with me in my nice warm bed? ;)

You: If you’re implying for me to get out of my own bed just to go visit you at this late hour, I ain’t doing it.

Jackson: But you know you want Mr. Wild and Sexy as much as he wants youuu.

You: Nope, not now. And why are you speaking in third person?

Jackson: But babyyy. I need you.

You: Oh Jackson, knock it off. I promise I’ll “snuggle” with you all day tomorrow.

You:…and yes, I will wear that sexy bra you love so much.

Jackson: YES!

Jackson: Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow then! Eheuheuhehehe.

You: smh. Goodnight.

  • Call - 

Jackson: You’re up!

You: Yes, I am.

Jackson: Babe, I need you to do me a favor.

You: Hm?

Jackson: Put me to sleep.

You: Pfffft. Do it yourself boy.

Jackson: But babeeeeee~

You: How am I supposed to put you to asleep?

Jackson: Sing me a song.

You: You and I both know that I can’t sing.

Jackson: I’ve never heard you try!

You: I don’t have to try because I already know!

Jackson: Oh, I know! Sing me a GOT7 song!

You: Ha, no.

Jackson: A! Sing A!

You: No.

Jackson: But bab-

You: No. 

Jackson: Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

You: No.

Jackson: Jagiyaaa, if you sing for me I will give you one of those massages like last time~

You: I hate you. 

Jackson: I love you too.

You: You take advantage of the fact that I love it when you call me Jagiya. 

Jackson: I don’t hear singingggggggg~

You: *sigh* Fine.

Jackson: Well?

You: Gah. *sings a part of A*

Jackson: Wow. Maybe you shouldn’t sing. 

You: I hate you Jackson Wang.

Jackson: I love you too.

  • FaceTime:

You: Hey, Jackson.

Jackson: Hey babe, how are-

You: Oh, hi Mark!

Mark: *waves with a cute smile*

Jackson: Wha? *looks at Mark who’s sitting somewhere behind him*

You: Mark, how are you doing?

Mark: Doing good. Just trying to relax before our next schedule. I was trying to watch basketball online but someone *points to Jackson* took my laptop.

You: Ahh, I’m sorry for taking away your laptop. Actually, I’m sorry that Jackson took your laptop.

Mark: Nah, it’s all good don’t worry about it. I’m used to JACKSON taking my stuff.

You: Again, I’m sorry Mark. But how are things going-

Jackon: No, no, NO. *dramatically stomps his feet*

You: …

Mark: …

Jackson: HOLD UP. *takes up computer screen*

You: …

Mark: …

Jackson: Mark, this is my girlfriend, and this is my time to talk to her! *fake pouts*

You: Jackson, you’re being a diva again.

Mark: Yeah, take a Twix man. 

You and Mark: *intense knee slapping laughter*

Jackson: Noooooo. *throws a pillow at Mark’s face and takes computer to his room*

You: …really?

Jackson: Nahhh, you know I ain’t jealous. I’m just messing around. I just want some alone time with my baby.

You: Pfffttt.

- JB:

  • Text: 

JB: I’m annoyed.

You: …I’m sorry?

JB: Remember that stew you made me yesterday?

You: Yeah…

JB: Well I had left overs so I left it in the fridge. 

You: Okay…

JB: And I wake up this morning to see Jackson slurping up all the left overs! T.T

You: Awww, I’m sorry.

JB: Ugh.

You: Ugh?


You: It’s okay, it’s okay. 


You: Listen up.

JB: ?

You: Why don’t you come over and I’ll make you a nice fresh batch of your favorite stew.

JB: Yesss.

You: Yeah, and we can watch a movie too. So just head on over.

JB: Wait.

You: Huh?

JB: Can we cuddle on the couch afterwards too?

You: Duh.

JB: On my way.

  • Call

JB: Honey, I’m bored.

You: Well what do you want me to do about- are you in the car?

JB: Maybe.

You: You’re driving?!

JB: Maybe.

You: IM JAEBUM! Don’t call me when you’re driving! It’s dangerous!

JB: Chill, I’m not even moving. There’s a lot of traffic.

You: …well I suppose that’s alright…but still!

JB: /intense honking sounds/

You: Oh god, JB are you the one honking?

JB: Again, maybe.

You: I’m hanging up.

JB: Ah no! Please don’t go!

You: JB!

JB: Pleaseeee.

You: No.


You: Is that Jackson?

JB: Yeah, the fool just woke up in the back seat.

You: Why is he screaming?

JB: He doesn’t like traffic either.

You: Ha.

JB: He fell asleep in traffic, and he wakes up surrounded by traffic. I’d be yelling too.


JB: Help me.


JB: Oh god, he’s hyper.


JB: Send help.

You: Nahhh, I’m good here.

JB: It’s just the two of us stuck here, oh gosh.


JB: /yelling at Jackson/ Ay, shut it! At least you get to sleep! I’m the one driving!

Jackson: I don’t care! I’m bored gosh darn it.

JB: I can’t even deal.

Jackson: Oh, who are you talking to?

JB: My girlfriend, you idiot.

Jackson: I wanna talk! /tries to grab phone/

JB and Jackson: /lots of yelling, grunting, and car honking as they fight over JB’s cell phone/

You: Uhhh.

JB: /accidentally hangs up/

  • Facetime:

JB: Hey jagi?

You: Hm?

JB: I have a very important question.

You: You do? What?

JB: /holds up two pairs of jeans/ Subtle sequins or ripped?

You: …uhh…

JB: Well?

You: Um…

JB: I was thinking about the jeans with the sequins because I’m gonna wear a really plain shirt. But I was considering the ripped jeans because-


JB: What?

You: This was your important question?

JB: Yeah.


JB: This is no laughing matter! I have to decide which pair I’m gonna wear tomorrow!

You: Oh gosh.

/a wild Jackson appears on the screen/

You: Oh hey, Jackson.

Jackson: Sup.

/Bambam walks into view eating a chocolate ice cream bar/

Bambam: /walks up to Jackson and offers him some of his ice cream/ Hyung, want a lick? WHOA. /trips and drops the ice cream all over JB’s ripped jeans/

JB: /yelliing at Jackson and Bambam/ THE BOTH OF YOU! OUT!!!

/Jackson and Bambam book it out of the room/

You: Welp, I guess you’re stuck with subtle sequins…

JB: …

-K (Just realized that Colleen previously answered for Jackson here. I’m a knucklehead.)

painfully drunk part 2 - Harry Styles imagine

*Requested by anon*

A/N: I got so many request for a second part of painfully drunk. Thank you guys so so much for liking it =)This one got longer than I expected though… I have other requests waiting in my inbox as well, so I will post them on the weekend. =) enjoy xxx

Harry’s POV – I was standing infront of Zayn’s house. After he wrote me that Y/N was there and I should leave her alone, I couldn’t do less than jump into my car and get to her. My head still hurted from the party the night before but I didn’t care at all. I had to know what happened between me and Y/N last night. I rang the door bell and waited a few seconds. Zayn opened the door finally.

“What the fuck are you doing here Harry!? I told you to stay away from her!!“ He was more than pissed and wanted to slam the door shut but I stopped it with my foot.

“Zayn, please listen to me!! I have no idea what happened last night! I was so fucking wasted, that I didn’t even recognize how I came home. Please let me talk to her.“ He didn’t trust me, I could tell by the look he gave me. My heart was racing like hell and I was so worried about her. Zayn looked back into his living room and just nodded before opening the door for me. Without hesitation, I walked straight into the living room. Y/N was sitting on the couch with a tissue in her hands. Her eyes were swollen and red, like she must have been crying the whole night. I walked around the couch and wanted to hug her but she stood up and ran to Zayn. She was hiding behind his back. Pure fear in her eyes.

“What happened last night Y/N? Talk to me please.“ I felt my heart sink into my stomach. My girlfriend was afraid of me? This was the worst feeling ever.

“Y/N, shall I tell him what happened?“ Zayn whispered and she just nodded. I didn’t understand and it made me sick to see her like that.

“Harry you were drunk as fuck last night after Liam and I brought you home. Y/N was alone, reading in her book. She asked Joshua to come over cause she was bored and thought it was okay since you were good friends. Joshua left earlier though and forgot his jacket at your house. As you saw it, you freaked out completely. You accused her of cheating and called her a whore and a bitch. If this wouldn’t be enough, you grabbed her arm so hard, that it’s all blue now and it still hurts. After you said, she should go and fuck Joshua, you pushed her against the wall. Im sorry Harry but you’re for real an asshole.“ I felt the tears forming in my eyes. I saw the scene infront of me but I thought it was just a nightmare. Y/N was crying even harder and Zayn comforted her with a hug. I could see her blue arm now. This must have been some kind of bad joke.

“Y/N baby, listen to me. I know there is no excuse or no words to make this better, but Im sorry!! Im so damn sorry. I never meant to hurt you or call you like that!! Please believe me.“ For the first time she looked into my eyes. Her scared and yet angry look was like a knife straight into my heart. How could I do this to the love of my life?

“But you did Harry. You were so drunk, that you lost control over yourself. The last four weeks, you’ve always been out and came back completely drunk!! Im so sick of this. I can’t trust you anymore. We’re done…I can’t be with someone who scares me…“ My heart stopped. She broke up with me…her words echoed in my head. I wanted to tell her a million things, but my mouth was to dry to speak.

“I think it’s better if you go now…“ Zayn held her close again, cause she began sobbing again. I was crying as well now. I felt like my whole world collapsed in that moment.

“Y/N please don’t say that. Please don’t break up with me. We can’t throw our love away like that. You know that you’re the love of my life. My one and only. My reason to breathe!!“ I wanted to walk over to her and hold her close to me, but Zayn stopped me.

“I can’t go home without you Y/N!! Im a fucking asshole and Im the worst boyfriend if I leave you here now. We need to talk about this. Please Y/N I don’t want to lose you like that. Im lost without you. Come home with me and we’ll fix this. We made it through so many shittiy situations. Give me a chance to fix this. You know I love you more than everything. Please…“ I was so desperate. I would have done everything, to turn back the time. She looked at me, calmer this time.

“Ok Harry. Let’s go home and talk about this. Thank you Zayn, for everything.“ He looked at me suspiciously and sighed.

“Call me if you need anything ok? Im here for you.“ He hugged her one last time and kissed her cheek. A big rock fell from my heart, as she agreed to come home with me. This was my chance. It was now or never.

Your POV – I was still scared but Harry was right. We couldn’t throw it all away like that. We walked to his range rover in silence. The drive home was quiet as well. At least, the silence helped me to calm down a little bit. I loved him so damn much but I was too hurt.

As we were inside our house, we sat on the couch with a certain distance. I turned the phone in my hands around, not able to hold still. He finally spoke up.

“Does it still hurt?“ He let his fingertips slide over the bruised part of my arm. I didn’t move away cause I actually enjoyed this gentle gesture. I already missed his touch.

“Just a little bit. Harry…do you really have a problem with me and Joshua?“ I wanted to talk this over and forget about it. I couldn’t see him suffering like that.

“No I don’t. He is our friend and I turst you with all my heart. I don’t know why I freaked out so damn bad. I guess it was the alcohol that made me lose my mind.“ He looked down to his hands, totally ashamed of himself. I took his hand in mine and moved closer to him.

“Do you understand now, why I hate it, when you’re drunk like that? It changes you. You’re not my Harry when you’re drunk. It’s like a lottery with you. There is a clingy Harry, an angry Harry, a sad Harry and an overhappily Harry. I can’t handle it, to see you drunk every weekend anymore.“ His thumb was stroking the back of my hand. I knew, that he saw my point.

“Baby Im sorry. It’s just that, it helps me forget about all the shit that’s going on in our life. All the stress and the rumours…“ I cut him off.

“But I am here for exactly this situations!! I got your back, no matter what. But you just care about how to forget all this and with that you forget about me and that’s what hurts the most. I love you and I want to be with you but not if you keep going like that. I just feel like you don’t care enough about me or our relationship…“ He looked up from our hands and I could tell, that the truth hit him straight in his face.

“Im so sorry Y/N. Im sorry for letting you feel like that. You are the most important thing in my life. If I keep fighting against all that things, it’s because you make me strong. I don’t want you to think, I don’t care about you, cause you’re all I really care about. I promise, I wont drink that much again and I wont freak out when you hang out with our friends. I want you and nothing else. I made the biggest mistake in my whole life by touching you this way. Can you give me a chance to make you trust me again? I really don’t want to lose you Y/N.“ I looked into his watering eyes. This wonderful green orbs. Deep down I knew, that I would trust him again and that he’d do anything to fix my trust and our relationship.

I stroke his cheek and smiled at him. It was a mistake but it needed more to break us apart. We were stronger than this. I kissed him slowly and put all my love into this one kiss. So did he. I could feel his emotions. Love, fear and relief.

“I love you so much baby.“ He whispered against my lips and pulled me closer to his body. I knew he did and I was sure that we could fix this together. Just me and him.         

I need you (Matt & Cameron Imagine)

Requested by Anon/

Part 1:
Part 2

”Explain why you don’t like me, Y/N” Cameron said with a smirk I sighed and said ”You’re always in detention and seeks trouble.” ”ugh you only say that because you’re a goody two shoes, loosen up” he said laughing ”It’s not funny cameron— see I knew this was a bad Idea.” I said looking away. My hands were on the table so cameron had a chance to put his hands on top of it, before I could pull it away he put wrapped both of this hands on mine. ”Y/N.. Your hands are so cold..” He said. ”I know…” I said and then I finally looked at him as I felt his warm hands warm up mine. ”Y/N..I really like you. a lot actually and I can’t keep you off my mind, Everytime I see you in the halls at school all I wanna do it run up to you and hug you. You’re not like the other girls and that’s exactly why I like you so much. But I knew you would never like a guy like me..” He said his face then turned serious and sad ”Cameron..” I said standing up and then sat beside him. ”I’m sorry I have judged you wrong, I’m such a bitch sometimes..” I groaned as I put my hands on my face. ”No, don’t blame it on yourself I wouldn’t doubt you would think of me like that. It’s me because all I do is mischief-“ he said and cut off the last words quick ”and that’s what makes you’re so rare I can’t put it to words. I’ve always just thought you might be different. And here you are expressing yourself to a girl who’s been a bitch to you.” I said looking up and smiled at him. His face brightened up quickly. We talked for 30 minutes and I learned so much about him that i never knew. We had so many things in common which was such a shock to me. I checked the time and saw that it was already 6:45 and I had a bunch of projects to finish up so I asked him if he can take me home now and it was fine with him. While we were driving back to my house it felt like hours, when we finally got there he walked me over to my door. ”Well uhm here we are” I said awkwardly gesturing the door. ”So Y/N there’s the City Fair this weekend and uhm I was wondering if you wanna go with me.” He asked rubbing the back of his neck. I smiled and said ”of course, Sounds fun id love to, Cam.” I then kissed him in the cheek and he pulled me closer to him and gave me a hug. He smelled so good I wanted the hug to last forever. ”Goodnight Y/N, I had a great time talking to you” he whispered in my ear. ”Thank you, i did to.” I said pulling away. I walked in and he left. I ran straight to my room when I came in my house. I was blushing so hard I couldn’t even control it, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs because of what just happened. I was so happy. I wanted to text Matthew but I just felt like I wasn’t in the mood since I realized he would still be at work so I just called Cameron who gave me his number while we were at Starbucks. ”Hey..” I said ”Miss me already don’t you?” He replied which made me blush & smile because it was true. ”Maybe” I giggled. we talked on the phone for hours until I yawned and realized I was really tired ”Im really tired Cameron,” I said ”Aw go to sleep then love” I blushed as he called me “love” ”goodnight cameron, bye.” I said ”Goodbye beautiful” he said hanging up. Before I fell asleep I had one thing on my mind. That I was falling inlove with Cameron. I always had. I was just to blurred to confess. The next morning I woke up feeling like complete crap but I still had to go to school. I got ready, ate breakfast and luckily my mom drove me to school when I usually take the stupid bus. While on my way to my locker I saw Cameron staring at me with a smile on his face but he was with his friends so I didn’t wanna bother him. So I just went and look for Matt, before I knew it Cameron grabbed my waist and spun me around ”WOAH” i yelled and we both giggled. He blushed and so did I ”I’m sorry did I scare you?” He said ”oh no- sort of- maybe just a little bit” I replied biting my lip as I look at him. ”Why don’t you kiss me” he said looking at my lips. He leaned in but I pulled back ”no not now cameron!” I said. He groaned. ”And you’re not gonna get it that easy” I said winking at him as I turned around and walked away. I looked back and saw him looking at me with a smile and said ”You are such a tease!” and I smiled back. As I turned the corner I bumped into Matt. ”Oh gosh I’m sorry Matt!” I said ”oh no it’s fine” he said. I hugged him and he said ”I missed you, you didn’t call last night you poo” I giggle as I pull away ”I’m sorry I was doing my homework. Meet me at the usual spot at free period?” I asked him knowing that’s the only place I could ever see him ”alright” he said smiling then the bell rang. School was stupid as usual, during free period I met up with Matt and a couple of his friends and I told him how Cameron really sweet and how he likes me ”well what do you want me to do?” He asked.”You were the one who chose to stay there with him”. I looked up at him ”But I’m kind off starting to like him too and it wasn’t a question, stupid.” I just said. “well isn’t he sort off way out of your league? you talk about how much you dislike him like everyday, Y/N” He replied. “Yeah but last night I got to know him way better, and he’s not the actual person I thought he was. He was different. Perfect..” I said. “Oh” Matt said with an upset look which I didn’t really notice till I finally looked at him. The rest of the day was the casual high school stuff. Finally. By the end of the day I was at my locker when Cameron leaned against the lockers beside mine “Y/N!!” he yelled as I closed my locker. “Cameron” I said very calmly. He then grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. By then I realized that I really like it when he does that to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rest his chin on my head as I rest my head against his Chest listening at the beat of his heart beat. At that moment, I suddenly knew I was actually falling for this boy.
Here’s Part 2! Thank you all for reading the first part :* let me know of what you guys think and maybe I’ll make a Part 3❤️

Mommas Boy and Daddy's Girl

* SMUT WARNING * Well this was fun to write! Luke Hemmings isn’t tricking me with that whole mommas boys thing! He is a kinky long legged lip biting piece of Australian and if he ever need a volunteer I accept!

“Your such a mommas boy” I giggled at luke as he finished his third call to his mom. “Someones jealous” he laughed laying down next to me. “Oh yeah I totally rather hang out with Liz” I said sarcastically making him pout. “Shut up (Y/N)” he said pushing me. I gasped “ what would Liz think of you pushing a girl Lucas Hemmings!” He shook his head at me. “I can do what I want I’m punk rock” he repeated hovering over me. “More like a mommas boy” I smiled laughing till he picked me up. “Let’s see if your in a keep saying that he smirked”

– “LUKE!” I scream as I shut my eyes feeling myself release to his pounding length. My uneven breathe and constant moaning only encourages him till he drops my legs feeling my high end. “You must really like my cock baby your dripping” he smiled dropping to his knees as I was enjoyed the the sensitivity he left me with, “daddy’s girl is doing so good now she learned who’s in charge” he smirked sliding his thumb to my bundle of nerves as I jumped from the surprising feeling. “Oh don’t move baby you’ll only make it harder” he said as he pulled me down my heat directly in front of his plump lips. He blew hot air his lip rings slid past my skin making me jump again. “What did daddy say” he growled opening my legs wide as he buried his lips and tongue between my legs. The feeling of pleasure and making me close my legs to hold his head still as I grinded into his tongue, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Im sorry Luke ” I repeated as it went unheard. My back arched as Luke continued to suck on my clit with full forced making me scream squirm and shake. The feeling of my 3 orgasm was approaching and Luke knew it which made him tug at my clit making my legs shake as I came into his mouth. My body fell weak at the end of my high releasing Luke as he licked his lips with the taste of me. “I don’t know baby” he hovered over me. “You called me names and i punished you then when I’m punishing you and you try to move away what do I have to do” he sighed looking at me as one of my eyes followed his lips. “Punish me more” I smiled as his eyebrow raised. “I think that can be arranged” “Stand up” he ordered as I stood up on the bed he laid his head back to a pillow. “Now sit on my face” I was shocked but pleased I lowered down so my heat was centimeter from Luke’s perfect lips. He wrapped me arms around my thighs holding me down as his lips wild on my heat. I gripped his chest to relieve some of the feeling till I noticed his bulge that was ready in action. “Let’s make this even” I panted as i grabbed Luke’s length in my hand and began pumping it. He rocked his hips foreword as I continued. The more I felt the knot grow the harder I pumped his length. I felt the twitch in his length agains my finger tips, “babe I’m gonna” I screamed as he nodded to agree as well. The rush of feelings was still enough time of me to get off Luke’s lips. I screamed and whimpered as I saw the difference in my orgasm the squirts of pleasure as I panted. “That…was…. Hot” Luke pants as he released over his stomach. “That was different” I covered my eyes feeling a new found of awkward . “Hey be comfortable with me!” He leaned to kiss me. “I am it’s just this time no round 2” I chuckled as he wrapped himself around me. “Awww I think you can handle a round 2” he kissed my neck.