im still at the office though

Why "Burn" is amazing

-the way Phillipa says cathedrals
-the fact that Eliza doesn’t insult Mariah even though she could’ve justified it - she’s still respecting her and idk just cinnamon roll
-the “you have married an Icarus” gets me ok
-the “you, you, you”
-Eliza telling Alex to sleep in his office like yes you tell him his place
-the chord on the word “mine” is just so nice
-Eliza putting herself first and being strong even though the song is so emotional idK IM JUST HAVING SO MANY EMOTIONS


Puzzle and Dragons CM - Arioka Daiki, Ohno Satoshi

大ちゃん& 大ちゃん  oh-chan and dai-chan ◦°˚\(´°౪°`)/˚°◦c

I’m mean I’m not that ~surprised~ if they do cut funding for Meals on wheels and other anti-poverty programs, and local public tv and radio stations, and climate research and instead direct it towards a $54 billion increase to the defense budget even though the military already gets a fuck ton of funding and spends more than its allocated (since these people in office are actual demons), but it’s still horrifying.

Im gripping my seat so tightly I’m ripping the seams in hopes that Capitol Hill will stop all that nonsense…I’m not holding my breath however.