im still alive guys!

E.E Cummings- i carry your heart

(tagging @akai-ayleid because i see you and your new chapter hey here’s to more genyatta contents n stuff *raises cup*) 

but then, why is the lump in our chests 

saying we want to  d̨ísa͘p҉p͡ear?͞

sayin͢g ̡w̷e͡ wą̨n̨͟ţ͡͡ ̨t͠͏ǫ͜ d̗̻̤͙̬̠͆͒̃͆i͇͕͙͓̩̬͈ͨê͉͓̰̞̣̭͊̊ ?̡ ͟?̵

the lost one’s weeping: 3rd anniversary | neru

an update

hi guys sorry for the lack of updates for like.. 2 weeks?

unfortunately i won’t be able to upload any art for another week or so because i’ll be preparing prints for a local con next month!

i’ll be doing some mm prints and probably a p5 print (and if there’s time i’ll do some tg ones too) and if there’s any leftovers after the con i might open up online international orders :’D

so until the end of april, i’ll be on semi-hiatus kinda ;v;  

pls look forward to my prints!


at what point in my life did I decide I wanted to see Maxie belting out the spice girls while he thinks no one is looking and then getting painfully caught by the bf and locking himself up in the bathroom

oh right it was my friend’s (@bpdfaydflourite) prompt

Friendly reminder that this blog is still on hiatus