im still a noob at these things


The night before your wedding

(a/n: hehe sorry~~ ive been gone for like idk so long im so sorry >.< i was studying for my exams so it took a lot of time, although i still have a shit ton of things to do but thought i’d make this quick drabble for you guys ^^ i want to get into kinda like oneshot stories more,maybe more actual fics not just texts so please spoil me with your ideas bc mah brain is dead T^T request pleaseu before i leave for London ^^ [btw yeah im going to london first time visitor will be a total noob there, i will go get some duck paste so i can feed them in Hyde Park….lol i will be legit astonished if anyone gets which book its from xD] okay i always talk to much byeeeee)

Sometimes I question what I would do without @friendoftheood‘s guidance. She taught me how to do edits on photoshop, how to download gif hunts easier, how to play james potter basically(the first time I played him in group rp it was hers), how to indie rp and now how to use discord. Grateful, to have a friend like livia! 


so like
ive been on flightrising for a little over a year now and i noticed all the beautifully done skins shared on blog accounts and accents people have made. sadly for me i dont understand FRs way of explaining things in order to make them and to upload them. could someone help me please( in short: possible programs i could use, uploading, ane looking semi-good ) and possibly give some pointers?

if you dont know how to help or something, please reblog and pass it on! i could use a lot of help.. ;_; thank you ♡

1.3K Follow Forever.

Gosh darn damn like how the hell did I even manage this many followers? I’d like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for always dealing with everything I post - all my rants, my crazy fangirling, my emotions, everything. The past four months have been amazing and the family I found on here has grown so much. I can’t stop saying thank you to each and every one of you. I only just started learning how to do the graphics thing, and I write a scarce drabble every now and then so I seriously have no clue why so many follow me - but the love I’ve recieved from you all is more than incredible. To show my gratitude - I put together a list of the blogs and the munchkins I love beyond life - because they truly place a smile on my face and are so important to me. Thank you so much for the past year. (if I forgot anyone come and kick my face and tell me and I will add you im really tired so I’m sorry ;w;) 
- nami x

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[amazing spectacular people who do amazing things and that still made a huge part of my happiness this year]

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- again thank you all so much. x