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hey ally you made me read the bnha manga in what,3 days? time has lost all meaning. and i feel like i am actually going to combust!!!!! the fights around chapter 90 and 117 left me literally shaking and i just feel like you should take the resposibility. and also thank you. god i hope you draw more bnha im,,shaken

welcome to the hell hole, comrade

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Oh gosh. Do you think you could draw more Inuyasha! Bakudeku? That first one was so freaking cute... It's really inspiring me to write a fic...... *also sorry if this ask came twice! My computer is funky.. TvT)

I can only do screenshot redraws sorry 

do writers like actually understand what “the nazis won” storylines entail ? as a jewish person all i see is “here’s an alternative universe where all jewish people were murdered enjoy :)” and honestly the fact that these types of shows continue to get made enrages me

Betrayal II

A/n: Well hereโ€™s this 34 years later. Let me know how you feel about it. I had an idea like halfway through so I stopped it pretty early. Part three soon??

Part One

I hear the front door close and lock as Shawn leaves, mumbling something about a meeting with Andrew. I feel empty as I walk up the stairs and into the bedroom which for some reason now feels so foreign. I look around for a moment, maintaining my composure for as long as I could before falling to the floor in tears. Everything about this relationship has been a lie. I try desperately to catch my breath as a million things run through my mind. How do I know they arenโ€™t still sneaking around? If not with Olivia, then someone else. Everything starts to make sense as my mind takes me back to every the FaceTime call cut short because Olivia had a wardrobe concern.

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