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the gangsey dance party

ok listen we’ve already established how it starts out in this post but let me just refresh your memory:

(gay trans boy!ronan, bisexual bigender!adam, pansexual trans boy!gansey, demisexual genderfluid!henry, pansexual transfeminine!noah, demisexual genderfluid!blue)

henry is Bored and starts snooping through everybodys ipod in order to organize a dance party (and theyve also got ahold of some weed; courtesy of cheng two)(everyone has a playlist of latin music as well in their library) and here is what henry finds in everyones music library 

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BTS playing truth and dare ;)

Jung hoseok : *comes running into the living room where everyone is watching tv * LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!

Taehyung : *nods enthusiatically* yes yes! Let’s go!

~ Everyone is sitting around in a circle


Jungkook : Do we go by turns?

Taehyung : yes! Let’s spin the bottle once and we will start with whoever it points to!

*jin spins the bottle after a failed try by Namjoon who spun the bottle too hard and it collided with the leg of the table effectively cracking it*

The bottle lands on hoseok


Yoongi : truth or dare?

Hoseok : IM A BRAVE PERSON! Dare!

Taehyung : hyung, everything you say in the next fifteen minutes must be in the tune of happy birthday.

Hoseok : -in tune- “i will not forgive you, I will not forgive you, I will not forgive you Tae, get ready for a beating”

Jin chooses truth :

Namjoon : Jin hyung, eat a spoonful of wasabi!

Taehyung and Jimin : that’s brutal!!

After Jin eats wasabi they continue albeit a little scared for Namjoon. Jin hyung can be savage when he wants to be.

Namjoon chooses dare. Taehyung jumps up and tells him to confess to the person he likes!

Needless to say, Jimin, Taehyung, hoseok and jungkook are namjin shippers. Yoongi doesn’t care.

Namjoon : *picks up his phone and texts “I love you” to his mom*

Jungkook : My turn! I choose dare!

Jimin : *snorts* of course you do

Taehyung : *smiles mischievously* your dare is to sit on the lap of the person to your right till the game ends!

Jimin : *gapes* wha?

Jungkook : *pales* but does as told and awkwardly sits in jimin’s lap while mumbling about killing Tae later.

Jimin: I’ll go with dare too then *shifts kookie in his lap so he can look at tae better* go for it, tae.

Taehyung: AHA! Your dare is you cannot refuse your best friend from crawling in your bed because he’s cold and can’t sleep!

Jimin: *looks at hoseok and winks* I never said no to hobi hyung though?


Yoongi: -cuts tae off- okay, brat truth or dare?

Jimin: hyung, no-

Taehyung: AHAHAH! Truth!

Namjoon : tell us your biggest secret!

Taehyung: Starts telling the members the story of his life and how he found out he was adopted and his real parents were spies who were forcefully deported from the country by the government, he was 8 years old when he found the letters from his real parents and knew about his real identity and how his adoptive parents were actually robots built by the government to bring him up. He confronted his parents and they told him this was supposed to be a secret and now that it’s out the government will catch him, so he ran from home and learned how to live alone in this world. He told them how he picked up a sixth sense along the way and now he can tell if there’s an abandoned puppy within a mile’s radius - and at this point everyone had already left except Jimin and jungkook because he had to sit on jimins lap for the entire game-

Jungkook to Jimin : is he going to be okay?

Jimin : he’s fine, just being himself :)