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hey i saw that post u made about how u dont find jokes about suicide and mental illness funny, which i agree with esp when the person doesnt actually know what its like. i was just wondering what u thought of it as a cry for help/way to cope? during a particularly shitty period i made lots of jokes about it hoping that someone would ask me if im ok which clearly isnt the best way to go about it but i was too embarrassed to straight up ask for help and it did work eventually. sry for bothering

i mean i think in a lot of ways it often is a cry for help and that’s why it kind of worries me that talking about how badly you want to die is the big cool joke. i think in general global popular culture saying “i want to die” as a hyperbolic, humorous response to something embarrassing or otherwise bad in the general sense of the word is pretty common and is usually understood to be a joking statement. likewise humor is something people have always used as a means to cope with difficult situations and it’s understandable. so i think the problem is when “i have crippling depression” is the Funney Meme of the month because it becomes difficult to distinguish if someone constantly posting about how much they want to die is just another ironic alt teen or a person who is suffering and trying to reach out through humor. i worry that someone somewhere is going to the miss warning signs by assuming their friend who’s always posting image macros about suicide on social media is just doing it “ironically”. sorry this got long and off topic, im having difficulty putting this all quite into words so i hope it makes sense. i’ve dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts for much of my life and i’ve definitely used stupid memes to try and mask just how bad i was feeling from my friends and family so i don’t blame anyone who is genuinely in pain and struggling. hope you’re doing better now anon