im squealing this is so adorable


Go on commission her guys~! I think she still got some slots there! *7* I mean JUST LOOK AT HOW ADORABLY BEAUTIFUL THESE XTALE KIDDOS ARE ऀืົཽ≀ ͔ ͕̮ ऀืົཽ✧

Art & Xtale by @jakei95
Palette Roller by @angexci
Goth by me

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SUPERFAM HEADCANONS? I have a small one! jon playing with kara's glasses and they turn him blonde since he already has dark hair : o

*squeal* that’s adorable!!! but i tried colouring his hair blond and….it just doesn’t work, anon TT0TT so i used his mom’s old hair colour instead :3 i think Jon would slay as a redhead!! ;)

(also im being a bit self-indulgent here and made Kara’s glasses rounded u___u)

GOT7 Scenario // Watching their s/o performing at an award show.

i love these type of requests! Enjoy!


You knew Mark was very supportive of you, but since you were at an award show, in public, he had to keep his reactions subtle because there were obviously cameras everywhere. But he eventually made it onto the big screens. You would expect him to focus on your group but he could not keep his eyes off of you. He would be the type to focus on your voice more than your moves.


He wouldn’t hesitate to support you and your group. He would do anything along the lines of head bopping and singing. He always bragged to his members and made sure that their attention was on you the entire time. Then after the show he would congratulate you and show you how proud he was.


He would try to be subtle but everyone knows this boi would hype the fuck out of you. He made sure everyone at his table zipped their mouths and watched the art before them. He’s so proud of you and he’s not afraid to show it. Your vocals are soothing to him too.


Like Mark, he would try to calm to not raise any suspicion. But he failed. Jinyoung would get too excited when your group was on stage. He tends to focus on your group as a whole but you really shine in your group so most times, his attention stays on you.


He isn’t afraid to show his support, yet he would be a bit cautious. Your vocals are his favorite thing in the world. Most of the time he is always telling you how proud he is of you and praising you like no other. He pays extra close attention to your vocals since you’re so talented.


JYP would have to lecture this kid for setting off rumors so many times because the fan cams capture everything he does. Most of the time, he will be head bopping or even dancing in his seat. At one point he made it onto one of the big screens and your management wasn’t having it Later after the show, you two would hang out and congratulate each other for performing so well.


He made sure you followed his dancing tips so you could do your best on stage. He adored you and was in love with your stage presence, it really complimented your group. He would squeal from time to time over your sexiness cuteness and would meet up with you backstage to cheer you on!

this was somewhat difficult to write? I hope you enjoyed!

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best part about jikook in today's bv2 ep wasnt them getting lost; it wasnt them eating together, or sitting on the bus; no... it was when they were first paired, and both of their smiles were literally so bright and giddy and warm and *genuine*. like, they smile practically all the time for different reasons, but i dont think id seen them *that* happy in forever. they might as well have been jumping for joy and squealing (im exaggerating cause it was so darn cute but u get the idea it was sweet)

!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS !!!!!!!!!!! their smiles and the way that jungkook said “jimin hyung” and how they held hands and jk just pulled jm closer to him. like it was so adorable to me, i can’t get over it. I’m gonna have to go to the dentist for cavities after that because it was just so cute. you could see the happiness radiating off of them. like it makes me feel so warm and gooey on the inside. 

(gifcred to jiminthefairyprince)

like look at how happy they are afterwards too???? and the whole day they were super smiley and happy and just generally having fun. which is like so important for them. and they literally did not stop smiling the whole day, and i jsut really love it so much. 

((For the floating Bones prompt))

MODS NOTE - apricotsandlemondots when i saw this in my inbox i actually let loose a squeal so loud im REALLY embarrassed about it oh my GOD 

your art style is adorable i dont know which of the three i love more i just love this so much tTHANK YOU!!

((this is the floating bones thing the art is based off of))

Monsta x reacting to you putting your hand up their top when you’re tired

Anonymous asks :

Could I request a monsta x and nct 127 reaction where you always put your hand in/up their top when you are tired xx


I think that when you did it for the first time it happened he’d be kind of confused and ask you what you’re doing. When you tell him that it’s because you’re tired and you find the feel of his skin soothing he’d quickly get used to it and it will become one of his favorite quirks about you and thinks it’s absolutely adorable. Whenever you do it he sees it as a sign to get you into bed.

“awe are you tired jagiya, lets get you to bed then”

Originally posted by madtwn


I think that Wonho would have a heart attack every single time you did it because he finds you too freaking adorable like he’s amazed at how anyone can be this cute and he loves being close to you in general so he would love this kind of skinship. At first he’d be all giggly and embarrassed but he’d soon get over it after the first few times and gush over you every time.

“you’re so cute jagiya everything you do is so adorable”

Originally posted by seokijn


Now out of all the reactions in monsta x he’d be the most extra person. As soon as he found out about this he’d be telling all his members about it and talking about how cute and adorable you are non stop. Everytime you get sleepy and do this he’d squeal a little and just cuddle you because of how adorable you are.

“my jagi is so cute when she’s tired she’s the best, so much cuteness im so blessed”

Originally posted by chiqkihyun


Since he’s pretty chill i don’t think he’d pay any attention to it . The fist time you did it he’d probably ask you about it and when you’d tell him he’d just get more fond of you. Whenever you cuddle up to him he’d pull you further into his chest and kiss you’re forehead and sometimes he’d also smile down at you fondly wondering how he got so lucky.

“you’re adorable”

Originally posted by aceyng


He’s another one who wouldn’t really show much of a reaction since he’d be just as tired as well. I don’t think he would actually register what you did until later on when he thinks back on it which brings a smile to his face. It quickly becomes something he looks forwards to whilst you cuddle together.

“you tired? Let’s go to bed so it’s more comfortable”

Originally posted by gifsmonstax


He would become shy and giggly when you first did it but when he realised it’s because you’re tired he would calm down and get use to it quickly. It would be relaxng for both of you and he woud often kiss you on the top of your head or just stare down at you smiling becuse of how fond of you he is.

“i could not be happier with my llife with you right now jagiya”

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk


I think that the first thing this kid would think of is if you’re trying to initiate something since it is an intimate act of skinship. Whether you’re tired or not if you happened to erm … get him in the mood due to this action he’d probably initiate a make out session or return the favour and erm…. i’ll let you come up with what happens next. But if hes behaving himself, he’d probably cuddle up to you but he’d still return the favour.

“oooo jagiya aren’t you mischevious”

Originally posted by bts-bap-trash

I hope you enjoyed this reaction and that you’re satisfied with what i have came up with. Thank you so much for requesting and don’t forget to request if you would like to see a certain reaction or scenario. We will try out best to complete them xx

-Admin J-gull

To Mun:

Please accept this small token of mine, and forgive me that it was done through a bad quality camera.

After reading the angst headcannons, I simply cannot watch the Big Bones teddybear being in despair. He deserves love and LOTS of hugs and kisses (even though Chopper here doesn’t appreciate his Babe in other people’s arms).

Please, cherish him on our behalf.

Mun: Oh MY GOD. I just saw this and my roommates heard me squeal from up the hall! This is adorable, thank you so much!! I love this!! And no worries, in the comic Im about to post, he definitely is gonna get a lot of love!!

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ok so your writing is literally god sent, i was wondering if you would do a fluffy calum imagine where youre really short?

ahhh im so glad you like my writing! <3 

so i m a g i n e just being in the kitchen, attempting to make pasta. Key word had been pasta due to the fact that you were quite short. Most of the ingredients and spices were up on the fairly high cabinets, and you found it frustrating that you couldn’t just raise an arm and reach it with ease. You kept huffing and sighing about, having Calum hear the frustrated sighs and the placement of your stool whenever you needed a different ingredient. 

“Babe, are you alright?” Calum’s tame voice boomed, the nasally reassurance making you smile briefly as you placed the stool in front of the sink. You looked back to find Calum leaning on the counter, staring at you wistfully as you climbed up and shifted about a cabinet for some tomato paste.

“It’s like you chose this house on purpose to aggravate me,” you huffed, pouting as you grabbed the cool can and put in down on the space by the sink before climbing down. You could hear Calum laugh sweetly, quietly but full of life. 

“Y/N, I didn’t know you when I got this house,” Calum chuckles, “had I known, would I have bought a handicap house for you. You’d be able to reach everything in a house like that.” You turned to him and stuck out your tongue, having him grin a little wider. He made his way to you, dimples denting deeply with crinkles by his eyes and the warm brown eyes staring at your adoringly. His calloused, rough hands brought themselves down to your cheeks, in which you felt the large entities cup your face and hold you firmly. “D’you need help with anything, love?” 

You were hesitant, feeling embarrassed before diverting your eyes elsewhere, “can you pass me the oregano up there?” You pointed towards the cabinet, having Calum nod with a few raven locks falling perfectly on his forehead. He let you go and got the spice with ease before handing it to you with such a cocky smile. “Don’t you get all pompous now, Hood.” 

“I’m not!” The Maori boy exclaims, “M’just so amused at your height.” 

“I get it,” you hummed dully, feeling a little insecure, “I’m like a dwarf or whatever.” 

“Nah babs,” Calum hummed, wrapped his arms around your neck to pull your body against his, “I love feeling helpful to you when you can’t get stuff with ease. I’m here to love you after all, and this comes with it.” You flush, stubbornly wrapped your arms around his torso as he chuckles and held you tighter. He bends down to press a gentle kiss on your head, having your spine shiver in sparks. “Anythin’ else I can help with?” 

“J-just stay here while I make us dinner,” you asked quietly, your voice muffled from his Tide-scented shirt as he stifles out a chuckle and gives you a final squeeze. Backing up, Calum gives you a good look up and down, “what?” 

He suddenly swallows you in his large, toned arms again, “you’re just so fucking beautiful and adorable!” You squeal, flinching from the sudden motion as Calum held you and began slowly spinning you in the affection embrace right in the middle of the kitchen. 

aH im screaming. due to college, i cant write as much as i want to and thats such a drag. im so sorry to those who enjoy it :( x 

BTS as tags on my fake chats
  • Taehyung: #CUTIES! #TAETAE! #2NDBF #this is so adorable omg
  • Jimin: #this is actually super adorable though #ahhh #cuties #my beautiful chimchim #me and my bby <333
  • Namjoon: #JASON HISTOLOGY GOT MY CRYING #THIS IS SO FUNNY PLS I NEED AIR #but this is so cute #damnit
  • Hoseok: #THERE'S REAL TEARS IN MY EYES #IM SCREAMING #squealing and screeching in my room
  • Jungkook: #BUNBUN #jikook is still real #I have nothing else to say #my baby bunny #awwwwww #so cuuuuuuuute
  • Seokjin: #hahahahahahahahahahahahahah #too good #goodness this is beautiful #never gonna not reblog
  • Yoongi: #oh my f*** god this shit is hella real

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A/N: This was due like 5 years ago?? Anyways, this is ridiculously long but I won’t apologize bc hopefully it makes up for how late it is :^) ALSO, please let me know if you prefer this type of thing to be long/detailed or short/to the point! Love you guys :) -Admin Madi ^-^

  • Ok so Boyfriend!Jeonghan would be extremely pouty/clingy when you don’t pay attention to him
  • The type to sit next to you while you’re occupied and just poke your cheek constantly or play with your hair/the hem of your shirt
  • He likes to be touching you at all times meaning that there’s a lot of discreet pinky holding, sleeve tugging and back touching :)
  • Hannie has a habit of resting his hand on your butt whenever you’re standing by him c;
  • There would be a lot of sharing hair products
  • Jeong would steal your shampoo bc “It smells nicer than mine!” but would always buy you a replacement bottle
  • You blow dry each others hair & style it in the mornings to make life easier and arms less tired
  • Frequent drain clogging due to all the hair that’s being washed away
  • Your boyfriend smells really really really nice too
  • Would be the type of boyfriend to bring up embarrassing things you did in the past and tease you about them until you end up hitting him to shut him up
  • “Hitting me isn’t going to make me stop Y/N…Wanna know an effective way?”
  • Proceeds to pucker his lips and send a wink your way
  • His hair would get tangled into your brush
  • Steals your hair ties and headbands when he’s having a lazy day
  • He does that cute lil bun he had in the adore u video uKNOW WHAT IM TALKING BOUT
  • And seeing him like that is just so cute that you want to squeal bc he’s so effortlessly handsome
  • Omg he would be the type to spell out stupid little messages like “hi” or “ily” in the mirror after showering

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IS there any soumako fanfiction you like? I can't find anything good in the tag on ao3..

//speaks in rose’s voice// its been 84 years since i’ve read soumako fics…

haha no but its sincerely been a while. i’ve only read one soumako fic recently last month which was 404 by moeblobmegane (its a soulmate au so it def got me hooked ;v; its v adorable and just a bit angsty on makoto’s part). if you’re looking for some newer fic recs i don’t really have any besides that orz but i def have some old recs if you’re interested! i’ll name some of my personal favs but i have a rec list you can look at :>

FIRSTLY one of my fav soumako writers is definitely @brickerbeetle her soumako interpretation is a+++++ fantastic beautiful amazing i thank god everyday. my personal fav from her is Just Don’t Leave Me she writes soumako so darn cute i scream and squeal all the time and im just all smiles ;v; also she’s cool and funny and adorable and also my fiance

Chicken and Corn Soup by Ad_Astra I LOVE THIS!! Its a longgggg one-shot and its hilarious. It had dorky Sousuke (which is the best kind of ssk). also its seiyuu au!!! i love this au there needs to be more of it.

Almond Danish by  devious-sex-monster (darkotter) MAXIMUM FLUFF OVERLOAD. WARNING: YOU WILL GET CAVITIES

Lover Dearest by APurpleAvocado ok this one is def NOT fluffy. I have to warn you there’s abuse in this one (not from ssk thank god). At the time I caught up to the recent chapter, the author went on hiatus, and the story hadn’t gotten much happier yet (i hope it does). The author is back to updating though! I have yet to catch up but I’m planning to!

The World Ends With Me by TheMonster This was another fic that went on hiatus but its now completed! :> i also need to finish reading it…. but from what i read so far its really interesting!! i love the story’s concept about the after life and grim reapers.

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eek ok well my crush is so fucking adorable she's openly lesbian and talks about gay rights and wears massive hoodies and is really into musicals. she has a really nice voice and wears bee hairclips and ties her hair in two braids. she's so adorable and i think she might like me too? we haven't really talked much yet but we get along well and im just hoping

screaming into my fist this is just TOO cute holy shit i really hope it works out? and that you guys talk more over the next days (weeks, months) alsooo do feel free to update me on this so i can squeal with you

but yeah you get along and haven’t even talked much yet so!!! i’m sure it’s gonna get even better the more you get to know each other

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Hi! I wanted to let you know that I think you're a very incredible person and you're honestly such an inspiration. You always leave really nice comments on people's work, and your own art is gorgeous! Your fics are also really good, I absolutely adore them and your characterizations. You're so kind and funny and you run really great blogs! Thanks for being such a cool person! I hope you have a great day!

oh my god. this message had me squealing a bit. you are so sweet, thank you so much!! im so flattered and happy that you think of me that way ;o;

squint {kyungsoo}

Originally posted by essentyeol

“Why are you looking at the screen like that?” You hide your smile behind your hand. 

Kyungsoo, who doesn’t take his harsh gaze off of the screen, “like what?” 

“Like it’s stolen your girl and killed your dog.” 

“Creative,” he mumbles, scribbling down whatever he’s managed to pick out after squinting at the screen for so long. You look at his paper, noticing that he copied incorrectly. 

“Kyungsoo, no part of the slide says that.” You gesture to his notes. 

“What?” He asks, stunned. He turns to you in shock, scrambling to snatch your notes to compare with his own. Kyungsoo makes hurried amendments to his notes, before turning his furious squint to the screen once more. 

“Hey, dork,” you lightly slap the back of his head, “I think you need glasses.” 

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I recently found your page and, well..I'mtrashforyourart.

I really love all your AUs! and your artstyle is Glamorous.

I really liked echoswap!Chara’s design so I drew them(?).

you got yourself a new follower lmao


*runs away*










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