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In the tags of your military comic you said you unintentionally made Keith's actions a trigger for Lance, which is understandable since shooting someone from far away is hella different than seeing someone die right in front of you. So does that means that maybe poor baby Lance might start associating those bad feelings with Keith on accident? How would he, and Keith, deal with that?

–what about keith? is he dealing with some emotional processes as well? (other curious anon; referring to military au)

I’m glad you asked these questions cuz i’ve been thinking a lot about this after i finished the comic. 

Keith definitely has a lot on his shoulders as well, however his emotional and mental processes are very different from Lance’s. Since Keith’s upbringing is a harsh one (orphaned due to the war) he’s grown up believing that the world is cruel. He takes his role as a soldier very seriously and has a strong sense of duty, to the point where he shoves subjective feelings out of his mind almost entirely. Where Lance and Hunk are empathetic to those around them even the enemy, Keith believes entirely in “it’s us or them.” In the beginning, Keith doesn’t really understand the emotional struggle Lance goes through in taking the life of others, immediately assuming Lance is acting soft; he basically doesn’t realize Lance has PTSD. 

A part of me considers the trigger for that particular moment, is seeing the face of the man that got killed– im my original draft of the comic, i was actually going to draw the enemy soldier’s face in detail. The face of the enemy soldier dying was actually meant to have more impact than the expression Lance makes seeing it. I decided against it mostly because i didn’t want to make the comic too gory (and i was already spending way too much time on it and i just wanted to have it done lol). So the image that would keep returning to Lance is the face of that man that died, more so than the act of Keith killing him. But yes, I can definitely see Lance developing a subconscious association of that incident with Keith. 

Lance would be very reluctant to bring it up, trying to hide it but not being able to control the subconscious twitches and flinches he gets when Keith gets too close. At this point in time, their relationship would become undoubtedly strained. Keith not being able to understand and Lance not being able to admit/address his issues causes a lot of frustration on Keith’s side. 

And that’s all i got LOL their relationship in my au is a complicated mess that i still need to figure out because frankly i haven’t had a lot of time to think things through completely (plus i’m getting into extremely touchy territory here so i have to think really hard about it) 

I am ALL for “everyone thinks we’re dating -and oh shit maybe we kind of are” obikin aus. Like imagine anakin trying to kiss padme and she just /goes off/ on him bc how dare he try to cheat on obiwan?? and with her of all ppl and ani is just standing dumbfounded and before he can explain to her that they aren’t dating she stomps off, so obviously he goes and tells obiwan about it like “lol padme thinks were dating” and obiwan tells him about how yoda tried to give him dating advice earlier and they both just don’t get it??? Like sure they spend 99% of their time together and live together and are domestic af, but why would anyone think they were dating?? Of course there isn’t any unresolved sexual tension between them hahaha! Definitely not! And basically i just want to see these losers taking way toooo long figuring out their feelings while everyone else gives them way too much credit and assumes they already have