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Hey there! I just had a thought and wanted to bring it up - what do you think your characters (bi boy and bi girl (sorry if they actually have names, im a bit new here!)) sound like? As in their speaking voices? ☺️

After much consideration, we’ve decided that Cathy (our bi girl) sounds most like Anna Kendrick and Adam (our bi boy) sounds a lot like Justin Chon– at least in out minds! Thanks so much for this ask– it was a real thinker! 


“Ugh, you’re just like Elsa! Nobody understands-”  said Anna as she rolled her eyes.

“SERIOUSLY,” Kristoff interrupted louder than before. “YOU HARDLY EVEN KNOW THIS MR. FANCYPANTS!”  

“Well…” Anna bit her lower lip. “well I don’t care, it’s true love.” She crossed her arms and looked away from him. 

There was a momentary silence before Kristoff replied. “I’ve known you all my life and that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard you say." 

"Sorry then for being in love!” Anna snapped back at him. She continued to gaze out into the forest pretending not to be hurt by what he had said.

“And I’m sorry too.” Kristoff muttered softly to himself. The night seemed to grow colder and colder…


hi! tumblr user nanamichlaki is here and has learned that making follow forevers is suffering.

anyways, i made this to 1.) tell the lovely people i follow that they are super great and 2.) to make an announcement. as of august 24th, i will not be coming on tumblr until at least december 10th, hence the reason why the graphic is winter-themed. i got into a school program that is heavily intensive, kind of in the middle of nowhere, and has limited access to internet (they have restricted it for school-purposes only). also, i say ‘at least’ because after my 4 months hiatus, i am unsure if i will want to go back on tumblr.

last year i feel like it definitely distracted me from schoolwork and just life in general. i really really loVE everyone i follow and my friends on this website, but tumblr has had a negative impact on my work ethic, and when you do crew (the sport i do in the spring when i would have internet available again), you already have no time to waste. i also want to focus on drawing more and tumblr distracts me from doing that too (tumblr distracts me from doing life, it’s not good.) 

so, yeah, that’s all!! hover over your url for a short message because there’s one for everyone on here!!! (this took like 4 hours wth anna) sorry if there are any typos on anything, i had to type a LOT. and im sorry if any of these messages sound rude or condescending, i mean them all genuinely; i just type my emotions on the keyboard and ??? ye

TL;DR– not gonna be on tumblr for a few months bc of school. might never come back bc i want to focus on more things offline (tho it’s not definite). i love everyone i follow & everyone who follows me! thanks for making my tumblr exp gr100000


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I Love You, Too

After the Elsa had stalked away, she went back to her castle, and locked herself away. To be honest, she didn’t want to see anyone. She was just having such a hard time processing all that had happened at the party, with him and Anna.

She had imagined what Anna’s reaction would be when she found out over and over in her head. She had thought of every possible way that she would react– but Anna’s actual reaction was so vastly different from anything she had imagined, that it was almost impossible for her to believe it had actually happened. Not even in her wildest dreams did she imagine that Anna would give them her blessing. 

Every time she thought about it, she cried. The way Hans had yelled, the way Anna had yelled, the way she had yelled… she just couldn’t even fathom it. She didn’t want anything to do with him now. She was done.

Which is why it was such a shock to her how, when she happened to look out the window and notice Hans on the beach, all alone, she was no longer in control of herself, and soon she was out the door and walking along the beach, straight for him. 

She came to a stop right behind him, and couldn’t help the words that came tumbling out of her mouth. “I love you, too, Hans!” she screamed. “I love you, too, and I’m sorry!”


Anna pointed her sister’s room and she stood outside with concern in her face. “Elsa?” She called. “I’m sorry, you shouldn’t recognize my voice but, I’m… I’m Rapunzel! Your cousin” She chuckled trying make things easier for her. “Sounds crazy right? I didn’t even knew I had a family this big three months ago”