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she’s doing better than she ever was her baby’s fit like a daydream high above the whole scene he loves herrr like she’s brand newwww 😍😢she was feeling some kind of not great she had gone to war and lost and he saw past all that and loves her for who she is *weeps* her house was boarded up her yard was full of thorns everything around her was a mess and they shut it all out and he kept her warm at night through her storms he did that!! starry eyes sparking up her darkest nights *sobs* he was the light when the sky was dark i cry he really knows her and she’s wearing his name cause he *gets* her like no one else does and she’s the one he’s walking home to not paying any mind to the rest of the scene bc he’s only focused on her and when she whispered baby will you run away with me he said yes and they rode horses! and built fires! and watched sunsets! and laughed together in their own little world and the castles and crowns and kingdom keys of yesterday dont matter anymore they fade to nothing!! It’s alright! those are forgotten now and they dont need them because they have each other in their own world 💗and you can call it what you want it doesnt matter to them what you call it bc they know what it is which is all that matters 

TL;DR: they are focused on each other and their own story now and it’s so strong no one can touch them 

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kass i dont know if im gay or bi but ive only experienced attraction to one man in the last couple and he’s a celebrity. either way, i don’t feel pretty enough to like girls and i have a “friend” and it constantly feels like he’s trying to invalidate my sexuality but i don’t know how to let him know that i cant be in his life anymore for my own good and i dont know what to do

honey oh my god. I am so sorry that this friend in your life exists, you are so valid no matter if you’re lesbian, bi, pan or etc you are fucking perfect and you let that asshole know nothing is wrong with you. You need to straight up tell him your relationship isn’t healthy or just stop talking to him (without feeling guilty) bc you deserve so much more. Another thing is there is no such thing as not being pretty enough to like girls. You are pretty enough and smart enough and perfect enough. You’re amazing and some very lucky girl will realize that soon.

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Omg pls heeelp. Ive been in love with my teacher for about 3 years. I rly need to stop liking him. He has a family and i just dont want to feel like im doing something wrong anymore. It kinda has become an obssesion and im getting sick of it. What can i do? (Sorry if my english is bad)

It would be a great help if I knew how old you are but I’ll try to give the best advice!

easy steps to stop obsessing (over a teacher):

• Delete EVERY picture you have of them - it doesn’t matter if it’s a group photo or a picture from an school trip : just delete it!

•block their social media accounts - you won’t be able to stalk them over the internet! you can’t “accidentally” message them or look at their pictures

•go out and meet new people (well optional but hey you could meet the love of your life out there (and it’s not your teacher))

at school you are their student! not a friend, lover, or anything else. behave like everyone else and don’t meet them outside of class (only get in contact with them if absolutely necessary)

•get aware that you are a student and not their lover : most teachers love their jobs. so don’t try to persuade them into a relationship (if they do run! they aren’t worth it)

if a teacher doesn’t have the decency to wait until you graduate you should stay as far away as possible ( it might seem sooooo romantic - but it’s not…if someone over 30 wants to have a relationship with a minor …there has to be something wrong)

•you are a child! - even if you are already 18. In the eyes of a teacher you will always be somehow a child in their eyes. Especially if they have children themselves…

•if they are married: they won’t leave their partner for a student. People are often in a long time relationship with someone before they decide to marry them…A long term relationship won’t be destroyed by someone they barely know

•if you think they are hitting on you or are in love with you…they probably aren’t. Most adults are awkward around teenagers and try to be nice…

•be reasonable: do you really want to ruin a career, life, (and marriage/relationship) because you are selfish and trying to satisfy your needs? I mean they might be hot but are they hot enough that it’s worth to destroy their life?

I don’t think that’s what you wanted to hear but I try to help ♥


This took me a long time to finish, but I am happy with the result! Also this is 11″x17″ size so maybe it’ll be a future print. Hope you like it! (Reference )

College AU [3/?]


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Hey mun and gang! I kinda need some advice.. i have a bud who is very religious and today they trusted and told me"hey i dont support u but i wont bash u"and"im sorry i dont hang around u alot but u and others are bad influences and god is before anything else!" And other things that were hurtful and idk what to do b/c i support them and were best buds! But now all of sudden i feel like im not good enough to be their friend and i shouldnt bother them anymore yet i still wanna be friends.

// Sorry to say this fam but if they were a good friend they’d support who you are no matter what
And if they didn’t want to bash you then they wouldn’t have said anything about it, and they wouldnt have told you that you were a bad influence on them
If they were a true friend then they wouldn’t have said any hurtful things to you about who you are at all.

I say this not to be mean, but to give you my honest advice as I do with all others.


My suggestion would be to tell them how you genuinely feel about what they said to you. If they truly care about you and your feelings then they’ll take what you say into consideration.

being best friends with calum would include:
  • someone finally getting the poor boy a puppy 
  • “this is why i love you”
  • literally being power couple even if you two aren’t going out
  • him looking at you like you put the stars in the sky
  • “you know, you’re actually really pretty if i’m being honest”
  • him bringing over movies and sweets when you’re sad
  • him beating tf out of everyone who so much as looks at you in the wrong way
  • walking around in your underwear bc you’re both rlly comfortable w each other
  • him getting your initials tattooed
  • “but cal what happens if we stop being friends”
  • “is this your way of telling me you dont wanna be friends with me anymore”
  • him assuring you that you’ll always be a special part of his life so it wouldnt matter if he got the tattoo and you guys would stop being friends
  • lots of cuddles when one of you is sad
  • forehead kisses :-(
  • playful neck kisses
  • “fuck babe did you just moan”
  • “cal did i give you a boner”
  • “well im sorry i cant help that youre fucking gorgeous”
  • drunk hookups 
  • bomb af ig pics
  • literally everyones relationship goals
  • 4 am fast food runs
  • driving around for a little bit
  • screaming at the top of your lungs with the windows rolled down
  • borrowing his beanies and hoodies
  • him blushing when you kiss his cheek
  • picking you up and spinning you around
  • being first to hear new music he’s written
  • “come on tour w me”
  • getting you lotsa gifts “just bc”
  • “but what if i dont wanna be just friends anymore?”


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How much do you weigh if that’s ok to ask you? and I love your blog so much bc it feels so real and like you’re actually documenting something if you know what I mean lol❤️❤️❤️❤️

i dont like to talk about my weight anymore ,sorry :( i always feel like it’s too large and get embarrassed to say no matter what the number is. Thank you for saying so, i barely post anything except for reblogs on here but im glad you enjoy my blog 💜^__^ !!

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i don't have anyone else to go to right now I'm sorry but I just broke up with my partner who's been emotionally manipulative towards me for a while now because I'm in such a bad place but I finally plucked up the courage, and now they're being horrible and turning it round on them and it's making me feel like a disgusting person and I'm so upset idk what to do anymore

ah shit, im so sorry

dont let your ex make you think that you’re at fault, no matter what. you did the good thing, the right thing and you made a step to keep yourself safe. if you can - cut him off, delete and block his number, block him on social media. you owe him nothing and you don’t deserve any of the bs he’s done and says to you.  

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1) Do the parents teach their kids how to strife and defend themselves? (Maybe martial-arts perhaps?) 2) Is Dirk like the awkward yet always there uncle to Anshu? because that would be amazing and pure as heck 3) I can see the troll parents telling cool stories of their ancestors bravery to their kids as bedtime stories? Confirm or deny?? 4) Vriska swoops in and teaches the kids how to larp and even gets Terezi to join in for old times sake and Jamie is just like "whaaat, she's participating?"

the only parent that actually had strife practice when he was a kid is dave and dave categorically refuses to do any actual physical strife with anshu, even if its just harmless practice. none of the other parents even think of that stuff because why would kids need to learn fighting in a world where sburb isnt a thing anymore?

dirk is the kind of awkward uncle that shows up once in while, often unnexpectedly. hes a great uncle/grandpa(?) to anshu, alka and jody.

terezi definitely talks about her ancestor and makes her achievements look even greater than they actually are. kanaya and karkat dont talk much about theirs though.

and also im sorry to inform you that vriska is fucking dead. terezi does keep larping tho. shes a nerd no matter what


hello this is karina!!!!! i am also doing a follow forever because it has literally been a while and also because i’ve followed a lot of new great blogs! it’s been around 5-6 months since i changed from a football blog to a kpop blog lmao yikes and tbh i lost and gained followers but oh well that don’t really matter to me. to all the football blogs that still keep up with my mess, thank you so much you are all angels and im sorry that i don’t post football anymore :( all of you keep my dash up to date with what’s happening in the football world so thank u again! if u dont remember me which is completely understandable my old football urls were neymarsdsilva and gigisbuffon. to all kpop blogs i follow/follow me, i love yall too!!! to all my mutuals, i love u and if we haven’t talked in a while im so sorry im horrible at starting conversations and stuff lmao but u know if u wanna hmu pls do!! anyways it’s a new year and i hope you all have a fun and blessed 2016!

if ur not in this list i probably missed u or u changed ur url or i just recently followed u but just know that i love and support u and also enjoy woozi as my follow forever theme

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I want to apologize to all my followers for dragging them into all the drama in between me and a few certain people from our fandom.I wont get involved with them again ,fighting like this is really childish and a lot of people got dragged in who didnt deserve it and i feel like this must come to an end.Im sorry if some of you are disappointed in me,or think im a “bully” i dont think ive ever really insulted anyone or bullied anyone,both sides had faults but that doesnt matter anymore,and im sorry that my blog has became a place you dont enjoy as much as before,i really want it to be a place that makes you smile and i promise itll be like that again.I know im not a bully or some awful evil person and ill make sure this is the last post concerning my relations with them,i hope they too see how pointless and draining for both sides it is and put a stop .

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Why do you wait to post in a good time for America? You should post in good time for you, don't you? Not judging, I'm just curious..

Idk I only do this for tumblr bc on instagram whatever I post (no matter the time) I get 4k+ likes and on tumblr its like whenever I post at the wrong time it gets like 5 notes and it kinda makes me feel bad (idk why I really dont) and like I started getting lesser and lesser notes on tumblr in general so im tryna post it on the perfect time or im gonna feel a lil down about it later

The first time the words “I love you,” came out of your mouth, I think my heart stopped. I think the world stopped even, I mean, at least that’s what it felt like. I didn’t say it back at first, I thought that maybe you were mistaken, and said it to the wrong person. Maybe some person walking by, certainly it wasn’t me. But I was the only one around, so it had to be. You said it twice, I remember, to make sure that I heard clearly, I think. Or maybe it was just my head repeating what you said, because I honestly didn’t believe that the words came out of your mouth. When I finally said it back, I could hear how quiet my voice was, and I prayed to whatever God is above us that you didn’t notice how my voice cracked or shook. I had never said “I love you,” to anyone who I felt this much for before. I mean, I’ve said it to boys that didn’t make me feel anything, I’ve said it to boys who only wanted to put their hands down my pants, and I’ve said it to boys who i never cared for. I never felt anything with them, I never planned on feeling anything while I was with them. The times I’ve said “I love you,” to someone that didn’t matter to me is countless. But when I said it to you, I meant it. When I said it to you, you mattered. You were always more confident than I was in saying “I love you,” in the earlier months, but I’ve caught up with you now. I wish there was a word stronger than “love,” because I feel something much more stronger than that with you.
—  My voice doesn’t shake or crack anymore when I say it to you now, I hope you’ve noticed.

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Azra, I'm sorry I know you said you aren't an advice blog I know you said don't message you about serious issues I know and I'm so sorry but I'm so scared. My moms ex-boyfriend sexually assaulted me when I was 12 (im 15 now) and recently I've thought about coming forward but would it even matter now? My moms not seeing him anymore and she doesnt know what happened and its been ripping me to shreds i dont know what to do. im so sorry you dont have to answer this i just needed to let someone know

Baby, darling, no, no, no, this is something that you should talk to anyone about. Of course I’m going to answer this. Of course I’m going to be here for you. If you are strong enough, if you think that you can, then going forward to the police about this is the best thing you can do for yourself and for any young girl that that man might meet in the future. It matters. Trust me it matters. Be brave, first, tell your mum. Let her love you. Tell her how it hurt, tell her how it made you feel and then tell her that you want it to go to someone who can do something about it. Sometimes people don’t feel strong enough to speak of their abuse loudly. If you are, then you should, for yourself and for any other woman who might be unfortunate enough to meet him. I am so proud of you, always. And I’m full of regret for what he did to you. 

Fic: Several texts later (1/2)

Pairing/Characters: KageHina + brief mentions of Tanaka being Tanaka
Word-count: 1.463
Genre: super extreme rad fluff + lots of comfort (lt’s like a big poofy blanket)
Summary: Hinata knows what to do when he gets frightened - call for his scarier boyfriend to scare the bad things away.

Warning: very VERY brief mention of suicide. Does not involve any main characters and/or any other existing characters from the series. (it’s not even a relevant detail of the story but I decided to put up a warning, just in case. Stay safe and I love you all u v u)
This idea came to my head after I was convinced by some friends to watch a scary movie….. aT NIGHT….. and um let’s say it wasn’t great because I hate scary movies and yEAH. Don’t do it, kids. Hey, at least I got a fic idea! This is my first kagehina fic, i just love these dorks so much. I -might- have overused the word ‘dumbass’ but I just cannot imagine Kageyama not using it every five seconds when talking to Hinata. Weird ways of showing affection, I guess. This has a second part that I will be writing and posting soon. Hope you guys enjoy!

(for immersion purposes - this is Kageyama’s ringtone for Hinata, chosen by Tanaka. Thanks, Tanaka-san.)

Confusion hit Kageyama as he blinked his way out of sleep, wondering why his cellphone was blasting Always next to his pillow, and why he was at his bed at all, instead of running after velociraptors with Hinata while being chased by a giant moth-

Oh. Right. A dream. Probably.

(He was pretty sure velociraptors weren’t real, at least not anymore.)

The music was probably Tanaka’s doing. Since Kageyama started dating Hinata, he’d always find a way to grab Kageyama’s cellphone and change Hinata’s ringtone to the most embarrassing, Hinata-unrelated songs he could think of, and Kageyama never noticed It until it was too late (“It’s Whitney Houston! Whitney Houston!, Tanaka yelled the last time Kageyama caught him changing his ringtone to some dramatic, cheesy english song).

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hey @welxometonewyork babe, there are so many people worring about you right now that we are getting anon messages about you and how people are scared and worried because of your life and how everything is going right now.
im sorry you had to do that in order to feel differently according to your life. i know how life can be so hard we dont want to take it anymore.
everyone here hopes you are ok.
you matter to a lot of people, you know?, there are anons, fanmail, and 17 people on the Swiftie Support Group here for you, waiting to hear from you.
I know you might not be ok, that you might be depressed and wanting to stop feeling, but here there are people who need to know if you are physically ok, if your life isnt in danger right now. people who want to help you so so much that are completely out of their minds trying to figure out what to do now.
people care about you, we care. we love.
i love you. I dont know you, at all, but at the same time I do. I do know the pain in the chest, the feeling of numbness and hopeless sadness, the feeling you rather sleep than be awake. but babe, let me tell you, you are strong enough to make through this.
This storm will pass, you will find out amazing things and friends and people worth living for. But above everything. You, yourself, are worth living for. You are a wonderful person, you are sensible and lovely and caring and you deserve better than whats going on right now, and I wish I could change whats happening, I wish I could be there, so Please, I beg you to tell me if you read this, if you are ok. If you are not sick because of what you took.
Im looking up about the amount of Xanax, and I think you might be ok, and just sleeping it off, but swifties who love you need to hear it from you babe. I know how lovely and caring and sweet you are, so please if you read this, talk to us

all my love. Cece @cecelivesin1989