im sorry world. im sorry for what i have done

Dating Diana Prince and Feeling Insecure Would Include...

anon ask : Hey! Can you do a Diana head cannon “Dating Diana and being insecure about yourself”? Tysm(btw i love your headcannons)

A/N : aww im glad you liked my headcannons!! even though they suck lmao.. im sorry this took so long but i was pretty busy at school and with life (who isn’t) but uhh anyways, this sucks bc i did this during biology but anyways here you gooo!!


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  • you love diana so much but sometimes when she talks about wonder woman it just makes you feel insecure?? 
  • like you know she doesn’t mean it 
  • but still she just talks so passionately about her days in the war with her war pals, especially steve 
  • you know that steve meant a lot to her but you can’t help but feel like she deserves better 
  • bc steve is the one who pushed her to become wonder woman, to believe in this world and believe in love and what have you done?? 
  • when you feel like this you become all distant because you think that it’ll hurt her less 

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Yuuri seeing Victor in the hot springs for the first time like:

  • light yagami, becoming the god of a new world: this is hard work but it has to be done by a someone, who is me
  • L, a curious detective: what is this, what are you doing, stop that, this is unnecessary
  • light yagami, soaked in blood, covered in sin: i am writing for death, this is a death thing, you horrible, horrible fool