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I just cried getting the chat where V is announcing the party date. I can’t get through his route again, but I love him and it makes me sad I can’t get his hearts in the Deep Story. :(

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I must confess I liked almist every post about mafia Saeyoung !!! Not only the pictures the other people draw were perfect the story was .... if I say perfect Im afraid it would not be enough I dont know if 6 is the final chapter but if you decide to write more then it would be great !!! I am waiting and I dont want to rush you ( because I think i was being rude asking you if you want to write more ) Im sorry for this long text and keep up the good work !

Okay first of all ya can’t just come in here and say such kind things to me I was not prepared 😂😂 I’m still writing chapters so there will be more to come don’t worry! ^^ and thank you so much for reading!

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im terrified of detransition. my mum keeps telling me in a couple years i might regret this and end up being a cis girl after all and i cant handle it bc every person ive seen detransition looked so happy before they did and im just. hh. terrified. im sorry for the dark question i just rlly need some help here bros,

The number of people that detransition is really slim so it’s unlikely that that will be you. If you’re that worried about it then maybe wait a few years before you medically transition, there’s nothing wrong with waiting until you’re ready! Change your name and pronouns with people, see how it goes and maybe in a year or so you will be more certain of yourself. Take your time, you’ll be okay!



last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

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Hi yes So your art is just really attentive and the way you capture likeness and detail is basically right on. If you could share any tips on how you go about studying features and laying down facial structure I would be really really happy.

Thank you!! Here’s a quick rundown haha ;;

These are the standard proportions of a human head:

When you start tweaking them you get different looking faces!

You can also take the same proportions and change the shapes of the features and get a new face as well! Amazing!

So if you want to draw your favorite characters what you can do is figure out their “facial blueprints” and reference them. Let’s draw that smarmy bastard Hannibal Lecter. Use as many lines as you need to gauge the spacial relations between each feature. 

What shapes make this face uniquely Hannibal’s?

Let’s apply it all together now.

It takes practice of course but it’s a good way to study the character’s face! I hope that was somewhat helpful lol Q__Q


Here’s another unbelievably late giveaway gift, this time for @redcole, who requested awkward nose bumps during a first kiss! I know this took me forever to complete, and I’m terribly sorry, but i hope you like it anyway! 

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are you doing requests? Can you draw mirror!Spock and regular Jim? With, like, Jim pinned against a wall?