im sorry v.v

Dont hate me please

My lovely followers Im putting haitus on ABANDONED, I was planning to finish it but all motivation has stopped since the camp sorry if your enjoying it, it will continue later same with Neon Story but for now I will be posting my collab with @husbandsimmer this time it will be maxis match based alpha is great but I do know people tend to want to read maxis match stories more and though the collab will be sharing some true facts @husbandsimmer and I will be sugar coating our lives so its not an overly personal projects we hope you like it and I hope you dont hate me too much for pausing both the stories I love everyone of you follwers your such beautiful souls

Oki doeki, today’s been pretty rough, but I’m gonna try be positive and turn this day around ^w^ someone’s gotta look on the bright side, right? :3 heres a lil doodle doot i did earlier that i wasnt planning on actually posting, but here ya go!
His name is Theodore and hes just and old tired fox in another series i wanna eventually animate called “The Marvelous Mingu”. Old Theo here’s the gramps of Tango, who’s the cousin of the main character, Mingu. He sleeps mostly but is still quite a fighter for an old fox :3 and his favorite thing to munch on are actually strawberries ^w^

((Im so so sorry all of you had to put up with my negativity. I try to be positive but today has just been so upside down and bad for me and my family and i appreciate y’all for putting up with my crap…i feel really bad about sharing the negativity of today on here since i try to stay positive to make y’all feel positive to and today is just a very bad day. Im sorry if i annoyed anyone or let y’all down v.v I’m gonna try to turn things around for the better now ^w^ not gonna be very productive with just moping about n complaining all day))