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Melly’s Business Hoe Primer

So you want to learn about the people who do the things! Not every artist is at the level of 1D, so they don’t tend to need a large (and very pricey) entourage of Business Hoes managing their careers. But below you’ll find a primer on the key players managing the Zehns, Loammies, Harrehs, Louehs, and Nolls.


They are the most critical member of an artist’s team and basically at the top of the Business Hoe team pyramid. Think of the artist as a corporation, and the manager is the COO.  Managers are meant to be the loving and ruthless shield between an artist and Everyone Else™, and they’re the most key of middlemen. A good manager can elevate your career (think Bieber & Scooter Braun), and a bad one can mean a sad and desolate career landscape (not to be a dramatic hoe about it).

What they’re responsible for: Pretty much a little bit of everything. They handle & dictate all major business decisions including:

  • Record deals & publishing deals
  • Putting together the artist’s professional team, including agents, business managers, stylists, beards, and overseeing the day-to-day
  • Helping to coordinate tours by working with agents & promoters and sorting out the route & the tour crew
  • Finding a home in your record label’s ass to make sure the label is doing The Most™ in terms of advertising and marketing your records (First Access Entertainment I’m looking at you)


A publicist has roughly two key functions in an artist’s career: taking care of an artist’s image and relationship within the media, and using some thinking boob muscle to generate buzz and press interest for their client. .

What they’re responsible for:

  • Working hand-in-hand with marketing and advertising to create a cohesive promotional campaign for a release. This includes sending out press kits and following up with media outlets for media opportunities and interviews
  • Media training (they’ll teach you the most charming way to tell someone like Dan Wootton to fuck off if they ask you for the 2958953 who your celebrity crush is)
  • Getting their client press coverage
  • Crisis Management (Ex. Maybe you had a moment where you accidentally Snapchatted an erotic nude poetry slam of yourself to your entire contacts list. Your publicist then invents a story that you were the victim of an elaborate European  email hack and ransom extortion plot. See Doyen Global & Simon Oliveira’s handling of the Beckham e-mail goat rodeo for details).

Going back to what we learned about managers, what’s important to note is that publicists can only work with the time they’re given. So, say, if we were to maybe look at the lack of promotional opportunities an artist that was *maybe* named Zayn was given, we’d be mindful that the publicist was likely only given a very limited window of availability for Zayn’s time.  (and high key, Zayn has two of the very best PR teams in the business enlisted).

A&R Rep

Think of an A&R Rep as the wise Yoda of the album making process. On the label side of things, they’re a very busy and important Business Hoe.

What they’re responsible for: An A&R rep is one of the more glam jobs in the music industry. They basically help guide the development of the artist, including the overall marketed image. They’re instrumental in matching an artist with producers, helping an artist find and choose the right songs, and shaping the overall sound of the record.

Social Media Manager

A SMM is the one behind your fave’s user handle and with that power comes great responsibility.  98% of the time that’s not your face behind that user handle, its their social media manager (or an intern).  Pinky swear.

What they’re responsible for:

  • Work with the artist’s team and label to stay on brand and on message across all digital platforms (so Instagram, Twitter, tumblr, Snapchat)
  • Develop and/or maintain a voice for that artist (are they snarky? Handy with the memes? A+ with fan service?)
  • Come up with a strategy to incentivize and engage the artist’s fanbase across the interwebs


Music agents are a lot different then film agents, but are still pretty influential Business Hoes just the same.

What they’re responsible for: Primarily booking live appearances. They can also be involved in tour sponsorship, commercials, endorsements, and TV specials, but they are nahhht involved in negotiations for songwriting, merch, or records.


The entertainment lawyer is there to protect your shit. They’re preettyy necessary. 

What they’re responsible for:  Dan Wootton saying something particularly defamatory about you (that asshole would)? They can sue for you. Someone unlawfully using your image or your song? They can shut it down. You’ve got a contract to sign? They’ll review to make sure its in your best interest.   Anything to do with your copyrights, your intellectual property, defamation, or a contract, they’ve got your back . 

And those are the basically the key Business Hoes day-to-day working for your fave and a bit about what they do (and don’t do). I have to eat leftover Easter candy now. 

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A rant about YouTubers

 We live in the 21st century and everybody is free to state their opinion. It is mature and wise to scroll down, ignore or criticize constructively any thoughts you don’t agree with, whatever they might be. I am about to rant in a way I should’ve done a while ago. I feel like more people than they’d like to admit think this way and honestly I have no problem in doing this for them. I would also give names because what’s the point of sending indirects when you’re criticizing something anyway? So the only thing I’d be willing to say sorry for is if I hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s 100% not my intention to hit anybody right in their hearts, so if I do, I hope you forgive me. That said, let’s get on with the rant. 

For the past 1-2 years, I have not been enjoying YouTube. I’m aware that many people have been saying the exact same thing (check fireflysuggs on Instagram), but I want to explain why. I feel like, nowadays, there are 3 types of YouTubers I can easily pin down, all of them with examples.

1. Zoella. Zoe has been recieving some really harsh comments lately, and honestly it hurts to say that, at this point, I don’t even know if she deserves it or not. Bare in mind, she does not deserve pointless, bullshit kind of hate, I am talking about those people who stopped watching her because her videos got repetitive and boring. I kind of agree with that last part. Her content is mainly long hauls that make me want to stop watching within 5 minutes. She cracks a few jokes every now and then, but there’s somthing about her videos now that make me not want to click on them. There are no twists, no funny moments, no original content. It’s like sitting there watching a woman talking about beauty products most people can’t even afford or get their hands into for 20 minutes. No, that’s actually what it is. I still love some of her videos tho, mainly her collabs with Mark. But even her videos with Joe (I’m talking about the last one: ) seem quite boring to me. It’s like her videos are a flat line, when a few years ago they were a rollercoaster. And I feel like most people subscribe to her or are still subscribed because she’s Zoella, which is kind of sad. 

However, she’s worked really hard on her channel throughout the years and she surely deserves all the subscriber she has.

2. Alfie Deyes, Bethany Mota. These are the kind of YouTubers that, in my humble opinion, do not deserve to keep gaining money from making videos. For God’s sake, Alfie’s main channel has been dead for 4 months. Bethany still uploads every now and then, but her videos are not genuine anymore. It just gives the impression that she only uploads for money. Before you jump at my neck and detach it from my body, I know Alfie still posts vlogs. All I’m saying is that they should not be making money out of something they don’t use anymore. Specially Alfie, in this case. All in all, I think they should make money depending on how often they upload. 

3. Jim Chapman. I really do like Jim, and it hurst to say that his videos have become my least favourite kind of content: look at how fabulous my life is, I want to share it with everyone. Honestly, he’s now living the good life and working with really important fashion brands because of YouTube. I feel like many YouTubers forget the reason why they’re famous now. Tyler Oakley’s content has also been annoying me lately, although he makes me laugh like fucking crazy and I just can’t hate him even if they paid me. 

And then, believe it or not, there are still some genuine YouTubers out there who actually do it because they love it or they just really want to help others. Some of them actually have real jobs outside the screen. The only one I can think of is Louise Pentland ( but if you guys know some more, I think you should share them with everybody.

The conclussion I’ve reached is not really satisfying. As a hard working young adult, it grinds my gears every time I go on Instagram and Caspar Lee is on a fucking plane again. Off to some dreamy paradise for like a month with no worries on his mind because all he does is post a video a week no longer than 10 minutes (at least he’s original, I’ll give him that). 

To be fucking honest, I don’t think YouTube should moneticise videos. I could only imagine how many people would stop posting if that happened. No one should gain more than a hard-working, sacrifying human being who actually spends his/her 12 hours at work five days a week. As you can probably tell, I am completely fed up, and that’s why I unsubscribed and stopped watching most people’s videos, even those I’ve been following for the past years.

As hard as it might sound, in your working life, you will proabably earn /are earning less money a month than these people, and all they do is…well, nothing. I have made videos before (I have not posted any of them) and it literally takes me 1 day to film and edit all together. What do they do for the rest of the week? My favourite part is when they don’t upload in time. Like wow, I didn’t know that not doing anything all day was so time consuming.

Fascinating, just fascinating. 

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Those jikook fan art drawn by jungkook's brother, do you know where are they from?Are they from the fan cafe? someone said there are more fan art by Jungkook's brother,like there's one with the jungkook's outfit from adult ceremony.

They’re from his bro’s instagram! I followed his acc but he deleted that and made a new one (I dunno the current username tho). He’d posted Bangtan as The Simpsons, A portrait of Bangtan in Wings, and Bangtan as Kakao Friends in his old acc. Now bc I’m such trash I’m gonna give my two cents bout Bro, Jimin and Jungkook (I had discussed this w my squad including @jikookielove and I told @neverbefake bout this last night and yes I still can’t get over it fghhgf)

So Bro posted his drawing.

The characters FIT each member PERFECTLY, like how Ryan is a loyal leader and how they can’t survive without him (Screams Namjoon!) or how Tube can get angry and upset and you wouldn’t wanna disturb him (So Suga) but JIMIN AND JUNGKOOK!!!!!

Bro drew Muzi as Kook and Jimin as Con. According to the description it says:

  • Muzi:This playful, childlike creature looks like a rabbit, but is actually a Korean yellow radish in disguise.
  • Con:vaguely resembles a tiny crocodile, is the most mysterious Kakao Friend. It’s rumored that Con magically brought Muzi to life, which explains why the two are always together. 

If you look at bro’s drawings, they’re very detailed. For example, in Bro’s The Simpsons drawing, he drew Kook, Tae and Yoongi in leather pants, Jin w broad shoulders, and Jimin’s eye-smile.

They’ve been given a lot of thought when drawn, which got me thinking, Muzi and Con couldn’t be a mere coincidence. Especially when he drew in such a way that seemed like he knew Jikook’s relationship dynamic. Con’s filming Muzi in that drawing and we know how Jimin has all the criteria needed to be a Jungkook fansite master haha. Why didn’t he draw Jimin as Neo? It could be coincidental but my jikook heart says he knows something. Maybe Jimin has visited Kook’s family several times when he’s in Busan and Bro’s fond of him and they’re really close.

Anyway if you see the MuziCon Stickers on Kakao they’re actually SUPER SWEET to each other. They tease, but they take care of one another. My favs include Con feeding him when he’s sick, Muzi hugs Con etc.

Is this reaching? I hope not haha.I’m truly glad my squad and I weren’t the only ones who noticed this bc as soon as the drawing got on twitter, k-kookmin shippers started posting a whole lot of MuziCon gifs and pics and tagged #kookmin hahaha. Oh the description’s here btw. (thank you Mina for the description!!!!)

This is directed only at @BS_NO so there is zero confusion as to who I’m talking to.

We are never going to agree on much. And that’s ok. But you need to understand some things here. It’s called action (you) vs reaction (everybody else). You said you “blithely” did some things? Really? Isn’t that a bit understated, Nip? So this complete stranger, endorsed by Sam, finally gets through to your addled brain. But when aaaaallll these other women ask you … no BEG you … to stop, you just got nastier and more “blithe”. That’s just rich, isn’t it? You are right about the shamefulness of it. Passive aggressive? Damage control? I don’t pretend to know your motivations now. You dare to put your taunting, lies and intellectual property theft that YOU chose to do to Mackenzie up against anything anyone else has done just trying to get you to stop? Really? How about saying IM SORRY. I WAS WRONG. Stop telling everyone else to take a look at themselves when you were the one posting the hate and lies.

How many of your Instagram posts got taken down by Instagram Support just in the past 24 hours? But that didn’t get through to you???? Your non apology disgusts me. Your ability to try to attach others to this “excuse” DISGUSTS me. Your Doxing DISGUSTS ME. Your attacks on me personally on other social media boards just yesterday DISGUSTS ME. What you’ve done compared to what everyone else combined has done DISGUSTS ME! I did not say a word to you. Not on Twitter. Not on Facebook. There are two sides to this story and your minions only got one side. And you think that’s right? It justifies all of the hate you threw out at Mackenzie? At me? You need to grow up and learn how to behave. I will never do what you’ve done to anyone else. Not the slander. Not posting fake Anons just to try to spread lies about NSTs. None of that was said. There were no screen caps of it. And once again your games were exposed. I live an ethical life. I took an oath for my career and I cannot even fathom doing all of the mean girl things you’ve come up with. No bullshit? Really? Everything you post on that account is pure bullshit. You know it and we know it too. Once again you’re just thumbing your nose at people. Why have that account if you’ve turned over a new leaf? At least change it to TOTAL_BS.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO ATTACK PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T THINK THEY’RE NICE. THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO DOX PEOPLE! Nice has nothing to do with it! It is not acceptable to justify your behavior by saying if someone was nice they wouldn’t “need” to be doxed. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM FOR YOUR UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. All that you posted was a veiled threat. And most of it isn’t really true. But I do know that Sam and Cait and everyone else is sick of the fighting and bullying and harassment going on. And most of it was started by you and your followers. You start it and incite it and then they pile on. Then the reactions just spin out of control. These women believe your shit. So everything else that happens from the “but Cait and Sam lied to us” or “TPTB made them do it” to calling Mackenzie a whore and Sam a whoremonger was started with you. So the hostile reactions that inevitably come next were all started by all of you. There’s zero proof of any of this. So that’s called lying once again.

Mackenzie does not deserve your treatment. I do not deserve your treatment. My family, friends and business clients do not deserve your treatment. Because I don’t know what you’re going to do next, I can’t share my life with anyone on FB, TW, IG, LinkedIn or anywhere else for real fear you will turn around and use it against me. YOU did that, not me. I do not accept ANY new friend or follower requests because you have so many sock accounts I can’t run the risk that you would terrorize me or them because you are so full of hate and revenge. I don’t understand why you need sock accounts but clearly you were trying to justify them somehow. So fuck you and your excuses that “nice” has anything to do with it. It’s not “she did this so I’m going to lob a nuclear attack”. You are so beyond the limits of what’s acceptable it’s really scary. You destroy people’s lives why? Because yours is so miserable? I could care less who you are, what you do, where you live, etc. I can only react to the things I see. I don’t need to look any further. So why do you justify doing this? It’s wrong and it needs to stop NOW!

This fandom is scared of you. That might make you think you have some kind of power over them but you will lose. Your friends should be afraid if they ever accidentally cross you of what you will do to them. A bully lashes out at every perceived slight. But they end up alone.

Actions speak louder than all of your mea culpas and your meager attempt to throw others under the bus with you. You don’t speak for others. Only for you. You do not get absolution because you think you’re “like” others. You were the root cause of this. Keep rereading this the next time you go after Mackenzie or Tony or anyone else. I am 100% positive that you can’t show them kindness and simple human decency. The fact that they do keep showing up tells you they are important to Sam and Cait in some capacity. So why intentionally hurt them? It makes no sense. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for bringing out the negative towards you. You are a bully and a harasser. And I do believe you cannot bully a bully. This is the only way to get you to listen. No one wants to have to be forced to be ugly. They just want you to stop this abhorrent behavior. The escalations need to stop!

Shippers who truly JUST want to see the happiness between Sam and Cait and can do JUST that get all of our respect. We all love seeing it. For most of us, it’s enough. Those that turn the misogyny on and off just because it’s convenient do not get respect. It’s up to you and your actions as to where this goes from here. I still have positivity and hope. Everyone gets another chance to be better. To do better. You just have to make that choice. And leave Mackenzie ALONE!!!



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2. Thanks for informing me! But at this point ive seen a lot of people reposting my work on instagram (with & without permission) so i dont mind it anymore as long as they credit me ;v; for those who bothered to ask me first before reposting i appreciate it a lot!

3. Ooohhh thAAATSS CUTE and sad asddfkj but yuuri already knew what kind of magic victor used to enchant the apple with soo he refused to eat it ohohoh

4.  @maruz-panteno thank youu dearrr sob ily <333

5. Ahh nope ive never joining an rp group on tumblr and i didnt even know that theres a roleplay group here?? :0 i have only joined rp group on facebook

6. I acidentally deleted this asks after i posted it lmao im sorry @batsrule22 OYES I’LL MAKE another sw au, just wait for it <333 thankss btw !!

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11. thhaankk youuu!!! ;v; ahh glad to hear that <333 LOLOL YOUR HEADCANON THO i can imagine it !!  otabek definitely left victor with his stoic face- and victor just followed otabek secretively to yuuri’s place laughs

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Do you know if there is one of those PowerPoint posts about the 1975? I'm a new fan and I want to know more about them rather than just reading basic Wikipedia info. Can you tell me about them a little bit (if you have time)? Thanks and sorry to bother

ive been waiting for a question like this ever since i joined tumblr tbh


MATTY: for a start, we have our bae matthew timothy healy, who prefers matty if we’re gonna do it properly.


matty is the lead singer who you can easily recognize by that fucking accent. you may also hear him called ‘truman black’, which is his alias (truman capote = his favorite author, black = his favorite color). he was born on april 8th, 1989 and has been killin it ever since. i wont get into the typical wiki stuff bc thats just a given, so lets get into the stuff you probably dont know! hes an avid weed/cig smoker and is a red wine and tequila enthusiast (also a bit of sangria mattyhewhealy). he has a black belt in karate! he prefers womens clothes over mens, and his style is black and expensive. youll usually see him in the infamous floral shirt:

his other signature is his black jeans with the hole in the knee. did you know he follows an account for said knee on twitter? now you do! his hair game is the strongest hair game known to man. his best friend is george daniel (hes up next). he HATES mint chocolate. just brush your teeth and have some chocolate, its fuckin hell to him. there are many sides to matty healy: youve got your weird-ass dorky stoner muppet matty, who likes to enthuse about hot raisins and the impeccably shiny legs of interviewers. then, youve got your intelligent genius side of matty: just watch an interview and youll see. you might have to break out your dictionary. maybe its a manchester thing, or just a matty thing. who knows? he loves cinema and the cinematic effects that belong in everyday life, and his skinny little noodle legs are something else. humbling, juxtaposition and aesthetic are a few of his favorite words. he also likes to say “we’ve been a band for ten years”. basically, hes a dorky little shit who has a habit of making girls fall in love with him. 

GEORGE: next up we have george bedford daniel, who is our favorite tree man in the entire world.


george is the drummer of the 1975, and while doin his thing hes got some hella fine drumming faces, like this one:

hes a stud, isnt he? hes 6’4 and has some good style. he was born on march 26th and is 25. youll usually see a resemblance to p diddy. his alias is bedford danes. as well as matty, hes quite an avid weed/cig smoker. he has the cutest/weirdest laugh in the entire universe and has a bad habit of eye-fucking cameras. hes matty’s best friend, ever since he dove into a port-a-loo and broke it when they were young. hes a stellar producer and he makes all the beats in the 1975 songs! in short, hes a pretty fre$h guy.

ROSS: ross macdonald, where do we begin?


ross is the bassist of the 1975, and he does a hella good job at it. he has a penguin tattoo on his arm that means nothing, to anybody. well, to him it just means he likes penguins. ross is our little penguin baby, ross is cool. he was born on june 6th, which makes him the youngest at 24. hes not a big fan of grouses. hes a pretty quiet guy, but hes also really intelligent. hes like a big snuggly bear. we love ross.

 ADAM: adam brian thomas hann has the longest name in the 1975. he is usually known by just “hann”.


you can hear hann’s specialty on the guitar in ‘girls’. he plays a fano JM6, which is his baby. hes extremely quiet and doesnt talk much, but when he does its usually something really intelligent. hes kind of like a less-dorky, soft-spoken, quiet version of matty. well, he’s a bit dorky. his birthday is june 20, so he’s 25! hes also very tall, hell, every member of the 1975 is a fuckin tree. but we love them:) hann has an extremely cute smile which never fails to make us smile along with him. he prefers eating tim tams with milk, because the consistency of milk is much better than tea. hann is our little quiet genius cutie pie. 

JOHN: finally, we have the newest member of the 1975, john waugh! youll often hear him referred to as “waughy”.


waughy is the saxophonist who has only recently started touring with the 1975! you can hear his fabulousness in songs like “me”, “pressure” and “heart out”. he has the hair and the face of an angel. john is also a member of the bands “extra curricular” and “the new standard” and has been a good friend of the boys for well over 10 years. did you know he graduated with honors in jazz studies at leeds college of music? yeah, hes pretty good. his curls are out to beat matty’s! 

THE 1975 IN GENERAL: they’ve been together for over 10 years, and have gone by previous names “big sleep”, “me you vs. them”, “the slowdown”, “talkhouse” and “drive like i do”. they hadnt gotten signed during that 10 years, so they put out 4 eps (sex, music for cars, facedown and iv) and a self-titled debut album by themselves. their album reached #1 on the charts! im gonna fill you in on the current name of the band, bc asking people will only piss them off (its SUCH a redundant question, just watch a few interviews). when matty was around 19, he went on holiday and met a local drunk character, who gave him loads of “jack kerouac, beat poetry literature” to bring home with him. one of the books has been used as a diary of sorts by the previous owner, which jumped form 1st to 3rd person and was quite mad. the pages were dated “1st june, the 1975” and something about the grammatically-incorrect use of the “the” preceding the year stuck with him. when they were looking for a new band name, he remembered the 1975 and tattooed it on his arm (below the mortal kombat logo lol).

hopefully i summed everything up well! youll have lots of fun here :) xx

The Loser-Taylor Caniff/Cameron Dallas Fanfiction-Part 1

A/N: So I restarted this goddamn fanfiction again… sorry,but i just feel like i haven’t been being myself lately. I hope this fanfic will be good. Never Ending is coming out properly some time in September. Enjoy my terrible writing.


My alarm went off, blaring an obnoxious noise ring through my ears. I lightly pushed it off my night stand. As I got up I slowly rolled out of bed and got dressed. I walked downstairs and walked into my kitchen. I grabbed a box of frosted flakes and a bottle of water. My eyes narrow down at the little note on my refrigerator. My mother was gone. Again. I sighed and threw the worthless note away.

My phone began to ring. Its like 6am in the morning. Who the hell has time to be calling me on a Saturday morning. It’s either my boss gave me the day off or–actually that’s all I really know who would call me at this time.

I picked up and answered it with a simple “Hello.”

“Hey, is this Rebecca?” I looked around my house and was skeptically about who was calling.

“Um, yes. Yes it is Rebecca.” I listened well and it had a hit of a southern accent.

“Its Taylor.” Oh its this bitch… “I was wondering if you have an extra study guide for chemistry…” I rolled my eyes and walked towards my backpack.


“Can you come to my house and deliver it.” I rolled my eyes and bit the insides of my cheeks from bashing out. Taylor Caniff is my neighbor. He’s been my neighbor since we were in kindergarten. Our relationship has drifted apart when we were freshman. He began to be so full of himself for becoming Instagram famous. I kinda drifted away into the gaming and reading some of The Outsiders or The Perks of Being a Wall Flower fantasy world. 

“Fine.” I hung up and grabbed the extra study guide I had laying around. Funny how I habit to follow directions so quickly. I walked over to Taylor’s house. I placed it into his mailbox and left. I made my way to my house and went back into my room. I walked into my small closet and changed for work.


I walked into Sandy’s Diner and clocked in. I was tired and restless. I grabbed my apron and notebook. I walked around taking orders and my hands began to shake as I saw this jaw dropping sight of a guy (did that make sense?). I smiled and looked down at my notebook.

“Good Morning? What would you like today Sir?” This guy looked up and rubbed his chin.

“Could I have a sunny side up-” I was completely mesmerized as his lips moved. I began to lose it. “-oh and could you make that two sunny side ups for my bud.” I snapped out of my day dream and smiled.

“Sure.” I wrote down some of the things I correctly heard. I hope this is all he ordered though. Oh Sandy is gonna get pissed at me. “What’s your name?” I froze up. Why the hell did I do that?

“Cameron.” He smiled his pearly white teeth. I flashed a smile back. “So what’s yours?” I felt my cheeks heat up when he asked that.

“I’m Rebecca.” He chuckled.

“What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.” I cracked a smile and felt flustered.

“Thanks. Your order will be coming in a few minutes.” I walked away near the kitchen area and handed one of our Chef’s the order. I leaned against the counter starring at Cameron from a distance. I watched and his eyes went from left to right as he was probably typing something on his phone. The door chimed with bells and I quickly walked up to the costumer.

“Good Morning! Can I take your order?” My eyes met with the customer and that familiar face looked at me. It was not the good kind of familiar. It was bad. He walked past me and sat next to Cameron. My eyes were about to leave their places. What in the world? I walked back to the counter and sat there doodling on my notepad. I doodled a pair of eyes and a beautiful set of lips. I was startled by Sandy yelling for me. I quickly jumped off the dtool and ran to her.

“Ms.Rush, this boy wants one more order. Would mind ifyou could take his order?” I nodded as I saw that look in her face that meant no for an answer. I looked down at my notepad and back up at Taylor.

“Can I get one milkshake and a kiss?” I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen. This is gonna be a long shift…

A/N:Sorry for the wait guys. I’ve been busy with school and stuff so its been so hard to get on tumblr. i miss you guys so much!!! I hope your having such an amazing day/night! Stay beautiful!! I hope you liked it! A few imagines might come out soon. Really old requests with be coming! Im sorry for the people who requested like a year ago. I will be doing those too. Even those fanfictions that were requested! For now this is a good bye! I’ll be updating Never Ending during this month! Sorry its so short.

  • i got hit with jaebum feels so here’s him in a college setting!
  • im jaebum is in his third year of university and double majoring in film and business (the business part was half because his parents wanted him to do something more practical and half as a backup plan for him in case breaking into the film industry didn’t work out)
  • guess who his roommate is yeah it’s choi youngjae and sometimes coco 
  • youngjae and jaebum are really close friends and so are he and jinyoung so the three are always hanging around at either their dorms or at a karaoke bar or smth
  • jaebum’s part of a dance club and photography club and basically this boy tries to be a hipSTer but he really isnt
  • youngjae and jaebum’s dorm is filled with movie poster or pictures or little figurines its really cute yet aesthetically pleasing
  • dorm is always filled with singing or music playing
  • jaebum studies like hell but he’d also rather sleep and sometimes he falls asleep while studying
  • he doesn’t work during the school year because film is already a time consuming major and since he also has BUSINESS, he can’t really find the time
  • he does work studies though, especially for film though the pay is alright. he’s been trying to do some more business related ones though and is considering looking to be a paid intern
  • most nights he usually eats ramen but then jackson sees this and is like nope lets go eat meat
  • he meets you, a second year majoring in communications, through dance club 
  • you were a new member and you seemed really peppy and full of life and energy and he was really attracted to that ?
  • when you started dancing, you really did show that energy but there were times where your feet couldn’t quite keep up or you couldn’t really match the beat 
  • jaebum has some issues about his temper but he’s learned a lot throughout his college experience and has learned how to control it so while the past him would’ve been really irritated that you couldn’t keep up with the beat, the present him was like hey stay after for a little if you can and lets practice
  • you’re like !! ok 
  • jaebum doesn’t beat around the bush with criticism he’s like your feet are staggering during the bridge and you need to work on your upper body strength so you don’t fall when you try to do the downrock
  • and you’re nodding and you have this look of concentration and he’s like ok you ready to try again and you’re like yeah ready as i’ll ever be
  • i think jaebum is the type to be attracted to those who know when to be serious and when to have a fun time but also maintain this really bubbly persona
  • after a few hours of practicing, you’re both drenched with sweat and lying on the floor and you’re like ugh my back is sO STICky how do you guys do this so much and he’s laughing and saying you get used to it
  • you suddenly get this idea and sit up and ask “hey…thanks for helping me do you want to get coffee with me?”
  • he’s like ??? wha
  • you’re like yeah its the least i can do 
  • and he’s like yeah i could really go for some coffee i have an exam coming soon so i need to study
  • you guys go to your designated locker rooms and take quick showers (separaTELY OFC) 
  • he’s done before you so he just waits at the entrance fiddling with his phone and you come out all fresh and clean “ready to go?”
  • he nods and he looks really good in his cap and grey sweater and jeans and you’re like boy
  • he also has a multitude of earrings so you ask about them and he shrugs like “i just felt like it one day and i liked how the first ones looked so i got more” 
  • you’re like i’ve never gotten my ears pierced and he looks at them like dang well it doesn’t hurt if that helps to know
  • you shake your head like nah im not worried about the pain just like losing them lol
  • and he learns that you lose things easily like last week you lost your review sheet for your math exam and how you tried to cram so much in but you ended up finding it in under your computer keyboard
  • you learn that he’s working on his own independent film and he’s like i’ve been trying to find actors but everyone’s so busy so i might just start during break 
  • you’re like i can act!! i was in a drama club last year but it fell apart when most of the members left for grad school
  • he teases like you have to audition first and then we’ll see (;
  • after coffee you guys exchange numbers and he doesn’t really text you first, you’re the one who initiates conversation but he replies like immediately
  • you learn he either replies immediately or after a few days there’s really no in between
  • you guys snapchat his story is really artsy and like 2 seconds but when he snapchats you, its usually weird faces of his friends or their antics
  • you learn he also has a big instagram account with like 11k followers and you’re like jaebum how the fuck???
  • you guys dont really hang out in person as much as you’d like but you guys text/snapchat/etc a LOT
  • when you finally get a free weekend or a day where there are no classes, you guys literally just go to the city and eat
  • jaebum is the type to slowly fall in love i think like after five months of knowing you he really treasures your friendship but sometimes he finds himself wanting more and who can blame him when you’re you and really really great
  • skinship with him as friends is really cute and casual and you’re like jaebum stop leaning on me my shoulder hurts so he just lies his head on your lap and pretends to sleep and you flick his nose like bicbjhvl
  • when you guys are hanging out, he either puts his arm around you casually or walks close to you
  • he doesn’t really realize he likes you romantically until youngjae’s like hanging out with (y/n) again? geez its like you’re always with them
  • and jaebum doesn’t realize that he spends a lot of time with you and he keeps thinking about how much fun he has with you and it’s like holy crap i really like (y/n)
  • when he hangs out with you after this revelation, he sees you in this whole new different light and you notice he’s staring and you’re like is something on my face and all jokes and you expect him to say ya uGLy hahaha but he doesn’t and you’re like jaebum???
  • he literally just outright says it right there “(y/n) i like you a lot more than friends”
  • you’re like o           h
  • and he’s like yeah lol sorry and rubbing his neck nervously and you don’t say anything so he gets more nervous but then you break out into a smile and you go up to hug him like i love you, ya big dork
  • and he’s like stUNNED because the person he’s been thinking about for so long is finally someone he can call his lover aint that cute
  • he kisses you for the first time that day and you’re both laughing and you’re giggly and he has this biggest grin on his face
  • (p.s he casts you as the main lead for his independent movie and enters it in a contest. he wins because he’s im jaebum and he has you by his side always supporting him)
Brad Imagine~7 years

Requested for by anon -hope you enjoy
Creds to gif owner


It was a pretty normal day for you.You had just gone to get you daily drink from the local cafe in y/home/town.”This day felt different” you thought to yourself.You suddenly found yourself casting your mind back at all the memories you had in this town.And boy there were some.From that time you broke your arm whilst going sledging when in snowed,or that time when you one first place at the local talent contest.Not to forget your first love.Bradley Will Simpson.
You had not seen him in 7 years,ever since he moved away.Yeah you may have only been 12 when he left but there was just something about those big brown eyes that made you smitten with him.You guys had practically grown up in the same house and your families were always really close. Suddenly,someone walking into me knock me out of my daydream.”Sorry”A voice I weirdly recognised said before they continued walking.I took meant to realise who that person was.Same curly hair,same brown eyes,slightly taller.It was Brad.
I couldn’t believe it.Shellshocked,I looked back over my shoulder to check if it was really him.All of a sudden I found myself running after him.”Brad?”I shouted,causing him to turn around and stop walking.”Heyy”He said to me”Are you a fan?”He asked,now looking at me.”Wait you don’t remember me?”I asked,a lump forming in my throat.”Im sorry,I’m rubbish at remembering faces”He told me.”Do ya want me to sigh anything for you ?”Brad asked.I guess he really did forget me.”Nah leave it ,I got to go”I said,walking quickly in the other direction.I really did make a fool out of myself.
“Wait!”Brad voice called after me.”Did you use to have braces?”He asked me. “Er yes?”I replied,questioning why he was asking me this.”Omg y/n!”He said pulling me into a tight hug.”You remembered”Hugging him back.”I can’t believe I forgot,I’m such a mug”He said making me laugh.”No your not”I said smiling at him,knowing he remembered me.”I wanna catch up some time, looks like we have a lot to catch up on.”He said to me,handing me what I think was his number.”I see you around y/n”*gif* He said before placing a kiss on my cheek and walking away.Thats when I knew he still has my heart

Ok guys I have to adress something that has really bothering me ever since American Hustle Life ended. I am not trying to cause drama or offend anyone , but i must say something. Ok here i go literally every time i go on tony’s page to like some of his pictures ( bc he likes my pics and follows me too and stuff soo) and literally there is ALWAYS COMMENTS ABOUT JIMIN/JONY ON HIS PAGE , and thats not even the part that upsets me the most what makes me mad is that ppl are commenting these things about it ON THE MOST IRRELIVENT POST ON TONY’S PAGE . Literally the photo will have nothing to do / or even have bts or Jimin in it! BUT PEOPLE WILL STILL COMMENT THINGS , REPEATEDLY . they will say things like “ how jimin?” “hows bts?” “do you love/miss bts?” , and im not even trying to over react but cmon people i mean yeah u can ask questions but…. over and over again!? really? and thats not even the worst part! people will literally spam with comments about Jony and go crazy whenever Tony post pic’s of him with women , or him hanging out with them! people will be like “whos she? what about jimin” or “aww i bet jimins sad!’” even things like “ JONY 4EVER JIMIN LOVES YOU” and “whos this girl?” Everytime i read those i wanna literally punch everybody like????? wtf are u even talking about im sorry yall but Tony is a GROWN ASS MAN PEOPLE , HE HAS A LIFE OUTSIDE OF BANGTAN , HE IS HIS OWN PERSON WITH HIS OWN CAREER LIKE LITERALLY.Some girl was saying comments like  " im gonna make a Jony otp clothing line and put ‘Jony Forever’ on the clothes that would sell so well “   People are really starting to sound rude and crazy on instagram with this shit! sending him fanfic n shit omfgggggg. idk man its just so annoying seeing this shit all the time and plus its really stupid like some of these girls need to get a grip and stop being crazy like this , Jony is really not that serious yo. I am sorry if i sound mean but i had to get this out there! I mean shipping jony isnt a bad thing! Its just not good when people do it like this. And i cant be the only one who thinks this! People are starting to sound annoying and going over board so i just had to say something~

k_hummel and 7 others like your picture

anon prompted (4 months ago holy shit im so sorry): I liked your picture on instagram because I thought you were cute and I followed you. You followed me back and we started talking for a while before we began dating then we finally met each other

also using this as a fill for a prompt over on the brand new Glee Prompt Meme

a small note: i’ve never actually used the DM function on instagram so I literally have no idea how it works. i’m sure i got it wrong, but let’s just pretend it works the way i describe it here! also, title-wise, i think it takes more than 8 likes for it to turn into “so-and-so and number of people like this” but again, let’s just pretend. Hope you enjoy! Sorry it took so long haha

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Blaine knows the only reason people follow him on Instagram is because of Cooper.

It’s reasonable, seeing as Cooper is the only reason he really got Instagram to begin with (“You could pretend to be my fan! It’ll be great for my image!”), but it’s still a little disheartening to have over ten thousand followers and only receive seven likes on a selfie.

He gets it. They aren’t following him for his selfies. They’re following him just in case he posts a picture with their favorite up-and-coming actor. Those pictures always get hundreds, sometimes thousands, of likes. In fact, the picture he posted with the most likes is one of just Cooper. He knows the deal, he isn’t totally clueless.

Still. He’s been feeling really photogenic lately and he’d like to think his selfies are worth more than his Warbler friends feeling sorry for him.

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Okay, so im gonna do the thing.

yep, that’s right.

bc i cant sit here and listen to all these people say stupid crap over nothing.

So Aron said, “That’s why guys are superior. To be fair - this is my opinion, don’t take it offensively or anything but I think guys make better friends than girls. Girls - you guys are hot, you guys are pretty, you guys are good to look at, but like…


So i get people are getting mad because of the last part, “Girls - you guys are hot, you guys are pretty, you guys are good to look at.”

and yeah sure, that was dumb and it might piss you off, but–

let’s remind to the beginning, shall we?

“To be fair - this is my opinion”

not every single person is going to have the same fucking opinion. Not to mention, the “boys are superior” yeah he chuckled while he said that and the girls laughed as well because guess what? He was joking, they’re mcing on a freaking radio show– if they don’t crack some jokes every now and then there’s the probability that people won’t listen to the radio anymore.

and honestly, me– a girl, agrees with him 100%.

And for those of you who haven’t heard the full clip– shut the fuck up. Like just don’t. Both lori and tia agreed with him, why isn’t anyone saying anything about that, huh? why isn’t anyone complaining that the girls agreed with him? Where’s that scandal?


“That’s why guys are superior. To be fair - this is my opinion, don’t take it offensively or anything but I think guys make better friends than girls. Girls - you guys are hot, you guys are pretty, you guys are good to look at, but like…”

yEAH THAT ONE. GUESS WHAT? That person didn’t take the time to finish the quote, and you wanna know why? Because what he said wasn’t wrong at all and they just wanted to bash at him for something.

Now, let’s finish that quote.

"but you guys like to gossip a lot”

and guess what followed after?

“i dont know if this is true, but i’ve heard that you guys act like friends and then stab each other in the back.”

yeah, my best friend is a girl and my closest friends are girls, but if i look back, almost every single person that has brought me down or made me insecure, made me hate myself or something about myself has been a girl. Let’s get real here, most girls hold grudges or back stab their friends and if you cant agree to that, there’s no way in hell you can say boys are worse when it comes to things like that. But either way, ask anyone; most people will tell you the same thing and being a girl i, myself, know it’s true.

 And for those of you that want him to apologize, what do you want him to apologize for?

For being honest?

For speaking his mind?

For saying something that most of everyone on this goddamn planet have most likely said before at least once?

Chill the fuck out and stop hating on him, he didnt do anything wrong. And even if he had done something wrong, who are you to judge him?


Seriously it’s so annoying how much hate aron gets–

not only for this but for stupid crap on instagram for his pictures that he posts, like shut the fuck up.

Be glad that he takes the time to post pictures, be glad that he likes to joke around and be silly, be glad that he’s honest and that he tries to get closer to his fans.

He’s a human being, and he knows fluent english so it’s not like he isnt understanding what you’re saying. A person can only take so much, chill out. jfc.

And even if i didnt know nu'est or if i didnt know who he was, i would feel the same because it’s ridiculous how riled up some people are over what he said. it’s making me so irritated and i just felt like this needed to be said.

And no, Aron isn’t ruining nu'est and he doesn’t deserve to be kicked out. He has talent and NU'EST would not be nu'est without him.

It’s very irritating how all the people that want him kicked out of the band because of this don’t know who he is or don’t listen to the band itself.

if you don’t like nu'est, don’t listen to them. seriously, it’s that easy.

And for those of you who are still butt hurt or being moody about this, go listen to the clip, go listen to it right now.


How to Know When to End Your Relationship

Hi girls!(:

So as some of you may now, I broke up with Marcos. Looking back on our relationship, I have learned a couple new things that I think will be useful to those of you who are wondering if your current relationship is worth keeping or not.  My relationship with him was very stressful to me, but our bond of endless inside jokes was what made us click. Marcos did not cheat on me. I did not cheat on him. We broke up for the first time a week after our anniversary, and got back together the next day. Then we broke up again mid November. The first time, I was completely crushed and heartbroken. This time, I feel liberated and free to love myself. In the end, I saw him for what he truly was:

 Fucking Disrespectful.

Here are my signs of when you should get out of a relationship.

1) You find yourself constantly planning to make him jealous by hanging out with your guy friends. If you hang out with your guy friends because they’re your real friends but it makes your boyfriend a little jealous, that’s fine. If you think to yourself “I really need my boyfriend to pay more attention to me, so I need to hang out with a guy friend”, then that’s not fine. Doing extra things like that means you’re already losing.

2) You find yourself obsessing over his social media. Who did he just follow on Instagram? Why is there a star next to his name on Snapchat-you tf rewatched his snaps? Who’s pictures did he just like on Facebook? These are signs of insecurity and distrust in the relationship.

3) He doesn’t make you a priority, ever. Yes shit happens, and yes we all need our “me” time, but if he keeps canceling on you or hasn’t paid you back that $50 he still owes you from 8 months ago even though he keeps saying he will (but he apparently has money to go out with his friends), then you’re not a priority at all. You’re just available.

4) He never compliments you, but its easy for him to compliment other people. I understand that some people have trouble communicating, or they feel weird giving compliments, but if he can say things like “Rashida Jones is pretty”, he should be able to call you pretty too.

5) You find yourself begging/fishing for compliments. You shouldn’t have to send him a Snapchat selfie for him to compliment you. You shouldn’t have to ask him “Don’t you like my dress?”. You just want him to acknowledge you, and you shouldn’t have to beg for that from your significant other.

6) His manners towards you fly out the door. I’m not talking about things like burping. I’m talking about when he stops holding doors for you, when he stops saying “please”, “thank you”,  “excuse me”, and “sorry”.

7) He doesn’t react when people disrespect you, even when its front of his face. Of course you don’t expect him to beat everyone up, but a simple “hey, don’t talk about my girlfriend like that” would be nice. Even him just agreeing and saying “that was wrong, they shouldn’t have done that to you” would be fucking fantastic!

8) He turns things on you. Lets say theres some drama with your friends who have been very nasty to you lately even though you’ve been a great friend to them. When you tell him about it, instead of listening and understanding, he says things like “Well maybe if you didn’t snap at them so much, they’d like you more”. You are always the villain. 

9) He stops replying or treats you like a stranger when you’re stressed. When you vent to him, he says things like “stay up” or “that sucks”. He doesn’t want to deal with you when you’re not happy because he feels like its a burden on him. 

10) He doesn’t care about your stories or daily activities anymore. He doesn’t ask how your day was anymore. When you say “have a good day!” he says “thanks”, not “thanks, you too”. 

11) He stops being excited about celebrating the relationship (ex: Anniversaries, Valentines day). He seems like he doesn’t care or is forgetful about them. He doesn’t care where you guys should go for dinner. He doesn’t care when you guys should have dinner. He doesn’t care what you want as a gift. He doesn’t care that you got him a gift. He just doesn’t care.

12) You see him care about the little things other girls do, like feeling flattered that a pretty female friend left a normal/friendly comment on his picture.

13) You appreciate the compliments coming from other guys than from your significant other.

14) When you’re upset or sad, he dismisses you. Instead of listening to you, talking to you, or comforting to you, his attitude says “go away then”.

15) He rolls his eyes every time he apologizes.

16) He gets defensive when it comes to his phone. Just you trying to look at the time on his phone backs him jump for it.

17) He makes you hate something about yourself. He didn’t force you, but something about loving him made you hate yourself. In my case, I had to beg for compliments from Marcos. I settled with the fact that he doesn’t show affection through words. Even then, I knew I wasn’t the type of girl he typically went for. I was the exact opposite. I started to hate myself more than ever. My face. My weight. My skin color. My height. My hair. Me. I felt like I was never going to be good enough for him, appearance wise. I bought things that
I thought would make him like me more like skin lighting creams/soaps, products that promised longer hair, and contacts to make my eyes seem bigger. They weren't for me, they were for him. He never asked me to change, but he never once said “You’re beautiful” even though he knew I wanted him to. He saw it as a problem with me, not a problem with us. Im not normally an insecure person, but he’d tell me “just feel secure” - how? How? Your significant other is supposed to bring out the very best version of you, but I didn’t feel like I was getting better. I made him better, and he made me worse.

18) You feel yourself becoming someone else, in a bad way. I felt myself becoming jealous and insecure. I felt myself being a self-loathing person that desperately craved the affection of someone that I thought loved me the way I loved them. I lost myself.

19) You find yourself constantly pointing out what needs to be fixed in the relationship. Relationships take work and time, but if its becoming exhausting, its not worth saving anymore..

20) It doesn’t bother him at all when another guy is constantly texting you or hitting on you to try to steal you away from your significant other.

21) When you’re crying yourself to sleep at night, even when you two didn’t fight. It was a good day. You laughed. You kissed. But when you went home, something happened in your heart. You remembered something. You thought about something. All of a sudden you’re in fetal position sobbing and you can’t explain why.

22) You give a lot more than he does. You feel like the relationship is unbalanced.

23) He puts his ego before your emotions. He’d rather be stubborn than acknowledge the fact that he hurt you.

24) When you want to calmly talk about an issue in the relationship, he’d rather ignore you for 8 hours or be rude to you.

25) You’re constantly thinking about that happy honeymoon phase from the beginning of the relationship, and then you realize hes so different now.

26) He doesn’t appreciate you or the things you do. Hes not flattered by random little gifts or supportive texts anymore. He doesn’t care for warm long hugs anymore. Doesn’t care to use tongue while kissing anymore. He suddenly stops talking about introducing you to his family or friends. He doesn’t seem excited to hang out or have dates anymore. Hes just not into it.

27) You constantly have to repeat how when he doesn’t ___, it  hurts you, or that you like it better when he ____, but he doesn’t change. He didn’t forget. Trust me, he heard you. He just doesn’t care enough to do anything about it.

28) You feel like if he moved far and tried to do long distance, he’d probably hardcore flirt (but not cheat) with other girls. You feel like if you weren’t physically there to keep an eye on him, he’d stray. 

29) He doesn’t care if you look at him in a negative light. If you say hes being mean to you, it doesn’t phase him at all. He seems numb to it.

30) He basically tells you to get ready to settle because hes not going to change for you or anymore, aka “deal with it”. This is his ego speaking, which is apparently more important than you or basic self improvement. He makes you feel guilty for wanting a basic, fair, and healthy relationship.

31) He thinks you’re needy just because you want affection. He doesn’t care to give or receive affection. You start to feel like you’re being treated like “just a friend” that he has dinner with once a week. You start to question if hes just with you because he’d bored.

32) You’ve been looking up ways online to fix an issue in your relationship for the past couple weeks. You want to be extra careful on how you handle it, and thats fine, but at the end of the day, it feels like you’re cramming information for a big test. Whats stopping you from just talking to him? Fear of him leaving? If he wants to leave even though you’re putting in this much effort and “research” into fixing the issue, then its a clear sign that you two aren’t on the same page anymore.

33) When he’s expressed that he thinks you feel like hes always doing things wrong in the relationship. This is his way of saying “I tried, but you keep nagging me and its frustrating”. Hes close to giving up, or already has.

34) He completely denies that hes been slacking in the relationship. He refuses to take any responsibility about it. He refuses to acknowledge how hurtful he can be towards you.

   I may add more to this later. It was a little painful to type all of this out. I didn’t realize how much I was being mistreated towards the end of our relationship because I’m a very patient person, and I loved him (or thought..I did at one point, till I realized how badly this relationship was hurting me). It sad for me to type all of this and think “Did I really let myself be treated like this?”

   I stuck through it because before me, his longest relationship was 1 month, while our relationship lasted a year and 1.5 months. I kept making excuses for him like “he doesn’t really know what to do in a long term relationship”- all of that doesn’t matter! If you feel it, you’ll know how to treat your significant other. I also stuck around because although he didn’t give me that verbal affection that I love, he had other traits like his humor was the exact same as mine (which is rare), and that I knew he wasn’t cheating on me. He gave me that “high school” feeling that I haven’t felt since my first love 5 years ago. He made me laugh and I adored him the way you adore a puppy - you’re always excited to see them. So many guys have called me beautiful or or said they loved me, but they still cheated on me or took me for granted. The right words from the wrong people truly mean nothing. Marcos’ traits were like a trade off, and that in itself is me settling for less.

   I felt like I was completely losing myself in our relationship. Now that I’m single, I feel better than ever. I have good days and bad days, but I don’t hate myself anymore. I’m working out more - FOR ME. I’m going out more. I’m getting to know myself again. I smile more. I laugh more. I love more. I feel free, free to love myself.  

   I’ve never experienced self hatred like that before. You need to love yourself a little more than you love him so that you can recognize when you’re being mistreated. I did not love myself. I loathed myself, and therefore I could not see that I was being mistreated.

   I’m finally back to my old self, and it feels amazing. Don’t let a guy disrespect you in any way, because I promise you, his ass ain’t worth it.

Thank you all for being so patient with me and my lack of posting. My mind is clear now, I feel amazing, I’m talking to new guys, and I have plenty to share!

 I love you all so much (:


anonymous asked:

why are people so mad at briana for her insta caption on her ad posts for the tea and stuff? Once you have a certain following you get asked to do things like that and they send you the time to post and the caption of what to say do they not? Find me someone on insta who doesnt promo that nasty tea (btw the intent of my words were not to be nasty or harsh to you!)

hello anon… i understand you might be a little confused which is why i will take the time to explain to you whats so wrong about what briana is doing.

i agree that there is absolutely nothing wrong with advertising products to your large following… our entire world is made up of marketing these days. we see it on tv commercials and the side of buses… every single celebrity with a large following is getting paid to promo products. thats not the point…. the point is WHAT she is advertising. Briana, much to our dismay, has a large following of young impressionable girls. she is advertising a tea that is unhealthy for you to use as a means to become skinny… there is so much wrong with that statement alone and thats before we can even touch on the subject that she was never pregnant to begin with.

the thing is anon… this whole world is filled with people telling you that you should look a certain way to be deemed beautiful. it’s on the fashion runways, it’s on the pimple cream adds, it’s on the teeth whitening adds, it’s on every celeb trashy magazine. in this day and age to be beautiful in the public eye you need to be skinny and perfect. do you know how DAMAGING that is for young people!? do you know how many people, and not just women because men and all genders suffer from this as well, have internalised hatred for themselves because they don’t look the version of ‘pretty’ that modern society has deemed pretty? do you know how many people have suffered from eating disorders and low self esteem and dietary conditions who can’t embrace what they look like because society is so fucked up that it tells us we have to be of runway size to be hot?? it’s wrong. it’s fucked up.. we should embrace who we are and everyone should be loved no matter what they look like… everyone is beautiful in their own way and that is what we should be teaching our young impressionable generation. but thats not what briana is doing… she is perpetuating the mentality that you need to be skinny to be beautiful and shes promoting that to her very young and impressionable following. 

she is ALSO promoting these teas as something that can be used as a healthy diet and exercise substitute… and like NO!! thats NOT something that you should be promoting to your hundreds of thousands of followers… just WHY?? why would you do that? i highly doubt shes getting paid a lot, if anything for this. it’s a cry for attention and it’s just wrong… what the fuck is the difference of her sitting in front of a toilet with her fingers down her throat and saying “hey kids i dont have time to eat healthy or exercise so im just gonna make myself be sick so i can have a flat tummy”??? it’s immoral!!! these teas are unhealthy, they’re not good for you, and by her promoting them it’s encouraging young people to treat their bodies like shit so they can be like her omg #goals… 

why can’t she promote healthy eating and exercise? why can’t she get dressed up in her NikeTM and go for a  hike and drink a green smoothieTM and instagram that? im sorry to drag another 1D girl into this but Melly is a prime example of someone who has used her platform that was given to her by One Direction to promote healthy lifestyle? why can’t Briana do that?

NOT TO MENTION the complete lack of respect for motherhood and women in general… oh my god. there is nothing more beautiful in this world than having your own child… and while everyone does suffer from some sort of body image issues, she is out there flaunting her supposed post pregnancy body around saying she doesnt have time to exercise and eat healthy so shes gonna shit for days instead to look like this… it is completely disrespectful to mothers out there who actually lose their baby weight healthily, it is completely disrespectful to mothers out there who cherish every bump and every stretch mark and wear them like a badge of honour because they got those when they were pregnant with their baby… they LOVE their bodies because their body made their child. i cant even verbalise how disgusting this kind of behaviour is and what a slap in the face it is to actual mothers out there.

i could keep going on with the immoral reasons why people are annoyed with Briana but if you dont understand from the reasons above then everything im saying is falling on deaf ears and i dont see the point in continuing… 

and before i go… i know that other women associated to 1D and this fandom have promoted similar products. i know they have and they got a lashing from this fandom when they did that as well. but they havent promoted them like Briana has… they havent said “drink this instead of eating healthy and exercising and you’ll be skinny like me”… AND if she really is the mother of Louis’ child and she really is meant to be in his life forever, then she should have a lot more respect for HIS fanbase which includes the young women she is brainwashing with this shit AND the mothers she is insulting… If she was all of those things i would expect a hell of a lot more from her… but i guess we know why she is doing this…….

Rbb and the person behind all the drag queen history.

Well this is my first master post. so ill try my best. and sorry i have grammatical errors im not a english speaker.
all this images came to me yesterday and i think if we just add 1+ 1 we can found something interesting things.

if you are follower of rbb and sbb twitter acc, may seen yesterday this pics of the rbb in hollywood blvd.

We know rbb and sbb are big fans of judy garland… and then guess what i found?? PAUL ROBERTS , 1d coreographer is big fan of judy garland and fred astaire… HUUUM judy garland… what a coincidence…

And this is what i found:

paul is fan of old cinema actors and also , i think he is openly gay, and also found, he is very into the musical theather history , u can go to his intragram and check it. …

then i went  little funther with my curiosity and i found he has a lot of friend in the musical theater industry

then i went to some of his instagram friends and i found this

also i notices he has a lot of pic with helene horlyck (1d vocal coach) who also shared the taste for old movie actors…

my theorie is: PAUL ROBERTS has a lot of knowledge in  old musical theater , and is very active in the lgbt comunity…. he has a lot of knowledge in musical shows and can easely see him knowing all those things about drag queen shows, movies, books and lgbt history. if you go to his photos on instagram u will see this more easely.

in addition, today in the morning i saw a gif on tubmlr where harry is in the jimmy kimmel reahersal, and he comes to paul, and kissed paul’s hand, as a cute gesture. soo i could see how good and close his relationship may be , and both of them looked very gay.. im a queer so i felt this thing. and made sum up al this info together.

ALSO .. i have another theorie… we always thought josh was behind rbb cuz the pics.. and becuase has prove he’s very close to the person who is in change of the bears…

since i went to santa clara concert. i been thinking. the person who arrange the bears must be a person who gets to the stadiums before the boys, cuz the boys always were the last to ge to the staduims so …

then i saw this 2 pics..

this is a pic from josh snapchat

and this pic is from pauls instagram
what i want to say with this is:
the band and the staff are always sharring time together backstge we have seen this in lou’s snapchat, i think this 2 pics means the band, helene, and paul were in the same room, and this makes me think this is always the same way,cuz i have seen in luo’s snapchat this.
 and pual and helene share a lot of time with the band while they may be caring the bears, thats why may be josh has spent some time with the bears..

im sorry if this id too long or horrible writen, this is my very fisrt master post.. and its very ccomplicated to me to put all the puzzle together in here.
ill try to tag some blog to get to mre people…if u want to add more info please please let me know.. 

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Tumblr Swiftie Rant....

Okay.. Here I go.. Beginning something controversial… Some of you are going to dislike me for this and that’s okay and some of you might agree.. Let me start off with the fact that I love this fandom, I love Taylor and I love this little community on tumblr. When I joined at the end of May it seemed like the most wonderific thing in the world. And I still think it’s great thing and place. It became my safe spot and the place where I could go and be happy and talk to so many people who feel the same about Taylor as I do. And I have made SOOO SOOO SOO many friends who I love so much and honestly don’t think I could go a whole day without them. I love seeing all their beautiful faces and sharing the little bits and pieces of our lives with each other and our conversations. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I love you guys.

As I said, I came on here in May…. After Taylor did. But that was NOT the reason that I made an all Taylor account. (I had had a tumblr before but I found that blog becoming more and more Taylor centered. So I figured make a new blog so my other followers didn’t have to be bombarded with Taylor [even though they should’ve appreciated it;] and I would operate both blogs. That plan didn’t work. I found myself always on my Taylor blog and never on my other one so this summer I deleted that other one) At that time in my life, and still now actually, I was having some trouble with my “friends.” Most of them aren’t very… accepting of my love for Taylor and a few of them aren’t very kind about it. I don’t have any friend or anyone at my school who really likes Taylor and coming on her… It was like walking into a dream-land where everyone understands you and is kind and appreciating and loving. And I loved it. And I made friends who actually understood me and talked to me and listened. People who didn’t tell me to “shut up” when I was excited about something that I love. That was May. June.. June was a great month too, More friends and nice people and it was great! Then at the end of the month… The one thing that I never expected to happen happened out of the blue. I was freaking out and super-duper excited over Tayvin as you do.. And at one thirty in the morning Taylor must have decided that my fangirl comments were funny or something and she decided to hit that follow button.. And I’ve never been more THANKFUL for something in my life (besides for my parents for taking care of me and me actually finding Taylor and my little sister). I never expected that to happen and it still is sort of shocking. Because I didn’t do anything to deserve that. I never expected it or even thought it would happen. There are thousands of people on here. Thousands of wonderful people on here. And honestly… None of us.. None of us.. Have done anything to earn that button. Nobody really deserves that. 

I know that some of you may disagree and that is really why I wanted to write this.. In the past few months I have seen some things and sorta ignored them and put them out of my thought because there’s always going to be some negative things in the world. And that’s okay.. It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows. But I think it’s come to far when people are demanding things of others and sending hate.. And trying to… Take advantage? (I don’t know if those are the right words but they are the ones I am going to use) Of Taylor. I have received hundreds, if not thousands of messages this summer asking for something. A lot of them are polite and decent and I appreciate that so much. But an overwhelming amount… An overwhelming amount have not been nice of polite, some people have acted like I (and I’m pretty sure plenty of others on here who may have received the same messages as me) am required to do as they say and reblog what they ask. But actually.. I am not. I personally will reblog any and all concert costumes because people have taken so much time and dedication for those and they deserve to be seen! Also I will reblog a few other things if people are polite about it.. But my personal belief… Is that if Taylor is going to see your post.. I think she should see it because other people choose to reblog it without being messaged and it comes across her dash or she finds you on a tag or something.. I think that she should somehow find it herself. To me… It just feels a little bit less genuine when people send the same message to everyone asking them to reblog it and tag her in it. But that is just my personal opinion, nobody has to agree with me on it. It is the reason why I don’t reblog a lot of what people ask me to. And that is my personal option on here. I know people who will reblog only their own things on here and some who will reblog everything that people ask them too either out of kindness or that they feel they are required to. The thing with this that I believe is NOT okay is when people don’t reblog what someone asked them to or they don’t really reblog other peoples stuff and they get hatemail for it. 

Hatemail in any shape or form is not okay. No matter what. Nobody deserves that.. NOBODY. And I have sadly seen an increasing amount of it. Whether it be for not reblogging things or because someone met Taylor or received a follow from her.. Something that for the life of me I CAN NOT comprehend why someone would do that.. They should be HAPPY for them! That is a GREAT thing and deserves celebrating!! Hate and enmity are NOT nice things at all. And I feel like there has been so much of it floating around here. When I find came on there was rarely anything and now.. Honestly.. I rarely come on compared to what I used to. I feel like there is such a negative tone and mood over everything and I don’t like seeing it or feeling it. This.. Is supposed to be a happy fandom. A supportive fandom… Not one that tears each other down and sends hate. I honestly.. I feel ashamed of being in this fandom sometimes.. I feel ashamed that I am a part of this community that hates and also that doesn’t seem to be thankful for what they have.

I think we all agree that Taylor is the most TAYMAZING person in this entire world.. So is so so so kind and loving and cute and talented and can any of you imagine what your life would be without her in it? I know that I can’t… She has been apart of my life for about 10 years now and I honestly can’t imagine my life without her in it and I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to be able to live in the same life time as her, to have the opportunity to listen to her music, to be her fan. I am so thankful that she is a kind person and wants to do nice things for her fans and loves us so much. I am thankful that I have a role model who is supportive and humane and generous. I am thankful for Taylor and all that she does because she.. SHE IS NOT REQUIRED TO DO ANYTHING. SHE DOESN’T OWE US. Yes, we are her fans… And we buy her albums but she is not required to do all that she does.. She doesn’t owe us that. 

Taylor does not have to put out music.. She chooses to. And if she decided to stop.. That is okay. I would be sad. But I would support her and be thankful as I already am thank I have been able to experience the music that she has already decided to put out and share with us. 

Taylor does not have to go on tour. She does not have to have an exhausting schedule and play show after show. She chooses to because she wants us to have the opportunity to see her and I think she likes to see us.When Taylor is on tour she does not have to give away free meet and greets or seat upgrades. She chooses to. Because we are her fans and she loves us and wants to meet us as much as we want to meet her.

Taylor is not required to come on here or instagram or twitter or wherever else she goes on.. (flash back to myspace days..) She is not required to share any pieces of her life with us.. But she chooses to. She is also not required to interact with us.. She doesn’t have to follow us on tumblr or like our posts. She doesn’t have to give us advice or take screenshots of us on her phone.. None of it.. But she chooses to because she wants to.. She loves us and cares for us and likes seeing us and spending time with us and talking with us.

Taylor is not required to send us Christmas presents. No matter how cool it is, and how much I, as well as everybody else I’m sure would love one.. She doesn’t owe it to us.. Just because she did it last year.. Does not mean she is required to do it this year. Taylor doesn’t have to send us presents. Last year she chose to. And those people are so lucky! But she does not have to do it this year just because she did it last year.. She didn’t even have to do it last year… But she chose to because she wanted to send those people some things and share those gifts with them! That is such an amazing thing…

Taylor is not required to invite people.. much less fans to her houses… She’s not even required to tell anyone where they are.. But she did.. She chose to invite people to her houses and not just that.. But to bake them cookies and yet food and take pictures and to talk to them. To let them use her bathroom and hold her cats and awards and sit on her furniture… Most fans would have to get through high security systems to do that.. They would have to illegally break and enter to do that.. And be arrested because it is against the law… But Taylor invited them to do that. She chose to let them into her house and not only to eat food and to talk and meet her… But to also listen to her new album before it is even out. Taylor is not required to do that. At all.. Most people would say she’s crazy… She trusted all of those people into her home and with her pets and furniture and awards… And she trusted them.. Trusted us… To not spill. To not leak the album or say anything specific about any of the songs or anything.. And guess what.. They didn’t. That is so so so amazing.. But she didn’t have to do that.. She was not required in any way shape or form to do that or to trust those people in that way.. But she did. Because she wanted to.

Taylor is not required to be in our lives. If she wanted to she has the option to walk right out. She was never required to be here in the first place but she chose to. In the beginning.. In the middle.. And now. Even when times were tough and everyone seemed to be throwing so many bricks that we could build a gigantic castle… She stuck through it. She sticks through the paparazzi and scrutiny and the critics.. And she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t have to be here and she doesn’t have to do all that she does for us. What other fans get to experience what we do? Honestly? Think about it? None. She doesn’t have to do it all.. And she seems to keep outdoing herself which she doesn’t have to do either. But she chooses to. And we should be so so so thankful for what we have gotten so far not just wanting and waiting for more.. Because Taylor is not required and she does not owe us. Which is why it makes me so sad when I see the hate and the negativity and relentless nagging and unappreciative people.. We should be spreading happiness and kindness and positivism.. Making new friends and building each other up, not down.. But most of all we should be showing our appreciation.

One day.. She might decide that she doesn’t want this life anymore. Maybe she will want to travel and actually see the world for once.. Maybe she will want to do nothing for a whole long time.. Maybe she wants to spend more time with her family or even start her own. Maybe.. Maybe she just wants to take a small break. All those things… Those things are okay. Because Taylor’s life is her own. Taylor is not required to do anything for us. And when that day might come. I will be sad. Most likely cry some tears. But I will be okay with it because I have gotten so much already. 

I am so thankful for what I have been lucky to receive and to experience so far. Everyday I think about and can’t imagine how my life would be without Taylor. I don’t know where I would be without her songs and her kindness. Her generosity and personality. Taylor and my mom are my two biggest role-models in this world and I can not think of any two better people to have that title. Thank you Taylor for all that you do for us and I am sorry if we seem ungrateful to you. I try everyday to be the best person I can be because I learned that from you. You have helped make me me and helped me get through my meager 15 years of life so far. And I know that you will help me get through the rest of my days. Thank you for being a good role-model, for showing me to be thankful for what I have.. For displaying kindness and generosity in your life.. For your beautiful music.. Thank you for being there and for making us so so so happy.. For being our friends, for the presents, the surprises the music, the concerts, the happiness… You don’t owe us any of that but you chose to and we can never ever repay you. Thank you for making us proud and for being you. I love you.

And to the people on here… I love you too.

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