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This is just so you know if your request have been accepted. If your request isn’t here it means you either did not give me a prompt or you told me to base it off of something. It’s hard for me to base a fanfic off of something because sometimes, I don’t get what is going on in the thing I am suppose to base it off and researching is just too much work given the amount of requests I’ve received SORRY :,(

So to be fair, first come, first serve (:

THANK YOU ALL FOR REQUESTING AND PLEASE BE PATIENT. Also I’m not that experienced in writing smut so please be nice to me, but I put effort and thought into every little detail <3 And I will start working on these requests after I have posted the previous non-smut requests :) each story will be at least 1k-5k words.

Total Requests: 20

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epitaph is watching rain slowly start to patter down a windowsill and the sight of grey clouds rolling in from the horizon. it’s the darkest blue of ocean starting to foam with the implied intent to destroy, but only until the tidelines. it’s the smell of old books, slowly flipping through their pages while hearing the thunder gently start to rumble and losing yourself in words you’ve never read. it’s stepping on wet leaves with boots and pulling your hood up if the drizzles get a little harsh. it’s stealing kisses and intertwining hands and sitting on the wet ground, and the feeling that nothing matters other than the moment you’re in. it’s the gentle rain and the little giggles and thinking about how the thunder sounds in the exact same time as your heartbeat. it’s watching the sunlight glint off a wet tree and the thought of how vibrant the green appears. it’s the smell of the earth after it’s rained and the calm finality of the waves. it’s how you always eventually end up wrapped in blankets, looking at the way the sun still shines through the watercolour grey sky and how everything is so alive even in the rain.

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So....what's with Macbeth and bad luck dude?

ok im sorry this was meant for in-character but I just signed off and this is actually a FASCINATING question. So there are two ways of looking at it, neither one being wrong, necessarily. 

First, that it is a simple matter that the play has a lot of onstage violence. It’s also one of the shortest, if not the shortest, tragedy of Shakespeares. Meaning, that it’s a pretty cheap production, and a low budget company could put it on, cutting one too many corners in the process. This play is dark and creepy, so it doesn’t help that most productions of it choose to do minimal lighting with lots of shadows. If it’s mostly in the dark, more accidents are likely to happen. 

Second option though, is superstition. Everybody and their moms know that the Scottish Play is wrapped in dark magic. King James, who wrote a fair amount on witchcraft, actually banned the show for five years after seeing it.- maybe because the spells and incantations used in the show seemed a little too familiar? 

I’m about to get down into the gnitty-gritties of superstitions for a hot second though, because I frickin’ can.

- during the plays first performance, it is widely believed that the actor playing Lady Macbeth, Hal Berridge, died backstage! It is also believed that fuckin Billy Shakes himself took the part over!

- In 1672 some fuck in Amsterdam was playing Mackers and used a real knife - killing the actor who played Duncan in front of the god dang audience!!

- There’s actually this really interesting story in the 1800s, but I can’t remember all the details. Basically, there were these two hot shot actors, one from England (I think?) and one from America. One of them opened Macbeth in a real nice theater and the other was so fricking petty, he opened another production of Macbeth directly across the street. Then there was a riot between the two audiences and over twenty people died

- In a 1942 production, three actors (2 witches and Duncan) died and the set designer committed suicide. I don’t think the deaths were related. 

- Two fires and seven robberies occurred over the run of Leary’s 1970′s production. 

-In a 2001 production there was a slew of broken backs, fallen trees, fallen sets, etc.

There is a ton more stuff like this, this is just what comes to head and I have information on. Even in a 2004 production at Royal Shakespeare (I think it was them???) the cast and crew had to take a survey on how superstitious they were. 


//VOLTRON S2 (finally finished) E5//.

It felt like forever to finish this episode
… maybe because of the pausing to cry every 4-5 seconds.

let’s start from the beginning.
I just thought it was cute that Keith’s and Lances drone did this bumping each other hehe

also this episode is what i call the “klance episode” cause..
elevator thingies happened …

I already posted a picture where I prayed that It was Keith wanting to enter the elevator with lance AND OH BOI WAS I RIGHT
I literally squealed when it happened I’m not even sorry
and CAN WE PLEASE JUST ACKNOWLEDGE THAT LANCE IS ONE FUCKING GORGEOUS BOY? (I mean .. no offence. Emo boy is a handsome boy too but lance argh I love him)

They both look so tired aw they deserve everything in the world.

Up top you can see the “were boyfriends we already look confused the same way” look. I very much enjoy this.

Other than this, while sliding down this tunnel thing you can (again) see my only two personalities:

mr darkmcdark dark “im too cool to scream fuck off I’m not scared this ain’t even scary”


Mr “oh no no no no no WERE ALL GOING TO DIEEEEEEE no help.. we’re gonna die I don’t wanna die I’m too handsome to die”

No inbetween.

EXTRA: Hunk and coran coran the gorgeous man SAVED THE DAY YEY

SUPER DOOPER EXTRA: Allura and Shiro (aka spacemom and spacedad) kinda holding hands you’re welcome (I don’t even ship it that much but that warmed my heart.)

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Hey, Im suicidal. I'm never in a good mental state. Every time something is wrong I instantly think of killing myself, when this happens I normally think about it for a bit and then decide not to yet because of my dog, I have to be here to look after her. Today I thought about killing myself & I didnt think about her. Im scared that Im going to not think about her and actually do it. I don’t want to leave her. I so scared of dying but I really want to. I need help but therapy is too expensive

Hey. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling this way. If you ever feel like you need immediate help in one of these dark moments, there is always people that you can talk to. 1-800-273-8255 is a hotline that is always ready to talk and help. Also professional help is a safe way to ensure you are gettig the help you need. It is sad that so many people feel this way, but that is also a good thing! Because of them suffering like you are now, there have been many people who have come up with treatments and solutions to the problems they face. Without their suffering, you would be alone and clueless in this hard time. No mud, no lotus. 

One of the most successful strategies that has been practiced and perfected for thousands of years is meditation. Probably the most wide-spread misconception about meditation is that it must be done a certain way. There is an infinite amount of ways one can meditate and it is all about finding the method, or creating one, that works best for you. When I stay at this Buddhist monastery every year I learn more about meditation and the practices of compassion and mindfulness. They practice different forms of mindfulness meditation that can be done in many ways. They practice mindful breathing (Where you simply acknowledge the occurrence and miracle of your breath and focus on it alone), mindful walking (where you kiss the ground with your feet as you step and try to experience the beautifulness of now as you journey through the earth that you are connected with), mindful eating (where you are mindful of all the work, energy, and extraordinary forces that go into the production and consumption of the food you are eating), and other forms of mindful meditation. 

The main effect of this type of meditation is that it undoubtedly removes the many veils that plague our vision of reality. When you are feeling negative emotions, going through overwhelming experiences, worrying about anything, and experiencing many more thoughts and feelings, these conceptions act as veils that blind you from seeing the beauty that surrounds and is a part of us all the time. Once you effectively remove these veils, you will notice that you start to see the reality is that you are awesome, there is no need to worry about what others are thinking, you should confidently be your unique self all the time simply by letting go, and so many more uplifting realizations. 

Another way to be mindful is to see the thoughts you nourish every day. They say that every thought is like a seed and you can water negative seeds by giving it energy and thinking about it, or water positive seeds that effectively combat any negative emotions. This has been proven in science. When you have a thought, like that you want to die, your brain creates physical pathways of neurons dedicated to this pattern of thought or else you wouldn’t be able to think it at all. Every time you stimulate that network of neurons you are strengthening its connection in your brain. So simply thinking about the beauty of the earth, for example, every time you catch yourself thinking negatively about yourself, can effectively water the right seeds to the point where eventually those negative pathways, or seeds, will no longer have the nourishment to survive. This may be why these thoughts of suicide are becoming stronger and more consistent. You are strengthening these connections and for your dog, family, and for your future that is filled with endless beautiful possibilities, you must destroy these connections. You are stronger than you think. You have gotten this far in your struggle, and that means you are already a warrior. A way to find these negative seeds is completed by another type of meditation that is assisted if you put yourself in a calm, controlled, and mindful state before attempting it. You relax and try to objectively find the roots of your emotions and thoughts so that you can figure out ways to water other seeds instead. This introspective type of meditation can often be assisted by physical organization. So, if you start to learn things while you are in your mind, write down and organize your thoughts and emotions so you can look at the result on the paper and plan to combat these negative feelings. 

Another misconception about meditation is that you MUST clear your mind. This is wrong. There is a type of meditation that you simply observe and study the thoughts as they come and go in your mind. You can learn a ton by writing these down and looking for patters of thought and responses to stimuli. Although I am presenting you with all of these meditation strategies, in the end you have complete control over your thoughts. You are a warrior. You are just blinded by the helmet you are wearing. It has such a small slit to look through so it is hard to accurately see your enemies. If you mediate, you may see past these veils of emotion and realize you had to power to be happy all along. The teacher at the monastery often says, “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

 I hope you find this helpful and realize how awesome your true self, your life, and the universe that you are a part of is. Just think, since you are a part of the universe any thought you have is a thought of the universe. Any feeling you create is you changing the universe. So, try to practice creating energies and feelings of love and happiness for you and for the whole of existence. You can’t even comprehend the impact that you have on the world. Someone you may bump into on the street may be saved by this delay from being hit by a car further down the road. If I killed myself when I was 14 like I wanted to, I wouldn’t be here today helping you. I hope I did help. I hope even more that you smile again. Good luck.

Tyler Kennedy

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I’ve wanted to draw the Dantalion djinn equip for like a million years and here I finally go oh boy

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You talked about how you hate dark colors and palates in movies once here on tumblr and I loved everything that you said and personally felt the exact same way. Can you quickly go over what you said again I can't find your post sorry to bother you!

sure yeah i love to complain! i dont necessarily hate dark colors, i think they can be used very well. i dont even hate dim colors, i think those can be used well too. but i hate how desaturated and lifeless so many movies and games in a horror or horror-esque genre look these days. and the other thing i hate is how heavily scary games and movies rely on putting everything in the shadows, like im not even necessarily complaining abt horror shit being set in dark places because i understand the purpose to that, believe me. what really gets on my nerves is how if some shit wants to be scary it’ll just make it so everything is slightly hard to see. not fully dark just badly lit. and im like, dude, you put all this work into designing these monsters, show me the freaking monster! show me all that gross detail that you worked so hard on! if it’s really as scary as you want it to be then it’ll still be scary when i can see all of it! i’ll look at older games that are made with really high-saturated colors and all the art is heavily detailed pixel art and you get some truly horrifying shit even from kids games and that is always going to be a million times more interesting and scary to me than shit like, idk, bloodbourne or whatever. like as an example most people who have played mother 3 will tell you that they were terrified of the chimera lab section at least the first couple times they played through it and look at this shit

it’s so bright!!! the monster is bright freakin pink and it’s still scary as hell!! you can totally have a scary atmosphere without making everything hard to see!! give me my color back you hacks


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