im sorry this looks way too dark


I’ve wanted to draw the Dantalion djinn equip for like a million years and here I finally go oh boy

Faux Affliction

[ a/n: aka the awfully self indulgent stripper fic ]

Nobody would guess that the dark alleyway, tucked on a lonely corner on an equally lonely street would be one of the most walked places in Seoul. When the night turns dark, and thin hoods are pulled to cover heads and dark slicked eyeliner; if you look close enough, you might be able to see people pooling into the alleyway, then disappearing like they weren’t ever there in the first place.

If you listen even closer, you might hear the inklings of pounding music and laughter filtering through the thick, heavy walls.

If you happen to walk down the alleyway, into the tiny door wedged towards the side, you’ll come across a man, small, pretty and inconspicuous. Little would guess him as one of the most powerful men in the country, a quick hand and lying smiles. Min Yoongi. Don’t mess with him. The tangles of spiderwebs are sticky and dangerous.

You’re not here by accident, he knows that and the door is opened.

Welcome to Bangtan Boys. And what they lack in subtlety they give with a night that leaves dizzying moans and pretty images that linger for days to come.

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I was tagged by the lovely ladies alex-and-miles, indie-addictions and cheapleatheronthefence to do 20 beautiful people challenge. I don’t know why you chose me but thank you anyway hahah

So the first one was taken two days ago and the second one about two months ago :) 

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