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Seventeen Reaction to Their Parents Not Accepting Their Girlfriend

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S.Coups/Seungcheol He’d be really excited to have you finally meet his mom because he’s so sure you and his mother would get along easily. However, when the dinner ends and you’re in a different room to get your shoes to leave, you overhear his mother sigh in exasperation - making you feel stupid for believing the dinner went well. “Seungcheol honey, I was really hoping your girlfriend was Korean.. why her?” You fill with worry believing he’ll side with his mother but you hear him come to your defense immediately. “Really mother? I didn’t think you’d care what nationality she was. You taught me that love wins, so why can you accept that fact I love her for who she is, Korean or not.” 

Jeonghan He’s reassured you multiple times that you had nothing to worry about when it was finally the day to meet his mother. He goes on about how kind and amazing his mother is, which makes you happy to see how much he truly loves her, and this helps calms you. You suddenly see a wide grin from him, he gets up to hug a woman, assuming it’s his mother. You smile at her but she doesn’t return a welcoming smile. Throughout the dinner, she drops subtle insults towards you but you try to believe she’s only teasing. At one point, she speaks bluntly straightforwardly. Jeonghan is clearly angered by her but tries to stay composed and asks her to leave so that you two can enjoy the rest of the night together. What you don’t know is that he’ll confront her about this night the day after, he doesn’t bring it up because he doesn’t want you to feel hurt.

Joshua/Jisoo He was planning on visiting his mother and wanted you to come along. You gladly accepted the offer and you two visited his mother as soon as you two could. When the day came, his mother didn’t hesitate to criticize you. She took every chance she had to point out a flaw you had or compare you to his ex-girlfriend, whom she clearly loved more. Seeing you on the verge of tears, a sudden shout comes out of Jisoo, “Alright mom! That’s enough. We’re leaving.” Before he leaves, he’ll give his mom a disdainful look as if he’s trying to tell her that he’s not done talking to her.

Jun/Junhui His mom had surprised visited him, and you had done one of the most embarrassing things ever: you made a bad first impression on her. You had heard your boyfriend’s mother had always been picky about his girlfriends, even worse, none of them ever were approved by her. This worried you for awhile and you’ve been thinking of ways to please her, but meeting her for the first time ever like this ruined your chances quickly. His mother called out for Jun, then turned to you and spoke to you in a brutal tone, “Jun told me he had met an amazing girl and told spoke very highly of you. But I come to visit him and I see this? You’re not even close to how he described you.” Jun came into the room at the right moment and froze, stared at his mother with furious eyes. He hastily pulled his mother into a different room and at times you’ll hear his voice be raised.

Hoshi/Soonyoung Everything was going well, or at least that’s what you and Soonyoung thought at first. After you left to use the bathroom, you heard sudden shouting going back and forth. You heard them yelling about you; “Soonyoung, she’s no good for you! She’s a bad influence. Don’t you care at all what your mother thinks? I’m only looking out for you.” Then a quick shout came out from him, “I know all my life you’ve been looking out for me but you don’t have the right to pick who I date. I expected you to welcome my girlfriend always with welcoming arms.” You quietly stepped out of the bathroom - all eyes were on you. Your boyfriend rescues you from the awkwardness and states that it’s time for you guys to leave.

Wonwoo His parents actually never knew about their son dating in the first place, never mind the fact that his girlfriend wasn’t Korean. They were furious about their son dating, they believed that he should only focus on his career over relationships. But they were even more infuriated about the girl he chose to date. He received plentiful of calls and voice-mails telling him to end his relationship. They told him reasons about how it could be bad for his image and how he was only wasting his time. He tried to ignore his parents for as long as you could but that only built his anger up. One day, you walk in on him yelling over the phone, assuming it was his parents. “Leave us alone! That’s all I ask for right now. I don’t need your approval. I’m sorry for not telling you but giving me all this crap isn’t helping. I’ll only be miserable if I lost her. Why can’t you see that I love her?” 

Woozi/Jihoon You were going to leave the room to get a drink and offered his mother one but even though she declined, that didn’t stop you from getting something. The second you left, his mother didn’t make an effort to be secretive when she was talking about you. “I don’t understand what you see in her, Jihoon. She’s nothing special and only embarrass you in front of family and friends.” Tears quickly formed, you had doubts about if he’d defend you because you know he would never try to disrespect his mother. There was a short moment of silence. His voice followed right after it, “If only you saw her through my eyes; she’s an incredible girl and I’m lucky to have her. I’m also glad I can call her mine. I don’t expect you to approve of our relationship easily but know that your opinion isn’t going to change anything.” You couldn’t help but run our and give him a hug.

DK/Seokmin You are stuck in the middle of a fight between your boyfriend and his mother. You’re unsure what to do but feel bad for being the cause of this. You make a few attempts to stop it but one of them end up telling you to stay out of it. Eventually Seokmin has had enough and leaves with having the last word, “Your opinion will not affect our relationship in anyway. We will continue this relationship whether you like it or not. I love you mother, but the way you’re acting is too much. I hope to you accept my love for her one day.” 

Mingyu “Why are you acting so rude to her? You don’t need to go as far as insulting her. I know you mean well, but please know if you hurt her, you’re hurting me as well. Is this really what you want? Do you really think I’ll leave her if you act this way?” You can see him almost on the verge of tears, you can see his frustration. He feels awful to offend his mother this way but feels even worse that you’re hurting as well. He refuses to let you go, and visa-versa. It seems as if you two can only hope for a happy ending.

The8/Minghao You’re running late to dinner with his parents, which you felt completely guilty about. This was the first time you were meeting them and this was the beginning of your first impression. As you stepped through the doors of the restaurant, you can see already see Minghao’s warming smile. “Has she arrived?” You hear his parents ask. They seem just as excited, but as soon as they meet eye contact, their smile quickly fade. They only stared at you, you now doubted that this dinner would go well. “This is a joke, right?” His mother whispered. Minghao gave her a confused look. “She’s your girlfriend? This can’t be.” His father spoke up. They continued having a conversation back and forth, neglecting your presence. Suddenly your boyfriend’s voice rises, “Why are you guys acting like this? So what if she’s not Chinese, that doesn’t change her incredible personality. That doesn’t change her as a person. And that definitely doesn’t change my love for her.”

Seungkwan You knew he respected and loved his mother greatly, which made it hard for you to keep calm when she was rude towards you when Seungkwan wasn’t in the room. She told you several offensive comments such as, “you and my son aren’t a good match at all” or “don’t get too attached, I’m sure someone better will come along”. You’ve finally lost it and decided to leave, however, Seungkwan notices immediately. You pull him to a private corner and explain the situation, which leads him to leave without saying a word. Assuming he chose his mother over you, tears burst and you leave without thinking twice. Without making it very far, you’re grabbed and pulled into a hug. “Where are you going? I only left to tell my mom that I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction. I’d be stupid to lose a girl like you.” 

Vernon/Hansol His mother approved of you, she loves you unlike his father. He thought very low of you and didn’t have any interest in changing his mind about you any time soon. You also weren’t sure about the reason why he didn’t like you in the first place. You’ve tried every now and then to get it out of Hansol but he wouldn’t talk much whenever the topic was mentioned, he would only tell you not to worry about it. When you two bump into his dad unintentionally, it was no surprise when his dad acted cold to you. “You’re still with her? How long are you going to keep this up? Are you trying to prove something to me, son?” You were trying really hard not to let tears run down, you didn’t want to show that you’re weak. Hansol held you hand tighter, “Dad, I really thought you’d understand by now. I didn’t expect you to support us but the least you can do is respect her. We’ll be on our way now, and try not to ruin anyone else’s day. See you soon.” 

Dino/Chan You didn’t expect to meet his mother so soon after a few months of dating, but that didn’t stop you from feeling excited to meet her (though of course you felt nervous at the same time). Rather than hearing good things from her, you’ve heard things you didn’t think she’d say. “I’m sure [Y/N] is a lovely girl but I don’t think she’s right for you, Chan. Also, don’t you two think it’s too soon for him to date? He has a whole career to work on, you wouldn’t want to be the reason behind him ending it.” You could easily tell she was trying to guilt you into breaking up with him, but Chan refused to let his mother control his love life and decides to be upfront with her, “You can think what you want but I’m sorry mom, I don’t want to break up with her. She means too much to me. As for my career, she has been nothing but supportive. We’ll do just fine, thank you very much.”