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Thank you for pointing it out. Here is something I cant understand and maybe you can help me. Even though I firmly believe Zayn is still under syco, RCA wouldn't have taken him if they couldnt have at least some kind of control over Z career. They have too much at stake. Reputation. They dont want Zolo to flop cause it would look bad on them. Its dumb to think that RCA is silently watching it all play out without having any say on it. But everything is so shade and strange and tbh DUMB. (1/?)

Z isnt a new artist per se, he already have a huge fan base just like JT had. In fact most of JT die hard fans were Nsync fans as well. Its natural. They could explore this a bit more. Also his image is very ‘on’ at the moment but might fade out in the future if they dont start exploring it. Everyone is paying attention on him even if merely out of curiosity. If he fails now, I dont think he could recover from it outside the fandom. He should be promoting the hell out of this album (2)

The album design is already a big failure since its a clear copy of a well known album. Plus, they could’ve handled the single much better. What people fails to see is that most successful singles starts climbing the charts as the weeks goes on. They rarely starts at n.1. Why? Because they release material slowly to try to prolong the single ‘life’. For i.e. Rihanna WORK, she just now released a video, it will give it a new push after 3 weeks of releasing the music and 2 of spotfy. (3/?)

So contrary to what many fans think, I dont see how Zolo is doing so amazing? I loved pillowtalk- though I loved the acoustic version better. Im sorry for Zayn that he is being dragged like that because his solo career could have started so much better. Seriously. He could probably manage to go to every fucking radio station and tv show to promote this album and this single. Do you think this is all syco? Because I cant see how RCA would allow this all with their name on the line. (final)


You’re right on almost every account, anon. It’s why the average life of a single (particularly a lead-in) is 8 weeks - the single needs time to gain traction at radio, and often gains a second and third wave with the music  video and promotion. What happened to Zayn (getting a #1 single out of the gate) was rare, and had more to do with the fact that he had a large, very dedicated, built in fanbase that most debut artists don’t have. 

So let’s break this ask down bit by bit (and just assume I say “you’re right” every time to conserve the risk rate of me getting old lady fingers). Zayn should be promoting the hell out of this album. I should be turning the tv on and being like “THIS PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL REFINED NERD FACE AGAIN? BLERG!” and I should be turning on the radio like “THIS SONG AGAIN! IS THIS ALL THEY PLAY ::SHAKES FIST INSIDE SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE BUT LEAVES IT ON BECAUSE I AM A FAKE HOE::” and i should be on the twitter and tumblrscapes seeing the song get mentions outside of its normal fandom space. PILLOWTALK should be haunting my dreams right now. It’s not. That’s baffling.

This is the thing - I don’t even know what I think is going on with Zayn’s current promotion and record deal (which, the fact that someone leaves a band and brand valued at a billion dollars, and has virtually no legal or financial consequences and still remains tied to One Direction in legal documents, is equally insane to me and a story for another time). On paper, he should be free - new label, new management, new team. But in real time, all the same fuckery seems to be there: stunts, cancelled interviews, PR bearding, a media cycle tied in tandem with One Direction’s. None of what is happening with Zayn makes sense. Pillowtalk gets released, and the track gets labeled “Syco” on iTunes, then later gets changed to RCA a few hours later. His promotional schedule is spotty, inconsistent and all over the place, and seems mostly relegated to dead eyed stunting with Gigith. 

As far as RCA, Zayn didn’t go very far. He’s still under the Sony umbrella and Syco still has their hands in it. I can’t tell you specifically what is going on, but what is, seems to be very wrong.