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hi, i am back with merman!jimin. SWAMP MERMAN IS MY SHIT

also flat brushes are nice to do digitally bc it easy but someone teach me to paint with round brush pls, i am so bad at this

Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanficiton)

You remember when I said I can’t write fanficiton for shit? Well here we go! My best attempt! If you like it please let me know! I’m working on Chapter 2! Takes place after season 2, after finding Shiro (because Shiro will come back I will not accept anything else omg). 











Lance and the Voltron Team go on a mission that goes horribly wrong. Lance is left behind to be interrogated by the mysterious Galra Prince Lotor. The team must rush to get him back at all costs. 

Chapter 1: Well, Great.

Lance awoke to the same face he had been seeing for a while now. That’s the thing about space, it’s hard to tell the time. But this Prince Lotor guy was making it even harder since he didn’t let Lance sleep more than an hour at a time, well he hoped it was an hour.

Team Voltron had been floating across the galaxy and found a distress beacon from a nearby planet. When they landed Allura asked the people what was wrong since they seemed pretty peachy for apparently being under distress. They lead the Voltron team to these large trees, like huge, way bigger than Earth’s trees. They entered a kind of makeshift elevator and when they reached the top they saw the problem.

A huge Galra ship hanging in the sky above them. No movement, nothing firing, just sitting there in the atmosphere above the planet. Obviously the people had panicked, sounded the distress beacon but the ship hadn’t done anything for a full week. The ship was making the people nervous so they left the beacon on hoping someone would come help them.

It was weird. Really weird. So of course they had to check it out. Team Voltron. Wooh. Anyway so eventually they went back to the castle. Allura and Coran did every scan they thought of and well they found no signs of life. Also weird. But they couldn’t destroy the ship, not from the castle. The shields were still up and they had to be disabled. So someone, namely Pidge had to get on the ship, disable the shield and get out so the castle could blast it out of the sky. Simple.

First of all Lance was the only one to think that maybe this wasn’t a great idea. Everyone else was convinced the scans worked, that no one was on the ship. Of course they went in still on alert but you know, things never go well for the paladin in blue. So Pidge was escorted by Lance and Keith while Hunk and Shiro waited with the castle just in case.

They entered the ship no problem. Not a big deal. Even got to the control panel without a hitch. But as soon as Pidge so much as touched the console things went to shit, real quick. When Pidge touched the console it set off some sort of alarm, out of nowhere Lance heard guards gathering outside the control room door. He and Keith readied their bayards then the comms went nuts. Shiro, Hunk and the castle had been surrounded by a Galra fleet. There was no escape. It had been a trap.

So Lance made a decision and a dangerous one. Without thinking he grabbed Keith and Pidge by the back of their uniforms and threw them over the edge of the control board, down a long drop where a vent lead to the outside of the ship. Pidge made a surprise squeak with Keith yelling Lance’s name. Lance turned and began to fire on the Galra soldiers. He knew what he had to do.

“I’m gonna blow the ship. Get as far away as you can, wormhole out if you have to!” He shouted over the comms.

There was muffled sounds of protest from Shiro and Hunk before the comms went dead completely. Great now they couldn’t communicate. The guards were piling through the door like mice escaping a hole. He had to hope that by now Pidge and Keith had made it far enough away, he couldn’t hold them any longer. So he turned his back, taking what cover he could from the tons of fire. He aimed at the crystal in front of him. He needed to break it. So he looked where he could fire. Where the crystal attached, he’s sure he can hit it. He aims, a shot from one of the guards hits him in the shoulder. Doesn’t matter. He breathes and fires. The shot hit sure and true and the crystal began to crack, sparks coming from it. Lance jumped into the cavern, going down the shaft to the vent. The crystal explodes.

Lance can’t hear anything, the explosion must have blown an ear drum. His back feels hot, spinning out of control into open air, jet pack not functioning. Great. Blue isn’t near enough to get to him. He had no idea how the castle was if everyone was okay. But the g-forces were causing his head to spin and he began to lose consciousness. His last thought was, I hope everyone gets out okay. Lance’s vision goes black as he continues to tumble towards the planet’s surface.

Everyone sees it, they hear it too. Keith and Pidge managed to get back to the castle in one piece right before the whole ship goes up. The explosion would have been spectacular if it wasn’t so frightening. Hunk and Shiro stopped fight just of a moment in sheer horror as the whole ship explodes. Lance was on that ship.

But the explosion works. The fleet takes damage, the explosion bigger than usual since they were fighting in the atmosphere rather than space. It takes out several ships. They have a chance to escape.

But everyone is frozen. Until they see it. A tiny figure tail spinning out of control in a blue and white suit.

“Lance!” Shiro shouts, trying to get to him before he hits the surface. But enemies were replacing the destroyed ones and he couldn’t get there in time.

Suddenly the ship that had hung back for the entire battle did something none of them expected. It sent out a beam of purple light and shined it on Lance’s out of control form. Lance’s body went limp, still and then slowly began to drag him toward the Galra ship.

Keith yelled, “They’re taking him!”

“We have to get him!” Pidge insisted. She hated the way he was limp, was he unconscious or worse?

They rushed to go get their lions. But Allura’s voice stopped them.

“YOU CANNOT!” She shouted.

Everyone paused even Shiro and Hunk who were still fighting outside the castle but they heard it over the comms. They had never heard Allura scream like that.

“We must wormhole out, we cannot win this fight.” She said this time barely a whisper.

There was a stunned silence before Keith of all people shouted.

“That’s LANCE out there! He just risked his life to give us a chance! We can’t abandon him!” Keith said, outraged.

Allura took in a breath.

“That is exactly why we need to go. Now. Lance bought us time. We can’t waste it.” She turned to them, tears in her eyes. Keith’s rage quickly melted.

“We will come back for him. We will find him and bring him home. However we need to be alive to do that. I’m certain we would not survive an assault on that ship. We must leave. Now.” Allura said tears streaking down her cheeks.

She wiped them the best she could and went to the comms telling Hunk and Shiro to come back. They were going to wormhole out. Reluctantly they came back, looking pale and worried. The ship made the wormhole, leaving the Galra and Lance behind.

Lance’s head felt heavy. His back felt worse, dry and stinging. He was being suspended against a wall. Arms, legs and torso bound by heavy thick clamps on the walls. Everything hurt. He slowly raised his head, moving it seemed to make it worse but he needed to see where he was. He knew he wasn’t in the castle but where exactly was he?

He blinked his eyes. Realizing quickly that one was having trouble seeing, which is a great thing to add to his ever growing list of problems. The room was dark with metal floors, walls and ceiling. Purple lights lined the walls in a linear pattern. He recognized that purple anywhere. He was on a Galra ship. Great.

He spent time looking over his injuries. He took a shot to the shoulder, he remembered that. But the rest must have been from the explosion or the free fall. His back was burnt, realizing the sensation. His left eye couldn’t see very well, vision was dark and tinted red. He could feel a cut over his eyebrow pulsing and swollen. His jaw felt fat and burned. The clamps were holding him to the wall a bit too tight and it seemed hard to draw a good breath. What a mess.

Soon the door flew open, showering the room in purple light. A tall man stepped in, long white hair and purple skin. Yellow almost glowing eyes looked at Lance with an interest that made his skin crawl. He was wearing armor, fancy armor. This guy was definitely in charge. Lance smirked, confidence couldn’t fail him now.

“Who are you? Zarkon’s replacement?” Lance asked, smug

The man took a moment and smiled.

“Yes, something like that.” He confirmed.

Lance was a little stunned, he honestly hadn’t expected him to answer.

“What, really?!” Lance asked, shocked.

The man smiled.

“My name is Prince Lotor, I am Zarkon’s son.” He took a step forward, examining Lance a little closer.

Once satisfied with being a creep he backed off.

”I must inform you that your fellow paladins have abandoned you.” Lotor said.

Lance breathed a small breath of relief. So they did get out. Good. That’s good, Lance thought although he couldn’t help the lump forming in his throat.

“Oh don’t worry, they’ll be back.” Lance said confidently.

Well he hoped anyway. Lotor paused and smile kept on his face.

“If that’s the case, how about we get started?”

Lance swallowed the lump was getting bigger. Two guards from the hallway came through the door.

“Bring it big ears.” Lance smirked.

Lotor’s face didn’t change, not even a twitch of anger. Now that Lance could see him up close, for a Galra he was pretty handsome. Nice hair. Although he seemed not all Galra. Lance wasn’t sure how he knew that but something about him read a little more of something else.

Lotor took a step closer, the guards following him closely as a flood of more people came into the room. Druids, that’s what their called. Cloaked with masks but the creepy witch lady wasn’t there which was a relief. But they shuffled in with metal floating boxes and began to take out what Lance had to guess was torture devices which wasn’t so great.

Lotor began to talk.

“You are the blue paladin of Voltron, riding the blue lion which also is a leg of Voltron. You were injured due to the explosion on the false ship over the planet of Neva. You escaped through a vent but the explosion was rather close to you. You were sent into the atmosphere were the gravity forced you unconscious. Our ship rescued you before you hit the planet. Once on board we treated some of your wounds so you did not die. But we left the majority that were not life threatening. Once you were brought aboard our ship the rest of the paladins used the explosion to escape us via wormhole.” Lotor smiled.

“This is the information we know. You see Zarkon was not one to share information with others. He unfortunately did not leave me any information about Voltron or its paladins. So I must gather the information myself.” He paused as a druid handed him something small and metallic.

The lump in Lance’s throat was growing bigger. He wanted to go home. He was scared. Terrified. But somewhere in the back of his mind which was flooded with terror rose something else. He remembered he protected the team. They were fine and were going to live for another day. Something in Lance clicked in place like a gear in his body was replaced with something stronger.

It didn’t matter. What happened to him didn’t matter. He must do everything he can to keep everyone safe. His emotions became steel and the breath that had been coming too quickly slowed. The fear was still there but that was natural the rest was made of unmoving steel.

Lance looked at Lotor his eyes narrowing and smirk plastered all over his face. He was not afraid.

“Why don’t you just get started then? Quit the chatter.” Lance snarled.

Lotor paused and blinked momentarily surprised. But then his smile grew across his face.

“Oh. I will have fun breaking you.”

So quick. Lance didn’t even register as Lotor took the small metal object and shoved it through Lance’s hand. Lance screamed.

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I need tips on how to draw a mer-tail because I wanna draw siren!danny SO bad but I don't wanna fuck it up

Hey man this is a shit ass tutorial but like I hoped this helped??? lmao

note: just use references my dude, its always better to physically see what youre trying to recreate.

ALSO when i say that the “legs still exist” i mean that you gotta imagine its just someone wearing a fake mermaid tail?? its like hella confusing to put into words, sorry omg

  • asexual annabeth: *exists*
  • me: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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yes hi plz draw ANYONE doing a goofy or dorky dance

omg im so sorry you had to witness this i promise im a serious artist i swear

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How many tattoos Brendon have, can you show with pictures?

lets see if i remember them all,,,

1. Piano Keys

2. Hibiscus/Plumeria flowers

3. Frank Sinatra portrait

4. ‽ (tour tattoo)

5. Burning Gospel (tour tattoo)

6. Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic album cover

7. Sarah Urie (wife)’s eye in a yellow rose

8. DOAB (tour tattoo)

i don’t think i missed any but if i did whoops, i can’t keep track of all his shit anyways. also he’s said he hopes to get full sleeves in the future.

first date with jAEmIN!!!

Originally posted by suhyngho

ayy Moon anon ;))) sorry im doing this pretty late but yeH also im including ur request in this so don’t worry!!!! thanks for requesting bb xoxo - admin amy

  • aight so y’all are already together after the sleepover you had last week
  • and then outta the blue on a friday night jaemin texts you like
  • ‘wassup bby lemme take u for a ride ;))) JK JK do you wanna go out tomorrow?? to the pizza place near the park’

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I am seeing Ginny hate on my dash and I would just like to say I strongly disagree and leave it at that. Stop hating on Ginny because she’s “in the way of my gay otp what a bitch they need to be together”. That’s fucking gross. Stop sexualizing the gay community and villainizing characters just because they’re “in the way”. It’s okay if you feel Ginny and Harry shouldn’t be together, trust me I feel they should’ve remained friends so I get it and if you’d like to discuss that more in depth I’d love to, but don’t hate her because she’s a women and you want the story to be “really really gay”. It’s just gross and I’m so tired of all this “omg I read soooo much gay fanfic im going to hell because of all this sin” culture. I’m sorry this rant was all over the place but it’s just gross and I’m over being nice about it.

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im a new d&p blog (I've scanned them since 2015 tho) any advice/blog recs?

i have so many blog recs omg here we go

@phursonas | @lsterr | @lesterial | @vyou | @formsprings | @danhowellgifs | @rebloggingphan | @lesterie | @demonphannie | @sadimples | @dawniel | @cringe-attacks | @bondange | @phiru | @fuckinlester | @oops-phan | @ratinof | @cozydan | @arcticlester | @softdnp | @artsyphil | @hwlle | @howelljesus | @astronautdan | @princessdan | @dantlers | @phtl | @dantichrist | @pseudophan | @snugglyhowell | @thunderhowell | @qanhowell | @goincrazyfast

i love all of these people with my whole heart :(

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hey sam! it's been a long time since i requested a headcanon from you omg i miss ;; (but i still stalked your blog tho hehehe i'm shy) can i request a jikook headcanon about jimin who adores jungkook who is a radio broadcaster and he sort of fell in love with his voice but jimin does not know how jungkook looks like until he recognized his voice somewhere? (tbh the plot looks like a manga that i like but i forgot the title) thank you so much sam ily❤ ps: i'm week for jk as hyung and smol jimin

hi sweetheart!! don’t be shy! I’m kind of an awkward potato at first…..and later also…. but you end up appreciating me :D  so feel free to stop by and say hi whenever you feel like it, ok?

I’m sorry i haven’t been posting too much lately :( it’s been a while since I wrote some hdc, tho so im a bit rusty, i ask for your forgiveness… I have a lot of messages on my inbox so I will respond to them eventually…. I will try to do it this weekend since today i’m a bit busy but I will write this one for you as a thanks for being so sweet to me and as a promise to reply to the others ^^

have a great day pup <3

//Jimin found about jungkook’s radio program one night after a really long day at work. he usually put on his earbuds and blasted loudly his favorite artists but that night his ipod had run out of battery and he didn’t have any music stored on his phone so his only option was to tune in the radio. and oh boy does he not regret it at all.

//jungkook has  melodic voice, sweet and that exudes warmth but at the same time is deep and boyish, really charismatic. no wonder he works at a radio station.

//the program varies from listening to jungkook’s song recommendations to reading letters from fans asking for advice. the host can go from a total dork that tells the most ridiculous jokes to a sweet caring boy trying to help a lost soul.

//jimin finds himself listening to his show every single night from then on. he has the show tuned in while his night shift at the convenience store, which always helps him overcome the night with a better attitude.

//taehyung laughs at him, says he’s obsessed. Jimin likes to say he just knows how to appreciate the good things in life.

//Jungkook opens about himself sometimes, and jimin learns he’s a young man -but slightly older than him- that has struggled his own in life as many others and uses his experiences to give advice to his listeners. Jimin loves to hear those stories, feels like jungkook is opening up to him only and not to hundreds of anonymous people that listen to him as well.

//he’s tempted to call, talk directly with jungkook those nights the phones are opened to the spectators, but he knows he’s shy and would stumble with his words a lot. also, what is he supposed to say to jungkook? “oh hey i’m jimin, big fan of yours. i love your voice and i love you too, marry me?” nah, too creepy…. 

//so he simply sends letters to jungkook for the other to read. he usually shares his own struggles, tells jungkook how difficult is being for him to manage the student life, living on his own and have his family so far away. jungkook is always sweet, reassuring, tells JM to keep fighting for his dreams like he did some years prior, shares his own story so he can give jimin the will to keep going. jungkook tells JM they have a lot in common taking in consideration his letters, and jimin likes to think jungkook’s voice softens a bit while talking to him after reading his letters, and his heart stutters happily every time jungkook dedicates him a new song he’s found recently.

//it’s a sunday that finds jimin working a morning shift. he hates it, because not only he had to woke up really early, but he doesn’t have jungkook’s sweet voice helping go through the boredom.

//the good thing about it is that he can afford sit in a corner and read a book, or try to catch up with some work he had been delaying, since just some grannies come for some shopping.

//he’s immersed in one of the books he’s supposed to read for a report when someone enters the store. a young boy, dark hair and darker eyes. he’s pretty attractive, but the side glance and small smile he throws jimin when they lock gazes tells him he’s a bit shy. the boy strides to the farther aisles in silence, jimin focuses back on his books.

//”Hello,” says the boy and the single word has jimin’s head snapping towards him, it sounds slightly familiar. the boy raises an eyebrow but doesn’t say anything else.
“hello.” he answers, and starts charging everything without saying anything else.
“Thanks, have a good day.” he says once the other has paid and is about to leave. the boy smiles charmingly, sweet, and says:
“you too, thank you.” jimin stares a him because his voice sounds so so so familiar. 
“is something wrong?” asks the boy with confusion written all over his face and then everything clicks. 
“oh my fucking god, it’s you!” screams jimin, blushing immediately because holy shit it’s jungkook and holy shit he just screamed at jungkook
“uhm…. do we know each other?”
“no…I mean i do, i know you and this just sounds so creepy but omg im a fan- im so sorry.”
“oh….” jungkook’s face changes then, goes to confusion to realization and smiles once again at jimin. “you listen to my radio program?”
“Yeah…. i- i love you - your show”
“Wow, im glad. it’s always nice to know people like listen to me… thank you so much.”

//Jungkook starts coming to the store more often and jimin tries to play it cool every time, specially when jungkook is being friendly with him and starts a conversation. but they quickly fall into a more comfortable relationship, specially after Jimin confesses he’s JM and jungkook seems happy to know about it.

//jungkook is funny and nice outside of work also, manages to make jimin laugh without really trying. sometimes jungkook is the only one talking as jimin just smiles and nods, staring. because jimin likes jungkook’s soft voice, but likes even more his crooked smile and bunny teeth and the way he feels every time jungkook looks at him. and boy, he’s so in deep.

//they exchange phone numbers and start talking frequently. Sometimes jungkook texts him in the middle of a broadcast. it makes jimin feel special.

//”this song is dedicated to a friend of mine. we’ve become closer recently and im glad to have found such a nice person that fits so well in my life. so, ehm… jimin, i know you are listening- this song is for you”
Jimin tries not to scream in the middle of the store, but now that he thinks about it he’s alone so he squeals out loud out of happiness.

//”It was a beautiful song” says jimin over the phone, after deciding to call jungkook in a boost of braveness.
“Really? I’m glad. i found the artist recently and he really has beautiful songs. I thought you would like this one.”
“I loved it…”
“You know what it’s about?” asks jungkook, his voice soft and warm. for a second jimin forgets they are talking live on radio and there are hundreds of people listening to their conversation. “It’s a bout a new found love.”
“jimin, would it be too brave of me to ask you out on a date?”
“Are you serious?”
“totally…. I like you a lot JM”
“I would love to…”

//after that night jungkook receives a lot of letters asking for advice in love matters, because his way of confessing to jimin was cute and romantic and had all his fans squealing with feels. (jimin dowloaded the podcast to save it on his computer)

//jimin discovers dating a radio host is a bit embarrassing, specially when said host dedicates romantic songs to him or says out loud how much he loves him, but jimin wouldn’t have it any other way. (he loves calling to the program and talk to the other, sometimes embarrassing jungkook on live radio)

Succumb. (Jihoon Smut)

for the anon who requested this! sorry if it’s not to your liking jafhdakfbakjdfbadsf im so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy but he looks like a fucking kitty here omg. btw i kinda got carried away because i have a thing for fem!dom and like idk why i just do. there are parts where he is completely out of character but then again this is a work of fiction. :) i just fucking hope you guys like it, i don’t know what happened anymore, just oh god. i don’t know if this is enough because i’m not satisfied and idk how chastity shit works hbfkjsbfskjfg so enjoy!!

word count: 7.1k holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

disclaimer: so this kinda has mommy kink and stuff. sorry not sorry.

also i guess things will get kinky?!?!?!?

-admin kate x

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Sunburn. One of them writes something on the other in sunscreen while they're burning, so when they come to, there's a big gay message on their little gay body.

the worst boyfriend ever award goes to…Tweek

Taeyong as your soulmate (Soulmate AU!)

I dunno, this is a new blog and I’m super confused😂 Well I just wanted to say that I accept requests for nct and seventeen. I’m having Taeyong feels lately. Basically, the first sentence your soulmate will say to you is engraved in your wrist.

  • As a kid, you lived an embarrassing life. Everyone around you seemed to have beautiful words engraved to their body, many kinds such as “wow, your stunning” or “is this love” (I dunno smh)
  • Well..not really everybody, some of ur friends also have shitty words like “uhm..can you shut up for a little bit” or “ur being annoying”
  • but urs is like on a whole different level, it literally said “Oh shit, fuck, sry for slapping you, omg, ur crying, holy crap, sorry” like who the fucking hell is this guy (author: taeyong you beautiful shit!). Your parents was so embarrassed they had you wearing long sleeves for years.
  • one day you intentionally slap yourself cause your bored af as well as practising for the day u’ll meet your cursed soulmate.
  • every time you see those annoying kids from the neighbourhood, you imagined them being ur soulmate. U’ll end up cringing and run for your life.
  • One day you got a part time job in a famous music store near your house and ur super happy.
  • Music was your passion and you had talent in dancing
  • Every day you always wonder why there was nobody that unintentionally slap you, WHY ARE PEOPLE SO NICE DUDSVCUVFUSJX HF!!
  • One day there’s this guy (u cannot see his face) holding a cup of coffee while taking selfies in front of a bunch of TVXQ albums
  • his selfie stick almost hit your precious albums, so you walked to him to tell him to be carefull.
  • but he suddenly took a 90 degrees turn and unintentionally slapped you with his selfie stick and spilled his coffee all over you.
  • “Oh shit, fuck, sry for slapping you, omg, ur crying, holy crap, sorry” he said frantically trying to wipe ur shirt.
  • While doing that he accidentally touched ur thighs and screamed “ OH MY GOD SORRY I DON’T MEAN TO”
  • Truthfully you were just crying coz it was too funny
  • You stopped crying and started laughing insted. “HAHAHA YOU JUST SLAPPED ME…”you stopped to take a deep breath “….WITH A SELFIE STICK AHAHAHAHA
  • He just smiled sheepishly and a second later, HE WAS SCREAMING AGAIN “ YOUR MY SOULMATE!!OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY”
  • You just reached out your hand and said “Your so handsome, Im Y/N by the way”
  • He blushed furiously “Ahh you’re also beautiful, Im Lee Taeyong” he shaked your hand “Well your stuck with me forever then”
  • “Yeah i’d love that” You said.
  • There is no way you won’t fall in love with this precious bean.

That’s all my lovelies, if you have any request just send it to me. if there is a lot of good response, I’ll write a continuation of this scenario.

au where the guy eskild shows to isak on grindr is actually even, who isak has a huge secret crush on, and when eskild tells isak that he should come home later bc he’s inviting him over, isak nods but he’s coming home earlier anyway, making loud noises, turning on the tv and eskild comes out of his room like “isak ,what the fuck, i told you im having a guest” and isak looks at him all innocent like, “oh, was that today” and eskild rolls his eyes and a few minutes later him and even are leaving the room, obviously annoyed and isak doesnt dare to look at even but he hears him tell eskild “maybe another time. when we’re alone” and he says the last word louder to make sure isak hears and isak is a little proud of himself…and eskild complains about not getting further with him than talking and isak acts like it doesnt make him a little glad. and the next time he comes over isak decides to bake and he’s never really done that but he lies about vilde asking him to make some buns for the kosegroup. and when he starts fumbling with the bowls and stuff, maybe even on purpose, he hears a door open and he’s ready to act apologetic but its not eskild who walks in, its even, and he doesnt mention isak interrupting their time again, he just goes for a glass then the tap and fills it with water so SLOWLY and isak is trying to open the package of some stuff and it shouldnt be this hard but he swears he feels even’s eyes on him. and then even just leans against the counter while drinking his water and is like, “i know what youre doing” and isaks like “yea ,havent really made buns before so i have no ide-” “im not talking about that” and isak turns around to face him and even has this real annoying smirk on his face and isak wants to wipe it off with a punch or a kiss who knows, and then even downs the last of his water and walks up to isak, TOO CLOSE, and whispers “i know youre trying to interrupt me and eskild on purpose. if i..” he looks into his eyes “if i knew you liked eskild, i wouldnt have made a move” and isak almost chokes bc what the fuck but he doesnt say anything and a few days later eskild tells isak that even wants to stay only friends ,and hecomes over a lot but he’s actually trying to help set isak and eskild up, and isak doesnt say anything bc he gets to spend a lot of time with even, although he talks mostly about what eskild would like and isak is so smooth when he asks even “how you think i should kiss him” and while he gags at the idea of kissin eskild bc it would be like kissing his brother, he doesnt show it and even just stares at him. and something might have clicked in his head, bc the teasing smile disappears from his face and he’s looking down at isaks lips and shit, isaks heart is gonna give out if he doesnt stop staring, but even moves closer and hesitantly cups isaks cheek and starts to lean in and tHEN eskild walks in and he’s all “???oh mY GOD! is that why you wanted to be only friends” and even stands up fast like “no no, its not what you think” and isak is PANICKING ,looking from even to eskild and then evens like “look, isak likes you ,i just tried to–” and eskild laughs bc its the most hilarious thing he’s ever heard and even is confused and then he looks at isak and he. realizes. and he leaves bc he feels used:( and isak is trying to contact him, over phone and in person, but even never replies and isak feels like shit and he misses him, then he creates a fake profile and messages even to meet up and when even spots him at the open restaurant he’s about to turn around but isak stops him and tries to explain and then even doesnt say anything ,just sits down at the table like “…what would you like to order” and isak sighs in relief and sits down in front of him with a hopeful smile and gets one back in return

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anonymous asked:

What about romantic Clancy/Lucas headcanons? Like, clancy and lucas both have small crushes on each other BUT ARE TOO DENSE TO SEE IT.

BRUH I HAVE BEEN WATIMG FOR THIS ( this isn’t really relationship hcs, basically how they fell for each other and how they confessed lmao ( I’ll make better ones tomorrow ))

- lucas would actually like clancy first
- remember when clancy hugged him after lucas smushed his head
into his shoulder??
- listen clancy’s hugs are to die for
- they are so warm and full of love and holy shit i love my sUN
- its leaves the person wanting more
- which was excatly Lucas was thinking
- when Clancy lets go, Lucas was like ‘wait come back’
- and that was when lucas baker was internally screaming ‘holy fucking shit im so fuckin GAY’
- lmao then he would just see the things Clancy does and just
- slowly fall in love with him holy shit
- like how he would passionately say his ideas for movies and his eyes are so BRIGHT
- or like how Clancy would fuckin complain about his bosses but he has a big smile on his face when he hears Lucas laugh
- and another thing clancy is like his only friend so
- at first he had a tiny lil crush on him, but that was because they became friends
- it was nothing
- but after that he would just fall in love
- and it’s g8
- clancy falls in love with him when they were just talking
- and he just sees how beautiful Lucas’s smile is and how fuckin
- yo it’s rare to see lucas smile
- if u get to see him smile, he looks so pretty i swearrr
- and g8 clancy is officaly gay
- dude lucas can sing and when clancy heard it he was LOVESTRUCK
- he heard him sing a small tune quietly and Clancy heard it and asked him to sing ( he wasn’t going to force him )
- and then he heard him sing and it was so pretty fuckinnn
- u know that vine where there was these two guys and one of them singing and the other one was just smiling
-and the person singing stops so him can ask him why he was smiling and
- he was like “I’m falling in love” while laughing
- and the other one is like oh and the ‘I’m falling in love’ dude just smushes his head into his shoulder out of embarrassment
- its exactly like that except Clancy was thinking in his mind
- lmao they confessed to each other at the most baddest time ( angsttttg )
- they were arguing about Clancy’s bosses and they called lucas ugly and fuckin weird and clancy fought them
- he was injured and lucas had to patch him up and they started to argue
- “dude why the fuck would u do that??? u honestly didn’t have to do that”
“i was trying to protect u?? is that so wrong for a friend to do that?”
“yes because u got hurt u dumbass!!”
“what the fuck?? u should be glad that i helped u!”
“ur not supposed to do that! i fucking know u Clancy! u would’ve just told me to ignore them and move on, but NO u decided to fight them”
“what?? why are u getting so mad over this??”
“because u got hurt!!! because of me!! why the fuck would u be willing to get hurt because of me??”
- and shit gets real when Clancy snaps
- “cause i fucking love you! i love u so fucking much that the world wouldn’t change how i feel about u! i love how u sing under ur breath, i love how u smile and ur eyes brighten whenever i say the puzzle u made was hard, i love how you were scared that you thought ur family would’ve drifted me away but u fucking smiled when I said they were sweet, and most of all I love u because u were the only friend i fucking have because im so damn lonely and no one likes me and fuck me I need to go”
- Clancy is just crying at this point
- when he gets up and speed walks away, lucas is just in shock like
- ‘my best friend loves me’
- lucas goes to the old house and waits for clancy to come at the time he always comes
- he doesn’t come
- he still waits for Clancy come back and he looks so fuckin sad
- protect the lonely man
- 3 weeks later clancy comes back
- he doesn’t say his usual 'yo Lucas!’
- he’s just silent as he sits right next to lucas
- lucas is just looking at him
- “are u ok?”
- Lucas kinda just awkwardly scratches his neck
- “Hahh u know the funny thing is that i love u too and i really fuckin hope u still love me”
- he doesn’t know how to do this jfc lucas
- he doesn’t hear anything from Clancy he is so scared holy shit what if he hates him now omg
- then he just sees
- Clancy flipping him off
- “dude fuck u, u don’t know how long I actually thought u fucking hated me because of that stupid confession why i was going through such a emotional struggle”
- basically a bunch of curses and i hates u
- but lucas knows Clancy loves him so :////
- lucas just causally hugs clancy and paps his back
- laughs a lil while saying 'im sorry could u blame me?? u ran away before I could say anything’
- and clancy playfullly saying 'ughhhhhhhhh get away from me u asshole i hate u i don’t love u anymore’
- “lemme go i hate u now i offically hate u”
“we both know that u love me so shut up”
- it’s great :,)))