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Tsukishima Kei | Middle Blocker | Happy Birthday to my ♥ sweet Sarah!! ♥  σ(≧ε≦o)

At age 11 Sirius and Remus laid in their beds across from each other in the dorm. They stayed up later than the others and had their own private conversations. They let their words drift through the late night air because some things are easier said in the comfort of the dark.

At age 12 Sirius and Remus begin to sneak down to the common room late at night to have their private late night conversations face to face by the warmth of the fire. They sit at opposite ends of the couch and confess their private feelings.

At age 13 a nervous Remus confesses that he’s never kissed anyone and immediately after Sirius kisses him. “Who better for a first kiss than your best mate right?” but Remus goes to bed that night secretly wishing for another.

At age 14 Sirius confesses to Remus that he’s gay. He confesses as much to himself as to Remus. Remus tells him that he loves him just the same and gives him a hug. Sirius is relieved. The boys begin to sit closer on the couch.

At age 15 the boys begin to share a blanket on the couch. Sitting close with it wrapped around their shoulders. One night Remus begins to drift off to sleep. Sirius kisses him gently on the forehead. Remus doesn’t bring it up in the morning.

At age 16 the boys kiss again. Remus initiates it. Sirius was in the middle of talking about being worried for the next quidditch match and Remus reached forward and kissed him. He just couldn’t resist it any more.

At age 17 the boys have their late night conversations in Remus’s bed. Remus rests his head on Sirius’s chest. They share late night kisses and wake up tangled in each other.


I… honestly am full of too much emotion right now to describe how this night made me feel, how this fucking incredibly kind and talented and sweet and considerate man made me feel tonight. (also big shoutout to @hikasho who let me scream with them and helped me keep my cool agdusjsg E im so fuckin glad i could share this experience with you!!!)

the show was UNBELIEVABLE, they were so into it and intense it was incredible, we met so many nice people and the bands they played with were out of this world, and i got the tour shirt!! AND THEY DID A DAVID BOWIE COVER WHICH KILLED ME INSTANTLY

meeting him was absolutely the most heartfelt and honest meeting ive ever had with someone I admire, hands down. there were autograph hounds waiting for him but he came out to see us anyway because he cares so so much about his fans, the people who care about him, and he took SO MUCH time with everyone?? like he was making actual conversation with us and making adorable monty python references, and he asked my pronouns unprompted!! that was incredibly important for me, that doesnt happen in my daily life and to have ezra, exhausted from an intense concert and putting all the gear away and still out talking with us at 1am, he took the time to ask right away what my pronouns were, and that will always be special to me. i almost wore the exact shirt hes wearing in the pics, and when i excitedly told him so he said “oh wow really? this is the first time ive worn it!” and he was just so happy and calm and sweet with us, and gave the BEST hugs on the entire planet, of that i am certain. and like i was there with E and it definitely seemed like he wanted to talk with us more, like he kinda lingered with us? and he gave me another hug and like grabbed my hand and held it softly and im so very compromised right now.

he also asked if id be at the show in san diego tomorrow and i said maybe, and he seemed so excited that i might go that it made my mind up right there, so i guess im seeing them again tomorrow XD i told him to drive safe down there, and then he asked me how i was getting there and told me to travel safe as well, and im just way too full of love and admiration and gratitude for this man. gah.

(in the last pic he said “lets make shapes with our hands like beasts” and i was like yes ezra of course lmao)