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Im asexual and rn I feel like it's ruining my relationship. I try so much to want to have sex and to be into it and it just doesn't happen. I just feel nothing. I don't know what to do.

I’m so sorry this is stressful for you and it’s causing you problems. But you can’t force yourself to feel sexual desire, or to be a sexual person, if you don’t and you aren’t. 

It’s time for a conversation with your partner, an honest one. Sexual compatibility is a huge and often-downplayed factor in a successful relationship. Sex-negative culture tells us that it shouldn’t matter, right? It shouldn’t be that important, it’s JUST SEX, right? Well, it does matter and sex can’t make a relationship but it sure can break one. And I don’t mean the presence of sex - being compatible and comfortable with your partner is a key component. If that means both of you being ace, that is just as valid.

If your partner wants different things from your sex life than you do, then that’s a conversation that needs to happen. If you are otherwise committed and don’t want to end your relationship, it may be possible for your partner to find sexual release elsewhere, with your permission and within a set of agreements that you hammer out together. And it’s a fine and healthy thing for people to sometimes do things for their partners’ pleasure that they don’t personally find arousing, but to deny your entire sexual identity and *always* be forcing yourself into a sexual role that you don’t want or feel isn’t right, either.

So either your partner accepts your asexuality as the price of admission to be with you, or they don’t. There could be a middle-ground, but you should not be constantly feeling badly because your sexuality doesn’t jive with theirs.

There are lots of resources for asexual people online about how to talk to partners, how to work through your thoughts about these things. has a forum where you can talk to other people who are or have been in your situation. Best of luck, nonnie - and remember, you and your orientation are valid, and deserve acknowledgement and consideration. You are not a blank slate upon which others have the right to impose the sexuality they want you to have.

Literally all the Muslims in my area are LOADED like they have huge houses and their parents are together and life is just immaculate for them


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wait im so confused i thought at the end of crossing the line steve knew about bucky and the reader and so did sam??? and didnt he give him a huge hug because the reader and bucky were official? or was this during cross the line? because holy shit i am so confused lol

Yeeeees! I was just about to post something about this lol I’m deleting part 6 and 7 In order to continue it. So to everyone who is a fan of crossing the line I’m sorry!!! I hope that’s okay!! I’m going to be deleting them tonight (it never happened and Steve and Sam do not know yet!) I’m so sorry for the confusion!!

i have no excuses for this other than it’s captain america day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

SO IT ALWAYS BOTHERED ME why sans always said this right as he leaves when u hang out w/ him at grillbys

bc i thought he was gonna say something later on in the game or sOMETHING BUT HE NEVER DID!! and it drove me nuts like WHAT WAS HE GONNA SAY……….. but then i noticed something

grillbys flame thing stops when it gets to this part and everything seems to just like?? freeze in time? seriously it does if u dont believe me u can watch a video.

so like this implies sans stopped time to tell u important info which makes sense and i kind of already knew this

but to everyone else, who didnt hear the important info bc they were stopped in time, saw this

right before he pauses time and right after.

so like i guess?? he said “i was gonna say something but i forgot” because to everyone else he didnt say anything, so maybe he was trying to keep his cover?? and it was just like OHHHHHHH OHhh thats why…he said it….he didnt actually have anything 2 say he was just tryin 2 look normal lmfao


my drawing made for Amrâlimê: The Hobbit Fanart Anthology !

as the title says the main topic of book is love so i made happy royal mirkwood family in all their loving glory before sauron and shit happened

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Lily Potter was brave and strong and smart. Lily Potter swore and got detention and punched people on the nose sometimes. Lily Potter was liked and admired because she was nice and yet she took no bullshit. Lily Potter had parents who loved her and a sister who didn’t. Lily Potter had wild friends and strong bones. Lily Potter was hunted for the very thing that kept her alive. Lily Potter was in love and knew it. Lily Potter had a son she loved so much her chest ached. Lily Potter had a husband who made her laugh and kept her alive in more ways than one. Lily Potter had dreams and hopes and wishes. Lily Potter had a life that she wanted badly her teeth bleed.

But Lily Potter died

—  What Lily Potter is  was.

i need help 

omg im sorry if ihavent been on for a while, schools been keeping me busy and such, but I have been watching markiplier more than usual. I mean who wouldnt??? Look at this adorable man, hes funny, hes a kind hearted person, and his fanbase is so chill. 

MARK, if you happen to stumble upon my dumb art, I just want to say how amazing of a human being you are, your videos make me forget all the negativity thats going on around me. If you end up visiting NJ(or NY) for a con or something, It’d be amazing to get a huge hug from you and blabber about how much of a awesome guy you are! (I probably dont have the balls to do that) but ye otherwise, heres some doodles 


Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)

i’m sure vampires can experience the discomfort of having something stuck in your teeth too 👀