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ok so since a few ppl have asked me about these, i have compiled a HUGE list of my dumb right now kapow headcanons, organized by character. i am absolutely ridiculous and i apologize in advance


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anonymous asked:

i love all these ideas, but i see a lot of headcannons that include basically everyone being lgbt, and im not a huge fan of that because in my experience, one of the hardest parts is the struggle of feeling alone/not being sure who its safe to come out to, so by making everyone lgbt they erase that major thing. (that being said, there is no better headcannon than tony beign trans and hella supportive)

lmao, i mean i understand that’s a fear many lgbt+ people face. hell, i’m afraid to even leave my home for being trans half the time. but i’m not gonna sit here and use that fear to try and then reason that the fear exists bc lgbt+ are just outnumbered. that fear exists because of homophobia and transphobia, not because there are just more cishet people.

and honestly, there are already enough stories about lgbt+ people facing hardships because they’re lgbt+, and we all already deal with that hardship so much irl, it’s kind of frustrating that many of the few canon lgbt+ characters are depicted as sad and scared for being lgbt+. and if that isn’t the case then they’re often killed off. it’s annoying, and if you ask me it just makes it that much harder for lgbt+ youth to feel better about coming out, bc who is gonna look at an lgbt+ character going through hell for being lgbt+ and think “wow i’m so happy that i’m like them, i can’t wait to come out and go through everything they’re facing”

lgbt+ people are just as common as cishet people (if not more so), and i’m not gonna make my headcanons revolve around the false idea that we are scarce or that our lives are full of fear and sadness. i’m not saying that the lgbt+ community doesn’t face those things, but we see enough of that. we know our struggles, and sometimes it’s just nice to forget about that and think about the happy lives that lgbt+ people are capable of having as well.

i’m sorry, i understand what you’re saying, but i’m just not going to let these headcanons become a place where lgbt+ people feel even more alone or afraid just bc “its more realistic” when it isn’t always more realistic, nor does it have to be. lgbt+ people are all around us and deserve to have happy lives just as much as anyone else. and they CAN have happy lives. the way most media portrays lgbt+ people they focus so much on our struggles that they make it seem like all our lives suck and will always suck, when they don’t!! so if the media wont show just how common lgbt+ people are, if they won’t show just how happy our lives can be, then what’s wrong with people counting on the headcanons to show that?

and we ended up driving around and he got mad at me for some reason so i was like no!! im sorry and started driving to his hometown where he was going and like i met his sister and stuff and she liked bugs a lot and there was tiny dragon fly thing that crawelled on me and the huge like giant moth was the dude i was trying to bang so we basically got on mission for some thing idk remember what and we travelled to his home town and he wasnt mad at me anymore so we kinda flirted and i was gonan suck him off but we got interupted by adults so we had to leave to a farm place to go do some more trials but then my grandma woke me up so ill never no if i got to suck him off and fuck

theyre on a date!!

i have no excuses for this other than it’s captain america day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


OK so keith and lances relationship in this AU ..this is gonna be long so get ready but it starts off when theyre younger:

and wow!!they are friends!!theyre best friends in fact they love hanging out with each other and playing together just being silly kids but then we hit the teens

this is where things get bumpy for them. Theyre still friends and still close(romantic feelings start to bloom),and they have big dreams of being the best dragon hunting duo the worlds ever seen!So they’re finally old enough to start serious dragon training

but it doesnt go all too well for lance……..

hearing that his best friend (and crush) doesnt think he can do the one thing hes been dreaming about since childhood?breaks his heart. And pisses him off

after this they get into a huge fight and lance just…doesnt talk to keith anymore. lance is angry at keith for lying to him, keith is angry at lance for just randomly dropping him without even giving him the chance to explain. 

in the end tho!after lance finds blue and keith finds out they’re able to finally talk and work it out and become friends again :,,) and eventually….eye emoji ..start dating 

more dragon au right here! & here


A Bakushimanari soulmates AU in which your sm’s first words are written on you and also kind of represent your relationship with them! 

How is this gonna end? You’re literally gonna find out right now because I just spent the last five days drawing all of it and I’m about to just. Straight out post it all together.

Part Two | Part Three

Human’s reactions to anger!

I’m not talking about stomping off in a blind fury or brawling in the middle of a hall, but things like sobbing. Not tears in your eyes or little sniffles. I mean fully blown barely able to form sentences, snotty nose, tears gushing down your face crying.

“Oh my goodness. Human Roxy, I’m so sorry, please stop releasing liquid from your eyelids. I have not physically harmed you. Are you alright?”

“S-s-shut *sniff* y- *choke* *whine* yo- *sniff* your *sob* whor-r-re *sniff* mouth Utzslavog!”

“Human Roxy, please, let me take you to a medical care specialist.”

*Futailly wipes tears.* “Fight me.”

@identivitycosplay​ asked: Blake in A3 and/or Ruby in C2!

The real goal of this outfit meme is to hopefully get myself to draw faster XD Unfortunately I don’t think that’s happening yet. Though I’ll still be taking suggestions I’m gonna be picking the ones that sound most appealing to me, so please forgive me if I can’t get to everyone! You’re all amazing! <3


Lean On Me | A belated birthday gift to my stupid friend @seveanteen

skam fic rec masterpost

so i love reading fic, its like my favorite pass time and that’s all i’ve been doing for the past three months so here’s a huge fic rec list of some fics that i have read and am currently reading and im in love with

big thanks to fic writers! yall are amazing and so important to the fandom <3

a lot of these authors are also on tumblr im sure but i don’t have all the urls so i’m gonna put the ao3 usernames for now. please if you’re on tumblr and would like your url to be in this instead of your ao3 username, just holla at me and ill change it! <3

(ps i’m so sorry i had to shorten up the summaries on some of them so it wouldnt be too long!!)

(pps i update this very frequently as i read so feel free to come back from time to time to look for any new fics!)

make sure you read the trigger warnings for some fics as they can get angsty

okay here we go :) happy reading <3

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i hoped to never do this but i’m at that point. i’ve recently been a victim of fraud, and my bank and the police refuse to do anything about it. i’ve been fighting with my bank for weeks now, but they continue to refuse to help me. a few weeks ago, someone offered to buy something from me and the transaction was fraudulent. so now my bank account in -883.89$ USD. and i’m panicking. 

i’ve been trying to sell my things but considering how the last transaction went, i’m super cautious and it has yet to bring any money in. my bank says i legally have to pay the 940$ that was taken from me by fraud and they won’t reimburse me. i had 56$ in my account (my last tuition payment killed me) when the 940$ was taken by the person who scammed me. now i’m desperate. 

i’m interviewing for five jobs in the next few days (those who know me know i lost my last job bc of bullshit re-location/closing the store), but i have rent and my deposit due next week: 525$ for the deposit and 375$ for rent (i have four roommates so it’s low as possible). but i have a huge negative balance and no way to pay these. 

if you can, please donate at my paypal, venmo, or just signal boost this post. it would mean the world to me. i have over 2000 followers, so even if you reblog, it would help. im also willing to offer a quick 500-1000 word drabble/fic as a thank you if you donate. message me if you have any questions. 


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announcement- (i need help aaa)

ok so my pc is busted and i cant trust it will save my files properly anymore and its just really slow and laggy and it wont detect my tablet at all. so im gonna be taking a hiatus on drawing in general (yes including commissions) until i either get a new laptop or get this old one fixed.

for my clients; please bear w me, im still gonna do your commissions, just not in the time being. my pc is too laggy to make me draw anything and i dont trust that it will save my files properly so. thank you for understanding,,

im sorry this is just a huge inconvenience but hopefully itll get sorted out soon. but i unfortunately cannot do it alone and i really need help;

rn im in a tight situation bc i have a shitton of school work to do and im in need of a good pc for school files and to be able to handle commissions,, so id really appreciate it if you check out some of my stuff to support me;;

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