im sorry that it jumps like this there was no other way

sorry i’m just a bitter puddle cause every time we have a same sex couple on a TV show we have to fight tooth and nail just to PROVE they’re together. They could be fucking saying their wedding vows and someone would open their mouth about how great their friendship is and how platonic they are 

Like straight ships can just stare at each other for 2 seconds and ya’ll will jump on that as proof of canon but if a same sex couple shows a healthy relationship with normal development, ya’ll make us jump through hoops to prove its canon

anyways fucking viktuuri’s canon and they’ve been dating for fucking weeks any half wit can fucking see it im not gonna sit here to argue if it was a kiss or a hug either way they’re still fucking dating 


The saddest thing to me is not all the deaths or carnage.

Not how the smiles and laughter slowly slipped away.

No what i find the most heartbreaking is the Love

Sam loved Jess, Ellen, Dean , Bobby,Cas, His mom, even John in a way and so many more same with Dean he loved so many.

But in the end it is always the same Sam and Dean, two brothers who have literately been through hell and still they Love each other.

Like when Sam was about to go to hell, He fought for control with Fucking Satan for Dean because he did not think he’d survive this.

He did not say goodbye because He was afraid, if he said it he would believe it.He would know its over, so he drew strength from dean because Dean was there like he’s always been, so Sam did what he thought was right. Jumping in that pit was yes to save lives and rid the world of the mistake he made.

But he wanted Dean to know that he will fix this that he can do it.

Sam did not care for John being proud of him no.

Dean was the one who was Sam’s hero, Dean was the only one Sam needed to be proud of him.

When Dean locked him in the room in Bobbys house, He begged the fake Dean not to call him a monster

so in the moments before jumping in to a place he knew would kill him, he took control because he loved Dean and did not want to be a Monster, he did not want to lose Deans love.

spunstories  asked:

your autoplay is beautiful. i love everything about your blog!! sen did an incredible job on your theme and your personal aesthetic with your formatting and general writing prose fits it /so well/. you're an honest to goodness GEM to have on my dash, no matter the blog i'm on, i gotta follow you tbh. stay wonderful, alright? you're so incredibly kind and so incredibly talented. i'm happy you exist! ♥ i hope you have an absolutely terrific day.

man , coming home from work ( where no one tipped the way they should ) to see this is such a relief right now and made my entire night so much better. you’re such a wonderful person to have on my dash and any page you make ; TELL ME because id follow every single one.

and another thing , i played uncharted 4 a little the other night and i made nathan jump off a super high cliff. sam was so upset. im sorry.

oh , and ANOTHER thing ; i am so sorry you’re going through the things you’re going through. honestly , ive been there. ive had people steal so much from me that i physically exhausted myself and got sick. then, to top that, i was a genderbent dean winchester and no one took me seriously for almost a year. it took me four years to really establish myself. roleplay is a double edged sword. but if it counts for anything? ill stand by you always. ♥♥♥

aside from all the shipping stuff, its so special to me how phil saw a light in dan and was like wow he seems cool and how happy dan must have been when phil first talked to him imagine him just jumping from happiness and then i remember how far they’ve gotten together through thick and thin and how old phil and dan would of probably not beleived it if someone told them how far they came and i think that them going so many years together and sticking together even through years like 2012 when one could of left the other alone but no 

they stuck together and i think that’s beautiful in its own speical way

by otpprompts: Imagine your OTP as older teens/adults, sneaking into the kid’s bouncy house and they can’t stop bumping into each other as they jump and try not to step on any five year olds.

bouncy house. adrian/jojo/sami. pg. i’ll tag typhoidcandy cause i know she digs this ship. this is just really really silly writing so! [also i kind of just went with their regular ages because the age gap in this one is too wide lol]

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