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BLACK; Him. your enemy. a killer. your own damn father. His fists. the night swallowing His yells. they echo back to you. they come out in puffs of smoke and you can’t breathe. they say, “you were never good enough,“ and “this is all your fault,” and “you’ll never make it out of this house alive, kid.” Him Him Him Him Him and the stench of alcohol and the weight of despair.

RED; the bathroom with its tiled floors and florescent lights and shattered mirror that knows your cuts too well. you, trying to hold a paper towel to where He got you so that the blood doesn’t fall to the floor. after, standing in the shower. trying to remember a time when your body didn’t hurt.

WHITE; the acceptance letter. it comes a day late and your hands shake around the envelope. you open it in your room when you are sure everyone’s asleep and then you stare at it and you’re smiling and you can’t stop and you think, “i’ve made it i’ve made it i’ve made it,”.

ORANGE; the car. a camaro. you stop and you say, “i could help with that, if you want,”. your heart is beating fast and then he says okay and then it’s your car as well.

BLUE; that boy’s eyes. you aren’t allowed to call him your friend yet. he’s a stranger and he’s dangerous and he’s a monster and you can’t stop staring. one day he sits next to you and says, “can i copy your homework? i think i’m finally going to get expelled,” and then you laugh shakily and the pen he writes with is blue and it’s your favorite color.

BEIGE; home. you have four walls and a cardboard box and a mattress on the floor but they are yours. he sits beside you with his back to the wall and holds your hand and he keeps saying, “you’re home now,” and you believe him because in here you can breathe without breaking a rule. He can’t reach you here.

GREEN; the magic. you feel it in your bones. it’s a part of you and it’s strong and powerful and so are you. you’re here and you’re real and never has it felt more exhilarating to be alive.

—  cacophony of colors ;

I quietly blame the “Special Feeling” meme I have seen around in the dash when it was a thing around…I’m not sure if is still going… x"D

Still…Poor Apollo through;; 

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Hey Sam! I love your writing. Could you write cocky and tatooed jungkook crushing for his older brother's (Hoseok) nerdy best friend jimin.

aodhasd i love when ya’ll use my name

Hi dear!!!! I’m happy you like my stuff ^^

//jimin and hoseok have known each other since they were kids, so basically jimin has seen jungkook grow too. has been there when jungkook was an awkward small baby, when adolescence hit him and acne was bad bad on his face, when he found himself and worked on his appearance and his personality and got rid of that shy kid to become true hottie and confidence. 

//jungkook didn’t even realize when he started crushing on jimin. if he thinks about it it’s a bit weird, jimin is not the type of guy he would go out with or have fun with for a night. but maybe that’s the reason he likes him. 

// jungkook tries to play cool every time hoseok brings jimin home.  tells the dumbest jokes, most of the time sexual jokes that has jimin both laughing and blushing. it’s kinda counterproductive thouhg, because jimin just ruffles his hair and goes like “you are a dummy” and it kinda hurts, because he seems to be forever stuck on jimin’s best friend’s baby brother role.

//He keeps trying though, he always uses tank tops or no shirt at all to show the muscles he’s put so much effort into and his tattooed body that he knows jimin likes to stare at. he shows off, doing push ups, abdominal work, lifting…. he goes all extra when jimin is around the house. hoseok just rolls his eyes. (there was a time in which he asked jimin to sit on his back while jungkook did push ups and smirked satisfied at the surprised squeak jimin did when jungkook moved so effortlessly; he will also have imprinted on his mind until he dies how jimin’s fingers dug into his shoulders to have support and not fall, it haunts him almost every night)

// “Mom and dad won’t we home this weekend” says hoseok wiggling his eyebrows. “you know what that means, right?”
“Party?” replies jungkook equally as excited as hoseok.
“party” replies hoseok.

//The party is wild. the jung brothers are really popular in the neighborhood so everyone and their mother are here. but jungkook has only eyes for one person only. Park Jimin.

//His brother’s best friend had the nerve to ged rid of his glasses for night, style his hair with the perfect care and slide into the tightest pair of skinnies jungkook has ever seen. and he has quiet a collection of those on his closet. jimin looks delicious and jungkook is hungry.

//But jungkook is also a coward. and even if he’s always confident when it comes to make someone fool around with him, he can’t make himself do it with jimin.

//so he stares from afar as jimin moves around the house, being more open and talkative with people jungkook knows never give him much of a glance.

//Jungkook decides to make his permanent friend a bottle of vodka when he sees an ugly dude circle his arm around jimin’s waist.

//”don’t you think you’ve drank enough” someone says, snatching the bottle from jungkook’s hand.
Jungkook sways a bit, trying to blink away the blur from his eyes and he thinks he’s succeeded as the blur in front of him transforms into jimin’s frowning face. that’s when jungkook thinks he’s hallucinating, bc the last time he saw jimin he was dancing with a very ugly dude that couldn’t keep his hands to himself.
“No.” he mubles, and tried to take the bottle back, but blurry jimin is faster than him and takes it out of his reach before jungkook can even think of it.

//”you are annoying.” says jungkook as jimin takes him up the stairs. he’s not sure if he’s dreaming or not, bc jimin feels really warm and perfect stuck to his side, but that’s why he’s doubting; it’s too good to be true. “you and your pretty smile and your soft eyes and that beautiful face of your it’s really annoying.”

//Jungkook is thrown to his bed, bouncing a bit with the force of his fall, and keeps rambling about all the beautiful things he loves about jimin as small hands slide his boots off his feet for later tuck him into bed.
“I love you hyung, why don’t you love me back?” he slurs sleepily. there are fingers brushing his hair back, but he doesn’t recall anything else happening as his mind drifts off to dreamland.

//jungkook wakes up to warmth to his back. It’s pleasant enough to dull the throbbing on his head and feel of nausea creeping up his stomach. he knows that if he moves even a millimeter, he will have to dash out to the bathroom to puke.

//”Are you awake?” the warmth of his back asks in a whisper. jungkook growls in response and tugs the arm resting on his waist closer to him. there is warm breath on his neck and the tip of a nose pressed against his skin there.
“You should go eat something, hoseok is making breakfast.”
“dun wanna” he replies chidlishly and the person behind him chuckles and affectionally rubs the tip of his nose agains jungkook’s neck. this fieels really intimate, but so nice jungkook could stay like these forever.
“what about a shower.” the voice says, chuckling when jungkook whines his negative again. “I will join you.”
Jungkook turns his head to the side and finally sees jimin smiling at him softly.
“Will you?” he says dumbfounded. is he still dreaming? Jimin nods, tightening his arm around jungkook’s chest.
“I don’t think you will be capable of showering on your own.”

//Jungkook does puke rather unnattractive in the end when he finally stands to go for that shower, but jimin holds his up back and pats his back reassuringly so it’s not that bad. Jimin also cleans his hair and his body and jungkook can only watch bewildered as jimin’s hand roam delicatelly around his body, how his small hands contrast with his sturdy body, how he uses his fingertips to trace the lines of jungkook’s tattoos.

//Jungkook finally has the courage to kiss jimin
“Took you long enough… I was starting to think everything you said yesterday was just the alcohol”
“I think i don’t want to know what I said…” admits jungkook sheepishly and jimin giggles before pecking his lips.
“But you said really pretty things about me….and that you loved me.”
“I do love you….”
“Me too….”

//”I swear that if i see you two kissing in front of me im kicking you both out.” says hoseok much later when the three of them are sitting on the kitchen to fill up their upset stomaches. “this is really gross…. my brother and my best friend…. ew, just ew.”

When the meet-up is as 9am and they wake up at 8.55am
  • 5 more mins: Taurus, Libra
  • I'm late anyway so I might as well be extremely late: Aquarius, Gemini, Scorpio


some Kung Fu Panda 2 things that Get Me every time:

  • the shadow puppet intro
  • shifu doing that shit with the raindrop???  y o,
  • how happy everyone is watching po eat the beanbuns? like they dont even care theyre just cheering him on i love it
  • how in sync they all are when theyre fighting theyre all buddies now aa a
  • the animation w/ shen’s symbol? ?
  • master rhino, , just.., master rhino
  • watching lord shen fight is the coolest shit dont even lie to me?? he’s so fluid now i judge every kfp movie based on how the villain is animated
  • the soothsayers sass
  • lord shen’s over the top villainy
  • seeing rhino’s hammer with ribbon u dont understand
  • monkey’s “…….caw caw? ?”
  • tigress’ very aggresive hug
  • tigress silently crying after monkey’s “it’s what po would want"
  • also po’s flashback with the raindrop, Jesus,
  • po’s little moment where he looks at everyone and just says he loves them like me too buddy me too
  • tigress taking the firework for him more like Bury me,, In THE ground :)))
  • uhm tigress reaching out for po while she’s on the driftwood?? kill me.
  • that animation with po catching the fireworks aaa i lo ve dreamworks animation  /////!
  • lord shen’s face right before he dies? holy shit