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anyway apart from my tHREE WIPS why am i like this the thing i’m kind of into right now is i wanna write something with the title “me and you, we’re always dying” and i think that’s. i think that’s the threequel to the barry and lup amnesia cycle. 

i think that ones about them watching their friends and dealing with the emotional repercussions of who they were when they didn’t remember each other and that relationship — not that the repercussions are bad, just that, like, there needs to be some processing. i kind of want lup to watch taako and be like “oh.” i reaaaaaally wanna figure out how wonderland goes. because 2 on 2 is a fairer fight than 1 on 2 and i dont think lup would let shit happen the way it did. 


hm. i think there’s something here but i’m not quite sure how this shakes out completely. not sure what the core of this is gonna be, but i guess i gotta start chippin’ away at it. 

other thing i wanna write: at some point i gotta do that taz/hs au cause i think that’s the logical endpoint of this fandom. 

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i think one of the reasons why female shepard going through all of ME affects me more than male shepard is bc while men are expected to carry the weight of the world Stoically, women are expected to handle Everything- to handhold and take the blame onto ourselves and, when put in positions of power, act just as stoically. jane's story KILLS me because it's a completely plausible story- she suffers and she suffers and is told she's crazy and when everything's gone to hell she still has to fix it

i’m attached to femshep primarily BECAUSE i feel like her story is just a tad bit more powerful when you portray shepard as a woman. 

like i’ve seen men talk about mass effect and how disrespected the council made them feel. the council brushed shepard off, called them crazy, and then came crawling back when shit went awry. “why didn’t they just believe them in the first place?” they say, “the evidence was there, and they blew shepard off.” 

meanwhile EVERY single woman i’ve talked to about mass effect related to shepard. she was slandered, spit on, and told she was delusional. almost every woman has been called crazy for seeing a problem that ‘wasn’t there’, whether it was a family issue, a societal issue, or even a business issue. and then, in the end, shepard had to clean up the mess anyway. 

and while maleshep’s story rings a little bit cliche– man saves the galaxy through sheer force of will– it feels…. stronger, more original, more powerful as femshep. this woman was backhanded and gaslit so many times, and she still rose up and did the impossible anyway. 

bioware has a fuckton of problems, and i know there were issues with how they treated femsheps character, but overall? 

the mass effect trilogy, when headed by femshep, is honestly one of the most feminist stories i’ve ever seen. 

Mass Effect Ink Series [4/?]

Systems Check and Calibrations

i’ll prolly never finish this bc the original video is already perfect and 1000x better than anything i’ve ever produced but hey!!! i’m back!!!!