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(belated) christmas headcanons/crack

(Pt. 1) (Pt. 2)

  • If you’re expecting any of the tall, stoic-faced tennis players to follow those mistletoe shenanigans, forget it, they’re all rock solid and won’t budge no matter how much their s/o pouts
  • Ryoma is surprisingly into Christmas, even though he pretends to be annoyed by all the fuss and preparations as the holidays draw near (actually maybe it’s not even Christmas, just the idea of getting new tennis gear and relaxing under a kotatsu is what he likes about the holidays)
  • Niou and Kirihara team up to try and lighten their fukubuchou’s mood, but they just can’t understand why he doesn’t like the lights they’ve strung all around the tennis courts, at least until they short out and they find out the power for the court lights don’t work anymore that they understand why an angry Sanada is chasing after them
  • The captains are on the same page during the last few days leaving up to the holidays, their teammates all want to throw parties and everyone is more rowdy (Kikumaru and Fuji swear they’ve seen the captains gather at a cafe to rant about said teammates before, but no evidence has been revealed yet)
  • Atobe and holidays were never meant to mix. He literally makes the school look like Santa’s elves were there, decorating the inside and outside very thoroughly with lights and wreaths and even classical versions of Christmas songs
  • Kikumaru gets very cuddly during these times, and tends to hug everyone more than usual, unfortunately for Ryoma and Kaidoh, who can’t seem to escape his jump hugs even if they wanted to
  • On the other hand, Fuji seems to tease everyone more, much to Tezuka’s distaste and Kikumaru and Inui’s amusement
  • If Akutsu hears one more Christmas song, he’s likely to throw down all tennis-related items and become a mass murderer–of Sengoku, that is. The tennis player won’t stop humming, singing, or tapping along to any Christmas-themed tune there is, and Akutsu is very close to his breaking point every year (that doesn’t stop Sengoku from trying to throw a fake wreath over his neck every now and then during tennis practice)
  • Oshitari has a thing for holiday-themed outfits, the Hyotei team finds, as he stops to stare and appreciate all the different clothes as the team passes by shops (Mukahi claims to have caught him looking at a woman’s magazine once)
  • Kabaji smiles just a little bit more during the days leading up to Christmas , it’s refreshing and a little strange
  • Hiyoshi doesn’t seem to realx about his “gekokujo” even during the holidays, and Ootori is rather proud of himself for making–yes, making–Hiyoshi a red Christmas sweater with the word printed in elegant green letters with an assortment of white patterns
  • Shitenhouji’s team is alight with holiday spirit, and Shiraishi is often the leader of putting on short skits to entertain the other teams (Fuji takes lots of blackmail photos) and it’s refreshing to see the other’s relaxed around such a hectic time as Christmas
  • Kite has an unusual fondness for Christmas, and the team often find themselves getting into more snowball fights after practice, until they’re scolded by the teachers
  • If there’s anyone staying up late watching Christmas specials, Momoshiro and Kaidoh are the ones that lose sleep the most. Though they don’t like to admit it, they respect each other for their similar taste
  • Yukimura is a little more successful in getting Sanada to appreciate the holidays, and gives his teammates small trinkets on Christmas. The team have a tradition of going for karaoke, and even though it’s fun, the others know not to let their guard down, for Yukimura’s smile promises long practices to counter all the calories they intake during the holidays

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Hai! I was on Kiingtong's channel earlier and it occured to me that Will looks exactly like one of my best friends O.o I don't know what to do at this point

I mean.. tbh.. Will is hot and a cute, so if you’re friend is also a nice and sweet guy you should totally hook up, or give me the hook up you know.. 

Neh, jk. In all seriousness, I can’t help you man, I wouldn’t know what to do either..

The fire was annihilating the old tires and plastic that was constantly getting thrown onto it. Kavinsky had the back door open on his white Mitsubishi Evo and stood on the frame to get some height. It wasn’t as if the boy was short by any means, he wanted to seem more taller, more reckless, more powerful. Kavinsky watched as the fire ate away at anything that was thrown on it. It turned things darker before swallowing it whole, until the different objects were smaller than his own hand. Kavinsky cheered as he watched people enjoy themselves at his party. He expected people to like what the event held. Not only was there music that was pumping loud and erratic, but there was also alcohol and pills. The raven haired boy had popped another pink pill into his mouth and swallowed it without the need of any other substance. He had done this far too much to have assistance. He looked straight forward, turning his attention onto people who were making their way into the event. “Parrish!” He cheered in a very sarcastic way. “I would say it’s nice to see you here, but is it?” He commented bluntly with a small eye roll. Prokopenko was about the speak but Kavinsky looked at  Prokopenko and quelled him with a glare. He always silenced whenever Kavinsky looked at him in a specific manner. “What brought you here? If you answer a car, I swear I’ll punch you.”

His body was tired, exhausted even but he needed to do something, needed to keep his mind occupied or he knew he’d go absolutely insane. So he sat in the rec room, body faced away from the door as he painted, forgetting about the world he currently inhabited. It was easier for him to create when he was high as a fucking kite, but after his stint in the hospital, he’d been sober.




Abso-fucking-lutely nothing.

Painting was his only outlet at this point…well besides sex, but he wasn’t about to go and throw himself at an associate just to get his kicks in. He continued that train of thought, of what could be done to him and he could do, but he stopped as soon as he felt a presence behind him.

“The only way you get to sit there…is if you’re quiet. Yeah?” he turned in his seat, hiding the smile on his lips when he saw who it was. “Ira,” he said softly.


Making... friends? // Vander & Nikita

Vander stared blankly at the board, eying the coffee shop’s menu. He scratched his cheek absently, trying to focus on the drink options, but failing just a bit. He was having a bit of a hard time keeping his mind in check- that was probably a result of the lack of sleep. Coffee seemed to be the only thing that got him through the day, lately. He’d been having plenty of restless nights since the Masquerade. It was pretty bad when you were too tired to even get your order in for a coffee, he thought wryly. He sighed, before turning to the person behind him. 

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I’m having the worst time making up my mind, here. You can go in front of me if you’d like.” He wasn’t exactly a patient wolf himself, and he knew how frustrating it could be to have to sit for ages behind someone that couldn’t make a decision. He figured it would be even worse if you were an alpha, though, and he had little desire to piss anyone off or cause trouble. He just didn’t have the energy for it at the moment. 

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yoonseok and #49!

49)  “quit asking how i got stuck up here and catch me”
thats so yoonseok omg
(( lmao sorry its a kids au bc im trash hah a a pls forgive me))

“um … hoseok..”


“… why are you on a high branch on a tree?”

the eight year old lets out a barely audible whimper and looks down at yoongi. “p-please help me.”

“but why and how are you up there?” yoongi says worriedly, inching closer to the trunk of the tree and looking up at hoseok.

“q-quit asking how i got stuck up h-here and c-catch me!”

“catch you?!” yoongi stares, blinking in confusion. “wh-what do you mean by that?”

“i-i’m scared a-and i think i’m g-gonna fall if i try to get down so p-please catch me,” hoseok sniffles, shifting on the branch.

“o-okay,” yoongi says cautiously and standing under the branch hoseok was on. “just drop, i’ll catch you.”

“y-you promise?”

“yes, i promise, even if it means i’ll break all my bones. now get down, you’re worrying me!”

hoseok’s lips twitch a bit in a wobbly smile before shifting around so he can hop off the branch. “i-i’m scared.”

“i said i’ll catch you, seok seok,” yoongi groans, holding out his arms. “come on,  please?”

hoseok nods and with a deep breath, he hops off with a small scream, and yoongi moves so that he can catch him properly. hoseok manages to land on top of yoongi and they both fall back on the ground, yoongi letting out a small, “oof.”

“a-ah, hyung, are you okay?” hoseok says frantically, getting off of yoongi and staring down at him worriedly.

yoongi smiles weakly at him and says, “well, i’m not dead. nothing really hurts except for my chest. i don’t think anything’s broken.”

“oh, good!” hoseok sighs in relief as he helps yoongi up. “i-i’m sorry for making you catch me.”

“it’s fine, seok seok, honestly,” yoongi chuckles, ruffling hoseok’s hair. “how about i treat you to some ice cream, so you can calm down?”

hoseok lights up immediately with a grin and nods enthusiastically, taking yoongi’s hand and dragging him to the ice cream stand. yoongi rolls his eyes fondly before asking, “why did you climb the tree, by the way?”

hoseok suddenly stops and looks bashful all of a sudden, and yoongi raises an eyebrow when he mumbles something. “sorry? what did you say?”

“i-i wanted to impress you..”

yoongi grins at this and ruffles hoseok’s hair again, leading him to the ice cream stand. “you already impressed me when we first met.”


“yeah, because you managed to be my friend so quickly.”

“so i impress you all the time?”

“yeah, seok seok,” yoongi smiles, “you do.”

justin bieber is such an asshole what the fuck why did i spend 4 years loving his ass and disliking selena when she was my actual mother all of this time????? im sorry selena u r my holy mother pls forgive me

“i could see a post like “a 6ft3 african american guy killed my dog!!” and i’d be like
omg……it was me……… was me wasnt it…… so sorry…..pls forgive me…..idk how i did it or how i was that height i must have worn platforms…and if i can kill a dog i suppose im the kind of person who’d wear blackface too……i’m so sorry,,,,,,,”

this is all you need to know about what kind of a person i am