im sorry phil

15 year old me meeting 20 year old me

15 year old me: So, did you get into the school of your dreams? Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, I don’t know? Do you have a drivers’ license? Do you have a car? Did you move out? Are you happy with your life?

20 year old me:

you know why i want to date phil?

its not because he’s cute, funny, or really creative (even though he is)


i just want to be his shirt stealing girlfriend


thats right

i’m in this

for the



best parts of dil’s wedding vid
  • when dan got intrigued because he thought phil was going to call summer a ho
  • when phil said “snuggly” and leaned into dan
  • [quietly] “nice one, phil” “thanks”
  • “dan and phil have not done anything to smash gender roles”
  • “they can be the drunken messes that hook up at the end of the night”
  • dan summing up everyone’s lives with “everything’s a wreck but at least the sims is going okay”
  • dan’s sigh after the ceremony
  • “this is basically just us living out our dreams”
  • “his life has just been such a disaster so far that he had to have the most perfect wedding ever”
  • their excitement over getting a new microwave
  • their reflection on the past year and dan’s eagerness to get on with their future
  • “we’ll see you in married life”

Does it ever hit you how intelligent Dan and Phil are? I mean first of all, Dan was accepted to study law at university which usually requires pretty high grades, but he also is incredibly articulate and is able to present such deep and thoughtful ideas in ways which are truly astonishing. And then we have Phil, who has a degree in English language and linguistics, who has a brain that manages to come up with amazing, creative ideas and not only that, but he has the intelligence to turn these ideas into something amazing. 

Yes Dan and Phil are incredibly attractive, funny, and Relatable™ but their brains? Damn, guys. 

  • me: *blogs hipster posts*
  • me: *blogs gay fan fiction*
  • me: *blogs poetic quotes*
  • me: *blogs cat gifs*
  • me: *blogs depression quotes*
  • me: *blogs lesbians*
  • me: *blogs nature*
  • me: *blogs memes*
  • me: *blogs soft grunge*
  • me: *blogs feminism*
  • me:
  • me: who the fuck am i
  • followers: what