im sorry no shoes


And another thing - this blog has 31,000 followers now. At this point, it’s also a platform. If I can bring the attention to a certain issue that is being ignored, a cause that needs helping, I want to do it. I can’t pretend things around me are not happening. I’m sorry that I’m like this, I know some of you want me to keep posting dreams and dreams exclusively, but I just can’t do that. If I feel something is wrong, I can’t be quiet about it. That’s just the kind of person I am. So if you really have a problem with me speaking about something else than dreams every 100 posts or so, I’m very sorry, but that’s not going to change. My conscience does not allow me to ignore my humanity. 

whistler allen knocks on my door and takes his shoes off in the hallway. he lights some scented candles and tells me not to worry. he feeds my dog, reorganises my desk, and restocks my fridge. he listens as i tell him my problems and he says that i’m doing fine. 

zach sutton smashes through my door with a sledgehammer and steals my cat. he takes all the batteries out of my remote controls and removes the tray from under my pencil sharpener. he replaces the soda with ranch dressing and leaves after scratching all the numbers and symbols off my microwave.

You and Jimin getting caught in the rain and then running like crazy to find cover, losing your flip flops on the way and falling into the mud…

But you’re still laughing like kids the entire time

sugar daddy! Wonwoo

for anon

  • looks sugar daddy af
  • but could only be one for about two months before he gets bored 
  • thought he could satisfy his needs ya know 
  • and all he had to do was buy some shit 
  • but they be using wayyyy to much of his money and he was like why the fuck is he spending so much dough on someone he dont give a shit about 
  • dropped them like a hot potato
  • “i’ve never said sorry in my life" 
  •  then he sees you and he just ,,, cant look away 
  • second date and you already got some diamond earrings and some versace sunglasses 
  • you’ll be laying on the couch together and he’ll be reading a book and your just browsing through your phone 
  • and he just glances up to look at your face that he loves so much 
  • then when he finally pulls himself together he sees you adding a bunch of stuff to your cart 
  • and when you get up to do something you leave your phone 
  • purposely or not lol 
  • snooping the shit out of your cart and history 
  • "baby girl i got a surprise for you" 
  • used that overnight shipping ya know 
  • "babe you really did not need to get me anything" 
  • makes you open the box anyways and you find like almost EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. 
  • "im sorry about the shoes baby girl, they only offered two day shipping for those" 
  • "wonwoo stop pleaseeee" 
  • you find that lingerie piece that was supposed to be a surprise 
  • smirks when he sees it in your hands 
  • "how about you pay me back by trying that on" 
  • sugar goes to daddy real quick 
  • needless to say shit happens and your lingerie piece is now pieces

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I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas