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Imagine being patricks little sister and the loser club being scared of you. Beverly tries to befriend you but richie isnt happy.


Being the little sister of a protective bully was always going to be difficult. Half the kids hated you the other half of kids sucked up to you. Your brother was Patrick Hocksteader, part of henrys crew of dickheads. Ever since he walked you to school on your first day people treated you as his sister not as your own person. People you’d know since you were 5 were now too scared to talk to you let alone be friends with you. The only kids who wanted to be your friend were the kids as bad as Henry who assumed you were as bad as your brother. At first you didnt mind being friends these kids, having crap friends was better than none? But as the year went your dislike for them grew, especially when you saw what they did to the other kids. It took you a whole year to realise it was better to eat lunch alone than with kids who got a kick out of teasing 10 year olds.

Your old “friends” took you leaving as an insult but as you were Patrick’s sister never dared approached you on the subject. The only teased from afar and never up close. All the other kids didnt know what to do. They saw you ditching the group of assholes as a good thing but were still scared of you brother. Seeing it as too much hassle to talk to you all the kids just pretended you didnt exist. You could go days without speaking at school. You’d learn and eat in silence, never speaking to anyone after learning long ago there’s no point in trying to make friends. Patrick ignore this and all his friends banished the rumours you were a loner, leaving you as a pointless person in school.

On your first day back at school after the summer you had science with a new class and a new seatig plan. The teacher sat you next to beverly. Youd know beverly partially, as in you heard a lot about her, mainly from henry, but knew it wasnt true. Your first science assignment in your new seat was to do a project with your partner, which unfortunately for you required talking.

“Hi” she smiled “im Beverly”. “I know…i mean yeah I’ve seen you…I’m y/n”. Beverly grinned at your babbling. You weren’t used to people being nice to you and found it intimidating. You worked hard on the project in class but when the week was up you still hadn’t finished it. You offered to take it home and finish it but beverly said that wasn’t fair and suggested you meet up to finish it. You didn’t want beverly around at yours, henry would be there and well it would t be pretty. Beverly sensed this and asked why didn’t you meet up at the park tomorrow at 12. You agreed and beverly grinned when you said you’d come. “Ill see you there” she smiled patting your arm before she hurried away.

You were ten minutes late to the park and you were very nervous. You weren’t completely sure beverly was going to show. You’d convinced yourself she was just teasing you, she wasn’t really being nice to you, nobody was unless they wanted something from you. You arrived at your agreed spot and looked around. You felt a sinking feeling in your stomach as you couldn’t see her. Embarrassment rushed through you as you felt colour rise into your cheeks. “Y/n”. You turned around and to your surprise beverly marsh stood before you. “Your here” beverly smiled. It took you a while to talk and when you did all you could do was stutter. “Beverly….hi…hi im yeah, sorry im late”. Beverly grinned telling you it didn’t matter.

You were both laid on the floor staring up at the sky. Youd finished the project hours ago but it was such a nice day you both decided to stay for a while. Beverly was so nice to you that you decided she must be a nice person. You were still very cautious of her but came t the conclusion that you liked her.
Beverly laughed “i love that book but did you hear about the movie?”.
Your turned as you heard people call to beverly, your heart sinking as you saw it was bill and the loser club. They ditched their bikes and stopped when they saw you sat next to her. Bill recovered the fastest “hey bev weve been looking all over for you”. “Ow me and y/n had a science project and then decided to hang out for a bit”. “Ow cool” bill nodded sitting next to beverly. Stan smiled at you sitting down next to bill but thats where the pleasantries ended. The others all sat behind bill and stan, not even near you, richie and eddie sitting the furthest away. The other four seemed to not even want to breathe in your presence and treated the situation as if beverly had befriended a grenade. Stan and bill felt bad and chatted with beverly about random things but made sure to include you. You noticed the looks richie was shooting bill and stan so decided to leave. “Thanks for today beverly but i think im gonna go now”. “Aw really?” Beverly asked “are you sure you cant stay?”. “Ow i don’t wanna intrude” you shrugged. “Your not” stan smiled “were just hanging out”. Richie and eddie threw each other looks and you glanced to them making them go red. “No i really should go”. “Well it was nice meeting you” bill smiled and stan nodded “bye”. The others echoed a bye and you walked away when beverly caught you up. “Hey y/n” she said “it was real fun hanging out with you today”. You smiled “i enjoyed it too”. She grinned “so were going to the lake tomorrow and i wanted to know if you wanted to come with”. “I don’t think your friends would like that very much” you laughed awkwardly. “Ow no stan and bill are cool with it and the others don’t mind really there just boys”. “Its fine really im busy tomorrow” you told her “maybe another time”. “Aw okay but heres my number” she said writing it on your wrist “call me if you want to hang out or anything”.

A few days and you managed to use your compulsive over thinking to convince yourself that beverly was only being nice to you because of your brother and that she didnt really like you. And so you never called her not until your mom brought up the fact you hadn’t been out of the house on weekends for 2 months. Your dad had got 4 free tickets for a fun fair from work and your mom thought it would be a great idea for you to take some friends. You said you would just to please her but had no intention of going. You decided to give them to beverly so rang her. You were so nervous you actually jumped when she picked up the phone. “Hello beverly…its y/n” you said meekly. “Y/n” beverly said happily “ive been wondering if you’d call how are you?”. “Im good erm listen i have some free rickets to a funfair and i wondered if you wanted them”. “Dont you want them?” Beverly asked. “Well…erm i haven’t been in years and just thought you’d like the tickets and could go have fun”. Beverly paused for a moment and then agreed “the funfair would be fun which is why i think you should come”. “But i only have 4 tickets”. “Hey thats cool me and you could go and then bill and Stan said for ages they’ve wanted to go too, wed have so much fun”. You hesitated and beverly could sense your nerves. “Listen i know richie and eddie were dicks the other week but i promise stan and bill arent like that i promise wed have fun”. “Okay” you said kicking yourself. “Really?” Beverly asked “awesome”. You laughed “so when do you wanna go?”.

You and beverly walked to bills house on your way to the funfair. Him and stan were waiting outside and they both greeted you like your brother wasn’t a prick which you appreciated. Stan smiled at you “hey y/n thanks so much for the tickets”. “Yeah its real cool how your dad them for free”. Bill agreed “Ow its nothing” you shrugged and beverly steered you all in the direction of the funfair. Stan and bill were as nice to you as beverly and you found they were nice to talk to. You were soon confident enough to chat to them and you found you had lots in common with them. You were starting to actually look forward to the fun fair until you spotted richie and the others up ahead.

“There you you shitheads are my grandmother walks faster than you”. “Richie?” Stan asked “what the hell are you doing here?”. “Heard you were going to the funfair and me eddie ben and mike thought that sounds like a great idea”. “Ow cool” bill said but beverly and stan looked angry. As you lined up for tickets stan said something to richie who replied “i can do what i want alright”. You used your free tickets and got the four of you in and stood awkwardly by beverly. “so what do you want to do?” She asked “did we say ghost train first?”. “Yeah” stan laughed reluctantly “come on lets get it over with”. “So death drop first yeah?” Richie asked separating bill and Stan from you. “come on bill you’ve got to try it with us, i thought you could come with me and ben”. “And stan you could do with me and mike” eddie finished. Bill stuttered trying to make everyone happy but stan shook his head “nah thats okay you all go together were gonna go this way”. Richie laughed “is someone a chicken”. “No someones pissed because you werent invited but classic Richie you had to show up”. Bill grabbed stan “okay we’ll see you around bye guys”. Richie gave up and let you go glaring until you were out of sight. “Sorry hes such a dick” stan said and you shook your head “hey its okay dont worry about it”. “Yeah lets just forget about them and have fun okay?” Beverly asked and you smiled.

An hour later and you actually having fun. Richie and Eddie kept appearing trying to get Stan and bill to join them but the boys kept refusing. Even after you’d told all three of them they could if they wanted to. Stan was the first to respond and told you he didn’t want you to leave which made you embarrassed. You decided you liked Stan almost as much as beverly and felt comfortable with all of them. You were walking across the grass when all 3 of them stopped and looked behind you. You followed their gaze and saw it landed on Henry. Henry smirked as he saw them and then saw you. You saw him look to your brother and Patrick said something to him. Henry shook his head and Patrick stood up looking angry. Henry went to walk towards you but Patrick grabbed his arm. You could see they were arguing when eventually henry slunk off away from you. Patrick looked up at you and then followed his friend. “Wow” Stan said “your brother made Henry back off”. “Yeah well my brother isn’t always a complete dick”. Beverly smiled “i can see that, it was nice of him”. You looked down awkwardly and bill cut in. “Hey y/n wa…wa…want to go on the bumper ca…ars”. You nodded at him gratefully and walked towards them.

All night patrick managed to control henry and keep him from going near you and the others but the same couldnt be said for richie and the rest. You heard yells come around the back of a rollercoaster and Stan frowned. “That sounds like ben”. A string of curses followed by a grunt told you richie was there too. You ran around to the back and saw your brother and his friends beating richie eddie mike and ben up. Patrick had richie against a wall amd had his knife to his cheek. Patrick had eddie in a headlock and the others two laughed as he went through eddies bag. Ben was on the floor with one of the guys foot his chest and mike was trying to help eddie. Patrick shoved mike on the floor and henry howled with laughter. “You’re an asshole you know that?” Richie spat. Henry laughed “you know eye surgery can help you see better, why don’t why try that?” He asked looking at his knife. “Henry stop” you yelled running forward. You yanked his arm away and stepped between him and Richie. “Back off y/n” he said “just walk away”. “No you need to leave these guys alone now!”. “Y/n” Patrick said “just go away okay, these people aren’t your friends”. “So its fine for you to beat them up? No they don’t deserve that its not fair”. “Okay y/n if you don’t move ill beat you up too” henry snarled. “You’re not touching my sister” Patrick yelled. “I will if she doesn’t move”. “If you even try to touch her” Patrick said yanking henry away from you. Henry turned around and looked at him “what?”. “I said you just try to touch her”. “Look i know shes family but shes being a bitch”. “If she says we cant touch them then we cant, were not hurting my sister, got it?”. Henry squared up to Patrick and time seemed to slow down as they stared at one another. Eventually henry sighed “lets get out of here, its lame”. Henry barged Patrick and walked away. Patrick followed him and so did the others. You let out your breath and turned around to Richie. You held out a hand to help him up “you okay?”. “Why did you do that?” He asked after you’d yanked him up. “Because i wanted to” you shrugged. “But you didn’t have to. Nobody asked you to”. “Richie for god sake cant you just be grateful!” Stan spat. “No I’ve been nothing but rude to her all night, i didn’t include you i tried to ruin your night so why would you help me?”. “I might be my brothers sister but that doesn’t mean i like what he does” you frowned. “But still like you could’ve easily have just walked away and let them beat me up after how i acted, i deserved it”. “People always act weird because of my brother” you shrugged “so no offence but if you think how you acted tonight is anything special your wrong”. Richie looked down embarrassed “Well thanks for helping me not get my ass kicked”. “Its okay” you shrugged. “And I’m sorry for being such a dick to you”. You laughed “like i said its nothing major”. “Still though its not right” Richie said awkwardly. “No its not” beverly said “You shouldn’t have to take that”. “Well i know its not great but like what can i do?” You asked “i cant change how people feel about me”. The others didn’t really know how to reply to that and looked down. “No i know you cant, trust me i do” beverly nodded “but you don’t have to go through it alone” she smiled “not anymore”. “What?” You asked. “Yeah” Richie nodded “were not scared of you anymore, i wont act like i did again i promise, you can hang around with us…i mean if you want”. “You don’t have to do this” you frowned. “No y/n” Stan said “we mean it, we like you”. You smiled. Bill nodded “yeah we do” he smiled. You grinned and beverly laughed putting an arm around you “so its decided”. “Welcome to the losers club” Richie announced.

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Hi! Sorry to load this on you. Re: that anon's ask about reducing comments. I know I used to gush over every single chapter of the fics I read. But it reached a point where I think I kind of overwhelmed/annoyed one of my fav authors and now they're avoiding me. Nowadays I only leave short comments or not at all because I'm starting to think I'm being too freaky :( I can speak for everyone but I'm sure some feels this way as well. Maybe anon can mention that they love comments on their fic? (1/2)

(2/2) Also, in reader’s head: !@#$ “who cares about my unworthy opinion” and “omg that other reader leaves such constructive feedback and my vocab is limited to I love this” and “why does he/she reply everyone except me every time? I think annoyed the author I deserve to burn in hell” So not commenting becomes a self protective mechanism to not get hurt. TBH I think chapter kudos would be the best thing ever (/;A;)/

listen… never in my life… have i ever told myself “wow i wish this person didnt comment”

ok wait thats a lie HAHAHAA okokok wait back up 

the only times in my life… that i have ever told myself “wow i wish this person didnt comment” was when all the comment said was ‘OMG WHEN ARE U GONNA UPDATE’ or something along those lines like… ;-; nothing breaks my spirit more… pero!!! i still kinda (???) appreciate the sentiment behind it because obviously the person likes the fic enough 2 be rude about it (i GUES? ? ? lmao) but like im still gonna reply to those people and thank them for reading etc you know. honestly though i think i’ve only ever actually deleted a comment juan (1) time and it was because that person said something SUPER out of pocket about like racism or something which, to me, didnt make sense at all my fic was about marble busts and ice skating i was like uhhhhh what are u doing here U Are Lost and so bam i deleted 


my point is. i know some authors dont respond to comments and that can seem like they dont care about responses/feedback but that is a total lie hunnie. we get emails every time someone writes a comment and i’ll always be reading them whenever i’m waiting for a ride or while i’m brushing my teeth or whatever and it always makes me!!! so happy!!! i do make an effort to respond but sometimes i don’t get to do it right away, but just know!!! that i do read it!!! right away!!! even if i dont respond in that moment. 

every writer has their own style of interacting w readers but lemme tell u a short comment like “omg love this dkfjdkfj” feels GREAT. yeah it feels amazing when people take the time to like paste quotes and point out things they noticed or liked in the writing or whatever but not everyone has that time or can make that sort of effort. i only get to write long-ass comments sometimes OK like i know how it is; fic is supposed to be a relaxing break from Real Life and it can be rlly tiring to write up those long comments and ur def not entitled to comment at all. but it’s still a nice gesture because kudos are so easy to give. ppl been asking me why i look at bookmarks/comments more than kudos and its because kudos are literally just a button that u click. (and hits too!! like??? hits just tell me u opened my fic???? i dont rlly care about hits thats why i have that turned off) so i rlly lov when readers give that effort u know. it feels like “hello u spent 3943894 hours writing this thing let me sacrifice 5 seconds to make a comment about it ily hunnnie xoxoxox.” 

the disparity between X time it took writer to write VS. X time it took reader to read is so big. it throws me outta whack. when i publish something and someone comments in MINUTES on something that took me HOURS/DAYS/WEEKS to write it always shooks me. and thats why any comment makes me so happy, even if its just a bunch of keyboard smashes, one time someone just sent me a link to an image of kermit on fire, liKE THATS GREAT. THAT WAS AWESOME. one time someone told me my fic made me drop their phone into their rice and that was enough.

ur small comments are enough

thank u for coming 2 my ted talk 

I Love Me

Part Five in my Sam x Reader series “Thank You.” Based on the song titles from Meghan Trainor’s album “Thank You.”

Pairing: Sam x Reader (not really yet)
Words:  888

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

           He was watching you as soon as you walked into the bar. You could feel his eyes following your every move. And you were more than not interested. You couldn’t have cared less about him.

           You slid onto a barstool and smiled at the female bartender, “Hey, Sweetie, what can I get for you?” she asked.

           “Just a beer,” you said, “Trying to wind down.”

           “You got it,” she nodded, turning to grab you a beer.

           You just wanted to sit there and enjoy your beer without anyone bothering you. You had just done yet another solo hunt and you needed to just relax.

           “Hey, Baby,” the guy who had been watching you came up to the bar and leaned against it, invading all personal space you had, “Can I get you a drink?”

           “Got one,” you said, holding up your beer.

           “Well, do you wanna sit with me?”

           “No, thank you,” you said.

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Loft 89: Nashville  9/25/2015

A lot of you have been asking about what went down on Friday night, so here it is.

Two hours before the show, Elise and I had seats that weren’t together, but we had been watching stubhub and there was floor for a decent price, so we spontaneously bought them and sold our other tickets. We didn’t really know where they were at, but we were just happy that we were sitting together at that point. 

We got inside the arena and we were at the Taylor Nation booth for so long, and we finally went to see where our seats were. I think when I saw where they were I peed a little…. They were right next to the bstage, and we were literally the last row and there were 4 chairs in our row. I didn’t want to think about loft or the fact that Andrea was going to be standing right behind us the whole time, but minds wander. 

Fast forward to when Feel So Close came on. Papa Swift walked right past us, and we got a picture with him (and guitar picks obviously). We never saw Andrea come, but Taylor started Welcome to New York, and I started to see Andrea upgrading people’s seats. (It was so cool seeing Andrea pick people to bring down, it’s so spontaneous, like she is just looking into the crowd looking at people’s signs, and when she sees someone who sticks out to her, she just brings them down like ok lady.) Anyways, I stopped really paying attention to her, and Taylor was on Blank Space. All week I had been thinking about the Nashville loop during Blank Space and I knew i was gonna want to light myself on fire. Before she started the loop, I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I turned around and Andrea was 2 inches away from my face. I feel like this was all happening in slow motion. I lowkey knew she wasn’t going to bring us into bstage pit because our seats were right next to it, and that’s when it hit me. She popped the magic question “Have you ever met Taylor?” We both told her no, and by now Elise was sobbing and I was just in complete shock. She and Steph put on our wrist bands, and I hugged Andrea and thanked her, then she walked away. The whole rest of the show, it would hit us at random times that after this we would be meeting Taylor. We spent a lot of time in each other’s arms throughout the whole show. 

I’ve never wanted a show to end so badly, but it finally did! (Taylor wore the pink shake it off outfit, all the stars were aligning for me.) We saw so many people after the show and they were all so happy for us, and we finally made our way to the section that was on our pass. We signed in, and Steph told us all the rules that you have probably heard by now. They started walking us back to loft and that’s when it kind of hit me that this was a thing that was happening. We took pictures in the room, but we only took like 3 i hate me. Anyways, we went in the photo booth and took pictures, and while we were in there I heard Steph telling everyone to get in their groups and put our phones away. (Taylor didn’t come in for another 30 minutes though so i was like ?????) I could see down the hallway outside of loft and I saw Taylor step from behind a curtain and the first thing I yelled at Elise was “SHE”S WEARING PANTS.” That tells you a lot about me and how passionate I am about the fact that Taylor wore pants on Friday. She walked in and… wow. She is so striking in person I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I watched her interact with everyone until we were next. 

Steph asked for our camera before she came and next thing I knew I was in her arms… hm I’m not really sure how that happened, but she asked how we were and I said “I’m good now.” I was so shaky and nervous while she was in the room, but right when she hugged me and was talking to me, It was like she took all the nerves away and made me feel totally comfortable. She was like, “You look so CHIC!” And Elise then mentioned how we had posters, but they broke during the show, and she said, “Well, that’s real life sometimes.” Like, okay lady me too.. Listen, I feel like we talked about more than I can remember, so I’m just saying what I remember vividly. Then.. my god.. she was like “Do you want me to sign anything, babe?” like okay put my head down the garbage disposal.. Elise got her autograph, and then I told her what I wanted her to write out. When I was telling her what I wanted, she was looking so intently into my eyes and nodding her head in assurance. I’ll never forget the look on her face, she just made me feel so loved. And she was like “Of course!” After the autographs, we talked about Nashville. I told her how I drove 12 hours to be here and she was like “I feel like everyone has taken major road trips to be here that’s so awesome!” (Nashville night 2, Taylor said exactly this in one of her speeches and I fell to the floor because we were talking about it the night before I can’t believe she wants me dead). I told her how I wanted to go to Vanderbilt and it was my top choice, and she got so excited. Her eyes got so wide and she was like, “GO THERE, YOU SHOULD GO THERE.” She said how Vanderbilt reminded her of hogwarts and it’s so “harvardy” and I was like yeah I agree!! (I know there is some other stuff we talked about but it has escaped my mind never to return and I’m slightly salty at myself) She then asked if we wanted pictures, and I was like ok… no I obviously don’t want a pic with you.. sweetie ((: I was first to take my picture and I asked her if we could do a peace sign. So she did one!! Steph took a picture, but the lighting was bad so she had to take another with flash. I knew Taylor could feel me shaking, so she tighten her grip on my arm and pulled me closer let me just dig my grave right now okay.. Elise took her picture which was SO CUTE. I’m so happy with how my picture turned out, we both look good and she is wearing plaid i love the fall!! She hugged me goodbye and I told her I loved her so much and she said I love you too, and she did this like slight shimmy away and turned around and looked at me and was like “See you around,” and then she was gone. 

Friday night honestly could not have gone better, I couldn’t ask for anything else. Thank you to any and everyone who congratulated me, or was excited for me. Thank you Andrea for finding us, and being so so nice. (I’ll make a separate post about our conversation with Andrea if you want to hear it). And, thank you Taylor for making me feel so loved and appreciated, I’m so happy we finally got to meet, and I will cherish this moment for as long as I live. See you soon. 

xoxo, Abby

ps. I didn’t proof read this I kind of just typed and clicked post so if there are any major grammar errors or typos I apologize im running off of 5 hours of sleep (:

Truthful Scars - Ch.2


this chapter was nearly 5k words of adrien having an inner battle with himself over cute girls and sucking at video games


Ch.1 | Ch.2 | Ch.3 | Ch.4 | Ch.5 | Ch.6 | Ch.7 | Ch.8 | Ch.9 | Ch.10 | Ch.11 | Ch.12 | Ch.13 | Ch.14 | Ch.15 | Ch.16 | Ch.17 | Ch.18 | Ch.19 | Ch.20 | Ch.21 - Epilogue

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People keep asking me why I made that post yesterday about not getting my hopes up for bellarke in season 2 because the writers don’t like the fans. It’s beginning to get exhausting explaining it to everyone or copy and pasting so much - so as a means of explanation I’ve put a conversation that me and Brianna had when she asked me about it under the read more. It’s moderately long, but I think it explains my reasoning for everything & current attitude towards the writers and primarily Jason.

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Unexpected Chances: Chapter 1

Welcome to my first story that I finally got the guts to write. Again I appreciate all the support when I told all of you I was thinking about pursuing this adventure. If it wasn’t for all of you I wouldn’t even of had the balls to do this<3

A couple people will be mentioned in this story that are real life people and I don’t claim to know any of them or any actual relationships. 

Thanks again for all of you that decide to read!! ENJOY LOVES!

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