im sorry its such a shit smh

Writer’s block can choke

IM FINALLY HOME BUT!!!!!!! the big downside is that i had no idea that paint tool sai doesnt work on mac…..(ಥ_ʖಥ) so here i am….struggling to use other programs like krita and shit…smh…

so!!! heres a lazy and sloppy steven BUT IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO GET SAI ON A MACBOOK without giving me viruses pls PLEASE LET ME KNOW IM CRYING!!!!!!!!

I have too many posts in my drafts right now like heres a list of unwritten aus

Back to the Future AU where Jack helps 80-something year old Ransom stop a fire that happened in the 50s that killed Holster

Pokemon AU where Jack runs a pokemon gym and bitty is a former contest champ who is trying to take on the pokemon league

AU where Jack “good with kids” Zimmermann is Mister Rogers

AU where Bitty runs a food blog where no one reads what he writes before the recipe part, so he doesn’t censor himself

AU where Bitty has a baking show on food network and Jack is a really strict techie (this prompt was given to me months ago im so sorry)

AU where Bitty is literally santa claus

AU where Bitty is a tour guide at Disney World

AU where the SMH is a men’s synchronized swimming team

AU where everything is the same except that Tango won Jeopardy six times

Sky High AU

Parks and Rec AU

Star Trek AU where Bitty is ¼ Vulcan

And like another part to an AU where Bitty is Danny Phantom

I…have a problem

Shit i also forgot the Power Rangers AU

And the AU where…uh…Whiskey is Hannah Montana

hi ! so i’ve finally reached 500+ followers on this blog and i’m just so so happy. it’s just a personal little milestone of mine and i feel like over the last few weeks i’ve been back over here much more after over a year of neglect and i just want to thank all my old followers and my new ones. this blog has been a just whatever blog, to a one direction blog and now a 5sos one and its so cool to be able to look back and see the shit i used to post.

this is me showing appreciation for all my favorite blogs  (✿╹◡╹)  ☆.。.:*・°
(mutuals are bolded ! if you’re a mutual and not bolded, im v sorry tumblr was saying lots of ppl didn’t exist smh)

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