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my everything l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

a/n: kinda short but I really needed to post something. I’ll hopefully by able to finish the first part of a Hogwarts!Shawn series soon <3. Hope you enjoy it.


prompt: Shawn & (y/n) get in a fight hours before she’s badly injured shooting her new movie. (I shamelessly included Tom Holland on this, im sorry lol)

Originally posted by illuminateshawn

Everybody knew you and Shawn were together.

It had taken one sneaky paparazzi to capture you holding hands while you were hanging out four months into the relationship.

Both your agent and publicist, more strictly than Shawn’s, had warned you that being seen with him was going to be bad for you, more importantly, your career, since his large fanbase was mostly teenage girls who didn’t care to think twice before going on Twitter and start speeding rumors about yourself, jeopardizing your career.

So it was safe to say your entire team was pretty bummed when the news got out; telling you off because you weren’t able to keep it a secret for at least a bit more time. Even Marvel, who you were shooting for at the time, were mad because they didn’t want one of their new recruits to have a damaged reputation.

All of this had happened almost a week ago; exactly on the same day you were visiting Shawn on the last show of the North American leg of the tour, and the two days you were supposed to spend together to relax before he had to fly to LA for the VMAs and you back to Atlanta to keep filming.

Long story short; the Boston show was a nightmare.

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In Trouble

Pairing: College AU Jensen  x Reader

Warnings: None

Wordcount: 431

Requested by: Anon : Number 191: “IF YOU USE UP ALL THE HOT WATER ONE MORE TIME, I’M GOING TO BAN YOU TO THE COUCH FOR A MONTH.” and 221 “Kiss me”

A/N: Unbetaed. All mistakes are mine. Written for  @wayward-mirage RPF Appreciation day

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

An earth shattering scream rang through the apartment and Jensen instantly flinched in front of the stove. “Shit!” He had no idea she would be up this early. Her morning classes were cancelled, so he figured she would sleep in, giving the waterheater more than enough time to cook up enough water for her to have a warm shower.

Y/N looked like an angry wet lioness as she stormed into the kitchen, only wearing a yellow towel wrapped around her dripping wet body.

“JENSEN ROSS ACKLES!! IF YOU USE UP ALL THE HOT WATER ONE MORE TIME, I’M GOING TO BAN YOU TO THE COUCH FOR A MONTH,” she screamed at him and Jensen instantly hung his head.

“I’m sorry baby I thought you would sleep in. I was just cooking you some breakfast and…” he tried to distract her, but to no avail.

“ARGH!!” she sent him one last glare, before twirling around and slamming the door to the bedroom shut between them.

“Fuck!” Jensen swore under his breath, looking at his watch. Yeah no history class today. He carefully knocked on the door to their bedroom, “Y/N/N. Honey. I am so sorry,” he called through the door, before hesitantly walking through it. He frowned when he saw her laying on the bed, face buried in the pillows.

“Hey,” Jensen laid down on the bed next to her, gently caressing her shoulder blades, “are you okay baby?”

“I’m pregnant,” she muttered into the pillows making Jensen chuckle and kiss her hair.

“I know that Y/N/N. You told me that 2 months ago. Why do you think I am working two jobs?” he teased her, playfully poking her sides.

“It’s not funny,” she sulked still not looking at him, “I puke all the time. I eat weird crap. I yell at you constantly and I forget everything. I forgot my classes were cancelled.”

Jensen couldn’t help but smile, as he gently helped her turn around to face him. They laid close on the bed for a few seconds, just looking into each other’s eyes for a few minutes; legs tangled and arms wrapped around each other.

“Kiss me,” she asked softly, smiling a little now and Jensen happily obliged.

“Does this mean I am not sleeping on the couch tonight?” he asked, playfully tugging her hair, making her laugh.

“Only if you burned the bacon too,” she sassed back and Jensen’s eyes widened.

“Shit!” he quickly untangled himself from her, jumping from the bed rushing for the kitchen just as the fire alarm went off.


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let me love you (jefferson x reader x alex)

request : modern au??? angsty stuff !?? ooH basically ur eliza and Alex cheats on u and then u get pissed & break up w him and then go hook up w Jefferson to piss him off but then that becomes a thing and now Alex regrets everything (-anon)

warning : slight smut , angst, cussin, alex cheated so 

a/n : wooo writers block send me more requests. also its not v anon i know who sent this bc she kept on texting me to do it. 

“alex? what the fuck is this?” you choked, throwing your phone at him. Maria had texted you. is this y/n? im so sorry that i had to let you know this way. i just found out you are with alexander… we have been hooking up for about two months. im so so sorry he told me he was single. 

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prince of cats

chapter one: if i profane with my unworthiest hand

on ao3 || on ffnet

[full note on ao3]

it been a journey to get here. i started outlining in november…. i’m really excited that i’m finally able to share it with everyone! this fic was inspired by two (2) posts. one of which was this video of salem the glittery cat

shoutout to everyone in the miracusquad who was online when i started talking about this! thank you for letting me idea bounce/dump, and thank you for being so supportive in general <3
shoutout to my @mlfanfiction​ fam for not yelling at me when they realize that i had many other things i was supposed to be doing in november. things that were not this fic…. i love you guys
and finally, massive shoutout to @ladriened​!!! thank you for your endless support kc <3 

last quick thing! im going to be using these tags for this fic: ‘proc ml’ and 'prince of cats ml’. obviously i wasnt going to use poc and prince of cats is already used for half a dozen other things because…shakespeare


Marinette hums to herself as she hauls her bag up on her shoulder and flicks off the lights in her apartment. For once, she got a decent amount of sleep and she actually ate breakfast this morning, so today is already better than most. Now if she can get the stitching on this new jacket done before lunch…

She pauses to check her phone as she closes the door behind her. Nothing surprising, nothing pressing. Alya confirming lunch like she does every week and insisting Marinette bring juicy gossip to the table. Marinette rolls her eyes as she turns the key in the lock. Fortunately, or unfortunately for Alya, work has been drama free lately. A nice breath of fresh air after a tense argument between two other designers that ended in screaming a few weeks ago. For days after, the workroom was stifling and awkward. Marinette is glad she has nothing to bring to Alya. Besides, Alya will have more enough to say on her own.

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hi everyone! it’s aleena aka kihyunsgirl and i’m making my first follow forever!! (well…at least on this blog sdlfkjsf)

i had remade my blog two weeks ago for a mess of reasons, mostly with the mindset that no one really liked me/my blog anymore and that no one was gonna refollow me sldkfjsdf but damn u guys proved me wrong :/ lsdkfjsdf thank u for making me feel loved and like i’m not a Total loser and thank u for making my dash and this website an amazing place! i was so happy seeing so many ppl refollow me and so many new blogs follow me i didn’t think 500 ppl would give me so much love in just two weeks :(((( i love u ???? i don’t even make content i just show up here and gush abt kihyun…. some of yall aren’t even mx stans so thank u for putting up with me sldkfjsd

also i’m making this as more of a mutuals appreciation post bc this isn’t a full list of everyone i follow, but it is all my mutuals!! just know that if u follow me, whether it was today or yesterday or refollowing from my old blog, if we became friends last week or a year ago, or whatever it may be, my heart is so full of love for all of u!!! the sun shines for u the birds sing for u and my heart beats for u !! i hope all of u are having an amazing day and an amazing life and i hope that u are feeling happy and loved… im love u 

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a scenario where Yoosung says cute things in his sleep about MC and she overhears it? You're blog is so good omg!

(´∀`)♡ I love Yoosung, so yes! (And thank you so much!!)

 You and Yoosung had very different schedules. Often when the two of you could finally see each  other, both of you were incredibly exhausted. Him from studying and LOLOL, and you from bouts of working while dealing with homework.

But the two of you were determined to make this work. School alone shouldn’t stand between the two of you, right? And more often than not the two of you got to see each other on lunch breaks.

Today, however, Yoosung couldn’t keep his eyes open. He crammed last minute for a test, opting to wake up early rather than to stop playing LOLOL the night before, and the product of that was him yawning constantly while trying to pay attention to every word you said.

Which…Kind of resulted in him cutely mumbling about things you said five minutes ago, mixed in with random words.

“Work wasn’t too bad yesterday. I had a customer who gave me a tip! Enough to buy an extra box of cereal. People are starting to be nicer to cashiers, lately!”

“Mmm, good, good.”

“Yoosung, are you sure you don’t need to rest-”

“Penguins like cereal, right mc?”

Alright, that was it. He was already leaning on your shoulder, eyes closed. He’s obviously in that weird, half asleep state. That one you had been in when you shamed yourself in your sociology class that one time…

Ignoring your past embarrassments, you slowly eased Yoosung off your shoulder, trying your best not to make him flop onto the bed. He did wake up a bit, trying to mumble a half-hearted argument that he could stay awake, but you pushed his shoulder down and hushed him.

“Yoosung, you really need to get your sleep, okay? I’ll be here.”

He frowned as you pulled the covers over him, lightly grasping your hand. 

“But it’s MC and me’s day.”

Ahh, your cheeks reddened. He still had his eyes closed, but he wasn’t fully asleep yet. A cute frown and stubborn look on his face as he sleepily searched for your other hand.

You slipped your fingers with his, giving his hands a little squeeze.

“But I’ll be fine. It’ll still be our day when you wake up, okay? You need to rest.”

“But MC is so pretty…Zen will take her if I don’t wake up.”

Oh my god. You wanted to keep this going as much as you could. You quickly switched to sit on your knees, folding your arms on the bed and resting your head on them.

“Will he, now?”

“Mhmmm,” Yoosung shifted, hugging the pillow closer to his chest. “I gotta…Save her.”

Save you from Zen, oh my god. The only saving you needed was being saved from his unrelentless posting of selfies.

“What are you going to do when you save her, Yoosung?”

“I”m gonna…Give her big kiss.” He squeezed he pillow tightly, snuggling his face into it. “Give her all kisses.”

“Just kisses?”


You covered your mouth, trying to contain your giggles. But, enough was enough. You tucked in the mumbling Yoosung, catching a few “So pretty,”’s as you did so.

How did you get so lucky?

+mobile masterlist

parts; (one) (two) (three) (four) (five) (six) (seven)

summary: you’re a world-famous pop star which everyone learned to either love or hate. when a video of you making out with 5 seconds of summer’s bassist leaks, your management decides to make it seem like you’re dating calum.

word count: 1,286

warnings: none except for swearing

author’s note: lol okay so ITS BEEN MONTHS sorry and i edited this on my phone (im used to html-ing my posts and now it isnt working???) so its kind of a mess (same) but here u go

“Can I take a raincheck?” As soon as the words left your lips, a sigh emmited from the other end of the line.

Now, Nina was on the verge of quitting altogether. You were rarely like this before you got involved with Calum. You weren’t as hot-headed and irritable compared to a month ago. Nina was hired to be your assistant but she still answered to Lancelot, so it wasn’t like she could just let you off whenever you wanted to. “This is business, Y/N. Like it or not, you have to do this.”

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Illusion (Lance Tucker x Reader) part two

Part Two


Warnings: NONE, Swearing? Shirtless Lance?

If you haven’t seen part one, here it is :)

“Are you almost done?” Lance laid on your bed with his hands behind his head as you finished packing some stuff.

“Yeah give me five seconds.” You popped your head out of your closet before returning to folding the last of your clothes.

“You said that 10 minutes ago, we are going to miss the flight.”

“Stop nagging, you sound like my mother.” You zipped up your suitcase and brought it out into your bedroom. “Ok I’m done.”

“Finally.” Lance stood up. “Your bed is really comfortable Y/N. Should we get back into it?”

“I really hate you, you know that right?”

“Don’t kid yourself, you don’t hate me.” Lance smiled and walked out of your bedroom. You brought your suitcase out to Lance’s car. He opened the trunk and you put it in before walking to the passenger door and getting in. Lance’s black Cadillac was ridiculous but, it screamed Lance. Lance closed the driver’s door and turned on his car. The engine purred to life and the radio started playing. Lance had a playlist playing and the song Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado started blasting through the speakers.

“You listen to this?” You were holding back a laugh.

“Fuck you it’s a good song.” Lance looked over before backing out of your parking lot and heading down the road towards the highway.

The song continued to play and you found yourself singing along quietly. Lace would glance over to you every now and again when you’d say certain phrases. The next song to play was Starboy by The Weeknd

“You know, your playlist is very douchey, but It’s not bad.”

“Thank you? I’ve never had someone say my playlist is douchey but there’s a first for everything.”

You guys arrived at the airport and check in, sending your large suitcases on the way before heading over to the ridiculous line for security. The line took 45 minutes alone to get to the metal detectors. After an eternity and a half, you found your gate and set your stuff on a chair before plopping down.

“Do you want anything? I’m going to walk around and see what’s good.”

“If there is a Starbucks, I’ll take coffee.”

“Anything else?”

“If you stumble upon food, I won’t object.”

“Ok, I’ll brb.”

Lance walked off somewhere and you pulled out your phone, sending your mother a text that you were at the airport and what time your flight should land. She responded with an ok, and that she will have someone pick you up at the airport. You closed out your messages and put in your headphones. You played some music and put your feet up onto the chair, leaned your head on your hand, which rested on the arm rest. You closed your eyes and relaxed a bit, since you knew that you wouldn’t be getting much relaxation next 4 days. After a few minutes, you felt Lance’s presence return. You opened your eyes and saw he had a coffee extended towards you.

“Thanks.” You grabbed the cup and took a drink.

“No problem.” Lance looked over his shoulder towards the restaurant. “I forgot about food, but I saw the fucking hottest chick, I wish I could find a closet somewhere and invite her.”

You rolled your eyes and drank your coffee. “You’re ridiculous.” Lance had no response, except for the side look he gave you before drinking his own coffee.

The flight began boarding an hour later, once you guys found your seat you made yourself comfortable again, or at least as comfortable as you could on an airplane. It was 6am, so the plane was fairly packed for being an early 4th of July weekend flight. It had been a while since you’ve flown, so you were thankful that you wore shorts and a tank top, unlike Lance who was in dark jeans and a white t shirt.

30 minutes after taking your seats, the plane was finally moving towards the runway to take off. You pulled out a pack of gum to chew so your ears wouldn’t pop.

“Do you want gum?” You looked over to Lance while putting your piece of gum in your mouth.


The plane lifted and took to the sky while you watched Los Angeles’ skyline become smaller and smaller in the sunrise. Once the light became too much you closed the blind and pulled out the book you had been reading. Lance took out his phone and headphones, putting them in his ears before playing music, he closed his eyes and crossed his arms.

You had made it about 2 more chapter into your book when Lance’s head fell onto your shoulder. You looked over and saw that he was fast asleep. You decided not to shrug him off, since he was going to have hell to deal with back home. You hadn’t made it past the end of the chapter before you had also dozed off.

You awoke to someone grabbing your thigh and shaking it slightly. You opened your eyes and were immediately met with Lance’s blue ones.

“Hey we just landed.”

You stretched and let out a yawn before gathering your stuff.

Your mother had promised someone would be at the airport to pick you up, but you didn’t imagine it would be a chauffeur. You exchanged glances with Lance before following the man to the car he had parked outside. It was warm on the east coast, but wasn’t nearly as warm as California. The ride to your mother’s was a short one, she lived in a suburb only 5 miles away from the airport. You had never been to this house, since your mom had only lived here for a year.

The house was ridiculously large, there was a half circle driveway in the front with, of course, a fountain in the middle. The car came to a stop before the door was opened for you and Lance.

“Well, here were go.” You looked at Lance and he winked down at you before grabbing your hand and intertwining it with his. The two of you walked towards the front door and you grabbed the handle opening it. The foyer was empty but there were 4th of July decorations up.

“MOM?” You called out, before walking out of Lance’s grasp and looking towards the kitchen.

“Y/N, You’re here already?!” Your mother’s voice rang out from upstairs. You turned around and looked at the woman walking down the stairs. You walked towards her and she brought you into a hug. Once you guys separated, she held you at arm’s length, giving you a look up and down. “You’re getting way too skinny sweetheart. We need to make sure you eat this weekend.”

“Mom, I have to be in shape for trials next week.”

“I’m still making sure you eat, screw your diet.”

“Mom, this is Lance. You guys have met before, but he,” You took a second before finishing your sentence, the words coming out so foreign. “is my boyfriend.” You walked closer to Lance and grabbed his arm. He looked down and you, slightly shocked by the contact. “Lance this is my mother, Y/M/N.”

“Oh yeah, aren’t you Y/N’s coach?”

Lance nodded, and looked at you. “Uh, yep. It’s great to finally meet you. Or officially meet you, should I say.”

“Leave it up to my daughter to get herself an older man, and her coach, of course.” Your mother rolled her eyes and motioned between Lance and you. You shifted where you stood and shot her a look. “You two must be exhausted, let me show you to where you’ll be staying.” Your mother turned around and headed back up the stairs. You look up at Lance and clenched your jaw before signaling your eyes towards your mother. Lance chuckled under his breath before putting a finger gun towards his head and pretending to shoot it.

You started up the stairs and followed your mother up towards a bedroom, she opened the door and lead you guys in.

“Hopefully this will be fine? There was bathroom through that door there.”

“Yeah it’s fine thanks mom.”

“Ok well I’ll leave you guys to get comfortable, I had Andrew bring your stuff up while we were talking, your suitcases are in the closet, over there.” Your mother walked past and closed the door after she stepped into the hallway. You walked over to the bed and fell onto it.

“She’s even more insufferable that I remember.” You laid your arm over your face. “How the fuck will we survive?”

“Jesus Y/N, When you said she was bad, I did not think she’d be this bad. Jesus fucking Christ. I want to leave, already.”

“No you don’t” You sat up and pointed towards Lance. “We are in this together now mister. The only thing that can give us solace is the fact that there will be so much alcohol in this house this weekend.”

“Now, that is something I can look forward to.”

Lance jumped on the bed next to you and laid on his stomach, burying his face into the blanket to let out a yell.

“Did I ever mention, I just fucking hate parents. I’ve had to meet so fucking many, and I hate, all of them. Parents fucking suck.” Lance sighed in frustration before standing up and walking towards his suitcase. “I’m going to take a shower.” Lance walked into the bathroom and turned on the light. “You’re more than welcome to join.”

“Ew, no what the fuck.”

“Your loss.” Lance closed the door and turned on the shower. You rolled over on the bed and closed your eyes. You hadn’t planned on falling asleep, you just wanted to rest for a second.

When Lance come out of the bathroom in gray sweatpants and no shirt on, he was running a towel through his hair. He looked over and saw you sleeping in your clothes, as if you just knocked out. Lance threw the towel over the chair and walked over to you. He went to your converse and untied them, before sliding them off your feet and setting them next to the chair before walking back over.

“Hey, Y/N Here,” Lance grabbed the blanket from underneath you. “Let me put this blanket on you.” You shifted in your sleep, gaining enough consciousness to help get yourself tucked in before rolling over and completely passing out again. Lance walked to the other side of the bed, sliding under the blanket and taking another look at you before turning his back to you and closing his eyes.

You woke up to the setting sun hitting your face from the window. You rubbed your eyes before reaching down into your pocket, grabbing your phone. It was 15 minutes to 6, and the party was at 6:30, luckily you didn’t plan on dressing up too much. You looked to your right, finding Lance, still sleeping. He was laying on his stomach with his arms under the pillow, face towards you. You suddenly remembered that he helped you under the blanket on the bed. Lance was always cocky in LA while he was in his element, but you were really hoping that he’d let his walls down and show a softer side the next 4 days.

You took the blankets off you and stretched, Lance stirred and opened his eyes. “What time is it?”

“Almost 6. The party is at 6:30.”

“I don’t wanna go to the party.”

You stood and walked over to your suitcase and grabbed the dress that you planned on wearing, and the sandals. You walked into the bathroom and stripped yourself of you clothes and stepped into the dress. You opened the door to Lance, standing in a white button up shirt, wide open, and his grey sweatpants still. He was looking down when you emerged, not catching the look of surprise on your face, a warmth growing in your lower belly. You shook it off and cleared your throat.

“Can you zip this for me?”

“Uh, yeah.”

You walked over to Lance and turned around. He grabbed the zipper, pulling it up slowly, his fingers brushing against you slightly leaving chills up your spine at the lost contact.

“They you go.” He put his hands on your shoulders, giving them a small squeeze. You ran you hand through your hair and went back into the bathroom to put on some light makeup and lipstick. You grabbed your shoes and walked back into the bedroom towards the bed to put your shoes on.  Lance was wearing grey pants, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbows, the top buttons on his shirt, un done.

“I’m so proud of you, you’re not wearing red, white, and blue, or a track suit. I’m so proud.”

“You’re so funny. You know me, I like to kiss ass and make parents like me.”

“I really doubt my mother will like you, or me, or anyone but this fake life she lives.”

“Wanna bet? 100 bucks says I can make her like me.”

“You’re on.” You shook his hands while laughing and finished getting ready.

You were sitting down at one of the many tables in the backyard, drinking a glass of champagne when you felt the chair next to you move, and Lance sit down next to you.

“These people aren’t taking the bait.”

You laughed and shook your head. “Maybe they see through your bullshit.”

“But that’s not possible, I’m really good.”

You stood up, still laughing at the desperation in Lance’s voice. “Well, you can keep trying I’m going to find something stronger.” You motioned towards your glass before walking away and heading back into the empty house. There was a full bar lining the counters, with ending possibilities of mixed drinks. You decided to make yourself a jack and coke. You walked over towards the living area to look at the pictures on the fire place. There were some of Mark’s children and he and mom. Then in the middle, was a picture of you at your first Olympic Game. You were 16 and it was the same year you messed up your hamstring.

“I still remember when you won.” Mark walked up next to you and put an arm around your shoulder, kissing the top of your head. “I felt so bad that I could see you earlier kiddo.”

“It’s ok, I was tired anyways. Plus, I knew I would see you tonight.” You smiled up at him.

“When is your next competition? I want to try and get off work.”

“Um in 4 weeks is the Games, next week is trials so hopefully I’ll qualify and then I’m back to Toronto.”

“You’ll do great. I’ll even get your mother to come around.”

“Thanks Mark.” You leaned into his side hug and he squeezed your arm before walked back towards the kitchen. “Hey Lance, you treat this one well, she is amazing. Don’t hurt her.”

“She really is great.”

You kept your back towards the men, but smiled at the compliment. You heard Mark leave the room and Lance walked up next to you with a glass.

“So, does everybody love you yet?”

“No. I don’t get it; the east coast is fucked.”

You laughed and took a drink. “I’m sorry your ego is deflating.”

Lance just sighed and chugged the rest of his drink.

“Do you want another drink?”

“Yeah. Thanks” You downed your drink and handed him the glass.

“Anything specific?”

“No, not really.”

Lance walked over to the bar and you followed.

“I really don’t want to go back outside.”

“Let’s just explore.”

“I’m pretty sure there is like a movie theater down stairs. We can just watch some shitty movie and get fucking wasted.”  

“Let’s find it.”

Lance handed you the drink and he grabbed another bottle before you guys went to find the basement door. You found the door and went downstairs. There was a bunch of couches and chairs with a large screen and a wall of movies.

“So, I say we just close our eyes and pick a random one?” Lance suggested standing in front of the large shelf.

“Sure.” You walked over and pointed to a random disc. Lance grabbed it and took it off the shelf. The movie as called ‘The Covenant’.

“Well this looks god awful.”

“Yeah I’m sure there will be enough drink worthy moments.”

Lance put the disc in and you took off your shoes, sitting down and grabbing a blanket putting it on your legs. Lance took a seat by you and grabbed the bottle of Tequila. The movie was truly god awful and before you were even 20 minutes in you were already slightly drunk. Lance and you just made joke and talked shit about the whole movie. The worse character in the movie was the villain Chase, it was laughable and you found yourself just rolling your eyes and drinking whenever the movie became ridiculous.

Lance and you made it about halfway through the movie before you both knocked out. The movie playing out until the end as you guys slept.


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Corporate || Dylan O’Brien AU {Part Two}

Originally posted by dylanobrien

Words: 1864

Warnings: cuteness maybe?

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Series Masterlist

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that I was late posting this! I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks to @lovelydob for proofreading this for me! 

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Magnus & Alec: Lunchdate Woes

rosegoldgemini replied to your post “its been so long since i sat down and wrote fanfiction but im itching…”

Here’s a prompt, where Magnus comes to see Alec at the institute and before you know it their all wrapped up with each other, being all cute, affectionate & lovey dovey not realizing everyone is watching them & Jace and izzy are so happy to see how much Alec has come out of his shell & being happy & in love he is.

summary: Magnus decides to surprise Alec at the institute for an impromptu lunch date as Alec is preparing to leave for a mission. Never fear, as Magnus says. It’ll all work out.

pairings: magnus bane/alec lightwood, jace/alec/izzy/clary (friendship)

rating: general audiences (with a teeny little PG-13)

words: 1,143

link to

Alec rounded the corner of the hallway and made his way up the steps to the weapons wall. He grabbed his bow and quiver and with one swift movement they sat snug against his shoulder. He felt around inside the satin lining of his jacket pocket for his stele to ensure it was still where it always was. The satin reminded Alec of the soft feel of Magnus’ sheets. The thought sent a shiver throughout his entire body. 

The jacket was a gift from Magnus, of course. The leather exterior was soft, but durable for Alec’s missions. It came equipped with several large pockets within the interior lining to conceal smaller weapons if necessary. Magnus claimed it was off the rack, but Alec knew better. Magnus clearly had this made just for him, not that Alec minded. 

“You thought you were leaving without me?” Jace said, approaching the weapons wall. It surprised Alec, and broke his focus from his thoughts about Magnus, satin sheets, how warm the fabric can get when…

“Hello?” Jace interrupted again.

Alec turned around with a smile. “You don’t check your phone?” Alec said. Jace looked clueless.

“I texted you an hour ago.” Alec’s smile faded and turned into slight annoyance. “There’s a mission. There’s been an attack outside of Brooklyn. Luke said one of his pack members was beaten and stabbed last night, but it was too dark to tell who or what it was.” He explained. 

“You don’t think this was a demon attack, do you?” Jace said, reading Alec’s face. He could tell Alec thought this was something more.

“It’s too soon to say. If it isn’t, things are bound to become significantly more complicated for the Clave to discuss.” Alec responded. He tightened the strap on his quiver again. 

“Clary and I have been waiting outside for you two for twenty minutes. And you complain that we take too long…” Isabelle rolled her eyes as she approached them. She stood and crossed her arms eyeing Jace and Alec to hurry.

“Not my fault. Jace doesn’t know how to check his phone, apparently.” Alec said, shooting at look at Jace. Jace shrugged innocently. 

“I came at a bad time didn’t I…?” Magnus peered around the corner of the entryway. His eyes stopped when he got to Alec. 

Alec looked guilty. At first he thought he’d forgotten plans as he’d done before when getting swept up with work, but he realized Magnus was here to surprise him. Magnus, complete with a maroon velvet overcoat and a gunmetal brocade vest, attempted to hide his disappointment, but it was present enough for Alec to catch it. Alec met him at the entry way with a kiss.

“I was just getting ready to call you to let you know I was going to be out of the institute for awhile. I didn’t want you to worry.” Alec said, brushing Magnus’ hand. His eyes met Magnus’. “There was a werewolf attacked outside of Brooklyn last night that we were leaving to investigate.”

“Alexander, as much as I wish you’d stay to have lunch with me, I am happy to see you regardless.” Magnus wrapped his hand slightly around the small of Alec’s back as he leaned in for a deeper kiss this time. Alec pulled back and looked at Magnus.

Jace and Isabelle looked away from the two of them, embarrassed. The moment between Magnus and Alec was private. Jace and Isabelle let out a nervous laugh as their eyes met each other and smiled back at Magnus and Alec. This was definitely something they hadn’t been used to seeing. Alec being himself.

Alec’s voice got low and soft, “I know. I’m sorry. You know I wish I could.” He looked down at Magnus’ hands intertwined with his. They were warm and they made him feel safe. He felt guilty for spending so much time at the institute lately. Though Magnus never made him feel guilty for doing his job, Alec hated the time away from him.

“I won’t keep you. I know it’s business as usual for my Shadowhunter.” Magnus smiled, and leaned in for a kiss goodbye. Instead of pulling back, Alec leaned in further to Magnus. It felt like it’d been days since he felt the warmth of Magnus near him. The long hours at the institute meant Alec coming home late, or sometimes not at all as he found himself waking up at his desk several nights the last few weeks. Alec’s hand found its way to the back of Magnus’ neck and pulled him in closer. 

“Should we still be here?” Isabelle whispered to Jace. The moment felt wrong to continue being present for. It was as if Magnus and Alec forgot people were still around. Or they just didn’t care. Either way, Isabelle felt undeniably happy for them. “I feel like they need a moment…” She laughed, still standing with her arms crossed. She was practically beaming with pride as she began to walk down towards the entrance of the institute. She had never seen him so happy before. Not even when he found out he was the head of the institute did it make him as happy as Magnus did.

“Good idea.” Jace said as he followed silently behind Isabelle.

Magnus pulled back first. His forehead rested lightly against his boyfriend’s as he tried to catch his breath. His glamour had faded and his eyes were glowing. Alec couldn’t even think.  He was in disbelief that Magnus could be anymore beautiful than he already was. 

“Finally!” Clary said as she saw Magnus and Alec round the corner to meet them outside the institute. Jace poked her in the side. “What!” she whispered and threw her arms up. Jace smiled, “They were having a… uhm… moment.” Jace said quietly. Clary’s fair skin turned light pink as she realized.

Magnus stopped as he leaned in to whisper something in Alec’s ear before breaking away. Alec’s skin deepened with a shade of red that insinuated the comment could have only been something sexual. Alec looked down and smiled. “I’ll see you for dinner, Alexander. And don’t forget to bring an appetite.” Magnus smiled devilishly as he leaned in softly kissing Alec. He disappeared in an instant.

Alec’s eyes grew wide as he looked at Clary, Jace, and Izzy hoping they wouldn’t understand the innuendo. They did. They all looked at one another giggling. As Alec met them, Jace threw an arm around his shoulder. 

“We better make sure you get back in time for dinner, then.” He said as his head fell back with laughter. Alec laughed too. 

“We better be.” Alec said, seriously. 

A Book About Mental Illnesses: Chapter Titles

1) my drink smells a little weird and now i cant drink it (episode 19)

2) “my pencil is 3 inches from where i left it” and other reasons i know someone went through my stuff

3) im not saying it has to be perfect but if it isnt i might die

4) this song has been playing for 3 hours now and i can no longer tell when it starts or ends

5) if the feet on the keyboard arent flipped up while im typing im going to start crying

6) im failing 3 classes but at least im not hungry at the moment

7) if anyone touches me then one of us may die

8) am i a hypochondriac or am i just imagining that i am

9) I Saw A Cute Bug But I Swear Thats Probably Not Why Im Crying

10) Whats that sound? Whats that sound? Whats that sound? Whats tha

11) whoa neat when did i start crying

12)               ,,,              •`-‘•           ,         ,,

13) im too tired to sleep and have been for the past 8 days

14) yes i may be paranoid but that doesnt mean im wrong

15) ive changed my phone wallpaper 12 times in the last 4 minutes

16) sorry i dont remember todays date, can i make it up to you by giving you a dictionary definition to any word you want

17) i havent felt an emotiom in over 3 months but look at this neat slinky i got

18) ive been staring at this cornflake for ten minutes and i can see gods face in it

19) what are thoughts and how do i have them

20) it was 9 pm two minutes ago, what do you mean it’s 1 am

21) i know you were talking but i dont know why or what you said, could you start over (take 6)

22) i just closed my eyes and slid one dimension to the left

23) does target at three am still count as a liminal space if time doesnt exist around me anyways

24) i can always tell when ive seen or heard an actor before in a different show and today i noticed an actor from johnny test in my favorite movie and cant watch it ever again

25) i know what this word means but im gonna google it 8294 times just to be sure

26) my legs are floating 4 inches above the rest of me, send help

28) i read this thing 45 times before i realized i had spelled “illnesses” like “illmesses” and i can feel my soul leaving my body


30) you talked to me twice? i love you now

31) my friend used slightly different tone than usual, they obviously hate me and are plotting my demise

32) the ADD made me skip the long post and then the paranoia made me go back up and read it just in case it was important

33) theres nothing more important to me than liveblogging everything i do

this past week



..this past week has been really hard. so much has happened so fast, in an unfortunately unexpected way. and i just feel like. this is just something i have to get off my chest, because of how much it hurts. 

as some of you probably know if you read my last, like, super long text post lol, i had plans to move in wth my best friend in Portland, Oregon. 

ive known her since middle school, and we’ve always just sort of clicked with each other, like we never had with anyone else. like, almost as if we were soul mates, but in the best friend sense. we understood each other like no one else, so deeply and closely. we could tell each other anything and everything with ease, comfortably, without judgment from the other cuz we just understood each other on such a base level, that i feel like is so rare to find, that we both were so lucky to have in each other. 

in truth, she had a habit of disappearing, out of the blue. she moved away like 5-6 years ago, and our only means of communication and connection was through skype and playing games online. often, we would connect, and have a good time, nothing wrong, never fought over anything, we’d stay up late and just talk, we could talk for hours on end, and never run out of things to talk about. but sometimes, the next day, she was just gone. no message of why, and she would just, be gone, for months on end with no explanation. this happened many times, each absence growing longer in length. she would disappear for 3 months, come back, disappear for 6, come back, disappear for 1 year, a year and a half. before she had reconnected with me in May of this year, she hadnt spoken to me in over 3 years. 

when she reached out, she was so sorry for all that, that she didnt know why she did it, that she wasnt a better friend to me than she should of been, and that she was sorry for everything and said shes grown and matured since and hoped i could forgive her, even if i chose to not rekindle our friendship. i was so… it was something i dreamed of for so long, for her to speak to me again. i cried heavily that morning, and was so happy tho. i loved her so much and just could never hate her. ever since then, we’ve talked every week, played games together, watched things, just.. rekindle everything we once had. these past 5 or so months have been the happiest ive been in a long, long time. and me moving in with her was something we were both so excited for. we were both so happy..

so the days dropped by one by one, until the night before had arrived. I was moving for a lot of reasons, initially, and moving in with her and her boyfriend and their two other roommates was the plan. The boyfriends friend/one of the other roommates, I guess, lets call him Ben, had offered to come all the way to SF and drive me back. It would have been a long, 12+ drive there. I was paying for everything, the rented vehicle, gas, etc. he came the night before and I had said that he could just sleep on the couch, since it was only one night and we’d be gone early in the morning. i didnt think… ugh.

so he helps me take my bed apart. i have everything packed, basically. and im sick btw, i had gotten a cold two days before the big move, and i was just, heavily sick lol but still trying to manage. 

one thing that sort of struck me about this guy.. was that he had a bag of alcohol. like, hard liquor, with him. I dont really understand why he had that with him, why he brought it or why he bought it on the way here. he was the one driving the next day. I was somewhat concerned, but tried not to think much of it. so we talk a little before bed. we are sort of right off the bat very different people, in what we like and whatnot (things i like he abhors, things hes into im not, etc). This wasnt a big deal either, i mean, people have different tastes thats normal, sort of limits what he have to talk about in a car for 12 hours, but whatever. it was sort of off-putting that he constantly made the joke that something i said could be a euphemism for something. that joke got old fast how much he said it. 

so i decide to hit the sack, and im like ‘lets both get well rested before tomorrow, its gonna be a long drive.’ he responds by telling me he probably wont sleep at all, that he got 3 hours of sleep the night before and that hed be fine. Me.. I mean. He’s driving me for over 12 hours. Like… my safety is in your hands, this doesnt make me feel like youve got this. well, i sort of just, go to bed, and im like see you in the morning. 

like, 10 minutes after i go to bed, he texts me telling me hes having an anxiety attack: hes in a big city with high crime in a house of people doesnt know. I felt concerned, and went out to see if he was okay. i felt bad, and i guess.. i was just like… ‘well, my bed’s big, if you thatll help you feel better, you can sleep next to me i guess, im super sick tho and i dont want to get you sick.’ i mean. im just sort of that kind of person, like.. im just super casual and chill about a lot of things, and it was only one night and i wanted him to get some sleep. half of me was sort of hoping the offer was enough to make him feel better about everything tho, that me being sick would sort of be off-putting and that he wouldnt actually take it, but appreciate the thought?? cuz he has a girlfriend, and my thinking was that he wouldnt actually take this seriously. but he respongs that him and his girlfriend have an open relationship, anddd he takes me offer, and.. came in the room wiht me and plopped himself of on the outer side, with me against the wall. (there’s 5 of in this room; i share a room with a girl, her boyfriend was staying the night, and she had a friend whose been staying over, plus me and this guy). 

he warns me beforehand that he tends to cuddle, and to wake him up if it starts to bother me. im sort of like, ‘whatever it should be fine right? will do if it gets a little too much.’ you probably think im crazy for even offering, but like i said, im jsut, that kind of person.. maybe im too trusting, or too optimistic, too casual about everything… so he falls asleep, like, immediately. and i put my big stuff animal between us (for safety precautions). and he starts with a hand on my back. to me i guess i didnt really mind? we had a big stuff animal between us and he was sort of at arms length away, i didnt think it’d go any farther than that, so i didnt do anything. 

but then… it getss.. more.. and more… andd… he starts to, wrap around, closer and closer, more and more. i start to feel a little trapped. but i didnt want to wake anyone up (me and my roomate werent on good terms at the time, and she was a light sleeper).  i just, i didnt want to wake anyone… or bother anyone…

like i mentioned earlier, i was really sick, at the point where i had to constantly blow my nose and drink water or else my throat got super dry. the way i was being, held, i couldnt reach for anything. my throat hurt, and i was all stuffed up i felt like i was suffocating. i started to panic. i didnt know what to do. 

then. thats when he started.. the reaching.. the kissing, the squeezing.. the reached down, under my shirt. slipped his hands beneath my underwear, reaching.. fingering. 

i just. i had a deer-in-the-headlights moment. i just. couldnt think. i froze. i didnt know what to do. i was just… i dont know. 

it was then i had to do something, quick. i replaced myself with my pillow and got out. i sat out there in on the couch for awhile. thinking. trying to forget. to just move on so i can get through this trip to get to my best friend. he came out shortly after, asking what was wrong, if he did anything. i.. i didnt want to make things awkward by saying what happened. i had to be in a car with this guy for 12+hours and the awkwardness would have killed both of us if i said anything, so i didnt. i tried to play it off as much as i could. we both just decided he needed to stay on the couch, and i went back to the room. but i couldnt sleep.

the morning comes. we both get up and take an uber to get the van. its beyond awkward and silent. he didnt seem to be in a good mood, and i was jsut, so scared of being in a car with him for 12 hours. i couldnt even look at him, at his face. i was so scared. i didnt know how i could survive a 12 hour ride with this guy, being scared the whole time, on the edge of my seat. i was so anxious i wanted to throw up. 

we arrived to rent the vehicle, but we’re early by about 4 minutes. we sit in the waiting room. and my dad texts me. and asks me how things are going. i just text him. im scared. and i begin telling him (sans what happened during the night) that this guy scares me, that i dont feel comfortable. 

i lied to the guy, saying i forgot my card, and we went back to the house. i went in the room and woke my roommate and told her what happened during the night. she consoled me, told me to stay, and i spent most of the morning trying to avoid him, staying in the room.

i ordered him a plane ticket and he left in the afternoon.

my mom and dad kept calling making sure i was okay and safe. and i called me best friend. told her what happened, and she was sorry. sorry she put me in that position, that that happened. we were both upset, disappointed, but she seemed to understand how i felt, at the time. we hung up, in a state of sadness, since she needed time to work all this out. 

so over the course of the week, moving back in, ive been unpacking, rebuilding my furniture, and my current roommate has been so great about everything, and has really been there for me. but.. its been such a whirlwind of unexpected events, i felt so bad. so guilty, cuz i think she feels i bailed on her. i messaged her, but she wouldnt message back, and i cried like i never had before because i thought i ruined everything, our friendhsip everything.

i called my mother, sobbing, to find some comfort, and i recently stayed over at a friends to get over it, to be with someone, to not be left alone… cuz currently, its been hard for me to be alone. 

i came back yesterday night and checked to see if she messaged me and she did.

she said, over the course of the week, with all thats happened, the events, the emotions and everything… she told me she couldnt be my friend anymore. and said good-bye. unfriending me on skype. and that was all.

i. i just. im very.. bereft.. with emotions. im hurt in every possible way. im filled with guilt, and regret, and sorrow, and loss, and grief… every second honestly hurts, because im here, not there with her, and that she’s letting this end, just like that. that this all came out like this, when just a week ago we were laughing together, and told each other how much we cared and loved each other. its all just so sudden, and so fast. my heart feels empty, and heavy. 

i just. i wanted to post this here. so people know kind of whats going on with me… because its likely ill probably be drawing a lot to get this all out of my head and out of my heart, to not think, and distract myself with drawing, cuz its sort of the only comfort i have right now.

i just wanted to let people just know just, where i am right now, that when im answering asks or posting i probably wont let this show, and pretend to be happy. cuz i just need to distract myself, with everything. and pretend everythings okay. 

im sorry for the long post. i hope you all are okay, that you are safe, and happy, and that you are okay. 

Please be careful when interacting with MeisterGao. They are emotionally abusive and manipulative.

This isn’t a callout post in the sense that I want everyone to go and spam their inbox with hateful messages. That’s not what I want at all. I just want my fellow shidge shippers to be very careful when they interact with Gao. I don’t want any of you to put up with the abuse I did for the last few months.

This might shock a lot of you, especially due to the fact I probably seem like MeisterGao’s right-hand woman. I’m not. Far from it, actually.

Things had been deteriorating between the two of us for awhile, but what made me cut ties was how they treated me as we worked on the zine.

Gao often joked about my ADD amongst other things.

Their jabs actually hurt me, and I asked them to stop it. They did for awhile.

Even then, it would come back up. And the thing is, their treatment of me was hypocritical. If I ever had the gall to joke about their mental health problems in the same way they did mine, they would have chewed me out.

As we worked on the zine, Gao became more and more demanding of my time. Keep in mind that when I started this project, I was a full-time university student in my last year. I had classes and limited time to spend with friends. Gao demanded to know when I was available. I told them that I was not comfortable with them knowing my schedule down to the minute. They’d get defensive, then back off for a while… then they’d demand my schedule again later on.

And those weren’t the only things. Not at all. Several weeks ago, I’d had enough of their treatment, and I let them know upfront what I thought and how I’d felt.

As you’ve already seen, I had addressed Gao about one of these things earlier, and even so, they hadn’t changed their behavior since then.

Even so, Gao seemed OK. Then, a few days after that message, this happened.

That last sentence, the one with Gao saying they weren’t trying to gaslight me, was the last straw. An alarm. A red flag. Gaslighting probably wouldn’t have even crossed my mind if they hadn’t said it. And to me, that sounded like Gao was trying to gaslight me.

It was then I decided that enough was enough. I’ve dealt with gaslighting and abuse like this before, and I wasn’t going to deal with it again. I began taking down fan fictions we’d worked on together. (Sorry guys, this means the drag show AU is not going to happen.)

Gao noticed this, and I panicked a little bit. I ended up telling Gao that I would need a break from them after the fanzine. They asked me if I’d actually talk to them again; I was honest and said I wasn’t entirely sure. Gao was not happy about that in the least, but seemed to be willing to respect the boundaries I had requested.

After that discussion, I felt the need to tell the other zine editors that Gao and I weren’t getting along, but that I would do the best job I possibly could despite our disagreements. Luckily the editors were all supportive of what I had to do, so I had nothing to worry about. (As it turned out, many of us had experienced similar things with Gao.)

Not long after our talk about taking a break, Gao refunded my pre-promo money. I was insulted that they’d refund me for something I believed in and supported and had worked so hard on. Not to mention I was suspicious of their refund — was it a tool for them to avoid taking a break? For them to make themselves feel better? I let them know my thoughts on this.

(Yes, they had threatened to remove another editor from the zine multiple times and told me they’d do it. Luckily they never did.)

(Keep in mind I had given Gao many chances before this one.)

We went back and forth like this for awhile. (If anyone wants to see what I left out, you may send me an IM or an ask. There are a lot of screenshots and I didn’t want to make this thing too long.)

There was never an apology from Gao’s end, and they kept making excuses for their behavior. I think this was the closest thing to an apology I had.

They wanted me to accept they acknowledged their behavior, but probably wasn’t going to do anything to change their behavior.

I know I come off as an asshole in these messages, but I know manipulation when I see it. And I wasn’t having any of it. Most people who’ve interacted with me probably think I’m a sweet, gentle person. And normally, I think I am. But when someone starts pulling stunts like this and pushes me too far, I will snap. And suffice to say, Gao pushed me into a corner, and I shoved my way back out.

I am no longer in contact with Gao. I have blocked them on all social media and have no intention of ever speaking to them again.

I was very torn about speaking up due to the zine just going on sale; however, I felt it was of the utmost importance that the shidge fandom knew about Gao’s behavior. That said, I don’t want anyone to boycott the zine simply because of one bad egg in the shidge fandom and zine editorial staff. In fact, I encourage people to buy it. 100% of the funds are going toward two great charities, and I want all of the artists and writers who were a part of it to receive recognition. They deserve it more than Gao or I do by far. Please support the zine first and foremost.

As for Gao, all I ask is for you to be careful when interacting with them. No one deserves the abuse I went through. Be careful and make good decisions.

Does anyone else remember this pop song from around 2008?

by reddit user hartijay

I used to work on my university campus radio station in college. We used to talk about current events around the school, any news around the surrounding town, and played requested songs for students, something our school surprisingly allowed. I remember a very weird couple of months where students who tuned into the show constantly requested a song called “See You After, Babe”, a pop song by some one-hit-wonder group called Symmetry Icon, the dumbest name for a band I’ve ever heard. But that song was huge around October and November of 2008. As one of the campus radio’s DJs, I had to play that song over like a hundred times in two months. I heard it everywhere, in malls, gas stations, on real radio stations, and I think even on MTV.

Something was weird about that song, but I couldn’t remember exactly what. I tried Googling the song and band, but nothing came up in the results for either. Not even YouTube had a single clip of the song.

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Playing Pretend

Yoongi slowly walked toward the small house snuck in between bigger buildings at the end of the street. He needed to do this, it had been weeks since he’d last talked to his mother and he was sure she was getting antsy, if the the 121 missed calls and 53 voice messages meant anything. This was just how his life was and he needed to suck it up. Cause Yoongi had learned early on that pity and sadness only equated weakness. When he arrived at the door, he saw it was just as beaten down as the last time he’d seen it, the paint chipped so bad that it looked like an animal had attacked it. He sighed and rang the doorbell, adjusting the one cheap tie he had bought years ago for occasions like this. His suit was two sizes too big and his dress shirt still had a stain from his last visit (hopefully his mother wouldn’t be able to tell). I mean Yoongi wasn’t poor, far from that, his “extracurricular activities” paid well. But Yoongi also believed in not using money where it wasn’t needed. The money it would take to buy a better suit, he could just give to his mom. Combing his hair with his fingers one last time, Yoongi took in a deep breath and pasted on a fake smile. The door creaked open and before him stood his small, stocky mom. Frown lines more prominent, hair grayer, but smile just as bright as ever. Yoongi loved his mother (She was the only family that was worth shit anyway). And he knew what it would do to her to know how he actually survived. So a couple times a year he would dress up in his “office worker” costume and play pretend. He didn’t want to be a bigger disappoint than he already was. Right when she saw him, Yoongi was pulled into a bone crushing hug that smelled of cinnamon and old memories.

“Momf I canth brefthe” Yoongi muffled as his moms relentless hold tightened.

“That’s what you get for making me worried for days. Come back sooner. Have you no respect for your mother. I wait and wait and you never call or com-”

“Alright, alright sorry, I know I suck, I should come more often, but um… work gets very stressful mom.” Yoongi said cutting her off and finally pulling out of the hug. As soon as he mentioned work, his mothers face fell into a sympathetic and worrisome state.

“They’re not overworking you are they. If they are Yoongi say something, they can’t treat you however they want you know” His mother stated defiantly. Worked up on Yoongi’s behalf. She led him into the house and walked straight to the kitchen. If Yoongi knew his mother, he knew there was a feast waiting for him.

“I know mom. Thanks” he sighed sitting down at the table with copious amounts of food on it. “How do you always out do your self. Mom I’m not starving. I don’t send you money just so you can make me dinner that could feed an army.”

“Just say thank you and eat the food. If I don’t spend money on my boy then who else would I spend it on.” She asked, incredulous. She sat down beside him and started placing food on his spoon and plate. “I only need to see you happy to be happy.” Yoongi’s mom was a sap, and she knew just the words to melt his heart. Had it been anyone else, Yoongi would’ve scoffed and degraded their entire existence, but to his mother he could only smile and shove his face. He knew the routine by now, after stuffing himself with food until he weighed about 20 lbs heavier, Yoongi would be asked a series of questions regarding his personal life, then he would mention his workload and his mom would pack him the food he wasn’t able to finish (which could honestly last him a month) and he’d be on his way. The process took about 3hrs. It was simple and always the same. Except this time Jimin had called him nearing the end of the personal questionnaire portion of the evening and his mother had seen the contact info before he quickly hung up. Now he could’ve made any excuse to who Jimin was, If the idiot thug wasnt as possessive as he was, and hadn’t changed his name in Yoongi’s phone from “Rich Asshat” to “❤️Jiminie❤️”. I mean yeah he’d done it months ago, which gave Yoongi plenty of time to change it back, but Yoongi’s excuse of always being too busy remained strong. (Also there was the fact that his name was saved as “Suga😍👌🏾👅” in Jimins phone and he secretly loved the personal feeling it gave off, but you’d catch him dead before he admitted that). So instead of 3hrs it took 4 and a half, as he kept repeating that Jimin wasnt anything serious but rather just a casual relationship. And the hearts around his name were a joke, but his mother wasn’t truly convinced. So he now had to bring Jimin to dinner next time he came, and it had to be before the month ended, or he’d “see his mother’s wrath”. Yoongi grumbled and pouted the rest of the night and huffed an annoyed sigh as he grabbed the bags of food and gave his mother a kiss on the check as he left her home.

“I’m excited to see him.” She smiled, and then narrowed her eyes and continued, “and if I don’t then you won’t have a mother either.” Dramatic was her middle name.

“Yeah yeah” he waved as he left her behind. Playing pretend for his mother was a habit by now. And he sometimes believed she played along. How else would the warm scene of a broken down family, which consisted of a alcoholic, weak mother and her prostitue son making ends just barely meet make sense. Playing pretend was all the two had left, and they took their roles seriously. Cause when Yoongi left the cabinet under the sink would open and wouldn’t close the day before Yoongi next came. Their fucked up lives took breaks for only 3hrs a couple of times a year. Maybe that’s why when Yoongi was far away, he pulled out his phone and dialed the first name on his missed calls list.

“I don’ like it when ya keep me waitin darlin” the voice slurred as Jimin picked up the call.

“I was busy. With my mom. I told you. Why’d you call” he replied short and straight.

“Cuss I missd’ ma baby, and wanted ta play” Jimin continued, voice filled with flirtations. Yoongi fought back a smile, and kept his voice emotionless, he was prostitute, that owed Jimin a shit ton, nothing more and nothing less.

“On my way. But I need to talk to you about something. A favor.” Yoongi said, fully aware of the teasing that would follow.

“Anotha one, ya really like usin’ me don’ ya. Guess we'r jus gonna have ta add it ta ya list. What does ma darlin need.” Jimin asked amused. Yoongi sighed, this would probably equal a 2 weeks worth of fucking, but it really didn’t matter, he basically owed Jimin for life. And he wasn’t really complaining about it either.

“I’ll tell you when I see you.” Yoongi replied, “it’s not that big of a deal compared to what I’ve asked of you before”

“At this point it don’ matta darlin, I’m doin errythin for ya. An I don’ mind” Jimin answered with the same amused and flirtatious voice that now somehow seemed reserved for Yoongi. “Can’ wait ta feel ya baby” he added his voice dipping low. Yoongi hid the arousal from his voice as he just hummed back and then proceeded to end the call. He knew was fucked, but hey at least he was also getting fucked.

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You Can Never Go Home - Part One

A massive, MASSIVE thank you to the Queen of Angst herself @remember-me-forever-silent-angel who read the first few chapters of this and encouraged me to post it 💕

The Case

You were running late that morning. The rest of the team were at their desks or milling around the coffee machine as you rushed in breathlessly.

“Long night?” teased Luke as you dropped your bag on your desk.

“My alarm didn’t go off and then traffic was bad.” you shot back with a grin

“Yeah kind of a running story with you” said Luke. You were preparing a snappy comeback when Emily came up behind him

“Can I borrow you for a sec y/n?”

You nodded, your heart dropping slightly. You had been with the BAU for about eighteen months now and you desperately still wanted to prove yourself especially to Emily who you kind of hero worshipped.

“Agent Prentiss” your words tumbled out as she closed the door to her office behind you “Im sorry about being late this morning and earlier this week and last week. I don’t want you to think I am not taking this job seriously. I am I-”

Emily held up a hand and for one awful moment you thought you were being fired. When she spoke however her tone was gentle, caring even.

“This isn’t about your lateness. We have a case”

“Oh okay” you said “Why hasn’t it been presented to the team?”

“The case is in Eddowes Creek”

Your hometown.

Oh no, please no

“W-what happened?”

“Its a possible serial murder” said Emily “I’ll go into more detail in the bullpen if you decide to come with us”

You nodded numbly. This isn’t happening.

“All things considered I would understand if you wanted to sit this one out but-” she leaned forward and reached out to take you hand “that offer is not a reflection on you or my opinion of you. As far as I am concerned you are an innocent party but I would understand if you felt uncomfortable going”

“No” the answer surprised even you “You’re right. I did nothing wrong and have nothing to be ashamed of. Plus Eddowes Creek is a small town. Very Insular. Everyone knows everyone else and it would be beneficial to have an insiders eye”

Emily smiled broadly at you, releasing your hand. She hadn’t dared hope you would say yes, she wasn’t sure she would have in your shoes.

“You know that this means the team will probably find out right?”

“I know. If its okay I’d prefer to wait until I absolutely need to tell them?”

“Understood. Shall we?”

“Okay Avengers you are heading to the little town of Eddowes Creek. The second woman in nine months has been found dumped in the woodlands on the outskirts of town after being strangled” Garcia avoided looking at the brutal images on the screen behind her as she addressed the team.

You couldn’t look either.

“Isn’t that your neck of the woods y/n?” Rossi cut in. All eyes were on you.

“Yeah” you tried to sound calm “Born and raised.”

“It looks tiny” added Tara “Im guessing this is the first time something like this has happened there?”

“Pretty much. Who are they?” You nodded to the screen trying to redirect everyone’s focus.

“Kaity Bowers was a 34-year-old bank teller who went missing first after leaving work and was found two weeks later naked and missing her eyes” Garcia shuddered.

“An enucleator!” said Reid “Those cuts look clean. It could indicate medical training.”

“Its a big hunting area too” you added “What about victim number two?”

“Sasha Morrison, 30, she was a teaching assistant. Her husband reported her missing nine days ago and she was found by a hiker yesterday afternoon. Same deal. Naked, face up and no eyes”

“What about sexual assault?” asked Reid.

“No thank God” said Garcia.

“Could be impotent” said Luke “If that’s the case the enucleation could be what’s getting him off”

“There’s nothing to suggest he won’t strike again” said Emily “Wheels up in 20”

Part Two - That Girl’s Not Right will be up next week

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Through Your Eyes

It’s less shippy than it sounds

A follow-up fic to a Blind!Ryan AU short that @gangsandglory wrote a LONG time ago so… y'know :,)

Geoff paid for the bill on their way out of Denny’s. The total was higher than expected by the end of the outing thanks to Gavin daring Jeremy and Michael to a pancake eating contest. Needless to say, the two were forced into the back of the van together, in case anything came back up.

As Geoff was handed his receipt, Ryan brushed past him and headed for the front door, which Jeremy was holding open. “I’ll get that,” Geoff called, grabbing Ryan by the arm. The short-stack Bostonian gave a shrug and rubbed his aching belly.

Ryan tilted his head in Geoff’s direction. “Oh c'mon boss, you just can’t grab a blind man like that,” he quipped with a smile tugging his lips.

But Geoff was in no such mood. “Jesus christ Ryan,” he sighed, leading the man towards the door. “Listen; yeah maybe I should have paid more attention to the dynamics of my team but-… Well there’s just no guessing one of your crew mates are blind now is there? Why didn’t you tell me when I-, well I dunno, hired you?”

“Geez,” Ryan’s nose scrunched in disgust. He went quiet for a second as he found his footing and stepped off the curb. Sounds of the bickering lads pointed him in the direction of the van. “For fucks sake Geoff, I really never expected you to be so angry about it.”

“Never expected-…!” Geoff’s face flushed red as his blood pressure went through the roof. It took a minute for him to collect his thoughts. “Meet me in my office after we get back to the penthouse,” he managed, before reaching the driver’s door.

No one else seemed to hear the angry boss’s request aside from Jeremy, who helped Ryan into the middle row of the van. “Everything okay?” He whispered.

Ryan was silent. He ripped the buckle from his caretaker’s hand and helped himself. Jeremy looked hurt, but understood, and he manuvered his way to the back. With Gavin asleep from the post-meal itis and Michael with his headphones on, it was a painfully quiet ride home.

Much Later that Evening

“I thought I told you to come see me,” Geoff’s irritated voice called out before his footsteps fell silent at the doorframe.

Vagabond was sorting and resorting his knife set in his room. “…Sorry,” he mumbled. “I didn’t feel like coming…” His hands settled and he took a breath. He began sorting the knives by size.

Geoff watched the rhythmic exercise take place. He’d pick up a knife, rub his thumb along the hilt, and place it somewhere new. “Excuse me? It was an order, not a suggestion. I need to talk to you right now.” Boss gnashed his teeth and let himself into Ryan’s room. Leather peeled and stretched as he sat in the corner chair. Soft taps resonated across the floor.

Ryan sighed and rested his hands.

He started sorting by sharpness.


“Your wearing those shitty sneakers you got from Payless,” Ryan noted, almost accusingly. “You spilled booze on them last weekend…”

“Listen to me-”

“Did you just come in from a smoke? What brand is that, Newport?” the lump in his throat grew.

“Ryan, you stop this,” Geoff sighed, tucking the pack of cigarettes further down his jean pocket.

“I know what this is about,” Ryan said without facing him. He continued sorting. “I know why you called me in and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“It’s a big fucking issue Ryan,” the seat creaked as he leaned forward, “and I dont recall you ever telling me before! And telling me when im drunk doesnt count.”

“You trusted me before you knew why dont you trust me now?” The rythm stopped.

He began sorting by weight.

“Because now I know! We dont keep secrets here and-”

“That’s a lie.”

“We dont keep secrets that endanger the team,” Geoff said firmly. “I need to know these kinds of things to-; would you look at me when I’m talking to you?!”

Ryan slammed a knife against his dresser and whirled around. “What do you want see? This?!” In one swift motion he whipped around threw himself at Geoff, his hands gripping the armrests of the chair. Their faces were inches apart.

“You… wear contacts,” Geoff breathed, searching the milky eyes staring through him. No wonder he thought Ryan’s eye were so blue.

“I wore contacts, Ryan huffed. “Why should I hide it anymore?” Their gaze remained locked until Ryan cast his eyes to the floor. Slowly he stood straight and backed away.

Creaks from the bed frame filled the silence as Ryan sat opposite of Geoff. “Look,” Boss said calmly, “I understand that you’re good at what you do-”

“Then let me do my job…”

“Just listen,” Geoff sighed, resting his chin in his hands.

“I’m always listening. I can hear your calloused hands running over your face. I can tell you haven’t shaved in three days from the friction of your beard. I can hear Jeremy and Michael bickering about the pancake contest outside. I hear Gavin laughing at them. I hear Jack in the garage, fixing your bike; Geoff I can hear everything.” Ryan emphasized. “I was hoping, if you ever knew… if I ever told you, that you’d understand. I can still see,” Ryan looked at Geoff. “Just not like you can.”

The boss remained silent. As mysterious of a character Ryan’s been since they’ve met, Geoff’s always trusted him. He’s never given a reason to show he’s incapable of doing what the job demands. Even before they hired Jeremy, the man’s taken good care of himself. And when Geoff couldn’t be there he’s done his part to take care of the crew.

“…Ryan I,” he started, the words caught on the lump in his throat. “I’m sorry.” With that, he gathered himself and stood to leave. “I never meant to make you feel like your differences made you unwelcome here,” he said as he walked away. His footsteps stopped at the doorframe.

Ryan tilted his head to face him. “I don’t need acceptance boss,” he said blankly. “I just want to be trusted. That’s how we get the job done.”

Geoff bit his lip and turned to walk away. He passed another crew member in the hallway but didn’t make an effort to acknowledge them.

Ryan waited a few beats before speaking up. “What is it Jeremy?” he spoke quietly. His face was turned out of sight.

Jeremy sighed and leaned his shoulder on the door. “I trust you, Ryan.”

“…Do you accept me?” He asked, turning to face him.

“You know I do,” Jeremy said quickly, rushing to Ryan’s side. “And the crew does too. Even Geoff. They’re just in shock.” He placed a hand on Ryan’s shoulder. “Give them some time, Rye. They’ll see that there’s nothing you can’t do.”

Ryan sighed and hung his head. A few moments peace settled their conversation until Ryan’s mind wandered elsewhere. “Michael beat you by two pancakes, by the way. Just give Gavin his money,” he said.

“Shut the hell up!” Jeremy chuckled. Ryan let out a quiet laugh and leaned against his caretaker. “Are you going to be okay?” Jeremy asked after a beat.

“With you here, I’ll be more than okay.” Ryan said quietly, “…Will you take me to the lake tonight and describe the sunset again?”

“It’s going to rain,” Jeremy said sadly.

“That’s okay. You can describe the storm. I just love seeing the world through your eyes.”

player [lack of] support: an epic told in receipts

hello friends, man do i hate that i am actually typing this post BUT the people have spoken and also im fuckin annoyed

backstory: the choices app crashed last week and none of us could play the chapters or even open the app. once this was reported, PB compensated affected players with diamonds and keys (175 and 25, respectively)

ok so with that established, me (a bich with a crashing app) found out this was happening via tumblr and i was like oh hey! that’s so chill of PB to do since the glitch was annoying af especially when ur ~tumblr brand~ is built around being able to use this dum app

oh sweet, naive sarah of two days ago……. u really thought!!!!!

so, like everyone else, i sent in my report on the app. and i got this in reply (sorry i don’t have screens of my original message because i didn’t realize i would have to do a CALLOUT POST and they’re deleted now which i’ll get to later):

im skeptical because like…. how am i supposed to report ur app is crashing… on the app… while it’s crashing

um ok cool so i now know this, but the fact of the matter is not being addressed which is that others were able to report via the app after the fact, so i bring it back around to the point (i dont have the screen of the sent message but this is what i sent):

notice my ass had to send TWO (2) MESSAGES!!!!! and then lo and behold, when i open the app to check for a response next, i am only greeted with this:


bro!!! cy pls dude do u not know that i keep tabs on this shit!!!! wow

anyway so proof that it’s a LIE that they were only compensating players who reported during the crash and before the update (which was released on october 17):

note that all the time stamps are october 23 & 24, just like my conversation. the only difference is apparently i got the one player specialist who 1) doesn’t sign off with a friendly greeting and 2) did not operate consistently with prior policy

in conclusion: this was super fucking annoying, god forbid i ever have to contact player support again and get stuck with cy who i guess has it out for me??? and also the only True Homie is naomi our #1 girl who deserves a promotion (preferably above cy)

Roommates (Part 1?)

Summary: When you’re forced to rent out your extra room, Im Jaebum was the last person you expected to have to share your living space with… luckily, he keeps things interesting.

Genre: romance, hot roommate (I think i just made up this genre???), prbly smut later tbh (sorry)

Word Count: ~1000

A/N: Hey guys/gals/all!!! Okay so this is my first ever like real original content so it may be a lil rough but let me know what you think and all that fun stuff!!! I’m thinking about continuing it and adding some… ya know… but it will all depend, so for rn it’s all pretty chill.  Also special thanks to @jaybleep​ bc Julia helped motivate me enough to do this and I 10/10 recommend following her if you don’t already!! 

UPDATE: Part 2 is now posted! 

UPDATE (AGAIN): So is Part 3!

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“No, really, it’s fine Jen. I completely understand. I could never ask you to turn down a job offer like this,” y/n said, sighing into the phone.

“I’m so sorry,” Jen began, “I feel awful backing out on you like this, especially knowing how steep the rent is going to be without me”. She allowed her fingers to absentmindedly trace the rim of the coffee mug sitting in front of her while apologies continued flooding through the phone. After being inseparable since 6th grade, the two were both excited to finally share a small house together. It took months of searching, but eventually they stumbled upon the perfect place… well, what was the perfect place.

“It’s only for a little while, I promise. My boss says the move will be a year, max. Then I’ll come back and we can live the way we’ve been planning to!” Jen chirped, her speech optimistic and excessively bright. Y/n knew her friend’s overly happy tone was just a strategy she was implementing as an attempt to cheer both of them up, but it did bring her some comfort regardless. 

“You’re right, you’re right. I think I can manage for that long,” she teased, trying to hide the still-lingering disappointment from her voice. Jen had been working in the same accounting firm for a few years now, and had been offered a higher-paying position if she was willing to temporarily relocate to Cincinnati. The idea of being without her for such an extended period of time was difficult to think about, but y/n knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime for her best friend. 

“Thank you so much for understanding, y/n. You’re the best. I have to go, but text me if you need anything.” The friends exchanged quick goodbyes before hanging up on one another. She cleared her mug and now-empty plate from the table, dumping the remainder of the lukewarm coffee and rinsing her dishes off before placing them in the sink. Silence filled the air around her, and morning sunlight streamed in through the windows. Although the house was already beginning to feel a little more like home, y/n was quickly beginning to realize it wouldn’t be the same without her best friend there to share it. Deciding not to dwell too long on the phone call, she surveyed the floor littered with boxes before walking over and plopping down in the center of the chaos.


Four hours and twenty boxes later, a majority of the unpacking was done. Filled with a sense of accomplishment, y/n stood up and strolled to the freezer for a well-deserved serving of ice cream.  As she passed her phone sitting on the kitchen counter, she noticed a series of texts left over two hours ago from Jen.

I don’t know how, but I totally forgot to mention that I found someone to take my room in the house!! I’ve got so many things going on rn, it must have just slipped my mind. 

His name is Jaebum. I don’t know him, but he’s my older brother’s friend from college and needs a place to stay for a while I guess.  

Apparently he’s pretty cool and won’t cause too much trouble for you. He’s looking to move in tomorrow actually (sorry I literally suck, I have no idea how I forgot about this???), so just lmk if it’s alright with you and I’ll give him the okay

Y/n’s thoughts were soon clouded with worry. Before she’d even been given the chance to fully process the idea that Jen would no longer be her roommate, she was already getting a new one… and one of the opposite sex, for that matter. The idea of a guy living in such close proximity made her uneasy. After all, she had been expecting to lounge around in her extra large pajama shirt all day on Sundays, and be able to walk freely down the hallway without pants on. Surely she couldn’t do those things with a stranger present. Even worse, the possibility of him being a horrible human being loomed in her mind. Granted, Jen’s brother usually had nice enough friends, but there was no saying what this one would be like. Before y/n got too lost in her own thoughts, she punched out a simple “sure” to Jen, deciding it would be best to let him move in tomorrow instead of waiting anxiously for a few more days. Fear overwhelmed her, and she nearly threw her phone across the room after hitting send, not wanting to look at Jen’s response and face the reality of it all. 


After a long night, y/n was jolted awake at 7:30 by the chiming of the doorbell. Dragging her feet, she shuffled down the hall, wondering who in their right mind would want to move in this early in the day. When her hand finally brushed against the brass knob of the door, she flung it open.

“You know,” she began while yawning and clearing the sleep from her eyes, “you didn’t have to…” her voice caught mid-sentence as she suddenly forgot how to breathe. Standing in front of her was a man slightly taller than average height, combing his dark hair back with his fingers, which were adorned with a few silver rings. Although he was dressed in a simple blue t-shirt and dark jeans with a black backpack casually slung over his shoulder, he still looked like something out of a magazine. He waited to see if she would finish her statement before awkwardly clearing his throat and offering his hand.

“So… I’m Jaebum. You must be…”

He was stunning, almost too much to take in at once. His even skin was a light toffee color with a slight pink tinting the full lips that graced his face. She noticed several hoops peppering his ears while his narrow, deep brown eyes gazed intensely at her, waiting for the response she should have given thirty seconds ago instead of observing him like he was a piece of classical artwork.  

“Y/n,” she replied, practically choking on her words.

“Y/n…” he repeated tentatively, lowering his outstretched hand and giving her a concerned look. “Well, uh, nice to meet you I suppose. Is it alright if I start to move my things in, or are we going to stand in the doorway all day?” he chuckled. After a few more silent moments, she wordlessly stepped back and raised her arm, motioning him inside.