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@asexualspock requested the monopoly meme a while back, so here’s my take on it.

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Okay so let's pretend that the RFA were able to talk to their respective MC in a language besides Korean so they've been assuming for the longest time ever that MC can't speak Korean. One day, they come home and hear her singing a song creepily in Korean and once they find her she's just laughing her ass off. How would the RFA react? I'm sorry I just have a sudden urge to see someone write this if your requests aren't open feel free to disregard this~

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long omfg ;A; But I hope I got what you were talking about??? ~Admin 404


               -Since you didn’t start out speaking Korean in the chatroom, he just assumed you couldn’t


               -After the two of you got close, he came home early from his classes one day- not knowing you were in your shared home

               -He was in the middle of changing, shirt halfway over his head, when he noticed singing?

               -It was a standard Korean lullaby, but it was being sung quiet and very slowly


               -Tried to run out of the house, thinking it was a ghost, but ran into the wall- resulting in him falling on his ass

               -You pull the shirt off his head, asking if he was alright

               -“MC WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE, THERE’S A GHOST!!!! A G H O S T!!!”

               -He’s up on his feet, trying to drag you out of the house yoosung what about your shirt

               -“A ghost? What do you mean? What makes you say that?”

               -“I just heard someone sing this lullaby all slow and creepy and we just, WE GOTTA GO”

               -Super confused when you bust out laughing

               -omg you weren’t laughing at the fact he had no shirt on, were you???

               -“That wasn’t a ghost, I was singing!”

               -One second, two seconds, three seconds…. ding! Light bulb!

               -“You learned a Korean lullaby? When did you do that?”

               -“Uh, years ago. When I learned Korean. Didn’t you know that?

               -when you fuckin’ WHAT

               -He is completely mindblown to find out you speak Korean??

               -Though now he’s really embarrassed about just assuming you didn’t know the language

               -Super happy to talk in either language, it makes him feel cool tbh

               -is completely pissed off when he finds out you sent a video of him running into the wall to saeyoung


               -He always asks for an extra copy of his scripts in *insert mc native language here* so you can practice with him!!

               -You never understood why he did that, maybe he was just trying to be nice?

               -But he always did that with you? With everything?

               -Any DVD’s, CD’s, absolutely anything he brings home is in your native language

               -Does he think you’re more comfortable that way?

               -Obviously, you appreciate it but it’s kind of like…..

               -There’s no need to go so out of his way to do all of that for you!

               -One day, you were taking a shower and decided to sing one of the songs from his most recent play

               -You love Zen and love that he’s happy with his career but god daMN THAT SONG IS STUCK IN YOUR HEAD AND YOU ARE BEYOND DONE WITH IT

               -So you made fun of it by singing ridiculously, trying different voices, tones, anything you can think of

               -All of a sudden, the bathroom door is thrown open, slamming against the wall


               -You just poke your head out of the shower to stare at him, watching as he starts to talk to himself about how beautiful his voice must for you to have learned it so quickly

               -“Do you know the meaning??? I can give you a word by word translation!! Do you want that? DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT?”

               -“No? I mean, yeah… You play it all the time… because you’re learning it but I know the words on my own, thanks sweetheart”

               -You??? Knew what the words meant??

               -He just kind of stares at you in disbelief before you roll your eyes and return to taking your shower

               -“Zen? Why are you still here? Go aw-” “YOU CAN SPEAK KOREAN”

               -You sigh and agree that yes, you can speak Korean, and you’ve been able to this whole time

               -He starts crying??? What in the world???

               -“I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW THIS ABOUT MY LOVE! I’M A TERRIBLE MAN, DON’T LOOK AT ME, MC!” not looking at you anyway, zen, tryna shower here

               -“Save the drama for your play later, sweetheart. It’s alright, I just never said anything about knowing another language”

               -Literally spent most of the rest of the day just pouting and feeling terrible that he never knew. You have to comfort him often because it was something neither of you ever really brought up way to go mc ya broke ya boyfriend


               -After working for Jumin for so long, she’s unfortunately learned to assume if you look foreign, you might not speak other languages

               -So she’s already assumed you speak only your native language, so she automatically accommodates to your needs

               -Though you…. don’t need it??

               -You figured that she wanted to make things easier for you, which you appreciated, but you wanted to make things easy for her too!!

               -What’s funny is that you’ve talked to her late at night, after she’s been up for days, in Korean so that it’s easier for her mind to process what you ask

               -Did she pick up on it? Not at all. poor tired bby, someone help her

               -So despite the fact that you leave notes for her written in Korean, she just… hasn’t…. noticed?

               -Because she still talks to you in your native tongue

               -Seriously, you’ve tried everything to make it blatantly obvious that you could speak Korean

               -The easiest way to tell her that, ‘hey, i don’t need you to translate convos for me, i promise’ is to just straight up tell her

               -Except you didn’t get a chance to?

               -You were sweeping the house one day, belting out one of Zen’s songs from his latest musical

               -Getting into it, you dance with the broom, dipping it dramatically

               -During your dip though, you look up to find Jaehee standing in the doorway, at a loss for words

               -“Oh… so.. you really do speak Korean.. I wasn’t going crazy, then”


               -“I, um, I apologize for just assuming that you-”

               -You cut her off when you pulled her into a quick dance around the living room, singing the previous song all over again

               -With a swift motion, you dipped her like you did the broom

               -A quick peck to her lips sent her over the edge and she burst into giggles

               -“You’re a much better dance partner than the broom” you tell her in Korean, with a wiggle of your eyebrows

               -She pushes you away from her and laughs as she leaves the room, calling over her shoulder

               -“Maybe you should learn a few more songs there, MC”


               -Also guilty of just assuming you only spoke your native language

               -Also never bothered to ask

               -You don’t even bother to tell him though because you’re lowkey salty about it

               -Like??? He didn’t even ask???

               -You love him and all, but it’s been… how long? And he never even bothered to asK YOU IF YOU KNEW HIS LANGUAGE

               - damn mister trustfund kid

               -But it’s actually really funny because he talks to Elizabeth in Korean

               -So he thinks you don’t know how much he’s praising her, or baby-talking her

               -But you KNOW

               -And you’re left wondering why he doesn’t talk to you like that sometimes

               - god damn cat getting all the attention (kiDDING I LOVE U ELLY)

               -But let’s be honest, you love her just as much and do the same exact thing

               -In fact, you love to sing to her! And she loves it too!

               -She turns into a freaking motor box when you sing, she loves it soo much

               -So you sing to her every day, it makes her happy, makes you happy, everyone is happy

               -One day, you were singing to her, but Jumin actually came home early??

               -So he heard you singing too, and just sat down quietly next to you

               -Waited patiently until you finished the song before speaking

               -“So, you sing to Elizabeth?”

               -“Every day, sweetheart! You just happened to catch the show”

               -Immediately thought about asking Saeyoung to install some hidden microphone or something to capture you singing every day

               - that isnt creepy at all, dude

               -With a slight tilt of his head, he looked at you, eyes full of question

               -You had to fight the urge to kiss his cute little face, but it was worth it

               -“So, MC? You can speak Korean? Not just *insert native language here*?”

               -You nodded in agreement, looking down at Elly, petting her with a smile on your face

               -“I’ve known this whole time… *pulls Elly up to face* But SOMEBODY *kisses Elly’s nose* Never bothered asking. Did he? No, no he didn’t! He didn’t, did he Elizabeth??”

               -You shot him a side glare, watching as his face twisted into slight embarrassment and back to a playful one before getting up to leave the room

               -“It’s okay, MC. I’ll test out how well you can pronounce those Korean words later tonight.”


               -He loVED your aCCENT

               -So he spoke to you in your native language just so he could hear it

               -Did he know you could speak Korean?

               -Yeah probably

               -DID HE CARE? I’m hearing “no”

               -Did he remember, a long time later, that you could speak Korean?

               -Again, I am going with no

               -He’s always thinking about god knows what all the damn time so it isn’t surprising that he forgot you spoke Korean all together

               -In fact, you were hoping he did forget you spoke Korean, or your new plan wouldn’t work out how you wanted it to

               -You see, you and Saeyoung like to prank each other like crazy, but his last one really irked you

               -(I mean come on??? Who in the world thinks it’s funny to sneak a permanent marker into your pants pocket when you do laundry??? That rUINS YOUR CLOTHES)

               -So, you decided that revenge was in order, and you wanted nothing more than to scare him to death

               -After a long set up with a creepy life-size doll trapped to an rc car, a couple of speakers hidden, and a ton of hidden cameras, you were ready for him to come home

               -When he got into the room and noticed the girl standing in the corner, he immediately noped the hell out and tried leaving

               -But you locked the door! There is no escaping sweet revenge!

               -You started to sing little kids nursery rhymes through a microphone, it coming through the hidden speakers broken and ominous


               -So you kept singing, stopping only to ask him to come play, in child-like voice


               -You decided to chase him around with the doll, using the wireless controller from the other room

               -You didn’t know he could scream in such a high pitch, I swear to god, dogs from around the world could hear it

               -He was getting out of that room, then and there. He broke down the door. Ran down the hallway and heard you laughing from another room

               -He didn’t even think about why you were laughing, he just jumped onto your lap, and latched onto you, hugging tight and burying his face against you


               -But you couldn’t even reply- you were laughing too hard. He looked around and saw your set up of monitors, wireless controller, and microphone

               -He looked up at you with a ton of mixed emotions

               -First of all he was still a little freaked out?? But he was also kinda pissed off that you scared the hell out of him! But he’s also in awe that you set all this up… and so in love with how hard you’re laughing…

               -HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO F E E L

               -Takes a second to think about the situation and suddenly remembers


               -You give him an innocent smile, but based on the look he gave you once he stood up and walked away

               -He was probably going to use that fact against you for his revenge prank, and you weren’t positive you wanted to know what that was going to be


               -Off the bat, he asks which language you’re more comfortable speaking in

               -When you said your own native language, he understood, and tried his best to accommodate for you!

               -Ever since then he’s always making sure he can translate things for you, whether it be signs or casual conversation

               -You knew Korean but didn’t know if you were a strong enough speaker, which is why you initially told him you were comfortable with your first language

               -So, you secretly were testing out your language skills every time the two of you went out!

               -When he translated for you and you had gotten it right in your head, you were so excited!

               -But he didn’t know that ’s what you were doing??

               -He just always saw you light up and smile softly to yourself and it made him weAK

               -Was it because he was translating for you??

               -Didn’t know exactly, but was definitely going to keep doing whatever he was doing because that loOK

               -IT WAS SOOO PRECIOUS

               -But he felt bad that he couldn’t go shopping with you one day because he had some people he had to see

               -What if you couldn’t read the signs?? What if you couldn’t talk to the people?? WhAt If-

               -So he tried to make his meetings go as quickly as possible without being rude

               -And he ran to meet you at your favourite coffee shop, where he knew you’d stop first!

               -As he walked up behind you, getting ready to surprise you and order for you, he took a step back when he heard you ordering perfectly fine in Korean

               -You even made small talk with the barista! In perfect Korean!

               -When you turned around with your coffee, he stared at you in surprise, but he scared the shit out of you! You almost dropped your coffee!

               -“V! Hey! You scared me…. I thought you had to go meet a few people? Did something happen? Are you alright?”

               -You asked. In perfect Korean. Why did you doubt your language skills??

               -“I thought you only knew *your native language of choice*? So I haven’t needed to translate for you this whole time?”

               -You could see the disappointment in his eyes as you quickly shook your head (and hands) in embarrassment

               -“No no no no, you asked me in the beginning if I was more comfortable with my native language, which I am! I know Korean but I was afraid about getting something wrong, so I really appreciated all of your translations! They help me make sure I’m learning and getting it all right!”

               -Explaining it to him was definitely the smart move because you watched as he went from sad puppy to ecstatic pup knowing that he was able to help you learn new things and solidify what you already knew!

               -From then on, he always tries to let you figure it out first, then help you if you need it!

               -Was he embarrassed that he always translated when you didn’t need it? Yes

               -Did he get over it quickly? Also yes. He’s a precious tol bean. He is alright with this revelation.


               -Also knew from the start that you knew Korean

               -He talked to you from the beginning in Korean so he knew afterwards that you’d know

               -Not like you all of a sudden lost your knowledge on a full language….right?

               -That being said he just plain refuses to let you pretend like you can’t speak him language

               -Every time you try to talk to him in your native language he just kind of looks at you with absolutely no emotion

               -“Hi, MC, speak in a language I know please, thanks”

               -Like seriously

               -This man does not let you have any fun with it at all

               -You even tried to fake some sort of amnesia, too

               -To like, pretend you forgot how to speak Korean so he’d have to talk to you in your native language

               -Did it work? No

               -He just stared at you like you were stupid

               -He’s such a jERK


               -You even try to mess with him in public

               -You ask him to order some food for you, asking him in your native language

               -The cashier is confused but Saeran just stares at you

               -He completely understands what you say, despite pretending that he doesn’t

               -Turns back to the cashier and tells them that you’re getting nothing


               -Until the day he slips up and responds to a question you ask him in your language

               -You celebrate, including a victory dance

               -He just curses at himself for messing up and letting you win

               -Though he does think it’s really cute that you’re this excited about winning

               -Maybe he should let you win more often thAT WONT HAPPEN

make a home out of you | jungkook [2/2]

jeon ungkook | reader  
genre: angst, slight fluff, smut, ex-boyfriend!au 
word count: 17k
warnings:  use of alcohol, mild language, sexual scenes (smut)
summary:  it’s the small, quirky details that help you remember how much you loved him despite it being years since you’ve seen each other, or make you realize that maybe, you had never really stopped loving him in the first place.

01 | 02 [finale]


A Sunday afternoons finds you lounging on Jungkook’s sofa, feet on top of his coffee table with a bowl of popcorn sitting on your lap. The TV plays a rerun of one of your favorite dramas that you’ve watched probably ten times already. It’s a slow weekend, there’s nothing for you to do when you don’t have work. You’ve mindlessly walked around the apartment in search of something to do when the guest room was starting to feel boring. You even tried to cook, using the ingredients Jungkook has in his fridge that you know he’s never going to use. You tried remaking your mother’s soup recipe, the one she always made you and you loved so much way before you left for Australia, but that was a bust since you’re cooking skills are highly questionable and you got lazy halfway through. 

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Forget me not

Thaaaaank you @alwaysfangirly!! 💖 And omg, you’re so kind! And so patient! Because this took me forever and you were so sweet about it! 💖 I hope you like what I did with it! (Even though it might be kinda messy and confusing…) Oh, and I also posted it on AO3, because… well, once more, it turned out longer than I intended…

“Pansy, where was I yesterday?”


“What was I doing? Did you see me talking to anyone?”

Draco paced the length of the eighth year common room, feeling Pansy’s intent stare on him.

“Those are really odd questions to ask. Have you lost your mind?”

“In a manner of speaking,” Draco muttered, stopping in front of the fireplace. “I think someone obliviated me. No, I am sure someone obliviated me.”

He heard Pansy get off the armchair and walk over to him.

“Are you sure? Why would someone do that to you?”

“That’s what I’d like to know,” Draco growled.

“But how can you be sure you’ve been obliviated? I mean, isn’t the point of obliviating someone that they… well, forget?”

Draco scratched the back of his neck, nodding absentmindedly.

“Something just felt off when I woke up this morning. I was sure it was Wednesday but then I saw the Daily Prophet and realised it was already Thursday. I remember everything until Tuesday night and waking up today. But if I try to think about what happened yesterday, my mind just goes blank. I’ve been racking my brain all day long. It’s the only explanation, Pansy. I-”

Draco stopped in his tracks when he saw Potter enter the common room. Something was… weird about him today. He didn’t look at Draco. He hadn’t looked at Draco all day. He always looked at Draco. He probably thought it went unnoticed but, of course, Draco noticed. He always stared right back whenever Potter briefly averted his eyes. Always. But why was Potter avoiding his gaze today?

“Potter!” Without a moment’s hesitation, he strode over to the Gryffindor.

“Hey Malfoy,” he mumbled, his eyes on the carpet.

“Potter, is there something you want to tell me?” Draco inquired, lowering his head to catch the other boy’s eye.

“No?” the Gryffindor said, his voice slightly shaking.

“I think there is. Out with it, Potter! Something happened yesterday, I know it.”

“You do?” Potter said in astonishment, finally looking up. His eyes were full of wonder and… apprehension. “But you shouldn’t-” He broke off, pressing his mouth into a thin line.

“I shouldn’t what?” Draco said, stepping closer and narrowing his eyes. “Remember? You did it, didn’t you? You were the one who obliviated me.”

Potter was trying very hard to keep a straight face, but Draco saw right through him.

“The question is,” he said slowly, lowering his voice, “why did you do it?”

Potter closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

“I’ve been feeling guilty about that all day. I shouldn’t have done it.”

“Then why did you?” Draco asked.

“I panicked, okay? I didn’t do it on purpose. It was like a reflex.”

Now Draco simply had to know what had happened the day before. This sounded serious.

“Show me,” he said, grabbing Potter by the wrist.


“There’s got to be a Pensieve around here somewhere,” Draco muttered, already dragging Potter out of the common room.

“There is, actually,” Potter mumbled behind him.

Draco looked around the memory he and Potter had just dived into. They were in the dungeons and class had just started.

“Professor, why are you showing us Amortentia again?” one of the students asked, sounding more eager than annoyed.

“Because,” Professor Slughorn said with a smile, “I want you to brew an antidote today. So everyone take a quick sniff to get in the right mood and get started.”

Draco frowned as he watched himself go into the storage room, apparently ignoring Slughorn’s instructions. His eyes then fell on Potter, Pensieve-Potter to be precise, who stood in front of the cauldron full of Amortentia. Granger and the Weasel were standing beside him, grinning at each other. It was disgusting.

“What do you smell, Harry?” the Weasel asked. Potter blinked.


“Come on, we’re your friends. You can tell us,” the Weasel insisted, elbowing him.

“No, Ron, I literally smell nothing,” Potter muttered, sounding genuinely surprised.

“That’s strange,” Granger chimed in.

“Yeah.” Potter creased his eyebrows. “I would have thought-” He stopped abruptly as Draco, well, Pensieve-Draco, came into view again, locking eyes with him.

“Professor, have you ever heard of anyone who doesn’t smell anything? In regards to Amortentia, I mean.”

“Hermione,” Potter growled through gritted teeth.

“What, she didn’t say it was you,” the Weasel shrugged. Potter slapped a hand to his forehead and Draco saw himself smirk.

“You don’t smell anything, Potter? That’s pretty pathetic.” When Pensieve-Draco simply strutted back to his desk and began chopping his ingredients, the real Draco frowned.

“So that’s the big secret? This is why you obliviated me?” he asked.

“Wait for it,” Potter mumbled. Was Draco imagining it or were Potter’s cheeks turning a bit rosy? He was biting the inside of his cheek, too, and constantly shifting his weight. He was nervous.

Intrigued, Draco watched as the class proceeded without significant interruptions.

When Slughorn dismissed them and students started hurrying out of the classroom, Draco tapped his foot impatiently. He paused when he saw his past self purposely bump into Potter, causing the Gryffindor to drop all his books.

Smirking to himself, Pensieve-Draco bent down to help Pensieve-Potter pick up his things, quickly scanning the room. They were the only ones left.

“So, you really didn’t smell anything?” Draco heard himself ask. Pensieve-Potter just scowled at him. Draco could see what Pensieve-Potter obviously didn’t; Pensieve-Draco was disappointed. “Nothing at all?”

Getting up, Pensieve-Potter slammed down his books on the desk nearest to him.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I used to smell… something. So you can save your taunts about-”

“What is that?” Pensieve-Draco suddenly asked. Potter had been draping his Gryffindor scarf around his neck but had halted at the Slytherin’s outburst. The real Draco watched closely as his past self stretched out a hand and examined the scarf.

“What is it now?” Pensieve-Potter said, sounding irritated but also slightly nervous. “It’s my scarf.”

Pensieve-Draco slowly shook his head as he drew out his wand.

“No, something is off.” He pointed his wand at the scarf and before Potter could protest or interfere, he had mumbled, “Revelio.”

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I'm dead

Our party was in a fight against cultist. Now these guys were not strong, but they know how to swarm the team till they took you down. My roommate was playing and her character knew the “arms of Hadar” spell, which I thought would be a great way to clean the field. Long story short, she died and I was really sorry till this happened.

DM: (to my roommate) you suddenly find yourself feeling lighter then air. You look down and you are shocked to see your body. You feel a light tugging on your soul, imploring you to leave, but it is light, nearly there. What will you do?
Roommate: (grins) I’m gonna follow the tugging. See ya later bitches!
Roommate: Naw man, I’m gonna go talk to Cthulhu!

BITE: Chapter 11

percy jackson / teen wolf crossover
i’m so, so sorry this took so long. i’m ridiculous and i appreciate you putting up with me.

11/? - Lydia

Lydia didn’t want to go to school. She didn’t have to go to school. She was far enough ahead that she wouldn’t have to make up for any missed content, and, unlike Scott and Stiles, her attendance wasn’t yet in the red. So, technically, she could stay home and research Lycaon and his abilities and start working out a plan to protect Scott.

The thing with protecting Scott, though, was that it was sort of Stiles’s thing. And even though she’d never admit it out loud, she and Stiles seemed to work quite well together when it came to forming plans for anything pack related. And there was no doubt that the Sheriff would be forcing Stiles to go to school, so if Lydia wanted to see him she was going to have to go to school too.

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Hii can I request number 42 from the prompt list? Love your writing! : )

Well, to be honest, I didn’t really know what to do with this one, which made me take so long to finish it. It was a bit of a handful to work with, and I’m not really convinced? But all’s good what ends good, right? ♥ And thank you so much for the kudos, I’m so blessed!

“That man’s ego, dude.” spoke Kaminari, who stood right beside an observing Uraraka. “I can see it growing the more hits he lands on poor Mineta. “Man, the nerve of that guy.”

Uraraka spared sideways glance at Kaminari, who seemed to be stiffling in some laughter from seeing Mineta run for his life. It was a pretty hilarious display indeed, but his words had sparked something inside Uraraka.

“It’s not like he is so egocentric.” spoke she, flinching as Bakugou hit the little guy square in his head. “I’d say he is working on it.”

“Working on it?”

Kaminari turned to look at Uraraka in awe. What had gotten into her? She had always been on Bakugou’s back to make him realize how much of a dick he was towards everyone, mostly Deku. Besides, she was always saying those weird things that clearly showed she knew Bakugou more than she appeared to. Was this another one of her wise assumptions?

“Look at him.” ordered she, and Kaminari complied easily to her command. The brunette frowned. “I want you to try to remember what old Bakugou would have done against an opponent like Mineta.”

And the blonde easily saw the old him. Younger Bakugou was a brash, rude guy with no consideration for others’ lives– well, not like that had changed much, but this Bakugou was a slightly softer version of the same person. He was not going easy on Mineta, but he sure wasn’t fixing to have him killed on the spot, like he would have done before.

Uraraka leant on the railing that separated the training field from the spectator’s side. “He doesn’t wanna win, like he was obsessed with before– he just wants to fight, as in training. He has respect for who he’s fighting with.”

Kaminari eyed her warily. Her face was constricted in a rather uncharacteristic grimace of concentration. Her eyes were fixated on Bakugou’s rampaging form, who was dodging Mineta’s spheres with ease. They twinkled with passion and interest, a glint so mesmerazing that he could only wonder what had changed.

“You know,” started he, looking from Uraraka to Bakugou. “you two are full or surprises, sometimes.”

Uraraka blinked at her classmate and laughed sheepishly. “Well, I just like to think he’s more than a pair of hands. He sure is a handful, though.”

As in cue, Bakugou landed another mortal blow on Mineta at the rythm of his characteristic death penalties. Kaminari sighed. “Roger that.” his frown just got deeper despite the lighthearted conversation. “But what made you feel so sure about him? I mean, I know that he is a bit of all bark but no bite, and that he’s pretty decent to Kirishima–”


A big explosion made the teenagers grasp the bars tighter, unfazed, and their hair moved along to the ripple. “–but I would have never had so much hope on an egocentric bastard like him.” continued he after the embers had died down. “It’s not like he had given many signs of social improvement these months.”

“Well, you may not notice!” exclaimed Uraraka, a faint blush adorning her cheeks. She had no real reason to be defending Bakugou, but in the same was as she always tried to sympathise with him, she had the urge to jump to defend him and she had no clue as to why, really. “But just look at him again. Mineta is still alive!”

Kaminari stared at the limping form of Mineta and sighed. “At this rate, he might not be.”

“It’s not about Mineta.” retorted Uraraka, pointing at how Bakugou was taking his time to think about strategy, and how to avoid the sphere barier that Mineta had built. There were some splooches of blood near the teen and she couldn’t believe that Kaminari didn’t see the situation as she did. “The fact that he’s being so meticulous shows that he wants to fight, not necessarily win.”

There was a light silence between the spectators as the fighters shared some words among them.

“… just as he did with you, right?”

Uraraka’s head spun to his and her neck almost snapped in shock. Her mind straight ran all the way to their fight at the Sports Festival and inmediately understood a few things. Kaminari still seemed to wanna prove his point. “He didn’t dismiss you either. He actually defended you.”

This prompted her to cross her arms and fully face him, a curious trimmed eyebrow arched in curiosity. “Care to elaborate?”

Kaminari leaned back from the railing to fully face her, too– the nuclear fight was reaching its climax on the background. He was about to say something when, suddenly, a chill got the best of him and successfully shut his mouth.

“It’s not my right to say. I wouldn’t do justice to his words, honestly.” now, with that kind of phrasing he sure sounded more ominous than necessary. He only let out a little hum, then leaned back on the railing. “Just know that he defended you back then, and I’m sure he still would.”

Uraraka was left a bit in the cold with such anticlimatic words. However, the point still prevailed. “Well, then he has grown as I said, huh.”

Both watched Bakugou start spitting on Mineta’s family thombstone– Mineta was having tons of fun biting the dust. “Yeah… I guess you are right.”

Then, the blonde turned to the pair of watchers, starting a tantrum at the glimpse and startling both of them. He sure had energy for his emotional rampage. “Hey you two! What the hell you doin’ there!”

Kaminari instantly grabbed the towel he had brought with him and jumped to the field, making his way to Bakugou with a troubled smile. “Dude, you sure beat the shit out of Mineta…”

The boy in question only moaned behind them, and it was impossible to know who Bakugou’s next words were referred to. “Shut it!” yet his next ones were hissed at Uraraka. “Oi, and what are you doing standing there like a moron?”

She only let her cheek land on her right hand, smiling– some things would never change. “Just watching the kids play.”

He was quick to step nearer her and look up with a piercing glare only she could dismiss as non-menacing. “WHO THE FUCK YOU CALLING A KID, URARAKA!”

She giggled as he was strained and taken away from anything easily flamable. Uraraka jumped to the field as well with a towel in hand, approaching the boys. “Kaminari, wanna go give Mineta a hand?”

“Sure thing!” as Uraraka gave Bakugou the towel for him to dry off the sweat, Kaminari happily padded to Mineta, and easily swung him on his shoulder. “C'mon, lil’ buddy – you could use some good healing!”

As the purple dressed boy was taken away, Bakugou cleaned some sweat off his forehead. “‘The hell is wrong with that guy?”

She shrugged. “Kaminari’s happy-go-lucky charm, let him be.” her eyelashes fluttered at him when there were no injuries on his skin. “You sure did a number on Mineta.”

Bakugou gritted his teeth. “Shut it. What a loss of fucking time.” and she chuckled, because of course he’d be pissed at an easy win and all he wanted now was to tear her chords off her throat, because that laugh was annoying and made his heart do things.

Things he… couldn’t bear. He stared down at her as she looked up the sky, probably to ignore the awkward silence that had fell on them. Bakugou only brushed some mild injuries with the towel. “I still don’t know why I didn’t fight you instead of that pisshead.”

Uraraka openly giggled at his impatience and held out her bandaged hand to prove her point, all before Bakugou set himself on fire– he couldn’t stand people laughing at him. “I don’t think it’d be fair for me to fight a powerhouse like you with these buddies in this condition.

He put the dirty towel on her shoulder – to which she flinched, since no one liked to be treated as a hanger – and took her wrists. Bakugou analysed them warily, looking at them in absolute hatred– they had robbed him of a good fight. Her covered skin tingled in delight with his touch. Gentle touch because worsening the condition of her little hands would delay his desired fight– and also, because it was her and he would always be a bit of a softie with her in privacy.

“We could have sparred without using quirks.” he threw them off afterwards, all traces of gentleness gone and all switched with renewed determination, his ignited orbs burning in hers, and licking the flames of her chocolate irises. “You still owe me a rematch, bubblehead.”

Uraraka was torn between slapping him for being impatient or squealing at his endearing impatience. He was so double edged that she was left smiling, wondering what made her feel so attracted to him in the first place. Still, there were leftovers of his touch that made her heart flutter– it always fluttered in his presence. “You want some martial ass-kicking, don’t you?”

He grabbed her wrists again, his fingers subtly rubbing her injured hands– it all to prove his point. She sighed at his wicked smirk. Yeah, those little things were what showed that he was more than an ego nebula floating around her, more than the shell of a shallow man.

“I don’t know if these guys here can actually punch.” one of his hands teasingly grabbed her waist while the other held one of her hands up– it all to intimidate her, and drew her close, prompting a healthy blush from her. His voice was a bit loud, clear, deep, and slightly mocking and subtly concerned all in one brash package. “But I know you can do some badass throws and tackles, ain’t that right?”

Uraraka’s blush only spread when glancing at his bloodlust, hellfire eyes, and withdrew from his arms with an effortless wiggle. Her arms crossed and her head turned a bit to hide the redness of her eyes. Bakugou seemed a bit heated too. “Wait ‘till I recover and I’ll show you, Bakugou.”

She darted out of his presence with him trailing behind like a fly attracted to a dim, faint and flickering light. “Oi, you’re taking my damn towel!”

The mentioned towel was thrown to his face from the exit of the hallway, and he smirked at the faint smell of her orange shampoo, then basked in its familiarity, wrapping around him like a shield. Everytime they touched, everytime he held her minimally close, that damn perfume would come chasing at him and knock his senses off for a while.

Yeah, he was a good winner, damn stubborn, extremely hot-headed and short-tempered. But when it came to Uraraka… man, wasn’t he a sucker.

Because he fell like he did all things in life: fell hard, intensely, passionately, and fast, and was intoxicated hook, line and sinker.

Too much for an egocentric man like him– he became much more when she was around.

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I have some friends in the military and I was wondering if u could do a military au? Please and thank you! Btw I love your au's so much

High School Teacher AU!

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, but I really don’t know much about the military. I don’t want to do anything inaccurate or offensive, so please accept this, instead. Once again, I’m super sorry that I can’t do it and this took forever!


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Subject: Psychology

  • Once, when one of his classes was acting up, he literally brought a kid up to the front and hypnotized him into thinking he was an old man. When he brought the kid back, he glared at the class and said, “Now you know what I can do if you guys act up again.”
  • He acts like he isn’t talented in his field, but he’s secretly really arrogant about it
  • Substitutes often have to replace him because he does a lot of stuff for the government
  • Whenever someone asks why he chose to become a high school teacher instead of something that pays more, he smiles softly and answers with, “Because if it weren’t for my psychology teacher, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I want to hopefully inspire one of my own students to strive for greatness.”
  • He usually wears contacts, but every now and then if he had a bad night before, he’ll just trudge into the room with his square-frame classes and a cup of black coffee
  • A couple of students find it kinda hot
  • He can totally ROCK turtleneck sweaters
  • He has an Instagram account, and one student stumbled across it during lunch. He was really confused when he suddenly gained twenty new followers that day
  • He secretly loves coffee shop aesthetics but let’s be honest, he’s basically a walking coffee shop aesthetic
  • He once wore a beanie to school, and in the middle of second period, he suddenly screeched, “WAIT HATS ARE AGAINST DRESS CODE” and threw it across the room
  • Everyone jokes about how he’d be terrible at law
  • And by everyone, I mean only the teachers
  • “You know, I think you’re gonna change the world someday. That’s why I entered this field of work.”


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Subject: Culinary

  • He’s everyone’s favorite teacher because of how eccentric and nice he is
  • He’s normally very understanding if someone struggles with a certain dish, but if it gets stupid, he will take no crap
  • One time the school had to evacuate due to a fire, and a rumor spread that it was from someone catching fire to rice in the culinary room. No one’s sure if it’s true, but everyone’s terrified for the poor student who might have made such a tragic mistake
  • A lot of girls make jokes about his good looks, but mainly just to hide the fact that they have crushes on him
  • Once, while he was demonstrating how to cook a dish, someone called out, “Whoa, you can totally show that off on the cover of Vogue!” and he flipped his hair and replied with, “Oh, I know, I’m absolutely gorgeous.” The room then burst into laughter
  • On Twin Day, he went to school wearing matching turtleneck sweaters and beige jackets with Namjoon
  • He doesn’t need contacts or glasses, but he wore fake matching glasses with Namjoon
  • Namjoon always visits his room during lunch so that they can complain about their problem students and boast about their better students that may or may not include you
  • Once a month, the class will hold a monthly vote for what he’ll make. Then over the weekend, he’ll make the food of choice and give it to the class. He does this for all six periods, and it’s great
  • He used to be the head chef at a popular high-class restaurant, and he writes books and does interviews to make the extra money
  • They once did a documentary about the history of the restaurant, and he was featured in it. You can find it on Netflix
  • “Ah, you seem to be having a lot of trouble with this part. How about you stop by after class, and we can work on it together?”


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Subject: World History

  • He just can’t seem to get over Commodus and the fall of Rome
  • “HOW CAN YOU BE SO STUPID?! WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST ACCEPT BEING THE HEIR TO THE THRONE?!” “Mr. please you’re screaming at a PowerPoint presentation”
  • He funds the basketball team, since Jungkook can’t
  • He used to play basketball when he was in high school, but the teacher who funded it quit, so he couldn’t continue. He doesn’t want someone to go through the same disappointment he did
  • He’s constantly wearing long sleeves, and someone spread a rumor that it’s because he cuts himself
  • That’s not the case, but it still spread pretty quickly and nearly got him fired
  • “Guys, I’m not emo. I went through that in high school, and it’s absolutely terrifying to me now.”
  • On Halloween, he actually did his hair so that it covered one eye and wore crappy eyeliner and told everyone he was an emo
  • He nearly got fired then, too
  • He ends up sleeping during class a lot of the time
  • He does NOT take any late homework. You don’t turn it in the day it’s due? Too bad, it’s a zero
  • He dressed up in a really sarcastic Christmas sweater the day before winter break that said ‘Deck the halls while I go nap’
  • The reindeer on it were reading magazines, and Santa had crossed arms
  • “I’d suggest for you to stop by after class, but I have to take my mandatory fifteen-minute nap then, and I don’t want you to miss the bus. See? I’m a considerate person.”


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Subject: Creative Writing

  • His head is up in the clouds the majority of the time
  • He is OBSESSED with symbology
  • He’s one of those teachers who go into the symbology of something, and you can just tell that that isn’t what the author meant
  • BUT
  • The thing is, he actually makes a good point most of the time, and the experience is truly eye-opening when you slowly realize it
  • He loves poetry, but is terrible at writing it
  • “I am a very dangerous animal. At the tip of a branch that shakes with existence, you bloom and fade without a name.” “Wait what does this have to you with you being an animal” “oH I DIDN’T THINK ABOUT THAT”
  • A lot of students find him boring, but if you truly understand literature and find it interesting, his class will seem really exciting
  • Everyone’s favorite time of the year is when they get slightly into mythology, and everyone’s put into groups. They then have to write a play about Greek and/or Roman mythological gods and goddesses and perform it
  • His favorite play so far was when Athena was arguing with the other gods about who was the most influential, and Minerva suddenly showed up and slapped everyone
  • He truly loves all works his students create, and believes that everyone has potential
  • “Wow, you really seem to understand the deep meaning of this piece. I’m impressed… I think you can even teach me a couple things.”


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Subject: Math

  • “There are your AP Calculus students, and then there are your… *shudders* average algebra I students
  • He absolutely loves straight A students
  • He’s extremely left-brained, and has trouble grasping that being intelligent doesn’t necessarily mean flourishing in the common American school environment
  • He gets up very early in the morning, and often drinks coffee while teaching homeroom
  • A lot of students hate him because he’s fairly mean to those who procrastinate/don’t turn in their homework
  • However, he can be very sympathetic if you’re having trouble at home
  • He’ll even send you an email if things look suspicious
  • “Hi, this is Mr. Park. I have noticed that you didn’t turn in your homework for the past three days, and I didn’t want to discuss the topic with you immediately, since I know you get jumpy with your anxiety. If you need, just email me back, and I can go over the lesson with you.”
  • He has SO many signs hanging around the room about it being difficult to be a teacher
  • He is basically “sighs for three years straight” in human form
  • He’s better at formulas and sets of equations rather than graphing and geometry
  • He’s actually pretty bad at geometry, and another math teacher handles it in a different class
  • “If you can’t do your homework at home, you can always stop by my class before school to finish it. I know you’re a really smart student, and I don’t want anything to mess up your future because I know you have potential.”


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Subject: P.E.

  • “It isn’t THAT cold out” *puts on a jacket*
  • He’s CONSTANTLY wearing Adidas merchandise
  • “Wear sandals to my class and you die”
  • He actually lets girls wear spaghetti straps in his class, but if someone comes to check on their class and he finds out beforehand, he’ll quickly run around and go, “QUICK GUYS HIDE THE SHOULDERS FROM SOCIETY”
  • He runs and funds the boys’ track, football, cross country, baseball, and soccer teams
  • Everyone’s always surprised by how young he looks, and even more surprised by how young he actually is
  • Dodgeball is his favorite sport, and if his students ask him to join, he will completely OBLITERATE everyone
  • He only makes everyone do one lap around the gym at the beginning of class, but he then makes everyone do, like, thirty pushups and it’s terrible
  • He actually knows how to breakdance, but there aren’t enough people to start a dance team
  • He has, like, twenty pairs of sneakers, half of which he got while still in college
  • “’To the window, to the wall’ does not apply to dodgeball, so please refrain from throwing the ball everywhere you can. Yes, I’m talking about you, Y/N.”


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Subject: Biology

  • He tends to yell and debate a lot in his class, and honestly, everyone wonders how he wasn’t fired yet
  • He’s very strangely passionate about sex ed…???
  • “You know, when you have sex with your partner, you’re having sex with their parents, and their parents, anD THEIR PARENTS, AND THEIR PARENTS-“ “OK GEEZ WE GET IT MR. KIM”
  • A lot of people think he does drugs, when he doesn’t
  • He can actually be really funny a lot of the time
  • There’s a story that one time, he accidentally set the table on fire and he just stood there, staring at it in defeat
  • On Halloween, he dressed up as a knight and disguised a device with wheels and a tube coming out of it as a dragon. He then sat on it whenever going through the halls and pretended he was “returning to his home kingdom”
  • Everyone absolutely loved it
  • A lot of the female teachers have crushes on him
  • He isn’t always so eccentric. He just does it to keep his class entertained and engaged
  • He’s pretty cool and laidback in reality, and it’s really strange for students who drop by after class, because he’s too exhausted to keep up the act after school ends
  • “I have a little extra time on my schedule, so if you need, I can tutor you. I’ve never done it before, though, so I wouldn’t trust myself.”
Enoch O'Connor Smut

@peculiarspeedster and @princessrosie1967 requested Enoch smut and omg this took a lifetime im so sorry, but i hope you like it

Sat on the dinner table were all of us, stomachs grumbling from a long afternoon walk. Our eyes were intently locked onto the warm food that Bronwyn and Miss Peregrine brought to the table.

Enoch breathed heavily beside me.

A few seconds passed like a whizzing wind and we stuffed our mouths with chicken pot pie, our stomachs grumbling in satisfaction.

Enoch sighed and shifted in his seat. I glanced at him a little and he appeared uncomfortable. I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Nothing, love.”, he muttered, shifting again. I nodded and went on eating.

After a silent while with just clinking cutlery, Enoch fiddled his one foot with mine and I shot him a look again. What was bugging him?

His eyes shot back at me but I couldn’t seem to read what he was trying to make me decipher. I gave him a questioning look again.

He groaned lightly and shifted yet again on his seat.

I ate, listening to his constant shifting, breathing and fiddling with me. He made me shift uncomfortably as well, getting in my nerves as I tried to eat in peace. This was nearly the last straw.

I glared at him, trying to keep my voice low. “What do you want?”, I said but he instantly made me shiver and twitch as he gripped my thigh, very closely to what he wasn’t supposed to touch.

“What is goin’ on?”, Emma snapped at us. I gulped, my heart pounding. We shook our heads.

Dinner ended in silence and a few of us walked to our rooms after; except Enoch pulled me in his room, covering my mouth so I couldn’t squeal too loudly.

“Enoch, what is going on with-”, I exclaimed, cut off instantly with Enoch’s lips on mine, pushing me against the wall. I whimpered as he gripped very tightly my hips, bucking his against mine. I instantly knew what all the fuss a while ago was. I pushed him off.

He groaned. “You could just have told me, you know.”, I rolled my eyes, folding my arms, my lips still quite soar from the heated kissing. He groans again. “What, like, ‘Oh, hey, Y/N, I kinda wanna bang you tonight with your pretty dress and hot face’.”, he rolls his eyes back at me and I bite my lip and smirk.

“You like my dress?”, I asked. He looked me up and down and adjusted his pants. “Take it off.”, he breathed. I teased him, painfully slowly peeling it off me, leaving me in my underwear. He slowly unbuttons his shirt, watching me throw the dress to the floor. He walks to me and rubs my shoulders. His lips meet mine again and my hands press against his bare tense chest. I unbuckle his belt and he kicks his pants off. He pushed me against the wall again. His hands squeezed my butt as I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist.

He carried me and laid me on the bed as I took my bra off. He began to kiss down my neck, down to my chest, caressing my breasts and my torso. A shivering breath left me. He groaned in response. He quickly pulled off my last material of clothing and kissed my inner thighs, spreading my legs a little so cold hair hit me.

“Enoch…”, I moaned, tugging at his hair. He kissed my heat once. “Say it.”, he says huskily. “I want y-you.”, I shiver, gripping tightly at the sheets. With that, he dips his face between my legs and my back arcs. I let out a satisified moan as I feel his lips playing with me. “Oh… fuck.”, I whimper, running my hands down my body, squeezing my breasts and twiddling my nipples in my fingers. He held my thighs down so I didn’t wriggle. My stomach was tense as I tried to make my moans softer. Just as I was about to topple over the edge, he pulled out, taking off his underwear quickly.

With a few extremely inviting strokes, he pushed himself inside me, intertwining his fingers with mine so he pinned it above my head. Then very slowly, he thrusted in and out, leaving me in a heavy, sweaty mess of wanting to kiss him so roughly. Sweat pooled around my body and my chest heaved as we moved against each other. He stared at me as he thrusted, biting his lip so he didn’t make a sound.

“Ah, ah, Enoch.”, I moaned, the sensation overwhelming me. “Fuck.”, he said, a groan rolling through his tongue. He attached his lips to my mine and kissed down my neck again. “O-oh my God.”, I closed my eyes, feeling a twisting knot in my stomach. His thrusts gained more power and speed so it brushed through a spot that made my toes curl. “Y/N, ah, s-say my name.”, he hissed.

“Enoch…”, I moan, our bodies rubbing against each other. The pleasure built up and by then we were a hot, moaning mess that was so close to the edge. In no time, we came and our tense bodies trembled to satisfaction.

Enoch fell next to me as we breathed heavily.

“I…”, Enoch breathed. I laughed, brushing hair off my face. “Love you.”, I continued, pecking him on the cheek.