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well kaizzzi is a fave cos she is so cute and she loves jongin so much and as a jongin stan, we all know her. lovinthesoo i just recently knew her and she seemed so cute and so sweet and her blog is full of kyungsoo which i love. mochibaeks has been a fave since her jellybaeek days and i always go to her page for her tags and edits and gifs and just over all sunshine and you are a fave too because you make such nice gifs and i just saw your blog recently too but i already enjoy the content!

OK WELL IM NOT SURE WHY I ASKED BCUS NOW IDK HOW TO RESPOND??????? why do i do this to myself……kasdokasoqwo 🙃🙃🙃 THANK YOU SO MUCH??????????????????? sorry i keep mentioning my bb girls but here we go again @kaizzzi @lovinthesoo @mochibaeks

im honestly so floored!!! i have nothing more to say 😫😫😫 OH WAIT YEAH I LOVE YOU I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU BUT FEEL IT!! my love 💓💓💓💓💓

Looking for more people to follow!

My dash has been dead for like a month now and I just unfollowed a bunch of blogs so Im looking for new people to follow! :D This is also the best way to make sure I dont accidentally follow inactive blogs. I’ll warn you Im kinda picky.
Please Like/Reblog this if you post the following:

  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Fairy Tail
  • Noragami
  • Akatsuki no Yona 
  • RWBY
  • Pink/Pastel/Pastries/Cherry Blossoms (Aesthetic-y stuff)

Bonus points if you make stuff such as art, edits, gifs, ect. Also if you post such things as official art or announcements for said anime

 alrighty so im having a bit of a crisis with this blog bc I keep losing followers and I ??? don’t really know what to do with it bc all my Tolkien friends are moving to other fandoms AND IM JUST HERE READY TO CRY ABT THRANDUIL BUT ???? I don’t know if I have to force myself to switch fandoms to keep ‘in the loop’ or if I can stay the same? I kinda want to make gifs again (actually I have a set ready to post) bc the process of making them is quite relaxing to me but idk if there’s any point posting them anymore bc im not sure ppl still care? and that makes me so anxious


have some thranduil/lee pace as usual my friends and sorry for going on a rant but this has been bothering me for months now