im sorry im not being racist

It’s kinda hard to believe that it’s not a race thing when in actuality every single fandom calls an interracial ship even when it’s actually romantically canon, a “brotp”. Or when every flirtatious or romantic banter between a poc and a white character is disregarded as “sisterly” or “brotherly”  or “creepy and forced” by the fandom.

It’s hard not to believe it’s a race thing when every fandom vilifies a good-natured or normal poc while romanticizing the abusive white character. It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every fandom accuses the poc when they’re affectionate towards a white character of being too aggressive or so platonic, but encourage abuse between two white characters and call it “romantic”. It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every fandom treats a healthy interracial ship like it’s disgusting while freely and gleefully shipping incestuous white/white ships or shipping abusive white/white ships- which are always the most popular in every fandom.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when a show or film can be predominantly poc and the fandom still will only care about the 1 or 2 side white characters. It’s hard not to believe it’s a race thing when a poc can be fully fleshed out and the fandom still will make a white side character with one line the most popularly meta’d character.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every poc is automatically labeled by every fandom as the “dad” of the group or the “mom” of the group for no reason other than to do away with every characterization of the poc so they can just be reduced to a simple trope so the fandom doesn’t have to care about them.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when every single fandom in existence treats poc characters and even poc actors the same exact negative way. They are always lesser than, always less than romantic, always less than a lead character, always less than relevant, to the white characters/actors in fandoms. When every fandom treats the main poc like a side character and the side white character like the main character.

It’s hard to believe it’s not a race thing when poc are stripped of any affection or dehumanized by every fandom especially when they get in the way of an incestuous or abusive white ship. When these microaggressions every fandom inflicts upon poc are in fact racist. But every fandom tells you it’s not a race thing even as they repeat the exact same negative and dehumanizing behavior of every other fandom towards interracial pairings and poc in general.

seriously i don’t understand fans sometimes. like how delusional can you get that you actually have to boo a man when he’s talking about his imaginary kids? we all fucking know that none of us are going to be popping out little byuns from our vagina but we still go around pretending and that is completely fine for fun sake but it kinda gets out of hand when you got to the extent of boo-ing him on national television when he’s talking about his IMAGINARY children…stop for a second and think about how he will feel. why would he ever want to share any of his dreams or facts personal life with us if he knows that he can be hated or bashed by his fans? baekhyun is already SO insecure about the things he does/wears/says/eats and i can keep listing and although he is getting more confident, it’s times like this where a person’s confidence is pushed down!

im not speaking for him when i say that he’s affected by these but STILL, it can happen? and honestly it’s something we can avoid??

it’s not like he said smth morally wrong or homophobic or racist! he literally just spoke about his own life and what he wants and it is quite literally something every other normal human being wants in life! a family. kids.

so fans please take a fucking chill when in front of idols and respect them as ordinary human beings before worshipping them as your idol.

and yeah this goes for every idol and their stan out there…im just a baekhyun stan who loves him and wants what’s best for him 😣💗

theres a video on youtube of ciro hatelust crying because a 14 year old said they were uncomfortable with a character whos a sexual abuser and ciro yelled at them and then later made a video crying and being like “im sorry… you guys are so good such… good friends.. and im not asian. i shouldnt make racist jokes about asians” and “again, i am not asian” was a literal word for word phrase. ill link it when i find it but just know this: it exists and it happened over plerb drama

im so tired. im so tired of having white reylo shippers speak over me about what is and what isnt racist.

im sick of being told to “take a joke!!!” im sick of being told i dont know what im talking about. im sick of having reylos tell me to get a sense of humor.

im sick of being told i need to “calm down” “stop being aggressive” “stop being so sensitive!” “its just fiction!” “its just the internet”

im sick of the invalidation, the harassment.

im sick of reylos and their horrible fandom.

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i dont think shipping alec with another guy is racist, unless the sole reason youre doing it is because magnus is a poc. if youre doing it because you dont like how magnus acts then thats just not liking his character, not being racist. im not agreeing with anyone who ships alec with anyone but magnus, malec is my literal otp and magnus is my lil baby. im just saying that it isnt racist. im only saying this because i think you said it was always racist to, sorry if i misunderstood what you said

yeaaah it doesn’t. work that way. because we all have subconscious racist values, so you most likely do not think “hmm, I’m racist, hate people of color, and will not ship alec with anyone but white people”. I can guarantee that 99.9% of all these shippers would vocally oppose to being called racist.

and, let’s be real, people aren’t out there shipping alec with raj, aldertree, raphael, or any other man of color on the show. it’s pretty much only jace (his brother) or sebastian. if you search on ao3, there is not one single fic where alec is shipped with those people, or even simon. only results beside alec/magnus you find are alec with jace, sebastian, clary, reader/ofc, or lydia. plus white people from other fandoms, like teen wolf.

so saying it isn’t rooted in racism is. quite bad. when people are out there shipping alec with white men and women only.

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i'm so pissed at this fandom like ALL THEY DO is tone police the characters of color. they attacked maia's character when she ~dare~ lay a hand on their whyt fave (even tho the clave were being truly horrible racist bastards) and now they're going after magnus because he DARE have emotions and protect his people? im so so done. 2B magnus is a gift and white fandom is trying to turn him into a brown paper doll for alec and im so tired of it. sorry for the rant but i thought you'd understand.

someone on my dash was trying to say that reverse racism exists and like?? lol no it fucking doesnt.. im sorry your crying over the fact that someone sent you hate for ‘being white’ (though i doubt that was the casw, they probably unknownly said sometjing racist). but the until whites are killed foe the way they look or denied jobs becaisw of that or get stereotyped or yelled at or physically beat, reverse racism will never exist

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IM ACTUALLY SO STUPID IM SO SORRY YIKES LET ME TRY AGAIN. ok so, the gang having a female greaser who's another race and someone (like the socs) are being racist (since it's 1960). does that help?

Yes thank you 💛 And you’re not stupid, love 💛 I hope these are what you’re looking for.

-Not one of them is tolerant of this at all.

-There had been a few instances in the past where one of the guys said something racist but they’ve learned from that and haven’t since they became friends with her.

-And now they’re all very aware of the racism in town especially by soc’s.

-The first time it happened every single one of them went off off on the guy.

-It was seven on one until the soc’s friends showed up.

-And it turned into a full on rumble a few days later.

-And the entire gang will shut down any comments that they hear immediately no matter where they are or what else is going on.

-They will fight for her physically or verbally.

-And they will do anything to protect her.

fhskdh sometimes i complain about my mom being abusive but when someone else goes “wow i hate your mom ill fight her” i get really pissed like “what the fuck is wrong with you thats my mom and shes really exceptional are you racist or something” but i dont say that foshdodhsod. im still protective of her and i feel guilty even saying shes doing bad things. anyone else get this?

hey hot fucking take that people are gonna mad at but i dont care: white drug users getting pissy about anyone mentioning the reality of how much innocent blood is spilled in central america due to the drug trade and acting like even acknowledging that fact is ableism and just shitting on drug users is just one of many manifestations of “i’m being racist as shit and a nonwhite person called me out on my racism and im a big fucking baby so im going to twist it into saying theyre ableist against poor widdle me” also so fucking infuriatingly self-centered like i’m sorry that you consider literally being reminded of the objective reality that this is getting people killed to be an ableist attack on you. go to hell

so i just got out of a meeting with a teacher about getting rid of a toxic friend who stalks me and is the root of all my anxiety for the last three years and im honestly feeling so much better and not like im about to throw up like i have been since we became friends im just so excited to have my life back and not have it controlled by a sensitive, racist, annoying human being who doesnt understand the concept of personal space im sorry im just so proud of myself for finally standing up for myself instead of letting people walk all over me until they think they can do whatever they want to hurt me because im not assertive enough to stop them sorry thank you for listening im just proud of myself i love you all

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Y'all whitewashing Alex smh

(( im really sorry if it looks like im whitewashing any of these characters, but i promise that’s not my intention. i always intend to draw alex as the puerto rican man that Lin is, but i imagine that since im too lazy to color my drawings a lot, it doesnt translate well enough?? as a mexican person myself it really saddens/scares me that ppl could think im whitewashing.  im sorry for anything problematic that ive done

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Easily. Stop trying to appease racist anti sjws. You know, your whole "im sorry everyone get guns". Instead, possibly consider: sticking to what's right. Just blocking the anti sjws. Correcting your wrongs (don't continue to say stuff like "im being racist to white ppl, bc that's impossible, apologizing for the stuff you previously said, and then stopping it all together)

alright. i see. people keep calling me racist, but that’s because they’re racist? So, I was right the first time, and I am undoing it?

I’m sorry if that’s not making any sense…

What do you call an emo during fall?

A punkin

yea so just wanted to say after thinking about it, i am sorry about using that word to describe people. not that i was using it in a racist way purposely but its just a generally not nice word and i see how it could be taken that way. i should have been more mature and not insulted people. sry about the misunderstanding, or however i affected those who it applied to, sorry that i took this long to say sorry (im naturally stubborn n defensive but. working on it)

however!! that being said, im still not gonna tolerate any sort of racist hatred on my art, towards any race. and i refuse to accept people who openly hate me for my race, end of story

like if you read pretty please!!

*rubs my greasy sjw hands all over your precious fandom* im sorry are you unCOMFortable?? does it bother you when i tell ppl to stop being racist and fatphobic and transphobic??? oOOOOOoooOOO LOOK AT ME “MINDLESSLY HARASSING PPL” FOR BEING RACIST OOooOOOoOO SOMEBODY STOP ME FROM ~~~NOT LETTING ARTISTS DRAW WHAT THEY WANT~~~

Im not a bieber hater but he is being a real piece of shit right now. Why is he defending kylie???? If a black person tells you that you are being racist they must be right ya know???! Isn’t that a logic ?? They must know more about racism that white people do ?????? Why??? Are???? People????? Defending???? Kylie?????

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I'm trying to reevaluate my opinion on zayn because I think I've been following biased blogs and I want to be fair. I've seen people talking about zayn being misogynistic, aphoboic and fatphobic? Some said he was ableist too. apparently he has said the n word and has a tweet with the n word in it on his twitter. Some others also said he appropriates black culture and didn't deny it? I'm really confused about what to believe. Help?

Well, first of all, I think it’s very telling of your character that you’re choosing to get more sides of the story so as to not follow the crowd. Kudos on that – not many people think to stray from the herd. As usual, this answer is probably going to be very long and spaced out for easier readability, despite my expected rambling. I’m not going to absolve Zayn of anything; I’m simply going to give my two cents on the situation and leave others to think for themselves as I have done. My word is not final or law, and I won’t act like it is. 

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