im sorry im just emotional

You know what?

Shoutout to gay aces.
Shoutout to lesbian aces.
Shoutout to bi aces.
Shoutout to pan aces.
Shoutout to aro aces.
Shoutout to het aces.
Shoutout to ace girls.
Shoutout to ace boys.
Shoutout to nonbinary aces.
Shoutout to agender aces.
Shoutout to genderfluid aces.
Shoutout to ace trans women.
Shoutout to ace trans men.
Shoutout to ace who aren’t sure what their gender it.
Shoutout to sex repulsed aces.
Shoutout to aces who are okay with sex.
Shoutout to aces who like sex.
Shoutout to aces who aren’t sure if they like sex or not.
Shoutout to ace people of color.
Shoutout to aces with girlfriends.
Shoutout to aces with boyfriends.
Shoutout to aces who have partners.
Shoutout to aces who have multiple partners.
Shoutout to aces with mental illnesses.
Shoutout to young aces.
Shoutout to elderly aces.
Shoutout to people who think they might be ace but aren’t sure.

Shoutout to all asexuals.

You’re all amazing and valid. What you are feeling is valid. You are all part of the LGBT/ queer community, depending on what you personally choose to call it.


based on that one scene from mulan’s i’ll make a man out of you


gif request meme: favorite hero heroic moment + game of thrones (for @thatrobbstark)

@ parents 

please don’t tell your kids to shut up when they’re trying to tell you something or if they’re upset. don’t ignore them. don’t invalidate their feelings. talk to them. listen to them. never tell your kid(s) their thoughts and feelings don’t matter.

I was looking at this gif 

and gettin fucked up cause can you just imagine being Victor in this moment?? 

As far as I can tell (from the way the perspective shifts to follow his movements), Yuuri’s unknowingly doing this to the camera rn. He’s reaching out to the camera, and then gives the sweetest smile ever and!!!

Imagine being Victor. It’s been months since the banquet, Katsuki Yuuri hasn’t tried contacting you and has essentially dropped off the face of the Earth. You’ve (probably) skated Stammi Vicino at World’s as a dedication to the boy who stole your heart; a desperate plea, if he’s still out there, watching, to come back to you. You couldn’t have been the only one to feel the connection, right?

Let’s come back to the moment in question: your feeds are blowing up with this video, and curiously, you click on it. And here he is. Yuuri comes up on your screen and he’s skating it. Stammi Vicino. Stay Close to Me. And, as you realize this is a rather resounding confident reply, a confirmation of shared love, the object of your affections looks directly into the camera, he looks at you, and smiles sweetly, kindly. And you know you’re gone. 

(you then immediately fly halfway across the world with your dick out for this boy, but I digress)


“Jacob,” Bella begins. “I love you. You’re my best friend. But… I can’t change how I feel.” Bella’s voice is quiet, and wobbling with emotion. “Because it’ll be him. It’s always him.” 

Anguish sweeps across the wolf’s fierce face, and it’s even harder to take, Bella thinks, than if he were in human form. It is moments like these where she’s amazed by just how human Jacob is– how life exudes from every inch of his skin, even more so when he is his wolf. 

I’m still thinking of Taylor telling that fan how the #taylorswiftisoverparty really messed with her. To the point where she didn’t think people would show up at the pop up or she worried that this album wouldn’t be well-received.

It reminded me of this interview with NPR back when Red came out and she was asked about “Mean.”

I think people sometimes forget she’s human — even her fans. We have our expectations, all our thoughts and opinions. And we share them on a public scale because, after all, she’s a public figure.

The criticisms. The jokes. The likes and the subtweets. People think that if celebrities care about all the talk around them and about them that they must be shallow or conceited or needy or fake.

“Just ignore it,” we say. “It comes with the territory. They should toughen up.”

But Taylor has always worn her heart on her sleeve. She has protected her right to feel things, the good and the bad, because she wants her art to project those feelings.

Feelings like…

This is how the world works, you gotta leave before you get left.

Please don’t ever become a stranger who’s laugh I could recognize anywhere.

My love had been frozen deep blue but you painted me gold.

If we get burned at least we were electrified.

Your heart is a secret I’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep.

I know I make the same mistakes ever time, bridges burn, I never learn, at least I did one thing right.

It’s easy to think celebrities exist in a world separate from our chatter about them. It’s easy to assume that because they’re rich and famous and beautiful they can’t be bothered by what strangers tweet or haters say. They roll their eyes and say she can’t take a joke. They toss their heads and say maybe there are bigger things to worry about. But people need to remember that her art, her work, her passion is dependent on always remaining open to that pain and hope and vulnerability.

Reputation isn’t just a snarky one-off to the haters; it’s not a clap-back to the naysayers. There’s a reason people call this her most vulnerable and honest album to date. Reputation is a reflection on the years of battle scars and broken bones finally mending.

Taylor Swift remains insecure and self-conscious and hyper-aware and even sensitive. But thank god she does. Because there’s a reason 12 year olds and 37 year olds alike can relate to her songs. Not because they’re immature or melodramatic. But because in the end Taylor is just like us.

That is to say, only human.

support and love for autistic ppl

ESPECIALLY those who:

  • are nonverbal most or all of the time
  • have ‘disruptive’ or highly noticeable stims
  • repeat the same thing over and over because that’s what feels good
  • scream
  • get overstimulated easily
  • talk with a ‘weird’ or affected voice
  • talk with unusual grammar structure
  • can’t understand facial expressions or body language
  • like to talk about their special interests and nothing else
  • are uninterested in interaction

none of these make you worse than someone who is quote ‘higher functioning’. the absence or presence of these traits dont determine how autistic you are.

u are still a person, u are still a valid individual, your feelings still matter as much as anyone elses. you can still be an adult or teenager, and things like this dont make you a little kid!

I am so incredibly proud of William Magnusson. All of his life he spent trying to please his parents, but especially his father. A father who had already drilled into him from a young age that he would never amount to anything unless he was a carbon copy of himself. The sad reality that William grew up in is that his parents could not have given a shit about him and his happiness. Yet, William continually tried to please him. William turned out to be a great guy with a huge heart even if its hard to see on the outside.

Why I’m proud of him is because today he made a decision. Today he finally chose himself. He chose Noora. He chose happiness. His family was never a family. William chose Noora because she is his family. William finally realized that nothing he will ever do will make his father love him the way he deserves to be loved. So he chose the girl who will and has. 

William is giving up everything he knows to be with Noora because she needs him and he needs her. He loves her so damn much and its beautiful. Not to mention, he’s giving up everything toxic in his life to become the best person he can be. His father literally told him that he’s being cut off and William doesn’t care. Because money does not equal happiness. William would be happy living in a cardboard box if that meant he could be with the woman he loves and make something of himself, He signed himself up for Law school. The boy who didn’t trust the legal system! Do you know how far he has come? When he had messed up and confessed, he chose to believe that it would all work out and it did. That’s true inspiration. Also, I am sure that the whole situation with Noora and NIco sparked that fire inside of him to make sure that never happens to anyone else ever again. William once wrote, “People need people.” and he’s dedicating his life to being a person that can be counted on. A  boy that has always been there for the people who needed him most. 

You don’t have to like William, but he has grown up in more ways than you can imagine. At least give him the credit where its deserved. 

EXID has come so far and have gone through so much! they’ve almost disbanded, hyelin took a part time job in secret, their manager stuck with them without pay, they were revived and continued to produce amazing music and worked damn hard to be where they are now and they’ve been down a member for almost a year and through all the challenges and hate they’ve succeeded and remain extremely close as one family and im so happy for them and proud and want the best for them!!!

concept: percy jackson sits on the couch in his mother’s apartment. annabeth drapes her arm over his shoulder and watches percy slowly run his thumb over the swimming medal he won earlier that day. sally jackson walks into the room with cups of blue hot cocoa and smiles at the two of them. all is well. 

conflict is when u want to Make Content bc ur thirsty desperate ass requires validation but also when u dont want to Make Content bc u know that u won’t get notes bc ur a small blog and bigger blogs that have Even Bigger Mutuals to rb their stuff and seeing that comparison will make u feel even shittier and dejected 

I never thought that a guy with a dirty shirt and a ridiculous voice on YouTube would bring me so much happiness, when I started watching him I didn’t expect to find an amazing person behind all the characters, this show has made me meet great people and have something to look forward to. This bitch ass boy has come so far and I’m so proud of him. And he’s in the process of moving on and you bet your ass I’m gonna support tf out of him and you bet your ass I’m gonna cry when this show comes to an end