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12 days of stydia
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favorite episode (3x11)

ok but honestly what would i be without bangtan

When you really think about it, people aren’t exaggerating when they call Destiel the greatest love story ever told.

Cas is the one who gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition…he reached into hell to save one person, and the moment Cas laid his hand on Dean, he was lost. An eternity of loyalty, forfeited for one man. Every angel in the garrison noticed Castiel’s change in behavior. Every single one tried to convince Cas that his loyalties lay with heaven, not with Dean, but Cas rebelled.  He lost everything. He died for the Winchesters. He threw a molotov at his own brother, because it meant saving his boys. In Purgatory, he spent every night listening to Dean’s prayers, but he refused to answer them because he needed Dean to be safe. Every demon, monster, and angel knows the story. Castiel, once a loyal Angel of the Lord, abandoned everything he had ever known for Dean Winchester.

When Dean first returned from Hell, all of his scars were gone. Every mark on his body that told his life story had vanished, all except a handprint left by an angel. Dean, who never believed, not even after meeting a room full of Gods, starts praying because he needs his angel to hear him. Dean, who has spent his life avoiding feelings and “chick flick moments,” abandons all of that because he can see Cas is in pain, and he needs Cas to talk to him. When they went to rescue Samandriel, Cas told Dean how important it was to him that this one angel be saved, and even after Castiel collapsed, Dean kept fighting to get through the door and save Samandriel, because that was what Cas wanted more than anything else. Dean was willing to give his most prized possession (the Samulet) to Cas, because that’s how much he trusted him. He tampered with his own memories of Purgatory because he couldn’t bear to think that Cas left him on purpose. Even after being hunted in Purgatory, Dean refused to leave without the angel. 

Four years of rebellion, betrayal, forgiveness, and nothing could tear them apart. Even after Dean found out Cas was working with Crowley, he still couldn’t let go. Even after Castiel realized he would have to give up his father, his family, and his heaven to stay with Dean, he still did it. Because that’s what their love is about. The kind of hope you can’t fake. The kind of unwavering trust and devotion that only comes once in an eternity. The greatest love story ever told.

Jin ‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

Okay, honestly people aren’t talking enough about Jin’s cover. Jin has worked so hard to keep up in BTS, from the beginning to now you can hear how much his voice has developed into this beautiful sound of a pure angel. In AHL we saw how he has to practice dancing over & over again to perfect himself to keep up with hoseok. Think of how he must practice for all their dances to look in sync & perfectly kept up with everyone else. Jin truly is such a hard worker as the oldest hyung too to take care of everyone. I honestly am typing just all over the place & just rambling about Jin right now but he really should be appreciated & noticed more because he’s such a beautiful human being & he has so much potential to show us more of his ever growing skills. I love him so much & I hope that him & bangtan will always be happy, get to rest & eat well, they deserve so much for all their hard work!

Little Do You Know

(Based on the song Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra. This one is kinda personal to me because anyone who knows me personally knows that this is how I am with people and it’s one of those things that you know you want to work on but it takes a lot of time. But enjoy and let me know how you like it!)

You were a guarded person, and Calum knew that getting into your relationship. He did everything that a good partner should do there was no denying that, but sometimes it just felt like he didn’t get it. Your mind worked in a mysterious way that sometimes even you yourself didn’t understand, but it was something you learned to live with. You had nights when you would lay awake and just think yourself to death, literally. 

Tonight was on of those nights. You were laying in bed after a perfectly fine day of shopping and just having fun. When the sun went down, most times so did your mood unless you were out and about keeping yourself busy. But when you laid down, your mind started to wander with nothing but negative thoughts.

You stared at the ceiling thinking about the past. Past mistakes that you’d made that scarred you for life. Mistakes that you’d made many years ago that just stuck in your mind like a small splinter that never really went away. Mistakes that you’d made just hours ago, like stuttering when you ordered your drink at the restaurant and the waitress condescendingly smirked at you.

You knew these were things that you should let go. That you needed to let go. But you couldn’t. 

You knew that it was hard for him that you couldn’t open up to him the way he did to you but when your own mind is in your way you can’t help it. You tossed and turned, wracking your brain as Calum lay peacefully next to you. 

Or at least it seemed that way.

What you didn’t know was that the nights that you spent awake, Calum did as well. He knew that you weren’t the type to want to talk things our right away so he let you do your thing. 

On some nights he would hear you toss and turn for at least two hours before your breathing would steady and you would drift to sleep. He would roll over to see you curled in a ball, soft breaths falling from your lips, happy that you were finally dreaming of things that didn’t hurt you. 

Tonight he couldn’t just leave you be. Not when he heard the sound of sniffles. It broke his heart that this was a battle that he couldn’t fight for you. From the day he met you it was his goal to take every bad memory that you had and replace it with a happy or loving one, whether he was in it or not. All he wanted was to see you happy. 

You jumped a little when he sat up next to you. He looked sleepy but sad at the same time. Without a word he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest. 

Just the feeling of him was enough to calm you down. 

“Calum, I can’t-” you stuttered.

“You don’t have to talk about it,” he mumbled into your hair, “I’ll wait,”