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Imagine Sam, Dean and Castiel all being changed into Women after a witch casts a spell on them

You choked on your coffee practically coughing up your lungs as you saw the three standing before you in the library. “The Witches did something to our bodies!” Sam said waving his well, her, arms out to the side. “You….you’re……women. oh my god! I have to write those witches a thank you card and send them some fruit baskets or herb baskets.” you laughed standing up. “Dammit Y/N! This isnt funny!” Female Dean said. You stopped in your tracks and stared at them. “Look here, you boys, well…..girls now…..used to treat me like crap. You ordered me around, made me feel like I was just here to help you and please you. Now…..” you stopped in your tracks. 

“Oh my god…..” you whispered before laughing again. “What?!” Dean said crossing his arms. “The spell will play itself out, you’re like this to get a taste of your own medicine. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be relaxing, because there is no way in hell we’re hunting with you three walking vaginas.” You smirked walking away. 

It had been three days and no one had turned back yet. “NOTHING FITS!” Dean screamed storming down the hallway in a robe you’d given her. You laughed as she stormed in your room. “Relax Deana, Just borrow some of my clothes…Samantha did earlier as well as Cassie” You smirked. Dean grabbed your last pair of clean jeans and a flannel. “Easy there, Thats what Im wearing out tonight. I’ve got your outfit already picked out.” you smirked pulling out the black leather mini skirt with a red tank top. “Oh hell no” Deana said putting a hand on her hip. 

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EXO’s reaction to you flirting with a cop to get out of a traffic ticket

Anonymous said: EXO reaction to you flirting with a cop to get out of a traffic ticket, and it doesn’t work.

Thank you for the request. I’m feeling a little sick so I apologize for the quality of this one. It’s very crappy, I’m sorry :(

Baekhyun: *stands behind you and hopes it works*

Chanyeol: *Can’t help but giggle awkwardly when you fail, but tries holding it in*

Chen: *just shakes his head, both disappointed by your flirting skills and the cop not falling for it*

D.O: *gif*

Kai: *gets flustered and nervous when you start flirting with the cop*

Kris: *nope*

Lay: *tries telling the cop that you were just kidding but stops because he knows it will make it worse* “She was .. just….” *giggles in embarrassment* 

Luhan: “Just give me that ticket” *totally done with you*

Sehun: *very offended that you flirted with someone else that him*

Suho: “Why didn’t you just tell me you had a traffic ticket from the start?” *rich af*

Tao: (ignore the topless-ness) *stands behind you, judging you like crazy* “What..? what the…. why?”

Xiumin: *tries to ignore it and stays quiet, but accidentally let’s out a giggle when you fuck up*