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I love all of my mutuals

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but #procrastination.

Even if we’ve never really spoken I think all you guys are rad af and idk you all deserve the best. Hope you all have a great day xx


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friendly reminder that:

  • before the serum, steve had horrible asthma, was red-green color blind, and was deaf in one ear, his left if im not mistaken, and had scoliosis
  • bucky lost his left arm*
  • clint is deaf (in the newer comics it was bc someone stabbed both of his ears but in the older comics the dumbass put a sonic arrow in his mouth to counter an attack which sounds like a very clint thing to do. im sorry but i just had to add that)
  • theres a canon au where hes also blind (he was supposed to be at first but they changed it)
  • matt is blind*
  • xaviers paraplegic*
  • deadpool had an accident and now his skin looks p physically mangled and knarly and burnt
  • rogue literally cannot touch anyone*
  • 99% of the marvel characters have ptsd/depression or both, or sometimes other types of anxiety*
  • tony’s arc reactor is the only thing keeping him alive*
  • in he comics tony becomes paralyzed, and basically the suit has o become able to be powered by his thoughts (making the comparison to stephen hawking in the avengers all the more ironic. except. you know. from the legs down i think)
  • odin has one eye

*if you didnt know that youre probably just not paying attention or dont know who that is


RED VS BLUE - Part 3 (A-Support) 

With Brandon @sakudrew

cameo Wunibald @soundlessroom @soundlessreblogs (QwQ forgive me idk which is your main one lolz)

This one one was probably one of longest comic I worked on! I wanted to try a more complicated and srs style for better emotions and textures X’’’D wtf am i talking about? It’s also has some of Haku’s backstory and the gloves, I haven’t been able to fully explain it till now. lolololz 

P.S. don’t worry Haku’s not dead, he’s just passed out from blood loss and probs hungry

I was going for a shaking effect that gets hazier towards the end to symbolize Haku losing consciousness.

((Which also has him hallucinating caressing Xander when really it was Brandon honhonhon))

They do a blood oath with Brandon’s injured hand and the one Haku just stabbed himself

If it was a bit confusing to understand here’s the gist of it:

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Tagged by @anelementofsurprise and @cathawayinspace !  thank you my lovelies :))

a - age: 32, goodness !

b - biggest fear: oh gosh spiders, bugs, like any kind of terrible harm like impalement, heart attacks, uhhhh and also as i was just reminded: angler fish. and crustaceans, sorry crustaceans :(

c - current time: party time

d - drink you last had: im drinking a diet coke RIGHT NOW, *current events*

e - every day starts with: putting my hair up

f - favourite song: idk it;s too hard to pick

g - ghosts, are they real: nah

h - hometown: funkytown??

i - in love with: i really like my new blinds

j - jealous of: the (possibly mythical) person who has got their life together

k - killed someone: no and this question is uncomfortably common on these things…..

l - last time you cried: few days ago, that “i don’t even know why i’m crying????” period crying

m - middle name: erin

n - number of siblings: none

o - one wish: comfy pants

p - person you last called/texted: mom

q - questions you’re always asked: “hows it going?”

r - reasons to smile: a song i really like coming on whatever player is playing songs

s - song last sang: missing words by the selecter, in the shower, with lots off missing words and humming as it often is when i realize in the shower i dont know the words to songs as well as i thought…

t - time you woke up: idk

u - underwear colour: teal rn, which was my fav color for a bit when i was like 10 or smthng and so bins and stuff in my room were that color for like years, so teal makes me think of that. but uh now its just a color that came in a multipack i like the mint and pink ones more now !

v - vacation destination: my couch

w - worst habit: doubting myself, aaaah im even doubting if i should put that as my answeeeerrrr noooo

x - x-rays you’ve had: broke my leg when i was a toddler when i got up and started to run off / dance with my onesie around my ankles while my mom was changing my diaper, also spellcheck wants to correct “onesie” to “Nessie” like that is definitely not what i meant but Nessie around my ankles could totally lead to some broken bones as well. XD oh yeah and had x-rays of my teeth as a teen too, that thing looks like a sci-fi weapon.

y - your favourite food: yowww, i cant pick

z - zodiac sign: aries

anonymous asked:

our headspace is p much an apartment-looking kinda place,, its kinda dark, and the main room always has kind of a purplish hue to it?? theres a staircase that leads to a hallway w a bunch of doors to everyones rooms; also theres another door in the main room that looks like a front door, but it leads to a blinding white void that someone walks through whenever they want to front haha- sorry im bad at explaining things!!


I’m Sorry - Bellamy Blake

Originally posted by kcismyreligion

This is a long as so im putting it in two. Can i get a Bellamy X reader were someone like Kane sends Octavia to scout out an area or something and she returns injured and Clarke abd the rest find her before Bellamy does and they try to make an excuse for him so Bellamy doesnt flip out on Kane, so the reader says she’ll do it. And when she tells Bellamy she sent Octavia he get furious and is blinded by anger and abuses her and makes her leave. And the the next day everyone looks for her but cant find her. Someone like Clarke asks Bell were she is and he realizes what hes done and tells everyone what happened and they look for her. When they find hers she is already dead and Bell is devastated because he loves her and he holds her in his arms apologizing through heavy sobs while everyone watches through tears.

 So I’m not going to have him abuse her because I don’t like writing things like that as I don’t think they should be romanticized. Anyways other than that hope you enjoy! :)

It had been a couple of hours since Octavia had stumbled back into camp with a knife in her shoulder. Unfortunately the girl had ran into a couple men from Ice Nation and it hadn’t ended well at all. Kane had decided she would be a good choice to send out as she is obviously one of the strongest people around here. Luckily, Bellamy was still out on a mission which left us the task of deciding how to break the news.

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ughprincetyler  asked:

hello hello! first off i wanna say that i really love you and your art, keep up the fantastic work. secondly i just had a quick question, so i was scrolling through your blog and im pretty sure this hasnt been asked yet and if it has then im just blind and im sorry. i was wondering what youd rate autodesk sketchbook? like how good you think it is? i wanna try it out but i wanted to get someones opinion on it before i did. thanks in advance!

Well it’s pretty good for starting up digitally especially if you don’t have the money to get anything else. I’m still using it and enjoy finding new ways to paint in it :)

anonymous asked:

Spark reacting to someone he liked getting hit in the face by a pokemon (someone else accidentally threw) ?

ahaha i think spark is the most popular person around here! (im also assuming you meant “pokeball?” since someone is throwing it? gosh i hope they’re not throwing around pokemon

It was partially your own fault, since you were focused on not scaring away the bulbasaur that had popped up, but somehow you had just gotten slapped in the face by a pokeball.  Whoever had thrown it had gotten you right in the nose.  For a few seconds, you were utterly blind with smarting pain.  

“Oh my gosh, are you okay?” You assumed the person speaking was who had hit you.  “I’m so sorry!”  You waved your hand around, not wanting to show exactly how much it hurt (it would work so much better if you could actually open up your eyes).  

“I-It’s fine,” you said.  The hand covering your nose suddenly felt warm and wet.  Sticky with blood.  How were you supposed to get away?  You could take care of yourself, but the person wouldn’t stop talking and apologizing—

A heavy hand laid on your shoulder.  “Y/n’s fine,” a definitely male voice said from just behind you.  “Don’t worry about it, it was just an accident.  You go on ahead and I’ll take care of them, okay?” With one more stuttered apology, the person left and there was blissed silence for your to feel pain in.  

“Man, they really got you good, didn’t they?” Through teary eyes, you looked up at your rescuer.  He was blond, blue-eyed, wearing a lot of orange and yellow, and– the team leader of Instinct.  Spark.

You’d met him before on several occasions, but this was the first time you’d ever been alone with him to talk.  You weren’t sure if you could count the situation as normal, since your blood was streaming out of your nose and you were in the middle of a forest, but he seemed nice enough. You could only nod in response to him.  

He made you sit down and pull your hands away from your nose.  Your eyes were clearing up and you realized how close he was.  He was examining you very carefully, eyes flicking over the features of your face.  Your cheeks colored a little.  His fingers brushed over the reddened skin around your nose.  “I think it’s just a flesh wound,” he murmured.  “It’s not very swollen, so it must not be broken…”  The blond wiped away the blood on your face with the back of his glove, and you wondered whether he cared or not that it would stain.

You wanted to say something smart-sounding or witty to brush off the pain and make him think you weren’t a total idiot for getting hit by a pokeball but all that came out was a choked “they really wanted to catch them all…”

Spark blinked at you, surprised, then laughed.  He stood up, offering you his hand.  “I can’t say I’m surprised.”  As you were pulled up, you realized your bodies were inches apart.  His eyes never left your face.  “You’re quite a rare catch.”

thanks for asking! tbh tho spark would probably nvr be that smooth he’d probably shove memes in your face

Your heart was like light trapped in a glass box, fragile and gorgeous and breathtaking. But I was always so clumsy, I fumbled and fell and delicate things slipped from my fingers. So when you placed your heart in my hands I clutched it close and tried to tuck it beside my own. Yet still it slid from my grasp and smashed across the kitchen floor, I watched every second with a scream engraved upon my lips and an agony in my chest. I’d sell my soul for the chance to explain how much you mean to me and just how damn sorry I am, even though I know you still wouldn’t come back. And I hope with everything I’ve got that you swept up all the shattered bits and rebuilt that blinding thing your soul called home, so that you can love again. Go love someone with and iron grip and a heart as bright as yours. Go love someone I could never be.
—  A.O.A.M. | I Didn’t Mean To Break Your Heart

dreamytea  asked:

hey I saw ur like master post of dan and phil things! could u do one of like when they stare or look at eachother v cutely bc wow they do that alot!! ^_^

Good Idea, sorry for the late reply. I’m a really good procrastinator oops.


theyre so beautiful im out

danyul what u lookin at boy

he looks so tranced in phils face omf

nooww KISS


yup yup yup ypu ypumtgwdasasc

Dan what are you looking at

Dan stop this, im hurt




I love how sometimes they stare for too long, they immediately look back that the camera. 





you have been there through thick and think (…)you have no idea (you seriously don’t lol ) how much of a blessing you are to me and how comforting it is to know that you’d literally beat someone up for me if you had to

You know I ride or die for you always!! There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you! I love your gutts and a half 

(…) in a world without the you’s, the me’s would laugh and dance a lot less, and everything would be quiet and boring and less bass would be bumpin. (…) if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that it’s incredibly important to surround yourself with people that inspire you- and you inspire me to be a better person, if i get lucky and you rub off on me and you give me even a smidge of the purity that’s in your mind, the loyalty to the people you love, the easiness with which you live and the selflessness in your heart, I’ll be set. i can’t ever thank you enough for listening to me rant about boys and giving me words to make me feel less insane, for keeping my secrets and trusting me with yours, for being the life of the party and walking around with your boom box even at the airport for Gods sake, for cheering me on, for balancing out being soft and forgiving yet loyal and strong, and for showing me what true sisterhood means.another thing I’ve learned is that the universe brings certain people together because they were meant to be a part of each other, and I believe we were meant to have become sisters,(…) I will fight for you to the ends of the earth always. (…)

Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.


don’t trip i got your back chancho

i am happy we exist at the same time

Why the narusaku shippers think than naruto should have ended with sakura and why they are wrong.

For starters we need to see different points of view, im triying to be neutral and give both shipps what they deserve, because opinions work better in that way.

i know there is gonna be a lot of people like this

but im not saying you cant ship the ship you like or do fan arts or everything you want, im just exposing arguments of why you should not be blinded and diminish the work of a life just because you didnt liked how it ended, there is 7 billion people in this world off fucking course not anyone its gonna like it, and its fine because thas how we are, but rant and be assholes doesnt do anything good for you, and im talking about every pairing there is including naruhina and sasusaku.

ok so let me begin, if we do a lot of research and look at the core of every pairing we are gonna end seeing things in may ways, like the character you like the most and how do you spect it to end, thats a common given and the most and i repeat common thing i see in narusaku, its than they like Sakura and A LOT, way more than naruto, and than most of their fanbase are girls and womens, they have many points looking for why sakura should have ended with naruto and the first and in almost 100% accuracy their are gonna say development, but thats not true, the only reason of why all of this girls and womens like this pairing its because they fell atatched to her character and feel identified with her and try to be in her place, like if were an evolution they are going trough the series with her, thats why most of them said than sakura its a strong character, good personality and etc. but surely they have been feel identified with the character mostly because the way sasuke treats sakura, and how independent you say she is. well if we see the “development”

you see cleary than naruto just after hear than sakura wants sasuke acknowledgment he realize why he likes her, its because he doesnt wanna loose to him, not even in love, and thats from chapter 3 and most of narusakus are gonna be like

or just ignore the fact than naruto doesnt like sakura in a love way, and probably are gonna stop reading by this point and look at me as 

and block me.

well anyway for the ones who are here still with me lets continue, so we reached the point i wanted, after read the manga you realize by anyway you try sasuke has been an asshole with sakura 697 chapters of 700, and remember the part where i said narusakus want to sakura end with naruto ? thats why, its because they put in sakuras position and dont wanna accept the fact than that asshole ended with here after all that “Development” she had with naruto, but for give a good opinion you should be in naruto’s place to see this from his perspective,

twice she had the chance to get over sasuke and let him go, but she preffered the one who almost killed her more than twice and we have a point here, so lets see the other possible relationship, its the relationship of naruto and hinata, ok you could say they dont have any development, but i ask you, did that matter for sakura when she chose sasuke ? NO, but look and even if you dont wanna admit it hinata was always there, and naruto have been always a good guy, NEVER in his life said anything bad to hinata and always has been respecting her, he always admired her and she was his wall in the worst times, thats why narusakus want naruto to end with sakura, because he its the kind of guy who never will hurt sakura, but the narusakus need to realize to than sakura isnt the protagonist, its NARUTO the only protagonist of the story, and he deserved someone who make him happy, he always lived a life of shit, was alone and was seen as a monster, but only 3 people looked at him as a kid, hinata, sasuke and iruka, they never looked at him as a monster, and always they has been in naruto most important times in life, im not talking about development, im talking about who realy could have made naruto happy, put in his possition in the Naruto one not in the sakura one, and pretend you now “like some girl” and you have been always a good guy and always triying to make her smile just because you like her, but she likes someone else, and that person treated her like shit, but you cant do anything because he its the one she likes, and you like her enough to support her because thats whats make her happy, now you see its hard to be naruto and knowing the truth about sakura better than anyone hurt to, but remember you put sakura as if was his life the most important one in the series when its not.

if you put yourself in naruto’s place and imagine if he ended with sakura, tell me something, you will be happy ?, knowing than with the women you’re spending your life she its still loving someone else ? for the love of God

its hard right, well another thing i wanna talk about its some people in tha narusaku fandom they are another kind of shipper the ones who make this images

and they say “oh my god look how sakura its screaming naruto with love” i give you an answer of why she is doing that,  because she cant do anything to save anyone, thats why, first off all at that time she could have used the byakugo to help tsunade in save anyone, but no she just was waithing to be in a war and show sasuke how she isnt useless anymore, and then, naruto the one she was screaming for, gets his ass beaten and leater she didnt do jackshit but look, and the only one who risked her life was hinata, why sakura (the one you call that isnt useless) didnt made anything to save naruto just to see him die by the hands of the one WHO DESTROY HER VILLAGE, killed both her sensei and her sempai and thousands of people in his town probably her parents, and many of the arguments i got from this its “Naruto said he wanna fight alone” so your best friend its figthing to death and he cant move and there its no hope for him to beat the enemy and its gonna die, and you’re just gonna watch ?

i could go on but i dont wanna turn this in a TL;DR

my point its dont see in the eyes of sakura the end, try to see it as Naruto, we know naruto have been trough a pretty harsh and horrible life, alone and missunderstood, allways doing pranks to call the attentiond and remember he was alive at least when the adults where scolding him, and i ask you to see this picture now

he didnt deserved it ? as far as i know all that its important for narusaku shippers its sakura but think in naruto, he deserved someone who was with him since the begining, the development doesnt matter shit if sakura its still loving sasuke and its important to get over it, Kishimoto worked on this more than 15 years, was his prime archivement, his life every week since 1999, you still think he was paid to change the ending ? WHY ? he has all the money he could have wanted in his life, this its his son, his life work, just because you didnt liked its lame to think than he selled himself tho change the end, for the love of God Hinata was created before the manga started way before than sakura and was created to end with naruto, and if as you say the development betwen both “doesnt exist"  its because he didnt wanted to put that in a SHONEN MANGA a love story, this its not SEINEN like Fairy tale, how much development had goku with milk before married him ? just because he had development with bulma he wasnt gonna end with her, its just happen and thats it, this is a manga about the struggle and the important that its create bonds and what a better way to end the story with the protagonist after live a shitty life since he was born, to end with a Happy Family where he its smiling, where he have two sons who love him so much, a wife who love him even more, fullfilling his Dream to be hokage and where HE ITS NOT ALONE ANYMORE

i dont wanna start a flamewar and

if you are gonna be mean with me at least put arguments and be polite as i was.

i dont hate narusaku i just see the thing trough naruto because as you narusaku see the thing from the perspective of sakura i do the same with naruto and i dislike how most of you just pretend naruto its the one who its gonna forget everything and live happy knowing his wife will be loving someone more, and i cant accept it. so open your mind and look from other perspective and dont be blind and think than insulting a man who worked on this 15 years doesnt hurt him or the ones who liked his work, if you enjoyed the ride you have no rights to call him sellout so be cool and dont be an asshole with the one who create this worldThanks for Reading and Sorry for My Bad english im not native english speaker so i hope at least you can understand :)

anonymous asked:

im sorry i much prefer the comedic character whos actually a strong girl and can actually approach the boy she likes rather than one who hides behind a tree LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

I must be blind then because I certainly don’t see a tree in this panel.


For someone who “can’t approach the boy she likes,” Hinata sure seems like she’s doing a good job of doing just that. 

okay the spoilers are killing everyone but like. this is it.

this is the final proof that levi doesnt hate erwin. that he cares for him

because even after all the hints of their relantion (gay friendship no homo duh) there are still people who think he does,

but after this???? after levi refusing to kill the beast titan (something so reckless for him) so he can make someone a shifter. AND CLEARLY THINKING OF ERWIN CUZ HE WONT LET HIM DIE??? im sorry but whoever keeps thinking that they dont get along is clearly reading a different manga or just plain blind