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Best Friend to Boyfriend with Taeyong!

(request for anon! I really hope I did this one right! 😅)

(requests for all boy groups are open!)

*oh my god

*oh mY GOd

*this request got me feelin

*fun fact im listening to Six Inch by Beyonce and let me tell you there are some things I wanna do to Taeyong with this song in the bg

*ok now i’m done being thirsty

*let’s begin

*You and Taeyong are bestest friends

*have been as long as you can remember

*the sexual/emotional tension is absolutely overpowering but you’re both blind as all hell

*seriously someone get you two some glasses so you can see this shit

*if he could stop sleeping with you in his mind then he would probably notice that you looked at him the same way he looks at you

*honestly who wouldn’t want to date Taeyong

*he tries to be tough and strong for his members *cough* kids

*but sometimes he has a rough day

*and he gets really tired and stressed

*so he calls up his best friend in the whole world

*”y/n… yeah… im sorry its so late but… i dont know im just feeling really worn out..”

*so taeyong shows up at your house and you already have the couch all set up

*and you always have cute romantic comedies set up to play because Taeyong watched Hercules (yes, the disney one) one time and now he thinks he’s an expert

*and you open the door and taeyong is standing there leaning against the doorframe

*even exhausted he looks stunning

*he can’t keep the smile off his face when he sees you

*”y/n im so happy you answered”

*you pull him into a hug and are immediately encompassed in his warmth

*he pushes you along to the couch and curls up with you as soon as you sit down

*his head is in your lap and he’s such a snuggly boy

*”Tae, why don’t we just go into my room?”

*and he gets all blushy but agrees and a few minutes later you have Taeyong curled up in your arms trying to snuggle as possible because after a full day of trying to lead a dozen younger crazy boys and dealing with management he just needs to be held and relax

*and for him, it’s you. It’s always been you

*You’re head over heels for him

*wHo WoUlDn’T bE

*so you have no problem being the one he trusts the most

*because he’s like that for you too

*through countless shitty boyfriends and heartbreaks, Taeyong is always there for you to cry on and he always buys your favorite candies and brings you to the dorms so the dreamies can help cheer you up

*Chenle: i’ll fight him, y/n! He was so mean to you!

*Jisung: I’ll help Chenle! We’ll beat him up!!

*one day you and taeyong are hanging out at your house

*and he’s been quiet all day but he says he just doesn’t feel well and that he needs to think and clear his head

*but he never likes being alone so he comes to stay with you

*so you go about your day, cleaning up a little and watching some tv while Taeyong sits on the couch silently

*he’ll occasionally comment on something but other than that he remains quiet

*eventually you sit next to him and ask what’s up

*but he just shakes his head so you hug him for a moment and then go to your room to remake your bed since today was your laundry day

*so you’re immersed in desperately trying to tuck the sheet in but it doesn’t want to cooperate

*suddenly you feel hands on your hips and you almost jump until you’re spun around and face to face with Taeyong

*there’s something in his eyes but you can’t place what it is

*”Tae? Sweetie what are you do-”

*You’re cut off by him slamming his lips onto yours

*about damn T I M E

*you’re shocked at first but within a millisecond you’ve melted under his touch

*his tight grip on your hips has you locked in your place

*and now your hands are tangled in his hair, keeping him as close to you as possible

*and you can’t even think coherently because of how you can feel Taeyong smiling against you

*”what the fuck was that?!”

*Taeyong immediately starts apologizing, thinking you were mad

*but to his surprise you tackle him and start kissing him again

*and somewhere in the middle he giggles and asks you to be his girl

*and you just smile down at him and say you always were, you were just waiting on him to ask first

(Translation) Aishuu no Ori vol. 1 + Animate tokuten

愛執の檻 [R18! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!]

CV. Shirai Yuusuke

T/N: Commissioned! Thanks for the regular patronage :) This is my last commission for the time being bc I’m busy with moving houses and all, but I will probably reopen it again in mid Oct-late Oct, after I settle everything.

Anyway, this dude tho lmao… Actually I thought he sounded a little mature in the beginning but when the actual hanky panky is happening his pitch goes up :^)

and Major spoiler but that baby talk in the end got me thinking of that anon some days ago who asked for “baby-making” CDs lmao. Now here you go, anon, Shirai Yuusuke for your babymaking needs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) not literally of course ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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friendly reminder that:

  • before the serum, steve had horrible asthma, was red-green color blind, and was deaf in one ear, his left if im not mistaken, and had scoliosis
  • bucky lost his left arm*
  • clint is deaf (in the newer comics it was bc someone stabbed both of his ears but in the older comics the dumbass put a sonic arrow in his mouth to counter an attack which sounds like a very clint thing to do. im sorry but i just had to add that)
  • theres a canon au where hes also blind (he was supposed to be at first but they changed it)
  • matt is blind*
  • xaviers paraplegic*
  • deadpool had an accident and now his skin looks p physically mangled and knarly and burnt
  • rogue literally cannot touch anyone*
  • 99% of the marvel characters have ptsd/depression or both, or sometimes other types of anxiety*
  • tony’s arc reactor is the only thing keeping him alive*
  • in he comics tony becomes paralyzed, and basically the suit has o become able to be powered by his thoughts (making the comparison to stephen hawking in the avengers all the more ironic. except. you know. from the legs down i think)
  • odin has one eye

*if you didnt know that youre probably just not paying attention or dont know who that is

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yuu trusts guren too much but it makes sense

I’ve seen some people who are criticizing Yuu very harshly because of how easily he’s trusting Guren, and although I like Guren a lot, I have to agree that Yuu is being way too gullible for his own good. However, I feel that Yuu’s trust of Guren is understandable and also makes him a more interesting character. 

Yuu has been through way too much—his parents called him a demon and tried to kill him, and then he lost all of his family from Hyakuya orphanage, all while he is still a kid. This trauma naturally has a profound impact on him. When he escapes the vampires, Guren gives him a new life and is kind to him, and since Yuu has lost everyone that he has, it’s normal that he clings to Guren. Yuu’s blind trust of Guren is problematic, but it is understandable because Guren holds a special place in his heart as the first person he was close to after losing his family, and he probably believes that Guren is the reason that he was able to start a new life with his squad mates and Mika. It’s easy for us to look at the situation objectively, but Yuu’s had a messed up life, and it’s taken its toll on him. 

I also like that there this imperfection in Yuu’s character because it makes him a lot more real. I’ve seen a lot of people who are seeing Yuu’s gullibility as a very bad thing that makes him less likable, but I don’t feel that way. If Yuu were to be completely rational and objective about this situation it wouldn’t really make sense. He was broken and devastated, so his attachment to Guren is very realistic and makes him a lot more human and interesting. While his blind trust of Guren probably isn’t going to go well for him, I don’t think that this makes his character worse or anything like that. 

reallygoodandoriginalusername  asked:

Could you give me some advice on writing a blind character? I've researched it and found out that total blindness is pretty uncommon, so I want her to be almost completely blind. Like, very blurry vision, almost can't see anything. She's born like this, if that helps. Im thinking her vision would be somewhere around 20/1000, but the research I've done gave me really vague and complicated results on this? (1/2)

(2/2) What do you think would be reasonable for someone with really blurry, maybe only basic light/dark distinguishing vision (on the vision scale, I mean)? I’m really sorry because I feel like I should be able to find this on my own, but for some reason there doesn’t seem to be any clear research written about this that I can find. Thank you so much!

Hey there! Wow! What a @reallygoodandoriginalusername!! 

So here’s the thing. I can talk a teeny tiny bit about the medical aspects of blindness, though I freely admit it’s not my specialty. However, what you’re far better off doing is following and sending asks to a blog such as @actuallyblind, who, while not writer-specific, talk a lot about the blind experience. 

And don’t ever feel sorry for asking a question, especially not one about how to write accurately and respectfully about a marginalized group. That’s a really important thing to do, and I’m always happy to help where and when I can. 

One of these days (soon!) I hope to put up a list of blogs that help talk about specific types of disabilities, including blindness, deafness, mobility problems, brain injury, etc. If anyone has any suggestions for awesome, writer-friendly (writer-specific is best!) blogs in these spheres, I’m happy to compile a list; the [Submissions Box] would be awesome! (Of course, @scriptspoonie is going to be on that list….) 

If anyone else has any great suggestions on resources about blind characters, leave a comment or give it a reblog! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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anonymous asked:

there are hoes out here that say lance is ugly....? i'm......???? can't even wrap my head around that concept tbh. doesn't compute in my brain. lance is like the sun- glittering and beautiful and warm. without it we'd be dead and you can't look at it directly because it ruins your vision from how bright it is

someone: lance is honestly ug-

me: it’s okay that you think that. it must be so hard to be blind


RED VS BLUE - Part 3 (A-Support) 

With Brandon @sakudrew

cameo Wunibald @soundlessroom @soundlessreblogs (QwQ forgive me idk which is your main one lolz)

This one one was probably one of longest comic I worked on! I wanted to try a more complicated and srs style for better emotions and textures X’’’D wtf am i talking about? It’s also has some of Haku’s backstory and the gloves, I haven’t been able to fully explain it till now. lolololz 

P.S. don’t worry Haku’s not dead, he’s just passed out from blood loss and probs hungry

I was going for a shaking effect that gets hazier towards the end to symbolize Haku losing consciousness.

((Which also has him hallucinating caressing Xander when really it was Brandon honhonhon))

They do a blood oath with Brandon’s injured hand and the one Haku just stabbed himself

If it was a bit confusing to understand here’s the gist of it:

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forgot to post kova oops

1) an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

i fucking did the thing and rushed and i want to die (im probably going to redo it after inktober is over(maybe earlier)) day 16: cats/eyeball
kova playing with someone’s eye.. (hint it isnt narti’s haA-)

2) missing moon man Matt is a mummy
(say that fast five times)

day 17: mummy

I FUCKINF RUSHED AGAIN FML also i lov matt (ik the heads too big soRRY)

anonymous asked:

Hey !! Its the trans anon back again,,, idk if this is rly lame sorry but I ... am so happy now. I've been on t for 3mo & im off my anti depressants an I'm dating someone nice & my no one misgenders me anymore & I have a job & an internship & im starting uni & I wake up happy and go through my day happy and go to sleep happy... my room is clean and my blinds r up and I drink water. I'm so glad I didn't die when I wanted too. it got so much better . I'm happy I'm alive & I nvr thought I'd say tha

ahhhhh ANGEL ITS BEEN A WHILE!!! I was literally thinkin of u like last week lmao!!! Omggggg omg im so so happy for u!!!! This is so great im so happy all of this is happening for u cause u deserve it and i hope it gets even better from here!! 💖💖💖💖this msg made me smile nd im having the worst morninng bc im sick as hell so thanks for that shsjsj stay safe babe nd keep me updated ok 🌸💖💕

anonymous asked:

so im trying to make a circle mage who is pro circle but i don't want them to be like, blind to what's going on. your warden is the most memorable anti circle mage oc i know so i want to ask if its ok: what will mordred say to someone who says that the circles worked for most mages and that's why they should return to it??

Hey! Good luck for your endeavor and sorry it took me so freaking long to reply to this but mostly it’s cuz this is a fun question and, I think, one that’s pertinent to Mordred as well.

He…would ask this in return: “But for WHOM does it work?”

Of course a system would work; that’s how the bits and parts came together and evolved together enough to even be called a “system” at all. So the better questions are who the Circles benefit the most (ultimately, Mordred believes, the Chantry; it gives them an incredibly powerful class of non-citizens at their beck and call, not to mention providing a perfectly reasonable cause for their Templar army to exist without threatening the sovereignty of any lord or king they station their well-trained, well-fed army of faithfuls in), and the second question is *at whose expense*.

Magic is dangerous gone unchecked, of course, both in the ways of explosion and in the ways of using it as dark means to amass army and power, because everything in life boils down to combat. That’s the legacy Drakon and the south had built for themselves. Mordred doesn’t argue the *idea* of why Circles were built – to keep track of mages, and to provide a fairly public place for them to be raised and provided for. On the government’s dime no less, as the Chantry was effectively a theocracy in and of itself, wealthy and with extensive reaches.

But the Circles as *institutions* are not only not up to snuff, they are an insult and the biggest fucking piece of evidence against the Chantry’s teaching of mercy and righteousness. Years of abuses, dozens if not hundreds of these cases either gone unspoken because mages are terrified of repercussions if they speak up (as is usual of people without power or standing in society), or someone spoke up and got exactly what they feared would happen. The deed itself, swept under the carpet.

How many more were like Cole who died a lonely, wretched death after he was raped and beaten, his records vanished for convenience’s sake? How many more were like the mages who leaped from the top of the Gallows? Yes, yes, the age old argument that the Gallows was a special case, Kirkwall was a special case.

But every Circle had the potential to become like the Gallows, and if mages were effectively imprisoned or at the very least under house arrest for the potential of their magic, then Mordred asks, why shouldn’t these “potentials” be treated and addressed with the same seriousness? Whatever guise corruption wears, it is corruption nonetheless.

But none of this is true or can be, because the ones who have the power to address them will not. Addressing them means they compromise their own empires and institutions, and Mordred doesn’t expect them to turn on the hands which feed. Furthermore, until recently, Templars were Everywhere. If the Chantry accused a lord or lady of something for inconveniencing them, repercussions could be real and brutal.

Law ain’t worth shit if it’s made to benefit top earners or if it’s made to benefit the people and then have no one to enforce it. Violence IS the people’s last and final resort when all other options to seek recourse for their wrongs had been exhausted. That they were all there, Mordred and this mage, standing at Haven in the snow cold and miserable with an explosion that killed hundreds? They were there for a reason. Because of this.

Fifty-one out of one hundred percent of the Circles decided, for whatever reasons, they could no longer abide by Templar oversight and Chantry rule and would rather risk – and MAINTAIN – rebellion than be collared again. Mordred would’ve asked your mage to find out what this fifty-one percent’s reasons were, before they focused on the forty-nine of which they were a part of.

Because rebellion is COSTLY. War always is, especially when war is waged in desperation by those unskilled at fighting, by a MINORITY unskilled at fighting no less. So: ask why. Ask them why they thought the dark unknown is better than the warm bed and the three square meals and the endless, endless treasures of knowledge the Circles offered.

What, really, came with those benefits? ‘Cos they were pretty sweet deals, aren’t they? So why didn’t these people stick with it? Why?

anonymous asked:

Spark reacting to someone he liked getting hit in the face by a pokemon (someone else accidentally threw) ?

ahaha i think spark is the most popular person around here! (im also assuming you meant “pokeball?” since someone is throwing it? gosh i hope they’re not throwing around pokemon

It was partially your own fault, since you were focused on not scaring away the bulbasaur that had popped up, but somehow you had just gotten slapped in the face by a pokeball.  Whoever had thrown it had gotten you right in the nose.  For a few seconds, you were utterly blind with smarting pain.  

“Oh my gosh, are you okay?” You assumed the person speaking was who had hit you.  “I’m so sorry!”  You waved your hand around, not wanting to show exactly how much it hurt (it would work so much better if you could actually open up your eyes).  

“I-It’s fine,” you said.  The hand covering your nose suddenly felt warm and wet.  Sticky with blood.  How were you supposed to get away?  You could take care of yourself, but the person wouldn’t stop talking and apologizing—

A heavy hand laid on your shoulder.  “Y/n’s fine,” a definitely male voice said from just behind you.  “Don’t worry about it, it was just an accident.  You go on ahead and I’ll take care of them, okay?” With one more stuttered apology, the person left and there was blissed silence for your to feel pain in.  

“Man, they really got you good, didn’t they?” Through teary eyes, you looked up at your rescuer.  He was blond, blue-eyed, wearing a lot of orange and yellow, and– the team leader of Instinct.  Spark.

You’d met him before on several occasions, but this was the first time you’d ever been alone with him to talk.  You weren’t sure if you could count the situation as normal, since your blood was streaming out of your nose and you were in the middle of a forest, but he seemed nice enough. You could only nod in response to him.  

He made you sit down and pull your hands away from your nose.  Your eyes were clearing up and you realized how close he was.  He was examining you very carefully, eyes flicking over the features of your face.  Your cheeks colored a little.  His fingers brushed over the reddened skin around your nose.  “I think it’s just a flesh wound,” he murmured.  “It’s not very swollen, so it must not be broken…”  The blond wiped away the blood on your face with the back of his glove, and you wondered whether he cared or not that it would stain.

You wanted to say something smart-sounding or witty to brush off the pain and make him think you weren’t a total idiot for getting hit by a pokeball but all that came out was a choked “they really wanted to catch them all…”

Spark blinked at you, surprised, then laughed.  He stood up, offering you his hand.  “I can’t say I’m surprised.”  As you were pulled up, you realized your bodies were inches apart.  His eyes never left your face.  “You’re quite a rare catch.”

thanks for asking! tbh tho spark would probably nvr be that smooth he’d probably shove memes in your face