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let’s talk about a ptsd thing that’s called sense of foreshortened future. i don’t see anyone ever talking about it here and i think that it’s important that people know that what they experience is nothing but another symptom of their mental illness.

So what is it?

Basically, sense of foreshortened future is a feeling or a belief that for some reason you won’t have a long and fullfilling life. You feel like you will die soon – or sooner than expected – and therefore you shouldn’t make any long-term plans. You try to avoid long-term relationships, you don’t have any career plans, reaching your birthday - hell, sometimes even managing to surivive the week surprises you. 

You feel like you’ll never have a normal life because you’re not only broken beyond repair but also can’t trust anyone anymore. It is an incredibly depressing feeling that makes you feel like there’s no point in… anything, really? Every activity becomes dull and pointless and you don’t know what drags you though life at this point.

I know it won;t make the feeling go away but I want you to know that this feeling is NOT a reflection of reality. You’re not broken beyond repair and you will have a normal happy life if you work on your recovery. making plans is not pointless. You deserve to be happy and you will be happy. Don’t let PTSD and its symptoms convince you otherwise.

more keith / lance / klance headcanons yeet

this is both canon universe and domestic au type o stuff

• he may love the outdoors but keith HATES the beach

• sucks bc lance loves the beach (this isnt even a hc cause its already canon but whatever)

• keiths favorite animal is a red panda cause thar be sneak

• keith loves horror movies but is terrified of them at the same time

• lance gets scared of real life shit (ie ep9s1) but when it comes to movies he not

• this is because he had to be the Brave Big Brother™ for his lil siblings when his fam would watch scary movies

• lance called his car “his girl” and would whoop you if you scratched it

• keith has had only 1 pet in his life and he got it when he was 11 from shiro and it was a little black cat

• keith LOVED that cat but while shiro was missing the cat died (angst bc that was the only living thing keith had left of shiro)

• lance does the cooking

• bih look me in the eyes and tell me you think keith can cook THAT BOY CANT COOK FOR SHIT

• he can only cook spaghetti

• “keith, babe, the CARBS”

• one time lance wasnt home for a week and keith ONLY ate spaghetti cause thats all he could cook and he doesnt like talking to people on the phone so he couldnt order smth

• “spaghetti gremlin”

• when keith was 13 he found a lone eyeliner pencil and hooooo boy

• it was really bad for like 7 months but he got better and now he can do wings like a pro

• lance is more of a lipstick dude

• lance loves dark reds and purples for lipsticks

• lance likes to listen to music while hes training because its easier for him to move smoothly when theres a beat to go to

• keith loves getting affection and blushes like a mad man

• like even after theyve been dating for a while, whenever lance compliments him or tells him he loves him or touches his hand hes a stuttering mess

• when ever theyre in public theyre always trying to make the other laugh

• they both find eachother HILARIOUS

• when ever lances depression starts getting bad keith will just hang out with him all day in silence and pet lances hair to help him

• lance loves this because usually he had to put up with his depressive episodes alone (because he wouldn’t except his family doing what keith does because he didnt want to make them sad)

• keith loves to clap his hands like not fast just like when hes sitting and hes got his elbows on a desk/table he’ll just rythmaticly clap his hands

• keith used to think boyfriend jeans meant just any pair of your boyfriends jeans

Letting go

Summary: Sana is tired and just wants to go home. Yousef is here and he just wants to see her smile. 

Sana was walking home, tired. Noora had been sick today, she wasn’t at school, and Sana had been the only one to send her a text and actually ask if she was okay because, indeed, she didn’t seem to feel great the last times she had seen her, and she was worried about her friend. Noora hadn’t answered, and all Vilde had talked about everytime they had a free period today was boys. And not any boys. Boys who were Sana’s brother and his friends.

Since the other girls seemed to be fine with that, she just let them talk about how pretty Mikael was, how fun they all were, how it was a really cool coincidence that there were five of them, just as the girls were five. How cute Noora and Yousef were together.

Sana had tried to avoid talking or giving her opinion, or else she would have been seen as the cold bitch, once again. Vilde would’ve probably told her that it wasn’t their fault if Sana didn’t want to talk about boys, or how horrible she was for not telling them sooner that her brother and his friends were hot 97’.

It wasn’t that Sana didn’t want to talk about them. But she had always liked keeping friends and family apart, and this was way too big of a change for her. Way too soon. Actually, she probably would never say it but she would’ve prefered not to mix hers and her brother’s friends at all. Ever. Because coming home to them was something that she really liked sometimes, and hearing them laughing or shouting in her brother’s room felt like home. Of course she hated them sometimes, but it still felt fine, like she was right where she belang. Not that she didn’t belong with the girls, but it just… wasn’t the same.

So mixing the two groups and hanging out with her older brother was something she just had never done before, and would’ve prefered to never do. But it seemed like she wouldn’t have the choice now.

She didn’t want to feel like a burden to the girls, didn’t want to tell them why she was acting weird. Sana was just… tired. Once home, she opened the door and heard the sound of the TV. She sighed. The boys were probably there, and it wasn’t really the right moment. Right now, the girl just wanted to do her homework, take a shower, pray and go to bed.

She stopped by the living room to tell her brother she was home, expecting to see Adam and Mikael since they were the ones who usually came here to watch TV with Elias. No luck, they were all here, on the sofa, watching TV. As she entered the room quietly, she noticed Yousef raising his head.

She was clearly sad and tired, and didn’t want to think about him today. She didn’t want to see him, she didn’t want to see his eyes, or his hands, or his stupid smile. She didn’t want to be noticed. But he was there, and he seemed down too. All the other boys seemed dozy, and her brother was clearly asleep on his chair.

The brown-haired boy straightened himself as Sana tried to see what they were watching. She felt his eyes on her, and just wanted to escape his gaze, just this once. So she went to the kitchen to make herself a tea. She put the kettle on, chose a chai that she liked and waited, resisting the urge to take a look at her phone which was constantly vibrating. It probably was Vilde, commenting on something Magnus had done or said and she didn’t need that right now.

As her eyes were distracted by the sky outside the window, she noticed the sound of footsteps on the wooden floor, and caught herself hoping it was Yousef. As the water began to boil, she heard little knocks on the kitchen door.

-Am I disturbing ?, she heard his voice asking.

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notsoawesme  asked:

What was Izuku's role in the USJ attack (other than key strategist)? Who did he meet? Did he, like Shigaraki, underestimate All MIght?

he acted as a scout, he mostly kept tabs on the heroes and a look on if any reinforcements were arriving. so he was mostly on the back-lines when it came to the fighting, this is why he didn’t come face to face with many heroes during the attack. 

(im not sure what you mean with the second question, if your wondering which heroes he has meet during the attack i have talked about it in this post)

Izuku would never underestimate All might, heck he even recommended shigaraki to use two nomus in the attack (just in case the first one failed), but shigaraki quickly declined that idea…

I Missed You

“ hello can i get a bts scenario with yoongi where the reader and yoongi are best friends and the reader moves far away and they feel really helpless. kinda angsty but fluffy :) ty ”

genre: fluff with a pinch of angst

words: 2,791


— the ending is shit lol. im tired sorryyy. why was this so long? idk. sorry if there’s any spelling/grammar mistakes it’s like 3 am rn—

“Y/N, you’re my best friend and all, but could you turn your volume down? You’re wearing headphones but I can still hear your music from here.” You took off the headphones, blinking and looking at Yoongi confusingly. “What?” He laughed, sighing at your cute confused face. “Turn your volume down.” Getting up from your chair, you go to sit down closer to him. “Nah.” With that, you turned the volume up and continued to listen to the song. Yoongi shook his head, watching as you stuck your tongue out childishly. He turned away from you and faced his computer once again, clicking on the play button. The beat he made in around half an hour plays, Yoongi pursing his lips as he listens to it for what seemed the 100th time. You pause your music and listen to it yourself. It sounded good, as all the things Yoongi composes do. “Is this an assignment for class?” you asked, tilting your head. He pauses the music, giving you his full attention. “No, just a little something I’m working on for myself.” Sighing, you went over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck, resting your chin on his shoulder. “You need to rest, you know?” you joked, your melodic laugh playing in his ear. Yoongi smiled, not replying to your comment. “Anyways, I’ve got to go.” Your warm hands were no longer on his pale skin, your figure grabbing your bag and heading for the exit. “Where to?” he asked you. “Home. Got stuff to do,” His teeth fiddled with the skin of his bottom lip, his palm holding his chin. “You sure have a lot to do lately.” Your hand rested on the knob, body stopping at his words. Eyebrows furrowed, you suppressed a sigh. You wish you could tell him why you were so busy. You wish you weren’t so busy so you could have more quality time with him before he wouldn’t be able to bestow you with his presence. Tears almost fell at that moment, and you were glad you were turned around, your face hidden from him. Plastering on the realist fake smile you could muster, you turned around and faced him with it. When you did, he could feel that something was wrong. That wasn’t the smile he loved. “Yeah. See you tomorrow!” Without even letting him say anything back, you dashed out of the room. As you went down the stairs and into the student parking lot, Yoongi thought to himself. What was wrong with you? Last month you seemed fine, yet recently you’ve been cutting your hangouts short. Even if he knew you’d tell him eventually, he couldn’t help but worry. You were his best friend, someone he considered close to him, of course he’d worry. As much as he didn’t want to, he pushed the thoughts away and turned back to the computer in front of him.

You were sat in Yoongi’s studio once again, this time actually talking with him instead of watching him compose stuff like usual. “So basically, what I’m trying to say is that he’s a dick.” He laughed at your comment, his gummy smile making you smile as well. “Yeah, Y/N I totally didn’t get that from all the other times you’ve said it.” You slapped him playfully, pouting. “Hey! I’m making a very good point here!” He nods, giving you a sarcastic look. “Whatever you say. Oh yeah- want to go watch a movie next week? I already bought the tickets.” Yoongi got up, going over to his backpack that sat on the floor. He goes through a bunch of pockets until finally he grabs two slips of paper. “Here. It’s fine if you don’t want to, I can go with someone else but I guess I’d rather watch it with you.” You smile at his words, reading the words printed onto the ticket. “What, yes of course I’d want to. This is sweet of you, you didn’t have to.” He shakes his head, “I wanted to.” You were glad the movie wasn’t on the date you’d be leaving, or after. As cheesy as it was, it was a day before. Hopefully you’d have time to, with your parent’s understanding. One last time to hang out with your best friend. You still needed to tell him you were leaving Korea. You’d tell him that day. Yeah, on that day you would tell him. You wanted to spare as much hurt as you could. If you waited to tell him, you were preventing him from stressing and worrying about your guys’ time together. It was for the best.

It’s been a week. You’d be on a plane to China tomorrow. Currently, you were changing into your clothes. You didn’t want to overdo it, but you also didn’t want the last image of you in Yoongi’s mind to be ugly. Finally finishing, you look at yourself in the mirror. You were satisfied with yourself. Grabbing your phone and movie ticket, you bid farewell to your parents and head out the door. The movie theater wasn’t far from where you lived, so you walked there. Yoongi wasn’t there yet, but the movie wasn’t going to start until 12 minutes so you didn’t fret too much. You got a large soda to share with him, and a bag of his favorite candy. 10 minutes until the movie started. Maybe he was running late? He sometimes did that. You stood outside the room, pacing around. As people passed you, they stared and sometimes asked if you were confused about where to go. 6 minutes. You set the stuff down and got out your phone, calling Yoongi. The ringing continued after a few good seconds, and finally it stopped “God, Yoongi where are you, you should-” A monotone voice of a woman interrupted you, telling you to leave a voice message for the number you were trying to call. Groaning, you hang up and shove your phone back in your pocket. 2 minutes left. He still wasn’t here. You wanted to cry, you wanted him to get here so you could have a good time but to also slap him. To tell him that you were scared he wouldn’t come and you wouldn’t get to hang out with him before you left. Your thoughts distracted you for a good while because you heard dramatic music from inside, the voices of actors appearing. He was late.

You still waited outside, hoping to see him run into the theater short of breath and with an apology. Though, not everything goes as wanted. It had been 10 minutes and still no sign of Yoongi. With teary eyes, you entered the theater room and took a seat in the far back. Even with the loud volume and big screen in front of you, you couldn’t focus on the movie. Your mind was on a Yoongi. Why didn’t he come? He said he’d come, heck- he was the one who invited you! Eventually, you let the tears fall and you sobbed quietly, though people who heard dismissed it as you being emotional over the sad scene. The rest of the movie you just cried, munching on some of the candy. Before you knew it, it ended. The lights brightened up, people getting up from their seats. Wiping your face, you get up as well and start to leave the area. It wasn’t until you were near the exit that you saw Yoongi heading towards you. He was late, way late. The movie was around 2 hours long and you’d gotten there around 6. It was 8, technically night. Yoongi saw you and stopped walking, “Y/N I know I’m late and shit I-” You shake your head, a sigh coming from your lips. “Don’t make anything up, please. You were late, it doesn’t matter. This was supposed to be a day where we hung out, but you were late!”

“We can still hang out it’s not-” You interrupted him once again. “No, we can’t hang out Yoongi! I’m leaving Korea tomorrow, I need to be back home so we can double check everything! I wanted my last day here to be with you, but you didn’t come! Now we won’t get to hangout until god knows when! Fuck- Yoongi I cried the whole time, knowing I didn’t have one last happy memory with you. It’s too late, there’s no time.” The tears rolled down your cheeks once more, and Yoongi just stood there, processing your words. “Bye, Yoongi.” The bag of candy is shoved into his arms, and you begin to walk back home. “Wait Y/N!” You continue walking, ignoring his yells. A hand grabs your wrist, turning you around. “Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving Korea?” he asks you quietly. With a trembling lip, you take your arm back. “I didn’t want to worry you. I was supposed to tell you today, and I did, but not how I wanted to.”

You send him a forced smile and begin to walk away once again. This time Yoongi didn’t stop you. He watched as you walked away from him, leaving him for who knows how long. He didn’t want to believe it, he didn’t want you to leave Korea. He didn’t want you to leave him. Deep inside, he was hurting, crying for you to stay. But on the outside, he held a blank face and furrowed eyebrows. Inhaling sharply, Yoongi turns and walks opposite of you.

“Are you all done, Y/N?” your mom asks you. Sighing, you lift yourself up from the ground and nod at her. “Let’s go then.” Grabbing your suitcases full of memories, you follow your mother out of the house. It was hard to believe that it would no longer be your property. Leaving the place you grew up in hurt, leaving everyone you loved behind wasn’t easy either. You hadn’t even left Korea and you already missed him. You missed Yoongi. Your eyes scanned your house one last time before entering the car. Once sat down, you bring your feet up to the two extra seats, knees holding your chin. Little tears fell from your eyes, barely audible cries escaping your throat. Time flew by fast because it within minutes you were at the airport. You didn’t want to go, but you had to. Your dad opens the car door for you, giving you a sympathetic smile. You step out of the car and grab your things, walking towards the entrance. The 3 of you sat down, talking to each other while waiting for the flight. Finally your flight was called, and standing up never seemed so hard. Walking to the gate, you swallow the lump in your throat and hold back the tears.

You watched as the airport workers walked around the area, the flight attendant walking up and down the isle. A message came from the pilot, telling you to turn off your devices. You keep on staring out the window and doing nothing. The airplane takes off, heading towards China. You curl up and wrap yourself in the blanket you brought, eyes shutting closed. You didn’t know if you could live your life without him by your side. You felt helpless. Little did you know, Yoongi felt the same. You were gone, you wouldn’t come back. He didn’t even get to express the way he felt towards you.

Throughout the years, you made friends and even sparked some romances. Though, they didn’t make your heart flutter. Not like it would with him. Yoongi made friends, saw some girls but none of them made him feel special like you did. Life was hard without you. He missed seeing you sitting in the studio, watching him write down lyrics and such. He missed being able to wrap his arms around you and hug you for as long as he wanted. He missed having someone to be comfortable around. You missed it too. You missed him, his awkward hugs, his lame jokes and sarcastic comments. You didn’t know if you could do it. You didn’t know if you could live life on without him.

It had been a while since you’ve been in Korea. It was like just yesterday you landed on China, feeling hopeless and lonely. But in reality that was years ago. You weren’t a teenager anymore, you were in your twenties. You had made it, you had lived without him. Smiling, you set your suitcase against the hotel’s wall and grab the remote on the counter. Turning on the tv, a music show starts playing. “Performing their newest song, this is BTS!” You watch as the camera pans in on 7 handsome men, singing and dancing perfectly. You remember Yoongi telling you he wanted to do this exact thing, and you couldn’t help but wonder if he’d gotten closer to that goal. Your question was answered when a familiar face began to rap, his hair now a bright blue. Your eyes widen, keeping your eyes on the boy you once knew, now a man. The beat to the song was amazing, catchy. It made you want to dance along, despite not knowing the choreography. Did Yoongi produce this? His verse was over and another one of the members began to sing. Ever since leaving, Yoongi and you never kept in touch. He didn’t message you, you didn’t message him. It was like you not only left Korea, but you left your friendship. Now, he was this idol, performing on stage in front of a huge crowd. You’d never imagine Yoongi in this situation. He was the most successful out of you two. He did something interesting with his life while you just lived by yourself, working at a decent job.

The song ended and another group was to perform. Grabbing your phone, you look up his band. Suga. You smile softly. His stage name was cute. They were going to perform tomorrow too, it seemed. You quickly grab your debit card, typing in the information needed to buy a ticket. You wanted to see him. The reason you came back to Korea was to possibly see him. You didn’t think it’d be hard, though. He probably wouldn’t recognize you. Not only that, but he was an idol. Anyone could claim to be a childhood friend. Hopefully fate was on your side and you’d meet again.

“And now, BTS!” It felt different hearing it in person. People around you screamed, waving their light sticks around. Some cried, some laughed, some just calmly watched, waiting for their preferred group. The beat you heard yesterday played, the 7 boys beginning to dance. Everyone around you began to chant names to the beat, jumping. You were confused, but picked up on the chant. “Kim Namjoon! Kim Seokjin! Min Yoongi! Jung Hoseok! Park Jimin! Kim Taehyung! Jeon Jungkook! BTS!” you scream. You laugh, watching one of them begin to sing. Despite not knowing anyone, you danced along to the music with the people around you. Yoongi began to rap and you stop messing around, giving him your full attention. He seemed so happy, to be up there doing what he loved. “Min Yoongi!” you yell. Some fans laughed, telling you that their bias was also Yoongi. Yoongi glanced towards the scream of his name, looking for the fan that yelled out his name. That’s when his eyes landed on you. Your sparkly e/c eyes stared back at him, a cute grin on your face as you jumped around. He was shocked to see you, his voice trailing off. Luckily, no one really noticed due to the back up audio. From your spot, girls screamed. Yoongi had looked in your direction. He noticed you, but did he recognize you?

After BTS was done performing, the boys headed to the dressing room. “Hyung are you okay? You seen frozen.” Jungkook asks Yoongi, worry laced in his voice. “I saw Y/N in the crowd.” he answers. “Wait- childhood friend Y/N?” Yoongi nods, beginning to pace around the room. “What are you doing then? Get her back here!” Hoseok says. Yoongi goes over to a worker, asking them to pull you from the crowd and into the dressing room. He gave a description of how you looked and waited for you to arrive. After what seemed like forever, your familiar face was lead inside the dressing room. Once Yoongi saw you, he went over to you and just looked into your eyes. “Long time no see-” You were interrupted by his embrace, his familiar scent near you after such a long time. You hug him back, face burying into his neck. “Good to see you,” you joke.

“I missed you.” he replies. You smile. “Me too.”

Five Surprises (Eisuke POV)

The first time I met her, I thought she was an intriguing one, and I wasn’t wrong, she was full of surprises 

The first surprise was obviously having her appear in the auction out of nowhere, after all, what kind of woman can be so problematic and have so bad luck as to stumble across a black market and end up being sold?

The second surprise was her ridiculously fast-changing moods, she was first scared, then she was in a defensive mood, and before we even knew it, she was back to a good and nice attitude, I never grew tired of looking her expressions, it was so interesting that it gave an amusing change of pace to my usually busy and boring days

The third surprise was her amazing coffee. At some point I couldn’t start my day without it, the nice flavor and caffeine was the perfect motivation for me to do a good work, maybe even then the fact of knowing that she was the one doing it made it even better 

The fourth surprise was her selfless and kindness, she would tolerate our quarrels and childish parties and just clean them up always with a nice and kind smile on her face. When I was alone with her in the lounge and I frown, she would always ask me if I was okay and if there was anything she could do to help me, those little thoughts made my day more bearable and made me feel good inside. She never once complained about us bringing her to parties, telling her until the last minute and knowing that she had work the next day, and I never thought bad about it since she looks gorgeous in the dresses we, I, got her.   

The fifth surprise was to know about her having feelings for one of us, at first I got excited by this, but after I learned about who that person was, I also learned that not every surprise was a good one.
Soryu, she had chosen Soryu, and another surprise was knowing that he also loved her, but even now, while I’m standing next to him at their private little wedding, I’m certain that he doesn’t love her that much, not as I do anyway.

She did manage to surprise me one last time though, I never really thought I could feel such a strong love for someone and yet let that person go away, and, a bigger surprise was to know that for the first time I agree with Baba, if she is happy, I can be happy too, even if it’s a fake happiness, I can live with that.    

Tagging @catchthespade cause I really want to know her opinion and because this is based on her theory that Eisuke loves mc on every route

happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3


I just thought of something MIND BLOWING!
In the episode when allora said that she and Coran have been asleep for 1000 years I think, Lance said that’s like 100+10! At fist I was like haha he’s a bit slow, but then it hit me!
There’s no way he wouldn’t know such simple math, they wouldn’t of let him in the carrisson if he was that dumb. So I was lost, why did he say that, he likes to impress people so he wouldn’t mess up on purpose.
So q answer I came up with was this, he still hasn’t mastered English a 1000%, he knows it’s 100 x 10 and he was going to say that, but he messed up times and plus.

He was just a confuse Cuban boy and now Keith thinks he’s an idiot, when intact he would have to be pretty darn smart to get into a good school.

(Sorry for spelling mistakes, its the middle of the night and im typing on my phone)


Middle-earth History Meme: 6-10/? Female Characters

for Legendarium Ladies April

What wisdom? ( Reader X Jughead)

Reader X Jughead

Request: no, my plot

Warning: none, well it does get a bit “sexy?” ( not really ) But you’re safe 😂

A/N: I wrote this because I just had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and let me tell you.. IM DYING! And yes I tried rolling off the bed… tried to kill myself while I was numb.



Well today is the day that Jughead gets his wisdom teeth removed, I got all four of mine removed a couple of months ago and jughead was a pain. Coming out of the surgery room he took videos of me trying to roll off my bed considering I was high on the medication . So boy was I going to enjoy this moment.

“Y/N, does it hurt? I mean they are going to removing my wisdom.” He chuckles at his own joke.

“Juggi you won’t feel a thing! Your going under general anesthesia so you’ll be passed out and being woken up under one bright light, and no don’t think it’s heaven. Sorry Jughead but what wisdom, you have none .” I reassure and joke with him

“But Y/N, after the surgery you were in pain and all you had was soup, yogurt and jello! I’m going to starve to death.”

“Juggie you’ll be in pain yes and you won’t eat solids for a week or more, depending on how fast you recover but I’ll help you.” Once again I reassure him as we wait for the nurse to sign jughead into a room.

When Jughead has his room they give him a hospital dress with the weird underwear that they provide.
“Y/N, what on earth is this? The thing is practically transparent.” Jughead lifts the underwear that I was talking about.

“Juggie, stop being a pain and go change I’ll be here waiting.”

Jughead walks away into the bathroom as he changes and just as he closes the door my mom comes in, who is also the one that did my wisdom surgery and who will do Jughead’s.
“Y/N, remember calm him down, don’t scare him. Oh, and make sure he’s comfortable.”

I nod at my mom and she leaves me once again alone in the room. Soon later Jughead walks out with him holding the back of his hospital dress together.
“Y/N, could you help me and tie the dress? I don’t plan on showing the world my private parts and reacting Marilyn Monroe’s famous part.

I laugh and walk towards him. once he releases the back of his dress, his butt that’s covered in that weird underwear is in full view.
“Oh my gosh, JUGHEAD! why did you let go of the back, my poor virgin eyes.” I laugh and quickly grab the strings and tie his dress together.

“Y/N, please my butt is a blessing.”

I laugh and shake my head and tell Jughead to lay on his bed until they call him for surgery. Time passes and it’s finally time for him to go and get his wisdom teeth removed.

“Y/N you’re going to be here right?”

“Yes,Juggie I’ll be here waiting for you.”

“Y/N you said it doesn’t hurt.”

“ the surgery doesn’t hurt, the aftermath does but you’ll be fine. Remember you’re one Strong cookie.”

“Bye Y/N I’ll be back.” Were Jughead’s last words before the nurses rolled him out of his hospital room. I quickly say a fast prayer and hope everything goes well.

An hour and half later Jughead is being rolled back into the room with the nurses laughing.
“ you better tell your boyfriend to keep some private things to himself.”

Before I could even respond back the nurses left.

“ Juggie how was the surgery and what did you tell the nurses?” I lean down by his side.

“ Y/N have I ever told you that you have amazing breasts?” Jughead blurts out

“ Juggie what did y—”

“ Oh I’ve seen them, perky little things. I was once climbing up to your room from your window and you had the curtains open.”

I’m in shock not knowing what to say because he was literally telling me that he saw my breasts… but that wasn’t the only thing he saw.

“ oh and once you asked if I could get you a shirt from your drawers but I opened your underwear drawers instead and you had this super revealing underwear just spread out and boy did that turn me on. You know Y/N I’ve always liked you but never asked you out because I didn’t want to ruin the friendship we have.”

After Jughead long muffled rant, I was sure my face was red! I was so embarrassed and in shock to even express my feelings. But decided to take advantage of his confused state while it lasted.

“ Juggie, how did the underwear look like.” I asked him hoping he’s not talking about the one that Veronica and Betty got me as a joke, but of course it was that one that he saw.

“ it was a white with flower lace, it was practically a thong and it had this cute little bow at the back, could you model it for me?”

At this point I was just dying from inside…
“Juggie please just go to sleep, okay? I’ll be here when you wake up.”

It took Jughead a few minutes until he passed out and I was left feeling fuzzy, embarrassed and confused all at once. When Jughead was discharged I guess he forgot everything he said because he acted normally. When we arrived back to his home at the drive-in , i made sure he was in bed with a basket by his bed and told him I would be back with the soup and jello that I’ll make back home.

When I reached home I made the soup and jello that he’ll be eating and grabbed my pjs and extra clothing,face wash and toothbrush that I’ll use when staying over. But before leaving I ran to my underwear drawer and grabbed the underwear he spoke about.

After feeding Jughead his food and gave him his painkillers, I grabbed the underwear and everything else beside my pjs to tease Jughead a bit…

I walked into the bathroom to do my business and wore my underwear and walked out without a shirt or bra and just covering my breasts with my arm.

“Hey Juggie, can I borrow one of your shirts? All of my shirts are tight fitting.”

When Jughead lifted his head to face me, I swear I think his eyes popped out of his eye sockets. His eyes scanned me from top to bottom as if I was his laptop screen.

“Jughead, can I borrow a shirt? I don’t plan on sleeping without a shirt.” After my last comment he nodded and his head and I walked and grabbed a shirt from his.

I spun around so that I’m not facing him and put on his shirt and I know for a fact that he was staring at my butt. When I was done I walked over to him and leaned down and whispered.

“Jughead make sure to keep what you saw and wished to yourself, hope you enjoyed my modeling of my underwear but sorry I couldn’t flash you my chest.
And how about we go out on a date after you recover? Good night.”

Once I pulled back I could see the hint of red covering his cheeks and shock that overtook his eyes

the signs: good & bad traits
  • Aries Good: Energetic, Willful, Adventurous. You don't have to be around them for long until you're inspired by their optimism and unbelievable passion. Someone you can always look to for leadership, guidance or authority.
  • Aries Bad: Irresponsible, Temperamental, Restless. Because of their independence, they're notorious for acting solely for their own personal advantage. If they don't get their way, their mood can switch seamlessly and within seconds they'll adopt the behavior of a spoiled child.
  • Taurus Good: Reliable, Benevolent, Thoughtful. Will give you an undoubted sense of stability in your life and is someone you won't think twice about before spilling your heart out to. Their advice and companionship is practically priceless.
  • Taurus Bad: Possessive, Hardheaded, Greedy. Their stubborn nature can spiral into intense laziness. When they're unwilling to do something, they'll procrastinate and try wish it away which only begins a streak of negligence and apathy.
  • Gemini Good: Lively, Ingenious, Adaptable. Incredibly fun to be around, they're the life of the party and can always offer a way for you to forget about your problems. Their approachability is precious and you don't have to be best friends before you talk about absolutely anything.
  • Gemini Bad: Scheming, Aloof, Superficial. Will remember everything and use it against you. You might not know it but they're always observing how you treat them and won't hesitate to turn you against others using their wit & silver-tongue.
  • Cancer Good: Trustworthy, Considerate, Flexible. Are real nurturers. If you have a mutual appreciation with a Cancer, you can be sure that they'll do anything to protect you for as long as they can. Seriously someone everyone needs in their life.
  • Cancer Bad: Clingy, Contradictory, Self-Sympathizing. Can never make up their mind about what they want. This makes them unpredictable therefore their negative traits can reach extremes at any moment.
  • Leo Good: Bold, Zealous, Loyal. Are always striving to better their situation and themselves. Have an almost contagious ambition for what they want and love, this, combined with their thirst for life is simply heartwarming.
  • Leo Bad: Unreasonable, Pretentious, Overbearing. Do not like being challenged at all. If you overstep what they consider your boundaries, they'll immediately become demanding and show you the egotistic side you do not want to see.
  • Virgo Good: Precise, Constructive, Balanced. Somebody you can always rely on to fix you up. They're analytical and down to earth so their ability to set goals and give advice are legendary. Give them the reins in any situation and you can trust that nothing will be overlooked.
  • Virgo Bad: Meddling, Fussy, Over-Analyzing. Their eye for detail is often their greatest weakness as they are stressed over the smallest inconsistencies. Their obsessive nature can result in them sticking their opinion in where it's not wanted & over-thinking things that mean nothing which can be destructive for their self-esteem.
  • Libra Good: Gracious, Peacekeeping, Charismatic. The ultimate diplomat, will sacrifice a lot to keep the people they love happy. Their creativity combined with their outgoing personality gives for one of the most intriguing people you'll ever meet.
  • Libra Bad: Indecisive, Controlling, Passive-Aggressive. Their thirst for validation through others makes them a serial people pleaser, so much so that it's easy to find yourself questioning their motives. They find it hard to say no and will often express their unwillingness to do something through passive-aggression and sarcasm.
  • Scorpio Good: Resourceful, Compassionate, Passionate. Ultimately aspire to make a difference in the world, they're actions might be questionable but rest assured that their intentions are all about the greater good. Justice is important to them and they will use their capability & intelligence to improve their society & community.
  • Scorpio Bad: Power-Hungry, Skeptical, Obsessive. Their good intentions are sometimes diluted by their want for control. Feeling vulnerable if they're not the puppet masters, they'll obsess over schemes and try manipulate a situation to put themselves on top.
  • Sagittarius Good: Outgoing, Straightforward, Spontaneous. Constantly exploring their surroundings and revealing the beauty in otherwise insignificant things. Their curious nature and inflexible enthusiasm will always remind you to stop and smell the roses.
  • Sagittarius Bad: Impulsive, Unfiltered, Impatient. Often known for being too blunt or brash. They really don't beat around the bush as they see no point in being vague. Prone to becoming emotionally unreachable at times and will then disregard anyone's feelings about a situation. Sometimes, they will speak up and hurt feelings just to make things interesting.
  • Capricorn Good: Self-Motivated, Faithful, Levelheaded. Very stable people, their behavior is consistent and they're morally responsible. Their ability to thoroughly plan things in advance and make sure everything occurs routinely can bring about beautiful results. The kind to know what's best for you more than you do.
  • Capricorn Bad: Pessimistic, Withdrawn, Despotic. Known for holding structure too highly. They're afraid of changes and spontaneous actions, which can sometimes suck the fun out of things. They're not afraid to rise to dictatorial status just to keep things in order and can be extremely overbearing when they deem it necessary.
  • Aquarius Good: Inventive, Strong-Willed, Persuasive. Can't help but be creative, progressive thinkers. They can find a million ways to improve something and won't hold back when given an outlet to express their unending originality. Once you get past the seemingly cold exterior, they instantly become sociable & charming.
  • Aquarius Bad: Distant, Stubborn, Rebellious. Can't stand to be told what to do, even if it's clearly whats best for them, they will detest just because they can. Their hardheaded ways will eventually lead them down the wrong path and they will destroy themselves solely for the sake of having their own way.
  • Pisces Good: Lovable, Idealistic, Sympathetic. Their biggest strengths lie in their emotions. They feel so deeply and purely that they could make even the coldest person open up to them. Has a habit of getting lost in dreams & fantasy, making them creative and an ambitious visionary.
  • Pisces Bad: Self-Destructive, Fickle, Unrealistic. Can spend so much time dreaming that they forget the restrictions of reality. This harsh awakening can easily depress them & make them uninspired and impossible to motivate. Also ,empathy, their strongest ability is also their biggest weakness as they are often sensitive and can sacrifice too much for the sake of people who don't matter.
RFA boys forget MC’s birthday.

Sorry in advance for any spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes. I’m also very sorry about the cringe. Lolol

-Ever since you and yoosung started dating he had been more motivated to concentrate on university instead of playing LOLOL.
-Yoosungs final exams were coming up soon so he was studying harder than ever.
-You understood why he was being so distant with you, because getting good grades was important to him, but it did hurt you a bit when he would just reply to your texts with a simple"k" or when he would answer your calls and say “sorry mc im really busy right now” and hang up.
-So with your birthday coming up you texted him arranging a date on your birthday.
-As your birthday approached you were so excited to see Yoosung because you missed him.
-Your birthday had finally arrived and you got ready and dashed out of your small apartment and made your way to the cafe where you had arranged to meet Yoosung.
-It was a sunny day so you had decided to sit at an outside table and wait for your boyfriend to arrive.
-Five minutes passed.
-Then half an hour had passed.
-After an hour had passed you decided to call your very late boyfriend and ask where he was.
-After the first five calls he eventually picked up.
-“What MC, im trying to study, jesus christ” he snapped at you.
-“Yoosung we had a date planned, but i guess you forgot” you snapped back hoping the aggression in your voice would hide the hurt.
-“MC it’s just a stupid date, i think my grades are more important, don’t be so childish” he hissed down the phone.
-“Yoosung it’s not just a date, it’s my birthday, you forgot my birthday” you wisper down the line, afraid if you spoke propally you would cry.
-You hung up and decided to walk back to your lonely apartment now that it was evident your boyfriend wasn’t turning up to your date.
-When you were finally iside your bland apartment you set your bag down onto the sofa and went into your bedroom.
-You cried yourself to sleep, you felt so worthless.
-You woke up to so many texts and missed calls from Yoosung.
-You turned your phone off and put it on your bedside table, wanting to forget what a disaster your birthday had been.
-You sat in bed for a while wondering what to do.
-You sat on your bed for what felt like hours, until you were snapped out of your thoughts by a knock at your door.
-You slowly get out of bed and walk towards your door.
-You open the door a tiny bit so you can see who was there.
-It was Yoosung.
-You ran off to your room in tears, not even shutting the door first.
-You wanted to go back to sleep, you didnt want to see him thats for sure.
-You closed your eyes, hoping when you opened your eye again he would be gone.
-He wasn’t instead he was infront of you.
-You rolled over trying to escape his gaze.
-You felt a hand on your shouder and you stiffened up.
-“MC please listen to me, i need to explain myself” he begged.
-You turned around to face him but stayed silent.
-“MC im so sorry, i was just so busy studying” he said with a pang of guilt in his voice
-“Yoosung do you not think i know you’ve been busy, when i phone you yo say your busy then hang up, when i text you, you dont even read my message you just reply with k, i just wanted to spend time with you on my birthday but no you forgot about me” you snapped as you started to cry.
-Hearing you say this broke your boyfriend “MC i’m so sorry, please forgive me, i’ll be the most caring boyfriend ever, please don’t leave me MC i love you so much please don’t leave me” he said as he started to cry as well.
-You sat up, seeing your boyfriend like this hurt even if he made you feel worthless you couldn’t bear to see him like this.
-“Yoosung it’s ok” you said even if you did still feel slightly bitter.
-“So you’re not going to leave me? Tank you MC i promise i’ll make it up to you"he said taking your hand in his.
-He lived up to his promise.
-Every morning for the next week you woke to a sweet text from Yoosung telling you how much he loves you and how much he means to you.
-And every afternoon he was at your door saying sorry again for missing your birthday and holding another gift for you.
-He made sure to never forget your birthday again.

-It was your birthday but zen had to go to practice.
-He promised to make it up to you by meeting you for dinner at your favourite resturant.
-You were starting to get ready when you got a text from Zen.
-"hey babe, i’ve finished practice early so me and a couple of the other actors i’m working with are going to get some drinks, i’ll see you soon love you”
-You smiled while reading “ok honey, see you soon love you too” you replied.
-You arrived at your meeting place five minutes late you were sure he would have been there and you would of had to apologise for being late but there was no sign of him yet.
-You stood out side of the restaurant for hours just waiting for him.
-Each of your calls going straight to voice mail.
-He had forgotten about you.
-You were walking home and fighting with the tears that threatened to fall from your eyes, when you saw it.
-Outside of a random bar was Zen flirting with anther woman.
-You fumbled in your bag to find your phone, with shaking hands you called him.
-You stood a few steps away from him as you watched hm look at his phone, chuckle and hang up on you.
-The tears had won the fight, they streamed down your face as you barged past them.
-“Excuse me, you could say excuse me manners don’t cost anything” you heard him shout before he started to apologise to the lady that was next to him
-You saw his eyes widen as you turned around to face him.
-“God MC what are you doing here” he shouted at you.
-You saw the colour drain from his face before you turned back around and ran to your shared apartment.
-He wasn’t even home by the time you fell asleep.
-As soon as you woke up you noticed his side of the bed was cold and everything from last night flooded back into your memory, but what stood out the most was the fact that he wasn’t even home by the time you went to sleep.
-He was probaly getting off with her you thought as you started to cry again.
-After about an hour of sitting on your bed crying, you decided to go for a warm shower to help you relax instead of thinking about how the man you thought was your soulmate had slept with another woman on your birthday.
-Just thinking about it made you want to be sick.
-You slipped out of your bedroom holding a fresh change of clothes and a towel.
-When you saw what he had done in your living room you dropped your stuff.
-You started to cry, but this time it was out of happiness because he hadn’t slept with someone else, he was there.
-You walked into the living room with feather light footsteps hoping not to wake up Zen, who was sleeping in an awkward position on the sofa.
-On the coffee table there were roses and and a hand written note.
-You sat on the floor, back turned away from Zen, you couldn’t bear to see he looking so uncomfortable.
-His note read “My dearest MC, i’m such an idiot please forgive me i’ll do better i promise. If you decide to forgive me i promise i’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you.”
-You stood up and turned around hoping to put the note back into it’s original position, hoping to talk to Zen when he woke up.
-That didn’t exactly go to plan though.
-When you turned around you saw zen on one knee with a small box in his hand.
-“Babe, i promise i will spend the rest of my life making this up to you if you’ll let me. MC will you marry me?"he said in a deep, husky voice that made you want to melt.
-"Zen i saw you with another woman outside that bar. I have to ask you this so please don’t hate me. Have you been cheating on me” you wispered, looking down at the floor with shame.
-“Babe no. First off he was helping me pick you engagement ring and second off she’s not into me in that way” he chuckled.
-“Oh” was all you could say.
-“So babe will you forgive me for forgetting your birthday. And will you marry me?”
-“Humm, i guess so” you chuckled.
-He kept his promise of spending the rest of his life making it up to you.

-You woke up to find Jumins side of the bed empty.
-In that moment you already knew that he had forgotten your birthday.
-You sighed as you unlocked your phone to text Jumin and ask where he was.
-You had just gotten out of the shower when he had replied.
-His reply read “Don’t be stupid MC, i’m at work. Where else would i be”
-It made you feel so worthless.
-You got into a different of pj’s and slid back into bed.
-When you woke back up it was three o'clock.
-How long had you been asleep?
-You texted Jumin again to ask what time he would be home and if he wanted to watch a movie with you when he got back.
-You walked out of the bedroom and sat on the sofa next to Elizabeth 3rd.
-You jumped slightly when your phone pinged to notify you that Jumin had texted back.
-“MC i don’t know when i’ll be back but it’ll will probaly be late so no i don’t want to watch a movie with you when i get home"he had replied.
-You had started to get frustrated. "can’t you come home early today? Please Jumin honey”
-“MC stop being so ridiculous, no i can’t”
-You didn’t reply, you decided to go onto the chatroom instead.
-You were greated by eveyone (excep for Jumin obviously) wishing you a happy birthday.
-Zen had seen that you were online and asked “MC why are you online shouldn’t Jumin be sweeping you off your feet”
-“Ha thats quite funny actually, it seems that Jumin has forgotten my birthday and gone to work. Haha.” You replied hoping to be given a chance to vent your frustrations.
-But no instead Zen had gone offline.
-That was not what you needed.
-You now felt worse
-You turned off your phone and placed it screen down on the counter and started to cry.
-About an hour later you had stopped crying but you still felt like shit.
-You heared someone unlock the door.
-You turned to face whoever it was and to your surprize it was Jumin.
-He rushed to your side. “Kitten i’m ever so sorry i forgot your birthday please forgive me, i’ll do whatever you want”
-You instantly forgave him. You were just grateful he is here now. “it’s ok jumin, but why are you here now?”
-“Zen phoned me, he was incredibly angry at me but at least this time he had a god reason to be. So what would you like to do today kitten?” he questioned.
-“I just want to watch a movie with you”
-So you both snuggled up together on the sofa and watched a movie together.
-Well he watched the movie and you fell asleep cuddling him.

-It was your birthday and your gift from Saeyoung was to be pushed away.
-“Saeyoung please can you just spend some time me”
-“MC what part of leave me alone do you not understand”
-You silently left the room.
-When he noticed he felt bad, so he decided to check on you through the camera’s in the apartment.
-You were in the living room on your phone. You looked fine to him so he went back to work, but he left the CCTV up on one of his monitors.
-Little did he know.
-You felt like he had finally done it. He made you feel hollow inside. he made you feel emotionless.
-You were snapped out of your thoughts when there was something posted through the mail box.
-Saeyoung had heard the mail box open so he decided to watch you open what had been posted.
-It was a birthday card.
-“Happy birthday to me” you sighed as you placed the birthday card down onto the table.
-Saeyoung felt awful.
-Not only had he forgotten your birthday, but he had been so vile to you and pushed you away.
-But what was worse for him was how you looked emotionless.
-He had finally broken you but you were still with him, and still supporting you.
-He felt awful.
-Saeyoung waked up and sat next to you on the sofa and wrapped his arms around you.
-“I’m so sorry MC. Please forgive me” he whispered in your ear.
-You sighed “It’s ok Saeyoung, i understand i’m annoying and you need your space”
-His heart broke, what had he done to you? “No MC it’s not your fault it’s mine. I need to open up more, and i’m so sorry i forgot your birthday. Please let me make it up to you.”
-“Saeyoung, please. I promise you it’s ok. Please just promise me you won’t ever push me away”
-“MC i promise, i love you so much, thank you for giving me another chance” he said as the tears ran down his face.
-He kept true to his promise and didn’t push you away again.


“You are annoying.” Chihiro followed him, grabbed the cup that was offered even though he doubted Seijuro had the strength to hold it up for himself.

“Yeah? Well so are you. So is Sei.” Shuzo tugged him along by the wrist. “And yet here you are, stuck with the both of us. Tough luck.”

pairing: nijiakamayu
words: 2770 

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BTS Reaction to You Having a Powerful Singing Voice


akuyama: “I was listening to some lady gaga the other day(don’t judge I love her) and I started wondering how would bts react to you having a powerful voice so if the requests are open(it says that they are just making sure) can I get a reaction of that please? Thanks ❤

haha dw I like some of Lady Gaga’s songs!! & sorry for taking so long to do this, hope you like it! (love your blog btw lol :D) <33

Jin: Throughout the day, you would often hum tunes and sing songs. Jin has heard you sing– and he thought you were a lovely singer, but you always sang so quietly or unconsciously.  

One day, you, Jin, and some other friends went out to Karaoke. The songs that were chosen could he sung quietly, such as butterfly (prologue version lol). But as soon as the next song came on, boiiiii.  

It was Jin’s turn but you quickly grabbed the mic from him and started singing passionately. Your voice would be powerful and strong but would sound so beautiful. When Jin heard your voice, he would be so shocked. He knew you had a good voice but didn’t know it was that good. He would think that maybe it was a hidden camera prank where an idol was disguised as you or something.  

“YN… is that you?” He would whisper in your ear, almost sounding afraid, while you would still be singing.

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Suga: Singing wasn’t uncommon for you to do around the house. Yoongi was used to hearing your singing voice, and he would never admit it, but he loved to hear you sing. Sometimes he would just zone out and listen to you sing. Or sometimes, he would purposely put on a song while he did some work so you would unconsciously sing to it. He loved your voice, it always soothed him. 

One day, out of the blue, Yoongi would walk into the room to you singing really powerfully. 

“YN, was that really you?” He would say, shocked with how good you sounded. 

“Yoongi?!” You would be shocked by his presence as he never heard you try hard to sing. “I just wanted to see what I would sound like." 

Though Yoongi never complemented your singing or ever brought it up, he decided to tell you how good you were so you wouldn’t feel self-conscious him and so you would know how good you actually sounded.

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J-Hope:  You and Hoseok would sing songs together all the time. And since you were so comfortable with him, he would hear all your singing voices– from your ‘Beyonce’ voice to your screamo voice. Whenever you would sing out loud, it wouldn’t be a surprise to Hoseok of how good you were. He would always join you whenever you would sing and would always hype you up like you were performing at a concert.

"Omg, YN! I’m your biggest fan!” Hoseok would yell while trying to get you to touch his hand lmao.

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Rap Monster: When Namjoon would hear you singing in the shower for the first time, he would barge in and push back the shower curtain.

 "Wtff Namjoon?!“ You would yell, trying to cover yourself up.

 "Was that really you, YN? Why didn’t you tell me you could sing?”

 "Yeah.. but everyone can sing in the shower!“ you’d say, trying to defend yourself as you would pull the curtains back to cover yourself.

 Namjoon would just stand there contemplating what you had just told him and place hishand on his chin like the thinking emoji.  He would agree that you sounded amazing, and thus, would insist you be on the next BTS album. But he would disagree that everyone could sing in the shower because whenever he did it, you would always knock and ask if the tap was broken or if he feel down and hurt himself.

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Jimin: Jimin loved to hear you sing. He knew you could sing really good and would always encourage you. If you ever asked, he would give you pointers and such with your voice, not that you really needed any. He would also love to sing with you. He loved the way your strong, powerful voice sounded with his soft and gentle one.

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V: One day, while you and Taehyung were just chilling at home being bored, he would try to get you to sing. 

"Come on, I never heard you sing before. Your voice is so pretty I’m sure you have a pretty singing voice too!” He would say. 

After giving up, you would finally sing something for Taehyung. You closed your eyes and started to sing, and when you were done, your eyes were met with a shocked Taehyung. 

Taehyung would quickly clap and praise you, not trying to make you feel nervous for staring so long. Taehyung would be so amazed at your voice that he would try to convince you to let him put a good word in for you at BigHit.  

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Jungkook: Jungkook has never heard you sing before. He just thought it was because maybe you couldn’t sing when in reality, it was because you were too shy to sing in front of him since he was such a great singer.

One day, while you thought you were alone, you started to sing along to a Lady Gaga song. Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook had come home early and was listening in on you. 

He would think that you were such a great singer and he would be extremely proud of you. He would be clenching his heart and almost be tearing up. BUT, there could only be ONE good singer in this relationship.  

Jungkook would barge into the room and start singing over your own voice AND Lady Gaga’s voice that was playing from your phone. You would be extremely confused and continue to be like that when Jungkook would have a one-sided sing off with you.  

Jungkook: *hits a high note, does a backwards flip and lands on one knee, pops his collar then points to you* “beat that, YN!”  

You: “wtf!?”

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a/n: sorry if there are spelling mistakes or etc. I didn’t have time to edit this sorry! :P

PS: inbox me some good animes to watch or your fav ones please lol im bored!

Colours - Simon

So I kinda got inspired by @calcumshot‘s concepts. Make sure you drop her a follow she’s an angel!

Also if there’s spelling mistakes im sorry, the laptop im using it set to italian so i cant really correct myself xx (please correct me if there are any I’d really appreciate it)

I stood in the hallway and waited for some sort of response after calling his name for the 5th time in the past 3 minutes. I looked down at the clothes I had in my hand and shook my head. I was getting fed up and I wasn’t about to be calling him for the 6th time. 

I marched into our shared bedroom and ripped off his noise cancelling headphones, staring him dead in the eye. He shuffled around the bed, signalling he was uncomfortable.

“Did you know that you’re an idiot?” I rolled my eyes when he gave the biggest grin he could muster.

“Well you learn something new everyday. What did I do this time?” I almost punched him when he tried to give a kiss,when he stood up. 

“What haven’t you done Simon.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the laundry room. He started laughing when I almost tripped over a dog toy that he had left around.

“What’s all this about?” I asked him, I put a hand on my hip and put on an angry face to show I meant business.

“I don’t understand and don’t ever pull that face ever again.” He laughed. I pushed him and crossed my arms.

“Ok fine, fine, tell me what I did.”

“Why don’t you get that the white clothes goes with the whites and the black clothes goes with the black and if their printed you put the most dominant colour in whatever basket they go into.” I put every colour in each basket clearly so he could see and went further to explain the other colours.

“Promise me you won’t do this again?” I sighed, turning around to face him.

“Wait, but what if its a black and white top, what do I do?” I sent him a glare and he held up his hands, and started running.

“It was a joke!” I cracked a smile and shook my head at my idiot of a boyfriend.

Serendipity |  Jimin!Soulmate AU

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You woke up this morning raindrops falling against the window. 

‘’Same dream… it’s the same thing over and over again.’’ puzzled by your repeating dream you slowly climbed out of bed rubbing your eyes. This was the 6th time this week. You poured the coffee into your cup hoping it would wake you up, your cat jumped up on the dining table begging for attention. ‘’I know I know I’ll feed you in a minute fluffy.’’ You answered waving your hand at Fluffy. The cat in your dreams look nothing like Fluffy. Fluffy was black and fat, while the cat in your dreams were a calico, stoic creature who moved gracefully over the white floor. Fluffy looked at you pissed over the fact that you had yet to feed him, he had been waiting a whole minute now! You made your way over to his cat bowl and picked it up. Next to it lied Fluffys bright red ball, another thing that made you even sure that it wasn’t fluffy. The ball in your dream was yellow, Fluffy hated yellow. You on the other hand quite liked the color.
Your morning went on just as it did any other day. Getting dressed, going to school, nothing out of the ordinary.

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racethewind10 was like three you should make cards and I just think if that responsibility was given to me you’d end up with shitly made, derpy looking faced cards.

Case in point. I shouldn’t be allowed this responsibility. I mean really:

When Sherlock says in a low voice- “I forgot.” This was far more genuine than his “I’m sorry to hear that.”

But no photo and no gifset could capture the moment Joan’s voice breaks.

“You can remember what you had for lunch on your fifth birthday.”

“You can remember how many stars there were in the sky that night.”

At stars: That’s when she breaks. She starts to cry. Not like I would cry, no. She is still holding it back, but barely. And then, this:

JLM is brilliant as he shows Sherlock’s utter confusion and helplessness. He doesn’t know what the hell is happening to him, to his mind, his most reliable source. The thing he banks on the most.

Later Sherlock makes the devastating mistake of putting Shinwell down, and the hurt on her face is so heartbreaking. Lucy Liu, you are a goddamn STAR. BRILLIANT. FUCKING. ACTING. 

“And if you can’t see the difference between him and Tius Wilcox…” 

And she leaves that sentence unfinished. A chilling end to a scene.