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How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
  • Phil: Dani Snot On Fire

Tom Holland Laughing

VOMIT WARNING (I know some people don’t like that, so just a warning)

Because I’m spiraling into a Voltron writing obsession, here’s another college AU, based loosely on my own experiences ayyyyyy *finger guns*

(Also you should definitely send me some prompts because I want to write more Voltron but don’t know what else to write)

“So I was thinking we could-” Keith started, but was once again, for what must have been the hundredth time today, cut off by Lance.

“-Hey, have you guys seen that video?”

Keith and Hunk groaned in frustration.

Shiro sighed. “You did it again, Lance.”

Keith let out an exasperated sigh. “Lance! You can’t keep-Lance! I’m talking to you. Will you pay attention for like, FIVE minutes? Or even TWO?”

Lance snapped his attention back to Keith. “Hmm?”

Keith clenched his jaw, frustration bubbling in his chest. Lance was completely unable to focus. On ANYTHING. He had been distracted and disruptive all day, bouncing off the walls and going off on tangents that were completely unrelated to what anybody was talking about.

Keith was exhausted just trying to keep up with him. Even Shiro, ever patient Shiro, was growing frustrated with him.

“What’s WITH you today?”

“I…uh…too much coffee, I guess.” Lance said, glancing around uncomfortably before hopping out of his seat and grabbing all his stuff.

“Lance, what’s going o-”

“-I have to go do homework!”

Keith, Shiro and Hunk watched as Lance hurried off.

“What…was that?” Hunk asked. “I mean he’s always been…crazy but not like THIS.”

“Uh…coffee, apparently.” Shiro frowned.

Lance burst into his room, his heart pounding in his chest. He was just annoying everyone, but he couldn’t help it. He tried, he tried SO hard, but he was completely and totally unable to focus.

He had completely forgotten to take his medication this morning, and he didn’t realize it until nearly five PM, and by that time it was too late. If he took it now, he wouldn’t sleep that night, and he needed to sleep.

He knew it was a lost cause, but he was going to try and get some studying done.

Instead of studying, he found himself spinning in his desk chair, staring up at the ceiling to count the tiles.

While he was spinning, some Velcro from one of his projects caught his eye, and before he knew it, he was taping half of it to the wall, and half to his hands.

Keith walked in right as he was about to launch himself off the bed and onto the wall.


“Yes, roomie?” Lance asked, bouncing up and down on the bed lightly.

“What the hell are you doing? Get down!”

“I wanted to be SpiderMan.”

“You wanted to be spider-get down!” He cried, throwing his hands in the air. “I thought you were studying.”

“I was going to…but then I got sidetracked.” He said, slowly coming to a standstill.

“Okay, this,” Keith said, gesturing from the wall to Lance, “is NOT a good idea. Seriously.”

Lance sighed. “Yeah I guess you’re right - hey have you seen that video?”

Keith pinched the bridge of his nose. “I don’t…you need to be a bit more specific. What video are you talking about?”

“The…uh…guy who ate weed brownies and thought he was dead. Ooh! There’s this really good show on Netflix. The Flash, have you heard of it?Season one isn’t great, but it gets better. Have you watched it?”

Keith blinked. “No, I haven’t. Lance, are you alright?”

“Peachy. Why?”

“You’re all over the place, man.”

Lance’s face hardened, and he got off the bed and went to sit at his desk. “I told you. I had too much coffee.”


Keith sat on his bed, facing Lance. 

He watched as Lance struggled to calm himself enough to focus. 

He watched as Lance tapped his pencil on the desk incessantly and rolled back and forth in his chair while he stared at his laptop. He must have gotten up fifteen times to go walk to their mini fridge and walk back to his seat.

Then, Lance straightened in his chair and pressed a hand to his stomach. A grimace crossed his face and he stood up.

“Lance? Are you okay?”

“Stomachache.” He bit out, gritting his teeth as he climbed into bed.

Keith frowned. “Are you going to be sick?”

“I don’t…maybe.” He groaned.

“What happened? You were fine literally a minute ago.”

“I’m fine. Leave me alone.” He groaned, curling into himself as tightly as possible.


“-I’m FINE. This happens a lot. Leave me alone.”

“What do you mean?” He demanded. “Do you need to see a doctor?”

Lance let out a heavy sigh. “I have…nnngh…I have ADHD.”

“That…what does that have to do with your stomach?”

“I forgot to take my meds. This is a side effect.”

“Oh shit.” Keith said, his eyebrows shooting up. “Do you need anything?”

“I just need to…r-ride it out.” He groaned, gripping the blankets and writhing in pain. Sharp, stabbing, cramping pains were shooting across his abdomen in waves.

“Are you sure?”

Lance just groaned in pain, pressing his face into the pillow.

“Okay, I’m calling Shiro.”


“-it’s not up for discussion, Lance.” He said firmly.

Lance whimpered in pain, squeezing his eyes shut.

Keith dialed Shiro’s number, keeping his eyes on Lance.

“Hey, Keith.”

“Shiro, we need you over here.”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s Lance.”

“What happened with Lance?”

“He has a really bad stomachache…he’s writhing in pain in bed and I don’t know what to do.”

“Does he have a fever?”

“I don’t-Lance, do you have a fever?”

“No, idiot. I don’t have a fever.” Lance spat. “I’m not SICK, you don’t need to call Sh-Shiro…I’m f-ngggh.”

Keith rolled his eyes. “He doesn’t have a fever.”

“Give him something for the pain, I’ll be there soon.”

A wave of nausea rolled over him, and he got out of bed and made a b-line for the bathroom.

Lance slammed the door shut, and leaned over the toilet to empty his stomach. When he emerged from the bathroom, pale and shaky, Shiro was there.

“Are you alright?” He asked, pressing his hand to Lance’s cheek.

Lance batted his hand away. “I’m fine.”

Throwing up almost always brought relief when this happened. He felt mostly better, his stomach still hurt but it was nowhere as bad as before.

“You’re not fine.” Shiro said, shaking his head. Lance groaned, thoroughly irritated at all the attention he was getting.

Keith pursed his lips. “He says it’s a side effect from not taking his medication.”

Shiro frowned. “What? What medication?”

Lance clenched his jaw. “I have ADHD. I forgot to take my medication and that’s why I was so unbearable today.”

“Lance, you weren’t-”

“I annoyed you…I know I was.  I knew when I kept cutting you off.  I know how annoying I get when I don’t take them…I tried really hard to stop…to be normal, but I couldn’t.  I’m sorry.” Lance said, his eyes filling with tears. 

“Look,” Shiro started.  “I’ll admit…I was getting frustrated.”

“Me too, but dude, it wasn’t just that you were annoying.  We knew something was up, you’re not usually this…uh…”

“All over the place.” Shiro supplied. 

“Yeah, that.  You’re not usually all over the place like this.”

“We were just worried.” 

Lance looked at them.  “You were?”

Both Shiro and Keith nodded.  “Yeah.”

Lance sighed.  “I don’t really tell people,..ever.”

“Why wouldn’t you tell us?” Shiro asked. “We’re your friends. Did you think we’d judge you?”

“Well…yeah…kind of.” Lance muttered, bringing his eyes to the floor.

Keith shook his head. “Why would we judge you for that? So what? What…uh…is ADHD?”

Lance rubbed his forehead. “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I can’t focus, basically. Look, as much as I’d love to continue this…health lesson…I’m exhausted.”

Shiro nodded. “Yeah…thank you though, for telling us. We don’t think any less of you, you know.”

Lance hung his head, rubbing the back of his neck. “I appreciate that, thanks.”

“Get some sleep, feel better.” Shiro said, clapping him on the back. “Call me if you need anything else.”

Keith walked him to the door as Lance got back into bed. “Thanks, Shiro.”


If Natsu was a celestial spirit
  • Lucy: OPEN
  • Natsu: IM FIRED UP LUUUUUUUCY teehee. Who's ass am I kicking today
  • Lucy: right there. It's a simple target. DONT obliterate everything in the vicinity. emphasizing on DONT
  • Natsu: AYE MAAM
  • Natsu: *destroys everything*
  • Natsu: LUCY PLEASE
  • Lucy: NO
  • Natsu: wow okay yknow what I'm leaving. you can have that annoying as lion
the foxhole meme pt. 2

pt 1!

  • aaron: oh my god kevin can we please watch something that’s not exy-
  • kevin, scandalised: i will not have this blasphemy in my household
  • nicky narrates kevin’s morning routine with his best david attenborough impression 
  • ’-and here we see the rare stickballus obssesivus foraging for foo-OW KEVIN NO DONT THROW THE TOASTE-‘ 
  • andrew: i hate neil
  • some hater: yeah he sucks 
  • andrew: come the fuck at me 
  • allison: alright neil, and the second rule of fashion is that crocs are banned
  • neil: why would I want to wear reptiles on my feet
  • allison: 
  • nicky, dramatically: my world is falling to pieces everyone hates me and i am a wreck 
  • aaron: k
  • nicky: don’t worry matt andrew shows affection in his own special way 
  • andrew: josten i’m going to kill you one day.
  • neil, not looking up from his phone: k babe 
  • nicky: see? true love
  • aaron replaces some of kevin’s veggies with plastic toys when he’s annoyed and just. waits
  • foxes: do anything 
  • aaron: i hate this fucking family 
  • neil: matt can we go im tire-
  • matt: HI TIRED IM DAD 
  • nicky replaces all the extra rackets with baseball bats and kevin nearly beheads him with one
  • matt: hi honey 
  • dan: hey sweetie
  • matt: no sorry i was talking to neil
  • dan: oh same
eefa pettyveres hot guide 2 makin a gil
  • do not even craft dont FUCKIGn touch a CRAFTIUNG WEAPON it s bad… if u even think of a crafting wepon = disband… dont do that… halone will smite u
  • rouletets………………gil…………..nice…..
  • u get weird little red rectangles from ur roulettes that people like for u to exchange for goods and buy from u (but u would be supplying those dAMN hEAThen crafters!!!! so halone might smite u be careful)
  • chellenge  log?? ?? sweet i live for a Challenge
  • desynthing gives u a cool thing sometimes wao
  • but desynthing is almost like crafting sort of except you break it so its like low key sinning, halone might still smite you, proceed with caution
  • aqua police!!! weeoo weeoo more like the gilpolis am i rite gamers???? be sure to like comment a nd subscribe for more hot memes
  • sell erp
  • maybe if youre lucky you can win gil from wondrous tails but you must make a sacrifice
  • potd giv u a gil
  • and u can also get fun bags from the stinky dead dungeon with stuff u can sell for gil thats pretty cool
  • if u do ur weekly 24 man raids u get a weird rock that u can buy a weird orb with and sell for gil….
  • and like i guess if you have a ridiculous amount of time u can gather like weird sticks and rocks and fish which is like 100% profit but then u are gonna be covered in dirt and fishy smell so idk thats cool if ur into that kinda  thing
  • this one time when ninja came out, somebody gave me 300k to give them an instaqueue on my tank so like that was shady but it paid the bills…………..
  • if u giv ur retainer a silver cookie they might come back with a cool thing. or a fish. or a roof. but i mean its still gil so it applies
  • the beast friends like ur help and u like gil right??? help them
  • GRANDCOMPANY SEALS…. are pretty grand…. for making gil………

  • who am i kidding
  • you cant actually make gil in this game its impossible ive never even seen a gil or touched a gil before… help me my paissa is starving

anonymous asked:

Kirishima, Todoroki, Shinsou and Midoriya accidentally saw his shy crush put their love letter in his desk/bag bc they're too shy to confess directly & not brave enough to give it to him directly either. Headcanons of how they react? P.S. I love your gif & profile pic. Then again, I'm a fan of Midoriya so I approve ;)

(Okay! And, ah, thank you. I was wondering if it was too Midoriya-centered, but I’m very glad someone out there likes them!)


- Really confused when he sees his crush place a letter inside his desk/bag

- Quickly reaches for the note

- Gasps a bit as he reads the love note, then can’t believe his eyes

- Happy that they have mutual feelings, but wishes they directly came to him

- Feels bad that they had to go to the extent of writing a note and sneaking it inside his desk/bag

- As soon as possible, he reaches out to them and asks to speak to them privately

       - “Hey, crush/name. I have to admit, I saw you putting a love letter inside my desk/bag…But, please don’t be embarrassed. I think you’re super cute, too! Let’s go out sometime, okay?”


- Suspicious of the letter and his crush when he sees them

- After some time has passed, he cautiously opens/reads the letter

- Mulls over what crush has written and feels shocked yet euphoric

- Quietly and privately approaches his crush

      - “Crush/name…I saw you put this in my bag/desk. If what you wrote is true, I’m happy that the feelings are mutual. You know, you don’t have to be so shy around me.”

     - Intensely staring at crush as he talks, feeling very much in love


- Wonders what his crush is up to as they place a note in his desk/bag 

- When no one is looking, he quickly reads the note

- Initially, he’s confused and upset

     - Thinks it’s a prank or a joke 

     - Crumples letter up, not able to believe any of it

- Wants to avoid his crush, but the entire situation is really nagging him, so he quietly confronts them

     - “Crush/name, there was no reason for you to play a joke on me. This letter… I never expected you, of all people, to be a bully. Are you pranking me because you think I have a villainous Quirk? Really mature of you.”

- When he realizes that it was genuine, he feels bad and apologizes sincerely

     - Still can hardly believe that his crush likes him back

-Shyly admits his feelings


- Pretty confused and analyzes crush’s intentions when he sees them putting the note in his desk/bag

- Hesitantly opens up the letter

- Can’t control his blushing as he reads it

- He has some doubts, but he really wants to believe that the letter is true

- Admires his crush for writing a letter and keeps it

- Musters all of his courage to talk to his crush about the letter

     - “Hi… Crush/name, I’m sorry, but I saw…I saw you, um, putting a love letter in my desk/bag. I guess it was supposed to be a surprise…either way, it was quite a shock! I’m glad you like me…because, I like you, too!”

NCT Dream as People in Marching Band

Mark: Drum Major. Everyone is supposed to watch him, but no one is really paying attention.
RenJun: Sax player. Section Leader, doesn’t complain about neck strap tan line anymore, and gets emotional whenever someone compliments their section.
Jeno: Mellophone player. Gets along with the other players and his best friend is an annoying trumpet player. Trying his best to ignore people calling his Mellophone a big trumpet. 
HaeChan: Drum Line. For some reason likes to HIT EVERYTHING AS HARD AS HE COULD TO ANNOY EVERYONE. 
Jaemin: Your Typical Trumpet player. Loud as FUCK and think he’s better than everyone else.
ChenLe: Clarinet player. Doesn’t actually know what’s going on, but they’re trying their best and somehow is the only one who’s five measures ahead of everyone.
Jisung: That one guy playing the flute and likes to make puns. 

can i just say that in the leaked scene about polly’s baby shower, betty is obviously upset and distressed about her whole situation and jughead (her ‘boyfriend) doesn’t really seem to care?

like he’s sitting as far away from her as possible and once veronica makes a whole plan to fix things and make betty happy jughead’s like ‘uh…. do i have to come?’

(not to mention the disgust on his-and everyone else’s- face when veronica calls him betty’s boyfriend)

meanwhile, archie and jughead were fighting and didn’t consider them friends anymore but jughead waited on his doorstep to talk to him about what he saw (archie and miss grundy). despite him figuring out that miss grundy was the reason archie cancelled their road trip, jughead shows concern for archie, and what’s happening to him because of her. he may have been harsh, but you can tell he actually cares about archie even if they ‘aren’t friends anymore’.

tldr jughead looks uncomfortable and bored around betty even though they’re ‘dating’ but would go to hell and back for archie

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hey can you help me with sth? im not available to use tumblr nowadays and i missed too much videos can you send me links to watch them i mean reaction vid,countdown,stages and things like that if its annoying im sorry but i cant find anything in youtube :/

hii, here is the list:

Hug your russian son ? if u feel up to it ofc jfhisl,,

Just saying, but you’re a blessing All Might,, nothing is ever going to change that.I adore you 10000% Stay amazing ilu <3 Would totally smooch u if I could                                                                                  —–                                                                                                 oKAY im sorry if this looks a lil ugly?? i just started drawing humans so im kind of clueless aah,,  

will prbably send more asks if u dont mind me being an annoying kid B")



how dare you come into this inbox, cute ass bnha oc and no other info on him?! :’( I did him no justice here but.. if you let me… I’ll draw him with my own bnha oc who is also Russian!✨ Please feel free to send more asks btw! I’ll do my best to answer them but I am..very…out of order/behind on asks -mod ))

im lov my mutuals

uhhh hi it’s your local loser here again but this time im full of love (pls excuse the lack of a banner im. lazy and i have writing to do hsjfdsj)!! over the past few monhs, i’ve made a Heckton of new mutuals nd i want to appreciate all of u because you all mean a Lot to me nd make my crocodile heart sing, so here goes!! (im sorry in advance if i mess up your notifs this got too long nd im the worst :(() 

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hi!! so it’s been a year since i joined tumblr !! and i never thought i’d gain 2k followers in 365 days tbh because that’s just….wild. but i love all of you! thank you so much for putting up with me & my memes & my depression & my unfunny posts & me saying im drama free and then vaguing someone the next day :’) i’ve made so many friends this past year and this past year has been the most Extra year i’ve ever had but i wouldn’t take it back because if i did then i wouldn’t have any of yall :( anyway this is sappy nd annoying sorry let’s get to it!! 

(psa; how do u like my banner lmao)

(psa 2; i know it says tdoj but that’s because im going back to tdoj after dunkirk comes out jus be patient i promise) 

(psa 3; favorite blogs are italicized!)

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Gang Fight - Seongwoo Au

- admin xion

Originally posted by kingdans

genre: fluff but with swearing and beating ppl up lol-
member: ong seongwoo
word count: 1280
requested: yes
side notes: i’ve never been into anything about gangs nor gang fights itself so this shit is gonna be hELLA OFF DON’T BASH ME HHHHH

requested by: anon

Hiiii^^ could you write a series with seongwoo and oc where he is in a gang (wanna one) and she gets tangled up in his business somehow like idk he’s running away and she happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time so he has to hide her and then gets annoyed at her but then meets her again at some other point and has to protect her and they fall in love?? Omg I feel like I just wrote everything..TT

- mmk lets do this
- pewpew seongwoo
- my fav concept
- gang gang
- skrt skrt
- okay im sorry
- lol sike im not
- u thought
- how do i begin this
- u were walking
- with your basic schoolgirl uniform and the small little baggie with earbuds in and the nice curly swirly hair oH WOWWW
- you were going to the nearby bus stop to make your way home from class
- today the bus stop was extremely empty
- you were the only person there
- sorta scared bUT OH WELL RIGHT????
- as you continued to hum the tune to the song your phone was playing
- “for fuck sakES” the man cried as he quickly picked up the phone and paused the music
- “oNG SEONGWOO” a voice aggressively yelled
- he quickly
- and deeply
- sighed as he took your wrist and began running
- you had a hard time keeping up with his pace
- (;
- what
- anyways
- and was slowing him down in which he noticed
- he groaned and rolled his eyes as he suddenly picked you up bridal style and began running into a corner you weren’t familiar with
- your bag somehow managed to stay onto your shoulders as he quickly kicked open a door and barged inside with multiple men sitting around
- “myfUCKINGGOD” the one who carried you yelled as he threw you onto the couch
- “seongwoo, why is there a girl in our hideout?” asked the extremely tall one
- “i bet he was being chased again by those same douches,” spoke the one who was flipping through channels
- your heart was beating quickly
- why the fuck are they acting like this is normal?
- “you could’ve at least brought home a girl with bigger boobs but mmkay you do you seongwoo,” spoke a deep toned voice
- “jUST TAKE YOUR FUCKING PHONE AND GO” seongwoo yelled as he dashed towards you and handed you your phone
- “thefuck?” you mumbled as you retrived back your phone
- “dude, i dont even know where i am, why the fuck im here and why the fuck i was carried here,” you replied bluntly as you looked into his eyes
- he chuckled and rolled his eyes
- “firstly, you don’t know who the fuck i am, secondly, you slowed me the fuck down so i had to carry your fat ass, thirdly, did you not want your phone back because i couldn’t thrown that shit into your face so fucking hard-“
- “sEONGWOO CALM YOUR BALLS FOR CHRIST SAKES!” a voice yelled from upstairs as you jumped a bit
- ‘seongwoo’ sighed and gritted his teeth
- “at least walk her home or some shit,” another voice spoke
- “no, you do it jisung,” seongwoo spoke
- “no, YOU brought her here,” jisung replied
- “yah and herboobsaren’tbigeither”
- “no,”
- “just walk her home seongwoo,”
- “what? what are you gonna possibly do?”
- seongwoo clenched his wrist as he inhaled deeply
- “fiNelETSgO” he mumbles with his teeth closed
- he headed on the door as he purposely waiting for you to walk in front of him as he lifted up his hood and shoved his hands into his pockets
- you, remembering being on this street a few times, walked into a path you thINK was the right path to the bus stop
- “idiot, it’s this way,” seongwoo says as he grabs your wrist and drags you
- i was gonna say he dragged you from your hair but
- (;
- wickwodow killme
- “hAve yOU sERIOUSlY NEver bEEn hERE?” he asks
- “yah,” you reply
- “…good,” he mumbles under his breath
- he walks you all the way to the bus stop wOOSH
- “lol mmk bye hope to never see you again,”
- “i could never relate more,” you reply
- time skip woosh
- school
- ew
- you were at school
- ew
- how many times have i said that in a scenario?
- well, you were acTUAlly approaching school
- you heard a bunch of whispers about a 11 new students joining your class since you class was the smallest so far
- woosh in class, the door opened as they all entered
- their faces were familiar
- and they all noticed you you too as your classmates noticed the pointing and looks they gave you
- all introducing themselves one by one they eventually all got their seats
- “he fucking jinxed it,” you said to yourself
- throughout the whole class you ignored them
- you saw their glances at you but it flew over your mind
- as you were leaving the class, your wrist was graBBED ONCE AGAIN as you were turned back into the class
- “whathefu-“
- “look, whatever the fuck happened yesterday stays in yesterday,”
- “if its going to stay in yesterday why the fuck are you bringing it up?”
- “god you irritate me,”
- “then stop talking to me,”
- “maybe i will,”
- “good, for fuck sakes,” you replied bluntly as you ripped your wrist apart from his grip as he gritted his teeth and rolled his eyes
- “so annoying,” he mumbles as you dash out of the room
- time skip wooshie wooshh
- as you were exiting the school, a man in a black suit approaches you
- “y/n, correct?” he asks
- you slowly nod as you felt heaviness on your shoulder
- “get the fuck out of here hyunmin,” the familiar voice spoke
- you looked to your side and saw seongwoo as the rest of his gang approaches
- “i didnt even come for you. i came for her. i mean- look at her,” he speaks
- seongwoo gritted his teeth and clenched his fist
- “you guys just met yesterday. don’t tell me you had another soomin situati-“
- with full force seongwoo threw a punch at hyunmin as jisung and jaehwan rushed in to pry him off
- seongwoo used his other available arm and swung both of them away, leaving them both falling onto their backs
- jihoon and daehwi both went to jaehwan and jisung to make sure their okay
- before you knew it, a fight broke out as hyunmins gang soon approached the situation and made it more chaotic
- you yawned as your neck began to ache
- you approached the situation and with full force, you grabbed seongwoos collar and slapped him as you repeated the same process for hyunmin, leaving them both shocked
- as for the rest, they all stopped as they were left in shock
- “all i did was slap them, why you all staring?” you asked out of confusion
- hyunmin quickly ran as he can as the rest of his group followed
- seongwoo deeply sighed as you assisted him to get up back onto his two feet
- you glanced up into the sky and took a deep breath
- “my fUCKING GOD” you cursed
- you carried his heavy ass back into the school and into the nurse’s office
- yaya you treated his wounds
- all u guys did was bicker tho lolol
- “who’s soomin?” you asks
- seongwoo softly chuckles
- “someone who played with my feelings,” he replied
- “thats… interesting” you replied as you pack up the first aid kit
- “you slapped me hard,” he said changing the topic
- “what do you expect? you were just beating him up,”
- “bYE”
- “BYE”
- …

Ok time to speak things clear

When i gave permission in the past to use my art in videos i never said you have the right to monetize it (aka gain money with my art)


Im going to report you if i see that you are making money with my art. I dont care if i gave you permission before, it was never meant to be monetized without my knowledge. The only one who was permission is @wintermoth.

I dont care how much you beg im not going to back up

And one last thing

From this very moment. If you ever asked me to ’ make videos with your art’ that generally and i gave you permission, well now you dont have it. Im sorry but im tired of reposters.

If you are one of the people who asked me then you will need to ask again and FOR ESPECIFIC POSTS. IM NOT ALLOWING TO USE MY ART GENERAL YOU WILL NEED TO ASK FOR EVERY SINGLE PIECE.

Im sorry if this annoys the ones that already had my permission but blame it to the people that doesnt respect.

And mind you, if this even continue like this im not going to allow anyone anymore

Have a nice day.

Texts & Pretending

Another little oneshot in my University!AU





it sounded like you’d smashed a glass in the kitchen???

hey? you okay?

how do you know it was me. it could be logan. or patton.

well uh see, I know deductive reasoning is Logan’s department but 1) your room’s closest to the kitchen 2) I didn’t hear their doors opening and 3) you’re answering my texts

… at least you WERE

Fine. I must be annoying you. Goodnight.

no wait

I’m still here

it’s just my hands arrrre shakinreallybadly andi didnt mean to wake you imsorrysorrysorry

Okay, put down your phone. I’ll be there in a sec.  

nodon’t im fine i

Virgil, please stop texting and I’ll come to you.


shit sorry i didn’t mean that in capslock

look im sorry can we just forget that happened. delete the texts. pretend like you haven’t seen them idk

How can I pretend to not have seen something I’ve already seen

Well you’re the actor. Go get your Oscar.

Ha. Okay fine I’d be ABLE to pretend that.

But I don’t want to.

So there.

you’re the king of comebacks huh

In fact, I was going to go to the kitchen anyway. I always get some tea at 3am. Strengthens the vocal cords.

you literally just made that up

??? don’t know what you mean 

You take one sugar right?



I’m outside the door, is it okay if I come in?

nah im just going to barricade it shut until dawn.

yes you can open the door roman

:D x

I’m passed upset and now I’m just super annoyed. Why go to the effort of having a loved sub plot of two men becoming friends then becoming more if you’re going to kill one of them off only an episode after they finally act on their feelings for eachother? What was even the point of having their relationship if it was going to be thrown away so quickly? I knew Drummond’s death was coming but they could have done so much with them first. I feel like exploring homophobia in the Victorian era is really important but oh well. Just another case of the bury your gays trope, I guess

anonymous asked:

can we get some headcanons/fic of playing overwatch and just random games with player 1 and 2? if not its chill

For sure!!! I have spent forever thinking about this??? And these are all probably really bad and im very sorry.

★First off, let’s be real, Jeremy is a D.Va main. There is no escaping it, sorry. She’s big and tough and adorable and he’s in love with her

★Michael is a Lucio main because they’re the same person

★none of you are very good at overwatch, but you practice so that you can kick your boy’s asses whenever you do (even if you are on the same team)

★playing capture the flag mode includes a lot of yelling 

★”if you’re here, and im here, then who the fuck is guarding the flag?!”

★”its me, assholes let’s go”

★you definitely annoy everyone else on the team chat bc jeremy is always yelling


★”jeremy calm down”

★ but when you play video games all together at one of your houses it’s chaos

★mario kart is a recipe for disaster

★it was outlawed at your house after the incident™

★ there is still a hole in the wall from the incident™

★ sometimes jeremy lets you win, but michael is ruthless and cut throat

★ red shell? comes to find you.

★ blue shell? waits till you’re in first

★ green shell? this bitch has incredible aim

★ jeremy hits all the banana peels like he’s aiming for them

★ you usually end up on someone’s lap in a bean bag, or right up against someone until they push you off and you end up on the floor 

★ “what, you don’t want to cuddle?”

★ “I don’t want to cuddle with a murderer”

what "mess" would sound like
that sechen hoe
what "mess" would sound like

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  • [sakura n sasuke hanging out sitting on the sofa w their tinders open]
  • sakura: hmm.. cute.. cute.... very cute.. ohh shes so hot
  • sasuke: .... ugly.. ugh pass.. gross..... hmmmm looks unnervingly like kiba, fuck no....
  • sakura: [has a match] ohhh nice i got a match
  • sasuke: [looks over] why dont **I** ever get a match
  • sakura: well lets see. go on
  • sasuke: [swipes 2 the next guy] ......ugly
  • sakura: what why hes kinda cute
  • sasuke: annoying bio with too many exclamation points. next [swipes again].... hmm no i dont think so
  • sakura: thats suigetsu and youve banged him
  • sasuke: hmm? anyway moving on.. [swipes]
  • sakura: oh i think hes ok
  • sasuke: yeah i guess [still swipes left]
  • [this goes on for a while]
  • sakura: hey you ever tried like swiping right instead of left
  • sasuke: well im sorry SOMEBODY here has standards
  • sakura: well IM sorry that youre such a picky BITCH. have fun moping after naruto i'll be at my house eating pussy, asshole