im sorry if i offend

this post is in relation to the terfs issue. i am not in any way trying to entertain the idea of transphobia! as a matter of fact, i am against it and i loathe it with all my heart. however, the thing is, i was not able to dwell into the terf issue that much prior to answering the questions you asked me! and i decided that maybe i should do my research before jumping into conclusion! i do not support the cause in any way! im really sorry to those who felt offended or attacked! i hope you can understand that im trying my best to educate myself!! feel free to send in information/links/resources regarding this if u wanna educate me as well. thank you very much!

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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #23
  • Dan: Phil you left all the cupboard doors open again
  • Phil: godDANit
After hours

So I had to stay after school today because we had color guard sectionals and after that I had this academic award ceremony thing. Anyway I was sitting in the lobby area after school had ended and the teachers and principles were going into the auditorium to set up for the awards and the vice principle didn’t see my because I was sitting against a wall and he just yelled “I HATE SCHOOL” then scurried away so the moral of this story is even our teachers think school is bullshit 


I’ve been seeing a lot of these posts with the same damn products on all of them and I really feel like we’re recycling the same shit and there’s nothing new to read anymore which is part of the reason I made this account, to add my own remedies and routines in hope that it could help someone else~

African black soap-
Lemme tell you right now. Ditch whatever shit you’re using as a body wash RN and go cop some (RAW) African black soap. That shit is natural and is bursting with vitamin A and E. It helps with eczema too. I personally use Alaffia which also contains Shea butter and I use it everday. Love it and love my skin+it smells super fresh

Apple cider vinegar-
Add abt ¾ of a cup of ACV to your bath and let it work its magic. Its anti fungal and battles against body odor. It makes your hair shiny and is considered a skin detox bath, I personally experience softer skin. ALSO it resets your pH and fights again vaginal odor and yeast infections naturally too.

Jojoba oil-
Jojoba oil is the oil that everyone thinks coconut oil is. It is a natural moisturizer for hair and skin and it works way better than coconut oil could ever hope to do!!

Coconut oil-
Let me tell u something. In a previous post I copied a message on of my followers sent me abt coconut oil being horrible for your hair because it breaks down proteins. It got a lot of positive and negative feed back, some saying I was trying to speak for them or leave out black hair, no that is not the case. I simply copied a message and released it for public knowledge cause im here to HELP YOU NOT HURT YOU! I’m sorry if I offended anyone~ but coconut oil, regardless of hair, is not the angelic product everyones made it out to be. STOP PUTTING THAT SHIT ON YOUR SKIN IT CLOGS PORES. I use it to oil pull, its a natural way to remove the toxins from your mouth and it also whitens your teeth. You put abt a teaspoon or less of coconut oil in your mouth and swish for a minute or 2. Love that shit my teeth are so white. But other than that I wouldnt put that shit on my hair or skin, unless you’re shaving your legs or sometin. Although I do put it on my pussy after I shave and idk what i’d do without it. But coconut oil is NOT for everything.

Rose water-
Sorry for the extremely long coconut oil excerpt lol this one’s short. Rose water can be used as a toner/makeup setter. It controls oil and hydrates your skin. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Its also good on dry/frizzy hair

Castor oil+Vitamin E oil-
Another 2 great oils. I’m lazy and didnt want to make another 2 oil sections lol but basically castor oil can be used on eyebrows/eyelashes to thicken them. Its also a natural laxative. Vitamin E oil is a great hair/skin moisturizer and heals scars.

If you arent taking biotin everyday I want you to go to your local pharmacy and cop a bottle because beauty starts from the inside. Its a hair skin nail vitamin and boosts healthy growth of hair/nails and keeps skin healthy. I do love it.

Charcoal soap-
Instead of using a typical bar of soap, invest in a charcoal one instead. Charcoal contains a powder called Binchōtan which cleanses and moisturizes skin. For all u natural bitches out there.

Also a lil side note~ for anyone who wants to comment to mine or any other ‘hoe tip’ posts saying “these are life tip not hoe tips” SHUT UP! We know! But these tips were originally for tips and products to be as sexy and well maintained as they can be. Usually before somekind of sex appointment. Let the hoes have this instead of trying to shame it


I’m fucking crying bc of the anti ks tag I swear y'all are so extra like, bruh. I can’t even kill a fly I won’t fucking kill anyone just because I read this. I’m not gonna shame anyone but I have read things that made me think of taking my eyes out and putting them back on just to confirm that I read that with my own two eyes but anyway.

Yes, we do like the plot bc have you even read the two first chapters before saying anything? Dude that shit makes you think of who a person can truly be and makes you wanna know what happens next after a really fucking crazy ass moment that ends with a cliff hanger, like what the fuck happened to bum or what is going to do with that girl and things like that. And the art? I’m majoring in arts (especifically music and theatre but I have art classes too so I know what the fuckity fuck I am talking about for once in my life) and it’s amazing, so no, we’re not psychopaths with a fetish or something like that.

Another topic that leaves me on the ground rolling for air is the yoonbum x sangwoo topic. The fuck is wrong with those people that say that if you ship those two you are a horrible person and that you should kill yourself?? And wait, hold on a second, you said to someone to kill themselves over a ship that it’s fictional, who the fuck here is the real psychopath now huh?? Anyway, what I was saying, yoonbum and sangwoo both are fucking fictional characters that doesn’t exist in real life and are not going to fucking murder or stalk you in any way and of course not a single person in there is suffering for real (except me every time I read it I swear to god). I personally don’t ship them bc I like Sangwoo x jail and Yoonbum x therapist but that doesn’t mean that I should F U C K I N G DISR ES P E CT SO ME O N E’S O P I NI ON AB O U T IT FO R F U C KIN G FR EE. If someone ships them it’s alright. If someone doesn’t it’s alright too and if you don’t fucking like Killing Stalking don’t make an anti blog, block the tag, don’t comment negative things on someone’s blog about it and go on with your fabulous and sweet fantastic life.

I don’t care if you think it’s horrible and a taboo topic just go on with your life and stop being immature and a hater. Tumblr really needs to fucking chill a lil bit.

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i like reading your works but i don't understand....why write tomochika as the main? she is just a supporting cast. why not just use an oc or haruka? i have never read a fanfiction of tomochika as the main character and i find it weird haha..

I see that you sent this on April 4th so I apologise for responding now!

But why you ask? Because she’s a goddess

Not just in her looks (she’s gorgeous)

But her concern

Her encouragement

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Her understanding nature

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Her kindness

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Her willingness to become friends with the shy Haruka because nobody should be alone

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Her support for STARISH from the beginning despite the fact that they are her rivals in a way.

She’s protective

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A pillar of support for her friends

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She’d do pretty much anything for Haruka

And there is so much more to her character that I see beyond the “supporting best friend” of the main girl

She’s a goddess.

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Also read the end notes of Chapter 1, kid. I also mention why here too-

Have a good day though and thank you for listening! ^^

P2 mean that you’re trying to validate your existence. Do you perceive Namjin, Yoonseok, Vkook as weak/dependent just cause they’re together? No, cause each one of them are bad ass and have made a name for themselves. P3 anyways, my point is: if Jimin is happy with himself and is enjoying sleeping around and is confident AF then thats amazing!but IF jimin does fall in love or gets a partner that does NOT make him weak nor seen like hes submitting himself into the social norms of a person needing
P3 someone in order to be happy. If u fall in love u just DO! And doing that wont take away how jimin has accomplished to overcome his struggles/ how badass he is. Sorry i just needed to say this cause its ok to want jm to be with someone or not to be with someone. It just i felt that other anon was shading the other anon who commented that they wanted jm to have someone. with or without a partner Jimin will still be our sassy snakeu 💚

Oh yeah of course, I wholeheartedly agree with this as well! Jimin isn’t less of who he is if he was in a romantic relationship, or if he wanted one for that matter. He would still be the same sassy, independent snek that he is.

But rather than Jimin’s identity lessening if he was in a romantic relationship, I think the other anon intended on addressing the pervasive notion that for a lot of people, one would need romance specifically in order to be whole and happy as a person, if they do end up wanting or needing someone. But I can’t speak for them and maybe I’m just projecting :’)

I wanted to talk about this topic anyway though, although mine is a digression from identity and more on people wanting romance from him which is unrelated to this ask but since we’re talking about Jimin I’m going to rAMBLE anyway.

It’s ok to want or not want Jimin in a romantic relationship!! But I just wanted people to understand why I want him to be how he is now. When people leave me asks about wanting Jimin to be in a relationship, there’s an implication that Jimin is missing an experience from his life that’s leaving him unfulfilled. And to me, that pales the importance of platonic love and the equal fulfillment one can deride from it.

In this au, I wanted Jimin to be content and happy and whole from the affection and love he gets from himself and the platonic relationships he has right now. He needs people to share his life with as we all do, but just because he’s not experiencing romantic love doesn’t mean he’s any less happy, or that he has any less smooches and cuddles that he receives that means something to him.

And I’m really not trying to shame anyone who want romance for him! I would want it to if the writing opportunity ever rose from it. But as it stands, I wanted to shed the light that Jimin is who he is and as whole as he can be without a romantic partner.

BUT YEAH I just wanted to get that out of the way as well this aNSWER IS A MESS im sorry OP

TLDR; Having jimin in a romantic relationship doesnt erase his identity for part 1; for the last half of the ask, the message i want people to take away from jimins journey is that he doesn’t need one and won’t be needing one for this AU and I hope you’re not disappointed by that :’)


on some thursday
  • <p> <b>some american:</b> hey!! u know what day it is :D????<p/><b>me, a non-american:</b> uhh umm philip..hamilton's death???anniversary??????<p/><b>american:</b> <p/><b>me:</b> <p/></p>

“Can’t believe you called me third-tier.”

“Well, I can’t believe you called me a lumberjack.”

“There are other patterns in the world besides plaid, Dean.”

Sam just rolls his eyes and sticks his earbuds in.

“And why is my name like this?”

“Like what?”

Cas shoves something into Dean’s face and Dean smacks his hand away, scowling at him in the rearview.

“Cool it, I’m driving—”

They squabble all the way to the next light, and Cas leans forward again, dangling Dean’s phone in front of his face. Dean tries to uncross his eyes, squinting at the four tiny letters on the screen.


Cass,” Cas says impatiently. “Cass.”

“Yeah?” Dean says, shrugging. “So?”

Cas heaves a long-suffering sigh, falling back.

“It’s Castiel, not Casstiel. A second ‘s’? Where did that even come from—”

Dean rolls his eyes.

“Dude, calm down.” 

“It makes no sense.”

Dean runs a hand over his face.

“I don’t know, okay? Maybe Claire messed with my phone. Or Sam.”

“Wasn’t me,” Sam mutters, but he quickly shuts up with a glare from Dean.

Cas is still muttering to himself.

“I suppose, if you want to get technical, there is no ‘s’ in my name at all, in Enochian it’s a post-alveolar fricative—”

Dean huffs.

“Give it rest, Cas. It literally does not matter.”

Cas’s eyebrows shoot up.

“Oh. Really.”

He sits back, pulling out his own phone.

“Well, fine,” he says, thumbs flying furiously over the keyboard. Dean frowns, glancing back at him.

“What are you doing?”

Cas doesn’t look up from the screen.

“Changing your name to Deann. D-E-A-N-N.”

“Dude, what the hell—”

Cas deftly evades the grab Dean makes for his phone, smirking.

“You’re the one that said it doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, for the love of—”

Dean hits the brakes and pulls the car into park, swiveling in his seat.

“Change it back,” he says, glaring at Cas. 

“No,” he says stubbornly, arms crossed.


Dean snatches up his phone from where Cas abandoned it, opening up Cas’s contact info.

“Then you’re going in as ‘asswipe’.”

Cas narrows his eyes.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Holy tax accountant?”


“Huggy Bear.”


Dean smirks, tucking his phone away.

“Too late.”

He turns back to the road, grinning to himself. They pull back on the highway, back to Lebanon.

A couple miles later, Dean snaps his fingers.

“I got it! Asstiel, that’s where the second s comes from—”

That earns him a cuff on the ear, and another stoppage as Dean retaliates and almost starts a full-on wrestling match that threatens to spill over into the backseat—until Sam yells at them to cool it.

“Guys, I’m right here.”

Cas flops back in the seat, smirking. Dean tries to comb his hair back into place, scowling.

They drive again, and some time after, Dean’s phone buzzes. He glances down at the screen.

One New Text Message 

From: Sunshine

you’re making this up to me later

Dean grins.

After a moment, it vibrates again.

From: Sunshine

bring that leather jacket.

One of the things I really like about Garrus is that he’s a 7 foot tall terrifying and ruthless bird person who carries around a huge gun and will murder you if you step out of line ….

….and his go-to expletive is ‘crap’.

I mean yeah he says ‘damn’ sometimes for emphasis but he opens an elevator and comes face to face with a BOMB and just goes “Oh crap!!” like he’s 12

One time a husk manages to sneak up on him and he freaks out for a second and blurts out “whaT THE FUCK!?” and everyone just whirls around and stares in shock because did he just swear??? and they all kind of laugh and comment like ‘wow I didn’t know you had it in you!’ 

Garrus is horrified he might have offended someone and apologizes non-stop for like 45 minutes 

-ugly sobbing in the corner- (based on this)

honestly i’m not being salty or anything but when i saw people said that showki is fake/just a mere fan service/starship is trying to sell them i’m like ‘what?’ because, that doesn’t make sense at all. when people said shownu and kihyun are not supposed to be shipped together because there’s nothing romantic about them i’m like- speechless.

guys, i’m not being biased or anything but there’s no regulation or rules to ship someone with someone. if you find a pair that is cute it’s up to you to ship them or not. no one force you to ship showki- like, you can ship other shownu ships or kihyun ships because no one’s gonna be mad at you if you do. but when you said ‘this is just fake’, 'you aren’t supposed to ship them’ well for me… it’s kinda rude. we have the rights to ship who we want to ship.

i know that shownu and kihyun are awkward with each other at first but that doesn’t mean they are still am now, right? you don’t live with them, you don’t even see them everyday, yet you assume that they are just acting/their interactions are fake? i can see it for myself; how both of them are slowly trying to be comfortable with each other. and maybe during this comeback, their bond just got stronger. maybe their relationship is evolving to a better phase than before? who knows?

i’m sorry if this offended anybody but yeah, i’m just saying that they are all the best of friends. whether or not you ship them in a romantic-kind-of-way or just mere friends, it’s up to you. what i’m trying to point out is that we shouldn’t say things like that. i believe showki shippers are growing more and more everyday and we might be offended by your words about our ship. imagine if someone talks bad about your ship by saying that it’s fake; won’t you be mad too? consider putting yourself in our shoes please.

i’m so sorry once again. just an opinion (or more like a rant) from a showki shipper.