im sorry if i forgot someone

okey-dokey, here’s the full list of f/os!

- Hinata (Fire Emblem Fates) - romantic

- Cookie (@cookieloverdeluxe’s OC and Fatesona) - romantic

- Camilla (Fire Emblem Fates) - romantic

- Laslow (Fire Emblem Fates) - romantic

- Ryoma (Fire Emblem Fates) - platonic

- Stahl (Fire Emblem Awakening) - romantic

- Ricken (Fire Emblem Awakening) - platonic

- Clair (Fire Emblem Echoes) - romantic

- Tobin (Fire Emblem Echoes) - platonic

- Yosuke Hanamura (Persona 4) - romantic

- Shinjiro Aragaki (Persona 3) - romantic

- Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Danganronpa) - romantic

- Mondo Oowada (Danganronpa) - platonic

- Chihiro Fujisaki (Danganronpa) - platonic (could you imagine a Mana x Ishi x Mondo x Chi polyship tho!! i have!!! it’s extremely good!!!!)

- Youhei Sunohara (Clannad) - platonic

- I shipped myself with Neville Longbottom for a hot second…we dont talk about those days..

- And I kinda ship myself with Caeda from Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon? It’s more of a small crush if anything. Talk about a case of unrequited love…

And I think that’s about it! I don’t think I’m forgetting anybody…

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Hi I'm a carat but I've recently fallen headfirst off a cliff into Monsta X and I was wondering if you could rec some blogs for each of the members for me? Changkyun's my baby but I love the others sososososo much too 💞💓

hi 💕💕 first of all, welcome to the monbebe family!! we’ll treat u right and love u lots 💖 unlike ck :/ he’s a meanie :/// u can come cry to me abt him anytime i’ll kick his ass for u ://////

so, i haven’t done this in a while!! it’s gonna be fun :^)

💗 changkyun’s 💗
@heartsforchangkyun @changkihyunn @kihynn @puppkyun @changkyuon @changkyuns-voice-oh-god @wonkyuna @lastlov @nuboys @dimpledjookyun @hcangkyun @ckyun @cngkyns @softboynamjoon @imchgkyn @imterstellar @changkyunsprincess @1feelyou @chngkyunie @vchangkyun @imchangkyute 

💚 kihyun’s 💚
@chankihyun @satinseok @heartsforkihyun @softki @m0onbean @milkihyungwon @kilisp @kihani @kihyun1 @kihyunluv @kibean @smileykihyun @merrykihyuns @monbabi @ukihyunnie @kihyunswife @wonnkyun @ckihyun @kihyuns

💛 jooheon’s 💛
@f1rstwin @wooonho @softheonys @taelights @94honeyluv @ljh-94 @jooheonslegs @jooheonies @snowyjooheon @nottechae @agoth @juheonn 

🖤 wonho’s 🖤
@wonhopeful @wonheons @kattea @gothhyungwon @hiyoungwon @ilymx @wonhopotato @blushingwonho @wongguk @lq-wonho @wonhosjaan @usagiwon @seokgrl @changkkyunnie @gentlewonho @monstox @stellarwon @wonhosbub @cookieangelwonho @warmwonho @wonhosflower @wonhosgf @peach-wonho @justwonho @hotseok 

💜 hyungwon’s 💜
@hyun9wons @chahyungwon @warmhyungwon @hyunqwonnie @chaekkung @hyung-vvon @hyungwonnies @hyungwonslays @chaerismatic

❤️ shownu’s ❤️
@sheownu @shownuubear @1showho @flowermx

💙 minhyuk’s 💙
@cherrykihyun @minhyukslee @jellyhyungwon @mindoggo @wonhoseokks @wonhyuk1 @minhyuukk @harumin-t @mi-nhyuk @minhyuku @m1nhyuk @kittyminhyuk @mxrays @minhyuuk 

💘 mx’s 💘
@heartsformx @mx-smiles @akaminhyuk @cuddlychae @hsoeoks @okihyunie @k1hyukie @07kihyun @minhyukt @annitor @hyngwnho @kkukkungiim @mcnstax @gravityofsnow @hyunwom @monst-rex @trespassx @ukiqyun-93 @transbebe @lqjoohyuk @lowq-monstax @won-heol @mxnsta-x @hngwns @mx-lq @mxfansignnotes @juststanmonstax @pink-kyun @m-b-b @sweetjooheonie @mihnyukk @httpkihyunnie @eatchae @floofsta-x 

i realized this is a bit too much™ so bolded are the favs u absolutely need to follow bc what ull get is: 1. content and 2. love :(

hello lovelies! ❊ to celebrate the holidays and the fact that i recently hit 3k (i still can’t believe it!!!), i thought it was the right time to show some love to my favourite blogs with this follow forever. thank you for brighten up my dash everyday with your amazing content, i love you all so much and i wish you happy holidays (and merry christmas if you do celebrate)!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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hi, I know i’m jumping on the bandwagon of these end of year follow forevers/mutual posts. I was gonna do one when I reached my next K, but i’ll just do it now. 

i got into this kdrama/kpop fandom in sept 2016 and this year in 2017 i’ve joined quite a few networks and befriended some as well. i would just like this post to appreciate all my mutuals, some that I talk to, some that I just admire from a distance. you are all so awesome to me. 

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Hello, its Tatjana!  A few days ago i reached 3.2k followers (idk why and how) so i wanted to show my appreciation to you all. ♡  So thank you for following me. Thank you for sending me messages, for reblogging my shity edits, for just existing!  Just thank you.  I made new friends, and discovered so many new beautiful blogs since I made this mess of a blog. Im going to list off all of my amazing mutuals (i just realized i only follow mutuals lmao) and friends here! 

(favorites are bolded)
These are in no particular order. Please let me know if i forgot someone! 

@badstrangerthingsideas  ♡ @bichaelwheeler  ♡ @milliesbobbysbrowns   @lucille-belcher  ♡ @shellybrigg  ♡ @gatens  ♡ @baileytsample  ♡ @strangerstxrdust  ♡ @bill-denbroughs  ♡ @sstrangerthaneleven  ♡ @s-t-r-a-n-g-e-r-t-h-i-n-g-s  ♡ @eleventhingz  ♡ @jjonathanbyers  ♡ @mouthbreathingeggo@mikeandeleven  ♡ @strangerbae  ♡ @robertzemeckis  ♡ @kats-edison  ♡ @youlookpretty-good  ♡ @maplestreet83  ♡ @bikingthroughhawkins  ♡ @elevenbbrown  ♡ @strangerwhee11ers  ♡ @themikewheelers  ♡ @strangerwaffle  ♡ @mikeseggo  ♡ @jessicallange  ♡ @neondarkos  ♡ @sbstianstans  ♡ @rey-sky-walkers @daissyridley  ♡  @sanzastarke  ♡ @tomhollind  ♡  @sofiaboutalla  ♡ @batwan  ♡ @ahtonystark  ♡ @greensrachel  ♡ @ellienatchiios  ♡ @alfonsosherrera  ♡ @rvierdale  ♡ @miones  ♡ @mcliffordy  ♡ @richiehoezier @upsidesdown  ♡ @bagginses  ♡ @guentzels  ♡ @janes-ives  ♡ @frayclary  ♡ @ochocolate  ♡ @clarasolo  ♡ @shesavedus  ♡ @amyskhaleesi  ♡ @mcavoy @batvelasqucz  ♡ @wanda-maximova  ♡ @justice-for-benny  ♡ @supercomsandeggos  ♡ @mlliebbrown  ♡ @malialydia  ♡ @demogaga  ♡ @lovegoodd  ♡ @ghostriders  ♡ @nancybyrs  ♡ @harleyquizel   ♡ @spideypooly  ♡ @fionagoddess  ♡ @melisandlre  ♡ @eggos-and-promises  ♡ @raesberri  ♡ @emmacharlottewatson  ♡ @davinaclaires  ♡ @scottsummrrs  ♡ @allstrangersthings  ♡ @stranger-art-things  ♡ @mikes-wheeler  ♡ @jimparscns  ♡ @upsidedownwaffle  ♡ @aleclightwqqd  ♡ @amypnde  ♡ @daredvils  ♡ @troybaker  ♡ @novxcaines @gallavich  ♡ @isanghan  ♡ @mockingjaykatniss2  ♡ @keoghanbarry  ♡ @proinslascassidy  ♡ @sansapond  ♡ @haystack-hanscom  ♡ @eggo-loving-eleven  ♡ @rileyblu  ♡ @dqrthvader  ♡ @nattydyers  ♡ @jimhopps  ♡ @remcslupins  ♡ @eggogorgon  ♡ @theongrey  ♡ @jediknightrey  ♡ @natchios

okay first of all… lets not talk abt this collage!!!! U GUYS!!!! i cant believe i have this blog for only a month and a few days like ??? ive met so many amazing ppl, made so many friends and most importantly LOVED HOSEOK ENDLESSLY lol so this is a big shoutout to u guys, thank u so much for keeping up with my emo ass!!! LOVE U <3

this is a big thanks to all of my mutuals, u guys r srsly THE BEST and im Blessed!!! i was very conflicted while doing this bc honestly everyone i follow is amazing but yeah lets do this!!!

bold = mutuals

✨ = fave blogs!!

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“Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” - Unknown


Time travel AU:) (my contribution to the @carryon-countdown)

Edit: oml just realized I forgot his tail sorry

h o l y  c r a p

i can’t believe i actually hit 10,000 followers on this blog! it’s insane how in such a short period of time i’ve felt so welcomed, accepted and truly happy to be apart of the clique. this follow forever is just a small way to say thank you to everyone who has reblogged my content, sent messages, replied to posts and generally just been an amazing person! thank you for making my tumblr experience so great.


@alienmaskjosh @ahouseofgold  @beanboyjoseph @blurryjoshua @clearlytyler @deathshands @dunpling @dunwithdjspookyjim @emotionlessmarchers @goshua


@heathxns @igniteit @inaskeletonclique @joshduhh @joshsfrend @joshguns @josnua @jshlrs @nophunintened @odetodreams @plrize@polariiize @prettyheathen


@regionlatbest @sodunwithholdingontoyou @stilllstreet @todaytyler @tvventyonelosers @twenlyonepilots @twenyonepilots @twentyoneprolly @tylerandthejosephs @tylersdunbuns @tyjosephs @tylerjoseph @tylerjosephs @typler


@whateverdun @vcsscl @vessal @vssl @21p

and to all my followers, thank you for putting up with my shenanigans. love you all!


To celebrate this new year I’ll be doing a bunch of blog recs! I saw a lot of people doing it and I found the idea sweet so here i am doing it! The people i talk to will be in bold





















The shadowhunter chronicles


























Percy jackson




Six of crows



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What are some of the best ziam blogs to follow?

hi :) i dont follow too many people but here are the ziam blogs i do follow, some of them blog about ziam a little bit, while most are dark ziams like myself lmao @0xyzen @malikaesthetics @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @zayniepaynie @antihuda @awwwhoopsehdaiseh @ziamspaynus @oh-no-its-elle @bisexvalziam @verseziam @champaynezaddy @befourjavadd @zlanet @zayndrogynous @zaynfeatliam @liamalmighty @all4zayn @zaynispureperfection @mellygrant @nerds4life @jaegyoo @zlpayne @deniallisstrong @luzcoziam @loveourtimeisnow @be-my-tired-pony @sameoldbloganddance @peachypetalhazz @ziamsclassicbitch @ziamlicious @rindaanah @rightnxt2ziam @harryandlouisarehappilystrong @nicki786 @ziamsession @liampayme @warzoneziam @ziamsthottie @empty-altars @knoorhoran @madat-55 @ziamnerds @ziamgreatesthits @brightziam @josjournal @rainbowliam @zaynliam @irishpalatines @marvelsziam @shiningdistraction @that-regular-chick @ifigureditout @darlinzayn @downtherabbitholeafterzm @happilymissy @myuselessknowledge @guilty1dlove @1ddenisels @paynefulperiods @ot5alwaysinmyheart @justneedbeloved @realityruinedmylifeandstuff @zipplekink 

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maddi do you have any blog recommendations

HECk yes i do! im doing this in a bit of a rush so if i forget someone please yell at me!!! (btw here’s my latest ff which inclues all my mutuals in a better order if this doesnt tickle your pickle bc im a mess and definitely forgot someone and im sorry)

@counterbants @huphilpuffs @instarbuckswithdan @scifiphan @danieldaily @doinganap @pseudophan @1ester @danstellations @unhugme @dansucc @perhaps-trees-and-tea @astral-cars @ducklingdaniel @themostfuniveverhad @etherphil @dayphil @philester @othersentencesbyphil@gorgeousdan @wokingdan @moonchair@hazyphil @fringeboyes @danielbear@awrfhi @dnpsb @crisshowell @suspicioushowell @nihilist-toothpaste @alittledizzy @antiphannie @valentinephil @arcticlester @leftfringe @sungminova @softandneatdaniel @phansterdam @golddustphan @softlycopacetic @cinnamonnutlester @dansfloof @cityofdan@aforeverhome @babephil @danielpov @louvrephil @leftsharklester @llguori @gamingmas @fireworksphil @pinoffs@rebrandes @starcatcherphan @analester @melancholydan @cookiephil @manchesterz @jilliancares @botanistlester @snowbunnylester

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

Dear people who follow me on Tumblr,

We’ve been way too out of touch

Hey guys!

It’s been..what, four days?

I feel bad for disappearing, even though I know four days isn’t THAT long. It’s just that, I’ve done almost nothing productive for the past days that I’ve been absent, and that made me feel like I’ve been gone for years. But you know what? It’s okay.

I know you guys said that I don’t owe you at all, but I feel like I do. For being so patient, for being so supportive. I didn’t expect to come back to over a hundred messages telling me that it’s okay. You guys even told me that it’s okay to give up, if that’s what’s best for me and my health. I am in tears as I read through every single reply, ask, and submission I received. I won’t publish any of them, and some of them even requested that I don’t publish them, so I will not. I promise that I’ve seen all of them and just.. Some even offered an ear and a shoulder to cry on and- You are not bothering me at all, I You all care so much and, well, I’m deeply moved and, I honestly don’t know how to properly respond to that, haha-

I want to tell you all that I’m okay. I’m eating right, can’t say the same about sleeping but that’s a norm for me. Seriously, I’m physically fine, and I’m alive. I stay hydrated. I know some probably don’t care but I got a message asking if I was “okay” okay and I just had to clarify that I was. Still a little salty over my channel getting terminated, but otherwise, I’m 100% okay. That being said-

I love you all so much. I can’t thank you all enough for just..being there for me. I’ve never had something like this before because I have difficulty socializing and making friends in real life. So, how we all connect through the means of..just sharing art, it just- Baffles me. In a good way. I’m overwhelmed and crying, but..

God, just, thank you. I’m repeating myself but I really don’t know what to say anymore so, I’ll just get to my other point.

I won’t give up just yet.

Art and making animatics is a thing I love to do. I enjoy making them, and sharing them for others to see. I love getting different reactions from different people. I can’t just let that go. I can’t give that up, because it’s one of the things that makes me..well, me. If I don’t do art, then what else can I be? Someone else that I’m not? I’m not about that life, homeslice.

And about my channel. My friend helped me file a counter notification to YouTube. There’s a small chance I might get my channel back. It’s small, but it’s there. But even if I don’t get it back, I could always make a new channel! Start small and build it up from there again? I’m up for it! But I’m just waiting on YouTube to process the dispute. Me and my friend are both a little anxious about the whole thing, but- Yeah, haha.

By the way, someone reuploaded most of my videos! A fan linked me to them and they’re called “Hamilton Trash” on YT. Whoever manages that channel, if you’re reading this, you are a blessing. Thank you so much for saving my videos!

So there’s that. I’m sorry for the long post, but I’m back. Err, semi-back. I’ll be on and off, but I’ll try to post stuff again. Oh no, wait, I almost forgot! Someone put up a petition to bring my channel back and I just- You guys- are the best thing that ever happened to me. Seriously that’s so sweet. Hopefully YouTube listens and, you know, bring it back. But even if they don’t, again, I’m 100% ready to make a new channel.

Thank you all so much for reading, and for being there in general ❤ and I hope you’re having a great day/afternoon/night!



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Do you have any favourite blogs?

yep it’s a long list tbh

@dylannnroof @tedbundy @truecrimedaily @truecrimehothouse @hausoftruecrime @thedeathmerchant @ofrabid @my-sisters-bike @goddamnshotgun @timothymcfuckingveigh @thedragonrampant @werethenobodies @rebvodka-closet-admirers @man-slaughter @dylaannroof @truecrimedylannroof @99s–boys @cool-ranch-humans @twunnythree @bedahmerized @vv0dkaa @reb-made-me-do-this @fuxkingasshole @vodka-r-e-b @rebsmommy @charlestonchurchmassacre @dahm-sub @aesthetic-of-truecrime @dylannstrenchcoat @ted-bundys-unibrow @truecrimetrashcan @bowlcutworshipper @bunbunbundy @theodorebvndy @bundyspooks @thoseinperil @dahmersaquarium @dahmer-man @ur-dream-and-nightmare @whatsyourfavouritescarymovie @voicefromdeathrow @dylanwrathklebold @stoned-dahmer

this is in no specific order!!

Hello there!

Recently i’ve hit 1k followeeeers!!! which is absolutely crazy cuz I really don’t think i’m good enough to have many followers like that so i’m kinda shookt. But nways, a lot of good things happened since I created this blog and i’ve got so many friends and y’all are so nice with me so thats it, my first FF. Mostly of these are REALLY great creators and they’re very very very nice, so if you’re new to this fandom, they’re a MUST FOLLOW. =)

☆ - favorites creators  ♡ - mutuals 

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