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okay first of all… lets not talk abt this collage!!!! U GUYS!!!! i cant believe i have this blog for only a month and a few days like ??? ive met so many amazing ppl, made so many friends and most importantly LOVED HOSEOK ENDLESSLY lol so this is a big shoutout to u guys, thank u so much for keeping up with my emo ass!!! LOVE U <3

this is a big thanks to all of my mutuals, u guys r srsly THE BEST and im Blessed!!! i was very conflicted while doing this bc honestly everyone i follow is amazing but yeah lets do this!!!

bold = mutuals

✨ = fave blogs!!

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3rd year koganegawa & some fellow 3rd year!first years

(worry not… the adidas hair will make a comeback…)

h o l y  c r a p

i can’t believe i actually hit 10,000 followers on this blog! it’s insane how in such a short period of time i’ve felt so welcomed, accepted and truly happy to be apart of the clique. this follow forever is just a small way to say thank you to everyone who has reblogged my content, sent messages, replied to posts and generally just been an amazing person! thank you for making my tumblr experience so great.


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and to all my followers, thank you for putting up with my shenanigans. love you all!

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do you any louies/harries who are larries and respectful towards all the boys? x

hello! yeah sure! this is almost like follow forever rip

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also im so sorry if i forgot someone i love y'all

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which are your cool mutuals @ them

ALL OF MY MUTUALS ARE TH COOLEST PPL I KNO dkhkbxksb i rly hate doin these bc i feel so bad if i miss someone IF I FORGET TO INCLUDE U IM SORRY I STILL LOVE U W MY WHOLE HEART 🤧💞

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Adhd is not always genius level white boys whith tons of energy and fast reflexes
Sometimes it’s
Executive dysfunction so bad you couldnt shower for over a week
A queer kid who thinks they’re broken because they dont fit the narritive.
Adhd is not always a gift in disguise, it can be debilitating
and alienating
and self esteem crushing.
How many times have you heard the phrase
“Not working to your full potential”?
Listen, im sorry if i didnt do my homework, but i didnt eat dinner until 11pm because i couldnt find the motivation to make anything.
I once repeatedly put off and forgot sending a thank you email to someone i had interviewed for a month.
It took me 3 weeks to make myself write a short essay, but once i did it, it took an hour. I got a 94% on the rubric, but failed because it was so late.
I have dealt with years of working through the voice in my head saying
Im lazy im lazy im lazy im bad im dirty im useless ill never amount to anything
Years of fear that i wont be able to survive on my own, that i’ll be too late and too disorganized and unmotivated.
I had to teach myself that motivation and productivity dp not define my worth. That being “lazy” doesnt make me less of a human being.
So sorry if your quirky hyper white boy narrative doesnt do it for me.

eerie crests les mis au

goddamn it. i couldnt just leave this alone could i? (im sorry it just. fits so damn well i had to get this out before i forgot it)

enjolras: malek. listen! i know malek is described as chill and enjolras is. definitely not chill, but! they’re both beautiful passionate boys who love their friends so shhhhh (enjolras is described as like. breathtakingly beautiful tho. “like marble” i think is was it says)

grantaire: dallas. okay. but. sad drunk artist hopelessly in love with beautiful boy (literally. in the the novel, the only reason grantaire is even with the revolution is because of enjolras. it says that enjolras is the only thing grantaire really believes in). also he’s described as being “not particularly nice to look at”

eponine: poppy. I don’t have a lot of reasons for this tbh? they’re both kinda salty/sarcastic, but also extremely passionate and loyal. though i could also see poppy as musichetta! (esp since no one else is musichetta so. she just doesn’t exist in this au i guess)

marius: parker. not sure why? idk marius and eponine are best friends and so are parker and poppy. I guess that means that poppy’s in love with parker is this au? marius is silly and sweet and a bit dramatic (seriously like. the first time he meets up with cosette, he almost does a 180 on his stance with the revolution, just because she’s cute and he’s like “oh shit i cant die NOW.” like. calm down kid)

cosette: sara. i know that logistically, sara and parker would never be in love, but i like to pretend that poppy was in love with both of them in this au so at least it works on some level. tbh….i don’t remember a lot abt sara, but cosette is sweet, adventurous, and a hard worker. also they’re both blonde and have great fashion sense so win/win

gavroche: hazel! hazel is the only little kid and i wanted to include her so. cute but dangerous little pup who knows a surprising amount of politics

joly: tyler! I haven’t actually read the book, so I don’t know a lot abt joly, but i know that he’s logical, kind, brave. (tbh most of the reason i picked him as tyler is cause joly’s dynamic with bousset reminds me of tyler and blake)

bousset: blake. which brings us to this! bousset likes to fight. he can be a bit reckless, and a bit of an asshole sometimes, but he means well.

combeferre: ari! combeferre is described as intelligent, passionate, and “an advocate for societal and scientific progress”

courfeyrac: phoebus! courfeyrac is described as having a “warm and radiant” personality. he is lively and a bit dramatic. he’s also very good friends with combeferre, marius, and enjolras respectively

feuilly: ben! feuilly is clever, loyal, and bright (literally all the barricade boys are described as loyal like. c'mon hugo, learn some other character traits) there’s really not much else about him, other than the fact that he makes fans for a living, and that he’s an orphan so

musichetta: paulina!! i take back what i said earlier cause i forgot polly! both beautiful, incredibly caring woc who would do anything for their friends. also? in the book, musichetta is really close with joly and bousset (idk if that works in this scenario but whatever)

sidenote: i really want someone to be jehan but. idk if anyone fits them? they’re like a poet, and they’re kind of shy, but also described as being fearless (i guess ari could’ve been jehan as well? i just wanted them to be combeferre so that they would still be with phoebus)

i guess that’s pretty much it? I couldn’t find anyone to fit any of the adult characters really, so i guess those’ll just go uncasted for now. Hope you liked it tho! sorry if i left anyone out!
also, im extremely exhausted. ive been doing this for like and hour and a half now.

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Quill speaks (and her voice is horrible)
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I’m sorry for subjecting all of you to this

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What’s your name & username?
Where are you from?
What’s the time where you are?
Pronounce the following words: Meme, Pepe, Doge, Sudoku, Espresso, Celtic, Açaí, Dr. Seuss.
What’s your favourite pizza place? Favourite pizza topping?
What’s your favourite dessert?
What’s your favourite food? What food do you hate?
What’s your favourite TV show? Which show were you into, but then got out of?
What brand is your phone?
Do you speak a second language?
How do you define a group of people when you’re talking to them? Do you say ‘guys,’ or ‘dudes’ or?
What Harry Potter house do you most identify with? If sorted by Pottermore, did you agree with the one you got?
Is there something you should be doing right now but are procrastinating?

I tag (you don’t have to do it tho!): @misuya-kanata @juhaku-inspired @reachforthesora @taylorcnly

Edit: I FORGOT TO TAG @spacklefritz OMG SORRY

Victor Creed is not someone who shows much emotion, and yet, it’s an almost overwhelming sort of grief that overtakes the man, his hunched frame barely visible against the darkness spilling like ink in the cold of the night. Face devoid of all but the faintest smile of nostalgia, Victor’s dark eyes take in the sight of the entwined sticks, placed sideways by human hands.

His lips part, as if to say a word or two to make amends to rivalries spanning decades, now holding little meaning to be anything more than childish arguments. The smallest fraction of his mind begs him to reconcile, despite the rationality of him knowing that the words wouldn’t reach his brother. Instead, he stares, a rattling breath disturbing the peaceful air around.

For a moment, he feels lost. It’s not the same type of ‘lost’ that renders someone terrified of their surroundings, unable to find a way home. It’s the lost that crashes into him like a freight-train, stealing the breath from his lungs and leaving him completely /helpless/.

The rain begins slowly, the charcoal clouds gathering above, almost seeming to mock the mutant’s gently stemming fear. A short, strained cough leaves Victor’s lips, the forceful burst of air making his body shake, deteriorating muscle unable to hold him up as he’s forced to lean against a tree to keep himself up.

And the laugh that leaves his lips, as the tremor passes, is something that echoes in the emptiness of the woods around him, filling it with a sort of surrendered victory. It does take a while for the finality of the fact to register in the chaos of his mind.

Victor takes a shaky breath, jaw clenching as he forces himself upright, eyes unreadable once again.

“Goodnight, Jimmy.”


stole this idea from my side hoe @m-u-tand-n-p-roud

and another thing i forgot with my allyship post-

if you support a person of color, TELL THEM.

the people who don’t will go out of their way to send hateful messages anywhere they can. 

the people who do support usually do it silently. this isnt enough. im sorry. i know you mean well. but being an ally means action. It means standing up and saying I support you when someone is getting harassed and it also means taking them aside and whispering to them that you’re there for them. it will mean the world to them.


me:meets the byf but doesnt know what 2 terms mean, so asks if i can follow anyway or have help understanding

this fucker: here are things that i am supposedly for considering my byf but FUCK YOU because you didnt know the thing!! you aren’t feminist you stupid white furry!!

seriously dude, change your fucking byf if youre going to be a piece of shit. and blocking me really??? youre the fucking coward. not to mention you complained about people older than you harassing you, and then youre a fucking asshole to me, someone who is younger than you. you coulda just said “hey maybe this isnt the right blog for you” and then not block me so i could see it and i woulda been like “okay im sorry” but noooooo edit: i also forgot to say that otherkin and furries arent the same. like at least i tried to do research where as youre just talking out your ass

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idk if u have already answered this (if you have im very sorry) but do u know all the days where everyone from the vlog squad posts?

i think i got it mostly figured out but i’m sure i forgot someone

Sunday: TFIL, Corinna
Monday: Zane, Todd, Scott, David, Jason
Tuesday: Carly and Erin
Wednesday: Scott, David, Jason, Liza, Gabbie
Thursday: Zane, Heath
Friday; Scott, David, Jason, Carly and Erin
Saturday: no one? idk

Todd will also randomly post on days other than Mondays

Les amis sleeping headcanons
  • Enj: probably tosses and turns a lot and gets really hot and sweaty when he sleeps. This ends when R is in bed with him because snuggles obviously
  • Grantaire: is actually a really still sleeper. Like, he lays down on one side and stays there. All. Night. Snuggling with enj is what helps enj stop rolling around -- something R used to make fun of him for but kinda cant anymore
  • Jehan: prolly sleeps in fetal position lil baby
  • Combeferre: all over the place. Starfishes. He is a wild sleeper which shocks like everyone the first time they find out
  • Courfeyrac: hes soooo clingy like he has to hold onto pillows or st when he sleeps and when someones in bed with him he just wraps himself around them like a blanket
  • Joly: prolly in the middle of a bossuet/chetta snuggle pile. He definitely smiles in his sleep aw
  • Musichetta: tucks her head under jolys chinand uses him as a pillow
  • Bossuet: has his arm thrown over joly so he can snuggle chetta too
  • Feuilly: falls asleep anywhere, literally any flat surface and sometimes not flat surfaces. He can and will fall asleep anywhere.
  • Gavroche: probably snuggles with eponine when he has bad dreams bc siblings.
  • Eponine: always has to sleep with the door open in case gav needs to come in and always has the window open in case she needs to just leave for a while
  • Bahorel: literally the only time he doesnt look mad is when hes sleeping and everyone thinks its the cutest thing ever

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(i forgot someone so im sendin this again sorry!) @celestinehowell @princephil @philester @agastopiaphan @anotherinternetfangirl @eli-howlter @amazingmegara @sadnessphil they're my besties and i love them sm!! :)

@celestinehowell @princephil @philester @agastopiaphan @anotherinternetfangirl @eli-howlter @amazingmegara and @sadnessphil you are all loved :((!!

send me the url of a tumblr user you love! no more pls!

Alphabet Challenge

Series: RWBY

Ship/Pairing: Qrow Branwen x Summer Rose

Title: Quiet

[[ Really under-thought AU where Qrow and Summer are the parents of Ruby. Spare me because I thought this up at like seven in the morning when I had first woken up. Really short one this time. ]]

It’s the quiet mornings that Qrow hates most.

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anonymous asked:

Why did u stop writing someone in the crowd?? Im not upset but it looked really good so far:(( (i know u said why i just forgot sorry)

jus because i stopped being passionate about it and i feel like i should focus my energy on things i genuinely enjoy so someone in the crowd just didn’t fit into that category anymore. i’ll post the rest of what i have rn for you tho

im gonna post a separate Special Mutual positivity list so my thing doesnt get too long, it youre not on it im sorry but you’re either on the other list or i forgot you and you can send me an ask or have someone else tell me but im trying my best. but wile im waiting for my other pages to load im gonna do this:

tagged by @rosy-el

Relationship status: i have a qpp sorta thing going on

Favorite color: cream white

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick 

Last song I listened to:  money by that poppy (i love poppy i would do anything for poppy i would die for poppy i give myself to poppy because poppy loves me)

Last movie I watched: fucc man i think ill just say i saw guys and dolls last night

Top three TV shows:

parks and recreation

stranger things

the dead pilot Only Child by John Hodgman (this counts eat my shorts jabronies)

Top three characters:

anne of green gables

barb holland

ben wyatt

  • Teddy Tonks-Lupin: He starts as an Auror to follow after his mother, but his Hufflepuff kindness kicks in. He can't stand to even think about having to kill someone in the absolute worst scenarios. He finishes Auror training to prove to his family that he can do something to make Tonks proud of him. Instead of becoming an Auror, Teddy is offered a job of teaching Aurors-in-training. He combined his parents' career with Auror and teacher.
  • Victoire Delacour-Weasley: Calm and collected Vic is the most maternal person ever. She goes into Healer training. Her specialty in healing is pediatrics. She takes time off to raise her children for a few years, but does return to the workforce.
  • Dominique Delacour-Weasley: Dom takes her Quiddich career seriously for a few years as she's trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life in the long run. Close friend of new Quibbler writer Lara Scamander, Dom starts writing a weekly mini series on her Quiddich career. It's a hit, and when Dominique retires from Quiddich, she finds herself with a full time writing job.
  • Louis Delacour-Weasley: Louis follows in his father's footsteps with adventure. He loves spending time with his uncle Charlie, so Louis goes into magical creature training. Instead of dragons, Louis takes a job assisting the Hogwarts Care of Magical Creatures teacher with creature care. When the professor retires, the job is offered to Louis. He declines to remain at home with his wife. Instead, Louis uses his learnings to help the ministry magical creatures department.
  • Molly Fletcher-Weasley: She spends many years considering different career pathways. During those years (two years and four months), Molly lived with her mother. Audrey loved to take her daughter to art museums. Molly got a part time job as a receptionist at one of the popular museums. After two years with that job, Molly published her first novel. Her official job was as a fiction author.
  • Lucinda Fletcher-Potter: Lucy takes a few years after graduation to follow her life dreams of being in a touring production. She acts, dances, and sings. When Lucy returns to Britain for good, she gets a job at The Quibbler to write cover pieces and design their pages.
  • Roxanne Johnson-Weasley: Roxy plays professional Quiddich as many years as she can. She's almost thirty when she retires. With stellar grades, Roxanne could get a job anywhere. Much older than most people looking for their first serious job, Roxy decides to go back to do a bit of training. She works on perfecting her design and mathematics skills. She ends up working through the Ministry as an architect and interior designer.
  • Fred Johnson-Weasley: Fred takes over WWW from his father. Roxanne is part owner, as well. Fred is the manager. He has all hired help, as many of his cousins chose to go into more professional jobs. Fred loves the shop and creating new products.
  • Rose Granger-Weasley: She's so much like her mother and father both. She's spunky and studious. Rose follows her father's footsteps into the Auror offices. She also writes part time for Lara Scamander at The Quibbler. She loves the work force, but Scorpius is worried for her everyday. Rose retires at thirty-five. She takes on more stories with the Quibbler.
  • Hugo Granger-Weasley: Hugo is the only one of his cousins that works for Fred at WWW full time. He's the prankster type and creative. Hugo, with a brilliant brain, is also the brains behind the business and monetary part of WWW.
  • James Weasley-Potter: James also plays professional Quiddich. He follows it a lot like Dominique— only a few years and just for the fun of it. They're actually teammates. Afterwards, James spends a few years as an Auror, but isn't in love with his job. He also has children to help raise. While his wife loves her job as an Auror, James helps design Quiddich joke products at WWW.
  • Albus Weasley-Potter: Serious and seldom Al goes into the Ministry like his aunt Hermione. He even follows her steps into the law program. He works his way up in the ranks, and loves it.
  • Lily Weasley-Potter: Sassy Lil Luna goes into the Auror office in the steps of her older cousins Rose. Rose has always been her role model. During her time there, Lily helps her cousin Molly edit her manuscripts. Lily retires at thirty three.
  • Scorpius Greengrass-Malfoy: Scorp goes into the Healing professions as well. He loves caring for others in an opposites way from his father. Scorp works strange hours, but Rose does as well. At first, Scorp is the one who puts his job on pause to raise kids. Then, Rose raises the youngest out of her office at the Auror office.
  • Lara Lovegood-Scamander(OC): Lara, the oldest of the Scamander children, gets the Quibbler passed down to her. She is the editor-in-chief when her mother retires to just write the occasional piece. Lara grew up writing small articles for the magazine, but she mainly just keeps her employees under control and approves the pieces to be run.
  • Lorcan Lovegood-Scamander: Lorcan spends a few years with his brother to do research to continue Newt Scamander's legacy. They follow many of his steps around the world, and publish weekly stories in The Quibbler about their adventures. They also publish a book through the Quibbler about their research.
  • Lysander Lovegood-Scamander: While taking a long break from his relationship with Lucy Weasley as they both pursue careers, Lysander travels with his brother to write articles for the Quibbler and later a book. He and Lucy end their break when they're both back in England. They both take full time jobs with The Quibbler.
  • Alice Abbott-Longbottom: Alice, along with her long term boyfriend, joins the Auror force. She loves it. The adventure and mystery of the whole job keeps Ali so intrigued. When the time to take time off to raise children, Alice takes off only the minimum to have the baby and recover. Her husband James, however, quits the Auror force and is mainly a stay at home dad. Alice is forever grateful to him for that. She loves her work.
  • Maddie Abbott-Longbottom: Maddie has a baby girl less than a year out of school. Shortly after that, she's a divorced single mother of a young daughter. Maddie, unlike her sister, isn't the working type of girl. She takes on work from her mother at the pub. Maddie leaves the most of the working to her husband.
  • Nathan Abbott-Longbottom: Nate takes over the pub from Hannah. He loves running the business on his own and is extremely dedicated to the place. Hannah is proud to have her son take over the family business.