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remus x sirius & 9 bc ur other one killeD me

9. things you said when i was crying

It’s the first day of the Easter holidays when Sirius stuffs another letter into his already-overflowing drawer. He doesn’t know why he still cares about people who couldn’t give enough shits to go after their sixteen-year-old as he ran away in the middle of the night without money or the permission to use magic. He knows he’s still a far cry from not caring, regardless of what he tries to project. At that point, it’s obvious anyway. What else would anyone believe at the sight of him getting his pillow damp with tears and trying to close a bedside drawer that’s filled to the brim with letters that have become another source of his anxiety?

Which is why he didn’t bother to lift his face off his pillows and wipe away his tears when he heard Remus’ voice.

“Mind if I join you?”

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