im sorry i use this coloring often

im sick and tired of men complaining about women being afraid of them like i DO NOT CARE if it hurts your feelings when a girl crosses the street to get further away from you!!! we hear how men talk about us! we see how men treat us! well stop being scared of men when they stop being so fucking scary!

edit: i made this post as a part of an annoyed rant, because a family member was complaining about a woman avoiding him in the parking lot. it was a personal post that i made at like 2 am, not meant or expected to get notes, NOT meant to be reblogged by terfs, and DEFINITELY ‼️ not meant to single out men of color. im white, and i wasnt even considering that white women often use this language to justify their racist violent perceptions and fear of men of color. i should have have been more specific and thought this post through more. im sorry

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Oh could you do what each the modern-day losers club's Tumblr would be like? :D


Bill: personal text and photo posts. Makes his own gifs and photosets. Reblogs a lot of retro/vintage posts. Always answering asks from Stan. Always responds to “writing tips?” asks and messages. 

Ben:  posts/reblogs poetry, and pictures of books. Sometimes fan fiction. Theme is all blue. Sidebar is a image of a library. Will dive into the tag of history and the unknown. Is beverly’s blogs biggest fan.

Mike: that friendly blogger ™ , reblogs a lot of nice photography sets. A lot of selfies and friend selfies. Likes everything Eddie posts/reblogs.  Theme is black and white kind of disorganized. Richie is soft blocked.

Stan: aesthetics, and pictures of birds. takes part in discourse. Theme is clean and simple and organized. Will always send asks to Bill.  Richie is blocked. Tumblr Crush/Biggest Fan is Bill and Mike.

Beverly: a lot of fashion stuff. Dresses and DIYs. Sometimes she’ll reblog memes Richie tags her in. Her ask box is full of people asking for advice or people telling her to have a nice day.

Richie: Memes, this is a known fact. He uses a really bad theme, like either the original basic one or one that is so confusing and messy. clowns are black listed. his sidebar is a really bad blurry snapchat image of himself.

Eddie: Theme is very pretty a lot of pastel colors. Beverly helped him with his theme. Reblogs a lot of health facts and sometimes recipes. Often doesnt know the tips and tricks of tumblr, will accidentally write tags in the description portion.

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Im sorry but what means color bleed and washed?

I’m assuming you mean in art?

color bleed is when the colors you’re using get absorbed by parts of the paper you didn’t intend to be colored. Watery markers on thin paper often bleed! It may be used in a metaphorical sense, like digital colors bleeding (blending, or spilling) into each other. like watercolor! 

apparently it means something else with 3D models, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for?

washed- I don’t know. You may mean washed out? that’s when the image is too bright and hard to tell apart, or when in general it’s hard to tell where one thing ends and begins. think of an over exposed photo or the pattern on an old old wallpaper, maybe.

maybe this helps?


lio-zehel replied to your postIm sorry but what means color bleed and washed?

Washed is a technique in aquarell painting, theres tutorials on youtube 👌👌👌

this is maybe what you were looking for!! (thank you!)

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Your art is so good it all deserves way more notes ówò Btw what art supplies do you use, and what are your favourites?

hiya, sorry it took me so long to answer ur ask!!! i kept forgetting bc i have a , bad memory aah. also im glad u like my art!! it means a lot! i use crayola markers, microns, n sakura koi watercolors! i use sharpies sometimes too but not as often bc of how limited colors can get. my favorite thing to use is my watercolors! :D

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how did you desing fay as a character? do you have any steps kinda thingy to desing my own? i really like your art and art style btw

UHHH I started with his personality, and then I fit how I think he would look according to that! It’s hard for me to explain bc I have a very random way of designing my characters… I just kinda get an image in my head of how i think they would look like?? and I don’t really have any reasoning for most of my choices LMFAO 

If you’re not sure how to start I think it’s good that you base your character off something? Like an idea or even an object! e.g. I WAS TALKING to @cosmosmoonstars​ a whle ago about OCs and they have a rly cute OC named melba based of a teapot, and I think that’s really cool!! I’m sure your OC will grow and change as you go along, so don’t worry too much about getting everything right the first time!! Fay’s changed quite a bit since I first made him (maybe not terribly obvious bc his design is relatively simple HAHA)

I think it’s more of my art changing than anything but my art of him used to be a lot more inconsistent SO I GUES SMY POINT WAS that I took a while to develop fay into a consistent design and I think there’s still a lot more for me to expand on SO!! IT’S OK TO START SIMPLE AND LET YOUR CHARS GROW!


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updated resource post!! click to enlarge

some steps:

1. sketch and add base colors (all colors go on separate layers), shade each layer very loosely. recolor your lines accordingly and then merge it all.

2. uhh paint

3. fix anything u dont like && use different layer settings (primarily overlay) to adjust your colors

4. more color correcting w/ an actual photo editing program (using curves, color balance, levels) & last-minute fixes

aand then u have some brushes– i left a couple out that i dont use as often, but these are all my regulars!!